Take My DRIVERS TEST With Meeee!! *ADVICE*

Thank you guys so much for all your love and support! I Hope you guys enjoyed todays video of me Taking my drivers test! . Have a good and Blessed day. Please keep comments positive thank You.
Don't forget to wash your hands and keep clean this virus is no joke and super scary ! be safe I love you guys
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  1. Kimberly M

    Kimberly M17 hours ago

    This is perfect timing because I have my appointment next week🙏🏼

  2. Estrellita Padilla

    Estrellita PadillaDay ago

    Im 21 going on 22 and still don't have my license 😂😅😪

  3. Lynette Castillo

    Lynette Castillo3 days ago

    I have my own car I am 21 en yet still haven’t gone my drivers license jaja 😂 idc lol. Love u Nikki v 💗

  4. Crystal Novoa

    Crystal Novoa3 days ago

    Nikki I’m late on this video but congratulations girrrrllll 🖤🙌🏻

  5. Dora Barrera

    Dora Barrera4 days ago

    Were is she going that she will be back next year

  6. Destiny Martinez

    Destiny Martinez5 days ago

    girl i’m about to be 21 and i don’t have my license yet just because i get nervous but i’ve been driving since i was 15 😂

  7. Mary Ortega

    Mary Ortega5 days ago

    Felicidades nikky

  8. Yesenia gisselle

    Yesenia gisselle5 days ago

    I got my license at 22 , don’t worry girl you’re not late lol

  9. Yoselyn Gama

    Yoselyn Gama5 days ago

    Nikki you probably won’t do this bc not every asks you this. But I’ve had ALWAYS wanted how you customize your phone! Will you be able to do a “what on my iPhone?” Video soon PLEASEE!! I can’t wait any longer ❤️😭😭 xoxo

  10. BH Of Everything

    BH Of Everything6 days ago

    I can’t believe they let you drive your loud car! It would be a big NO here in California...they would of told ma ass to go home and make it “normal” 🤣🤣

  11. Brittany Rivera

    Brittany Rivera7 days ago

    Omg what a easy test lmao! In NYC we have to drive around in the streets and get on the highway 🛣 and even reverse and park between two cars (which is the hardest part)

  12. Cecilia Alvarez

    Cecilia Alvarez7 days ago

    Lucky u my mom was so strict n I couldn’t drive a car intill I had my dl right wen I turn 18 I got it but the funny thing she never had one n she says the same thing like u but u go girl

  13. Maya Play

    Maya Play7 days ago

    I love you videos so much

  14. daisy varela

    daisy varela7 days ago

    girl that place seems easy where did you go? i'm in az aswell 🤔

  15. kkyy family I need a home

    kkyy family I need a home7 days ago

    What DMV did you go to? I’m from AZ too

  16. Lorenzo Garcia

    Lorenzo Garcia7 days ago


  17. Emerina Reyna

    Emerina Reyna7 days ago

    This a sign to go get mine :)

  18. Xiomara Lugo

    Xiomara Lugo7 days ago


  19. Alejandra Ramos

    Alejandra Ramos8 days ago

    omg I was so scared to get it because I thought they would’ve asked me so many questions. But now I know it’s sooo easy thanks NIKKI V! 💕💕💕

  20. Theresa Belcher

    Theresa Belcher8 days ago

    I no you guys are bff with us. Always. Did you see their house an backyard? So beautiful.

  21. Amyxoxxo😋

    Amyxoxxo😋8 days ago

    Ahh I better pass como la Nikki my test es mañana 🥳💗congrats luv

  22. Laisly Estrada

    Laisly Estrada8 days ago

    My parents never let me drive till I got my license lol. I got my license at 18 first try ☺️

  23. Luisa Nayeli

    Luisa Nayeli8 days ago

    What dmv was this anyone know? I’m in Arizona as well

  24. Susana Meza

    Susana Meza8 days ago

    I passed mine on the second try, just got it in December

  25. Ashley C

    Ashley C8 days ago

    I got my permit at 15 then didn’t take and get my dl till I was 20. Not cause I was nervous tho just lagged it too much after I had my baby I was like okay it’s time cause I got places to go can’t wait around for my husband all day lol. I didn’t really drive tho till I got it my husband didn’t trust me lol like I been driving since I was 15 😑

  26. Breanna Pittsley

    Breanna Pittsley8 days ago

    They won’t drive with you in the car!

  27. Susan Looez

    Susan Looez8 days ago

    me taking my test tomorrow, i am nervousssss😭

  28. Lynnette Alanis

    Lynnette Alanis9 days ago

    Is this how they do it now because of covid

  29. Jackyy M.

    Jackyy M.9 days ago

    Guess this is trying to hint hint me 😂😭😭 Im 21 & all I hve is licencia de dios as well 💖 I be too scared & get too nervous when they sit beside me 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Much love to you 💗

  30. jocelyn r

    jocelyn r9 days ago

    How to park uphill or downhill ❤️

  31. Mahrya Jimenez

    Mahrya Jimenez9 days ago

    I have my appointment in April lmao I’m nervous from even watching this 😭

  32. Antonio Garcia

    Antonio Garcia9 days ago

    Wait so for the permit if you’re over 18 can you take the permit online ?

  33. nicole dominguez

    nicole dominguez9 days ago

    im i the only one that thinks she might be pregnant 😳 ?

  34. Dora Barrera

    Dora Barrera8 days ago

    Nope I think so to if she is that's gonna be so dam adorable

  35. Kasandra Romero Ortega

    Kasandra Romero Ortega9 days ago

    Girl I’m 19 and barely getting mine also😭 my motivation was my baby

  36. Lmae

    Lmae9 days ago

    just a tip for whoever, see at 3:23 how they turn... that's way too wide . it's not gonna make you fail but too many people turn like that & almost hit a car or even me and my kid . START TURNING WHILE you reverse. reverse a tiny bit straight then start turning the wheel faster , you will not be so close to cars behind you & have plenty of space .

  37. Emeli Y

    Emeli Y9 days ago

    This honestly helped a lot thanks nikki v 🥺💕💕💕💕

  38. Lonerstar 17

    Lonerstar 179 days ago

    thank u🙏🏻

  39. Edith Garcia

    Edith Garcia9 days ago


  40. Makeupbylizbia

    Makeupbylizbia10 days ago

    I took my drivers test on Halloween 🎃 Imagine how scared I was I failed it 3 times 😞

  41. rose Aféelo

    rose Aféelo10 days ago

    Where did you go?? Please !! I also stay In AZ and been wanting to do this! I’ve been seeing where to go! If you can help me out!

  42. Nicole Barahona

    Nicole Barahona10 days ago

    Thank you for the tips ! I needed this

  43. Suzzy Felix

    Suzzy Felix10 days ago

    your so gorgeous & I relate to your videos so much we’d be besties in person 😂💖

  44. Milli

    Milli10 days ago

    Congrats siss lmao I still don’t got mine but soon will get on it 💖💖thanks for the advice kinda calmed me down a bit :)

  45. Maria Sanchez

    Maria Sanchez10 days ago

    I like her hair better blonde. Go back to blondeeeeee !!😖😖😖🥰🥰🥰

  46. Ilda Morales

    Ilda Morales10 days ago

    girl i feel you. I turned 20 on jan 2nd on the 4th i got my license 🤣 i practiced so many times and waited until i was ready

  47. Ivonne A

    Ivonne A10 days ago

    You fs look faded

  48. Tommey Lopez

    Tommey Lopez10 days ago

    That was the easiest driving test I ever seen

  49. Amber Velasquez

    Amber Velasquez10 days ago

    oh wow our driver's test is wayyyy different!! We just had to get in our car with a cop drive a few blocks way and that's it! And don't be embarrassed! We had to do tests on computers before hand, I failed it 3 times! I got my license at 21 😅

  50. Haydee Ochoa

    Haydee Ochoa11 days ago

    @nikki You Can Schedule Your Own Test On AZMVDNow.gov You Just Need To Create An Account

  51. Alma Esqueda

    Alma Esqueda11 days ago

    A los cuantos años puedes manejar aquí en Estados Unidos y que preguntas te hacen

  52. kenert rubio-felix

    kenert rubio-felix11 days ago

    Where she take her test at looks so simple 🤔

  53. Alicia Melendez

    Alicia Melendez11 days ago

    my drive test is literally this friday ahhh this helped thanks nikki v ✨💗💗

  54. elizabeth Vallejo

    elizabeth Vallejo11 days ago

    Girl I got my Driver's License when I was 27 lol which was last year. Like you said tienia la licencia de dios 😂😋

  55. This is KP

    This is KP11 days ago

    Your me forget the hand signals 🤣

  56. carolynnn B.

    carolynnn B.11 days ago

    You can get your permit online ??

  57. anaa c

    anaa c11 days ago

    let me find out you puked because you’re pregoooo🤭😂

  58. Jay Bee

    Jay Bee11 days ago

    New York is sooooo much harder 🥺🥺🥺

  59. Yazlyn Gutierrez

    Yazlyn Gutierrez11 days ago

    When I first took my test I was scared because here in Michigan they test you first with your signals and with parallel and reverse parking! If you pass that part then you get to drive on the road, and on the high way. Luckily I passed my first time! 😊

  60. Juan Perez

    Juan Perez11 days ago

    I wanted to throw up in the beginning I was so nervous for her 😳

  61. Janet Hernandez

    Janet Hernandez11 days ago

    Pinche familia redicula con hijos pendejos. por eso se esstrellan y despues piden para su gofund me .

  62. Lalabear9

    Lalabear911 days ago

    I drove for like 8 years with multiple permits I was so nervous to take my driving test the only reason why I got my license was because my insurance no longer was going to take me with a permit so I had no choice lol🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  63. Vanessa Granados

    Vanessa Granados11 days ago

    your me thinking getting my nails done is a necessity 🥰😂

  64. Crystal Baez

    Crystal Baez11 days ago

    You've been driving without a license lol 😂🤣🤭🤦‍♀️ I'm dead

  65. Sandra Garcia

    Sandra Garcia11 days ago

    Am 26 I still don't have my drivers license I feel so dumb and embarrassed

  66. Elva Hernandez

    Elva Hernandez11 days ago

    What if u pregnant 😭

  67. Janette Torres

    Janette Torres11 days ago

    Not your car sounding like a monster truck in front of the instructor 😆girl I love it and you are not the only one😆I didn’t get mine until 20 congratulations 🥳🥳💞💞💞 🥴😂😂😂😂$janette22torres

  68. Keeping up with Fimbres

    Keeping up with Fimbres11 days ago

    Thank you so much Nikki I really needed this now I’m gonna get mine 😭 thank you, thank you💕

  69. Erika Balboa

    Erika Balboa11 days ago

    Omg you look back

  70. Erika Balboa

    Erika Balboa11 days ago

    Tiñes la boca cheka

  71. Angel Alberto

    Angel Alberto11 days ago

    Thanks for the Advice !!!! I have to pass the test this second time ! 🙏🏼

  72. Natalie NGC

    Natalie NGC11 days ago

    Omg you need to first buckle up then trim on the engine 😂 but good thing you passed

  73. Angel Alberto

    Angel Alberto11 days ago

    Nickyyyyyy whyyyyy 😭😭😭 this had to pop up the next day I failed the test on computer 💀💀💀💀

  74. Airelav Alexandra

    Airelav Alexandra12 days ago

    You’re such a nice person 🥺

  75. Alexis Carrasco

    Alexis Carrasco12 days ago

    Girl how did you get it online tells us!! Your making me want to hurry the hell up and go get mine lol😂😂

  76. Veronica De Amaya

    Veronica De Amaya12 days ago

    Omg that was easy where did u go i live in phoenix can u tell me were did u plis

  77. berenice ruiz

    berenice ruiz12 days ago

    omg you are me turning on the car before putting my seat belt on 😂😂😂

  78. Maria Magdaleno

    Maria Magdaleno12 days ago

    That was me too when I took my test and she said that I passed .❤️ I got so happy 😀

  79. Karla R.

    Karla R.12 days ago

    🥳🥳Yey, I took my drivers license at the same place with same lady you got☺️It was really easy!! We all drive con la licencia de Dios❤️ pero congrats 🥳

  80. Karla R.

    Karla R.9 days ago

    @Anahi Solano I went to the one on Glendale n it’s pretty easy

  81. Anahi Solano

    Anahi Solano9 days ago

    Which one did you go to?? I made an appointment for Avondale but I’m scared 🥺

  82. Yobana Umanzor

    Yobana Umanzor12 days ago

    I drove 2 years without a license lmao

  83. Veronica Delgado

    Veronica Delgado12 days ago

    Congratulations know you are a free lady

  84. alejandra guerra

    alejandra guerra12 days ago

    I’m taking my written exam this Monday. Hopefully I pass it 🙏🏼

  85. MyLifeAsJenny

    MyLifeAsJenny12 days ago

    Aww congrats girl !! I just passed mines to last week!

  86. Yatzity Ramirez

    Yatzity Ramirez12 days ago

    what website did you use for your permit nikki??

  87. DJ Monterrey

    DJ Monterrey12 days ago

    What camaro is that

  88. Roberta’s Life

    Roberta’s Life12 days ago

    My mom go get your license Me “ yo tengo la licencia de Dios”

  89. Elizabeth Rodas

    Elizabeth Rodas12 days ago

    “la licencia de Dios” I liked that lol 😂 Congratulations girl! 🤗🤗🎉

  90. Briseida Cano

    Briseida Cano12 days ago

    Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  91. Tania Serna

    Tania Serna12 days ago

    Prank your parents saying you got your first speeding ticket . Or mom I was speeding, I told the cop that my moms water broke , he is following me home to see if it’s true lol !

  92. Tania Serna

    Tania Serna12 days ago

    Girl I’m so scared , I have failed my permit test 2 times I’m so embarrassed to go back because the ladies were laughing at me !!!

  93. Marlene Gomez

    Marlene Gomez12 days ago

    Girl I know the feeling lol I passed on the third try.. 😂 after the first test I cried then after the second I was just so mad lol I was driving all the time but they were failing me for stupid reasons.. ugh California dmvs 🤦🏻‍♀️ I was 18 and I thought I was late

  94. allyson R

    allyson R12 days ago

    Did she say you can take a permit online???


    THE TWIST HOBBY FAM !12 days ago

    What’s the website for the permit?

  96. Colette Arteaga

    Colette Arteaga12 days ago

    “I’m so cool. No me hablen” 😂🤣 congratulations Nikki V!

  97. Lupita Equihua

    Lupita Equihua12 days ago

    Me almost being 19 with no license 😭😩 but congratsss girl

  98. Kennia Lagunes

    Kennia Lagunes12 days ago

    I drove for like 3 years without a license and when i finally took the test and passed and got my license i started getting pulled over 🙄

  99. jessica villan

    jessica villan12 days ago

    Omg girl yesss I understand the feeling of passing it’s the best literally cried 😭💕 totally relate

  100. Karla L

    Karla L12 days ago

    Omgg 🎉 congratulations girl !! So happy for you!! Hopefully I’ll pass my test too❤️

  101. Maria Cervantes

    Maria Cervantes12 days ago

    Literally me 2 days ago when I passed my class a 😂

  102. acortiz21

    acortiz2112 days ago

    I bet the instructors are always scared lol

  103. SimplyD

    SimplyD12 days ago

    Congrats girl 👏🏽👏🏽