Flyers @ Bruins 2/21/21 | NHL Highlights

Extended highlights of the Philadelphia Flyers at the Boston Bruins


  1. Jackson Conley

    Jackson Conley4 days ago

    To the Stanley Cup Bruins.🐻

  2. Jt plays

    Jt plays9 days ago

    Sure would be nice if the folks in EA would put something like this in their games

  3. Richard Pucci

    Richard Pucci9 days ago

    Really bad game by Hart TBH...

  4. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa9 days ago

    What a cool game in an amazing setting !

  5. not2tees

    not2tees11 days ago

    Bos puts the Bos into Boss this game!

  6. aola wili

    aola wili11 days ago

    Do the finals there! 🤩🔥🙌🏼

  7. Bird

    Bird11 days ago

    Wow that second period Tho. Just a beautiful game. They should have it so if the final playoff game is a game 7 it should be outdoors. That would be nuts

  8. Bird

    Bird11 days ago

    I’m not gonna lie it’s beautiful but if you do this again please somehow make the puck more visible. Normally I have no problem but when it was in the shade it was pretty difficult. I never understood why they can’t change the color of the puck for games like this

  9. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosa9 days ago

    Does anyone know no why they were playing at lake Tahoe?

  10. Eber D.C

    Eber D.C11 days ago

    NHL since some people don’t want people in the arena, please make the game outdoors so I can enjoy watching the game.

  11. aola wili

    aola wili10 days ago

    the game early first period, so no excuses, both team played with players missing.

  12. DB Youtube

    DB Youtube11 days ago


  13. aola wili

    aola wili11 days ago

    the game early first period, so no excuses, both team played with players missing.

  14. Herjuno Rah Nindhito

    Herjuno Rah Nindhito11 days ago

    Outdoor stadium, next to the lake, and a golden hour. Just beautiful

  15. Susan Chapman

    Susan Chapman11 days ago

    Most fabulous spot for a hockey game EVAH ! Loved the B's in those gold unis. Just wish fans could've been there . Can't wait till we can be in TD Garden watching live. Go BRUINS !!!

  16. Rick Lewis

    Rick Lewis12 days ago

    I'll say it again, how good is pasta!!!

  17. 寿司ざんまい

    寿司ざんまい12 days ago


  18. Joe Bozo

    Joe Bozo12 days ago

    Pastrnak looking like a young Stamkoes even Ovi...what a steal he was

  19. DJinfinityX1

    DJinfinityX112 days ago

    Go flyers!

  20. Slayers Gaming1

    Slayers Gaming112 days ago

    This is crazy I’m a bruins fan but I didn’t think they would beat Philadelphia 5 times in a row and smoke them with a win of 6-1 and now 7-3

  21. Jacques Comtois

    Jacques Comtois12 days ago

    goolie sucks

  22. giannis penesis

    giannis penesis12 days ago

    Congratulations NHL!!!!!

  23. Anthony Discini

    Anthony Discini12 days ago

    nice game

  24. Luke Baker

    Luke Baker12 days ago

    Does anyone know no why they were playing at lake Tahoe?

  25. Mr. Blutarsky

    Mr. Blutarsky12 days ago

    Missed the game, coud not rearrenge my day for the changed start. So I'm havin a dahk n' stormie and watching the highlights. NHL made a beautiful venue this time. Crank it up Bs, 7 is nice but protect the net.

  26. Gerry H

    Gerry H12 days ago

    They kept mentioning how many players the Flyers were missing, Bruins started the game with 5 regulars out as well , including 3 of their top 6 D men, then they lose Lauzon for the game early first period, so no excuses, both team played with players missing.

  27. Uplifting Businesses

    Uplifting Businesses12 days ago

    sun rays makes them a good player.

  28. Дмитро Чорней

    Дмитро Чорней12 days ago

    Флайерз льотчики в пролете.Ни одной победи в етом сезоне над клубом из Масачусетса.Одни поражения . Давно в клубе нет изминений

  29. Dustin Brown

    Dustin Brown12 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about Studnicka’s no look pass to Pasta for the hatty?!

  30. Unknown Ninja

    Unknown Ninja12 days ago

    This is like the best scenery for the outdoor games

  31. mikerafone100

    mikerafone10012 days ago

    That opening faceoff looks beautiful

  32. Julien Pouliot

    Julien Pouliot12 days ago

    Habs fan here, that event was great! From the scenery to the jerseys! Good job NHL

  33. garry w

    garry w12 days ago

    i wish they do a game up in the swiss alps

  34. V LeBlanc

    V LeBlanc12 days ago

    bruh we get a guy like forsberg and ekholm we gonna go DEEP

  35. Martin Behrendt

    Martin Behrendt12 days ago


  36. Seegster77

    Seegster7712 days ago

    They should keep that rink there and let some other teams play there.

  37. V LeBlanc

    V LeBlanc12 days ago

    is mcavoy injured?

  38. Michael Civita

    Michael Civita12 days ago

    Outdoor hockey is the best thing in sports

  39. Patrice Bergeron

    Patrice Bergeron12 days ago

    We gonna talk about how they got the goal horns wrong also if you watched the game they counted the bruins 3rd goal as philly's lol.

  40. Dustin Brown

    Dustin Brown12 days ago

    At 4:33 left in the 2nd NBC had it as 43:33 left in the 2nd too

  41. Mr Beardy

    Mr Beardy12 days ago

    I knew david Pastrňák would get hat trick last night

  42. Kevin Donovan

    Kevin Donovan12 days ago

    If this 9 Minutes doesn't invigorate almost everyone in town or otherwise then.... I'm not sure what to say.

  43. Mitchell Peters

    Mitchell Peters12 days ago

    Watch out for T Time!!! Up and coming!! #11

  44. Pete Nice

    Pete Nice13 days ago

    I’m convinced the goalies couldn’t see squat. The Bruins adapted and Philly didn’t.

  45. Brendy Cakes

    Brendy Cakes13 days ago

    The reverse retros look so good

  46. William Miraglia

    William Miraglia13 days ago

    Oh the Pastabilities!

  47. C Clem

    C Clem13 days ago

    Stupid ides.... CANT WATCH...... NICE JOB NHL..... I GUESS ILL GO WATCH THE NBA.... At least i can see whats going on..

  48. The goat

    The goat13 days ago

    i think boston should trade kase and krejci

  49. V LeBlanc

    V LeBlanc11 days ago

    @The goat malkins a winger, and matthews is a sniper who isnt experienced at all nor has won a cup. ill give you point though

  50. The goat

    The goat12 days ago

    @V LeBlanc even malkin,braiden point,mathews

  51. V LeBlanc

    V LeBlanc12 days ago

    @The goat name me some then. and not just playmaking centers. guys whove won the cup and are experienced

  52. The goat

    The goat12 days ago

    @V LeBlanc it ez

  53. V LeBlanc

    V LeBlanc12 days ago

    @The goat for who? cant find that many experienced playmaking centers.

  54. The goat

    The goat13 days ago

    bruins rock! bruins for the cup!

  55. Bruins Fan63

    Bruins Fan6313 days ago

    Game was awesome, even the setting. Those reverse retros look great!

  56. michel jacques

    michel jacques13 days ago

    Super victoire encore une fois

  57. Bongo Da Beekeeper

    Bongo Da Beekeeper13 days ago

    Can we get Tirico to do all the bruins games?

  58. Cameron Anderson

    Cameron Anderson13 days ago

    pasta has to be one of the best

  59. iWheezy

    iWheezy13 days ago

    During Corona all NHL games to be played outside with attendance lol

  60. yVigilante

    yVigilante13 days ago

    Flyers goalie should have been pulled what an awful game he played. Also the defense for the Flyers has no clue how to pass on the forecheck. They shot themselves in the foot

  61. KYEO B

    KYEO B13 days ago

    That glove side was just a shame smh

  62. killian hagis

    killian hagis13 days ago

    nobody: hart: I like having a 3.31 gaa and letting in 6 in one game :)

  63. Jordo

    Jordo13 days ago

    "Its not about where you put it, its just about getting it off right away" 😂

  64. Pfsif

    Pfsif13 days ago

    Flyers goalie needs a bigger glove.

  65. Sav On YT

    Sav On YT13 days ago

    Anyone notice on the third goal the Bruins scored but it gave Philadelphia the points but then they fixed it

  66. bigbadbruins1

    bigbadbruins113 days ago

    Happy for Frederic

  67. TSPCapital70!

    TSPCapital70!13 days ago

    Caps Outdoor game against PIT? now (coming from a caps fan)

  68. TSPCapital70!

    TSPCapital70!13 days ago

    @Michael Moldovan im suprised they havent done one already

  69. Michael Moldovan

    Michael Moldovan13 days ago

    That would be awesome (pens fan)

  70. Chilll Clan

    Chilll Clan13 days ago

    Congrats Fredrick for is first nhl goal he was always good in providence

  71. a bands

    a bands13 days ago

    Bruins vs Avs in cup

  72. Rick Lewis

    Rick Lewis12 days ago

    We can only hope

  73. tybreaker

    tybreaker13 days ago

    I am watching for fun the islanders rule. These two teams suck. RANGERS ARE SO BAD THEY CANT MAKE it in the stanley cup

  74. Jaime Martin

    Jaime Martin13 days ago


  75. Liam and Dad

    Liam and Dad13 days ago

    carter hart : what I’m freezing

  76. Mukie Muk

    Mukie Muk13 days ago

    And thats a sixer BOOM

  77. C

    C13 days ago

    Pasta wasn’t even looking at the net on his second goal

  78. Lemon Poker

    Lemon Poker13 days ago

    Kudos to Lake Tahoe marketing department. Getting the NHL game there and flexing how great it looks will for sure get people coming :)

  79. C

    C13 days ago

    Jeez Bruins are 5-0-0 against the Flyers

  80. ChayButt

    ChayButt13 days ago

    The Glare On The Ice Is Atrocious.

  81. Jacob Jones

    Jacob Jones13 days ago

    It dosnt help that half of phillys players are out the bubble

  82. Jan Rajniak

    Jan Rajniak13 days ago

    Beautiful place for fans horrible for golies...

  83. Johan Arthur

    Johan Arthur13 days ago

    This might be the most gorgeous a professional hockey game has ever been

  84. Jonathon Yocum

    Jonathon Yocum12 days ago

    That’s my home

  85. Kevin Donovan

    Kevin Donovan13 days ago

    We all due respect one , that could come nearly as close..... in addition at the beginning of the third. You could hear how Sharp the ice was.... Wonderful they should keep the rink up for another week anyway... stunning

  86. Orbis Pictus

    Orbis Pictus13 days ago

    I was blown away by the scenery and the evening coming in... and the Bruins won!

  87. tom carrubba

    tom carrubba13 days ago

    For me too

  88. Alex Grocio

    Alex Grocio13 days ago

    Yes! Boston!

  89. Stephen Paine

    Stephen Paine13 days ago

    Unfair game should have been pushed back, literally the bruins vs the AHL LOL

  90. V LeBlanc

    V LeBlanc12 days ago

    we were missing two key players plus 85% of our d

  91. Stephen Paine

    Stephen Paine12 days ago

    @V LeBlanc Yup because having your first line, maybe the best line in hockey was definitely even, with our top 6 out and no captain. You’re smart!

  92. V LeBlanc

    V LeBlanc12 days ago

    Bruins players missing: grizz, krejci, kase, miller, zboril, lauzon.

  93. Robert Peter

    Robert Peter13 days ago

    @CspanDrums It only seemed like they weren't

  94. CspanDrums

    CspanDrums13 days ago

    What's the point of a taxi squad then? The whole point is to be able to call up guys to replace players. The Bruins weren't playing with all their guys either

  95. XenT0r0 _

    XenT0r0 _13 days ago

    it looks so pretty outside

  96. Poke the Bear

    Poke the Bear13 days ago

    Second period sunset was damn beautiful. I wish the NHL could do more of these a year. So cool to see

  97. Matthew Mooar

    Matthew Mooar13 days ago

    Bruins got the flyers number all day long. No way were beating them in the postseason

  98. Sharks17

    Sharks1713 days ago

    Did Hart slip some vodka into his Gatorade before the game? Kid played like he was drunk.

  99. MacDonaldsFarmers

    MacDonaldsFarmers13 days ago

    2 goals were his fault the others weren’t

  100. JakoRLY

    JakoRLY13 days ago

    Pasta Very King!!

  101. ㄴㄴ

    ㄴㄴ13 days ago

    How do you solve glare in outdoor games?

  102. Buckstalker

    Buckstalker13 days ago

    Eye black

  103. CRO55

    CRO5513 days ago

    Wishing Pasta could display the same talent in the playoffs. Hopefully this year will be different now hes got that hip taken care of.

  104. Derreck Simmons

    Derreck Simmons13 days ago

    What a treat for the players! A lil' R&R in the middle of the season in!

  105. Kevin Murphy

    Kevin Murphy13 days ago

    Beautiful scenery. Awesome pasta. Go Bs. NHL has been fun this year.

  106. westcoast2k8 OP-7

    westcoast2k8 OP-713 days ago

    Do the finals there! 🤩🔥🙌🏼

  107. Vxkaz

    Vxkaz13 days ago

    Its just too easy. The flyers just cant handle PASTAAAAAA!!!

  108. Matthew Hall

    Matthew Hall13 days ago

    I'm loving the Lake Tahoe view. Only cool thing about no crowds is we can finally have CHEL rinks lol

  109. David Bartz

    David Bartz12 days ago

    The blimp view was really nice

  110. Matthew Hall

    Matthew Hall12 days ago

    @Reid Kimball possibly, no issues with being in the way of the fans so they could really put the cameras in optimal positions. I loved it lol

  111. Reid Kimball

    Reid Kimball13 days ago

    OH is that why the camera angles were much better? Most outdoor games have terrible camera angles, but the ones at Lake Tahoe looked normal to me.

  112. Phillip Kittan

    Phillip Kittan13 days ago

    NHL an einem See. Läuft im Profisport.

  113. Lara Gerhard

    Lara Gerhard13 days ago

    Сразу вспоминаются кадры,когда в СССР хоккей зарождался. Класс

  114. králíci z klobouku Bob a Bobek

    králíci z klobouku Bob a Bobek13 days ago


  115. Ragnar Sigurdssen

    Ragnar Sigurdssen13 days ago

    Confident win for bruins

  116. ClockzTickin

    ClockzTickin13 days ago

    Can we talk about that beautiful pass by Coyle to Smith? ! Asking for a Leafs fan

  117. Adam Štěrba

    Adam Štěrba13 days ago


  118. GCND

    GCND13 days ago

    The ice was almost as bad as the decision to not have a San Jose / Vegas match up on a lake that's shared by Northern CA and NV.

  119. An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd

    An Anthropomorphic Talking Gourd12 days ago

    The players didn't complain, so...

  120. Garrett B4873

    Garrett B487313 days ago

    Salty flyers fan🧂🧂🧂

  121. Mrgibb18

    Mrgibb1813 days ago

    :( aw

  122. killamike 617

    killamike 61713 days ago

    Where are they playing

  123. Sutton Tillery

    Sutton Tillery13 days ago

    Lake tahoe

  124. OrangeManBad

    OrangeManBad13 days ago

    That Lake Tahoe setup is amazing! NHL should definitely do more these kind of things especially now that the arenas are basically empty. I wonder why they didn't sell live tickets for a little more than you would pay for a normal game? Great way to get fans back to the live games.

  125. OrangeManBad

    OrangeManBad11 days ago

    @Fluffy Furry Buddy I don't know really USA:s geography as I'm from Europe but I still bet getting fans to that kind of setup place ain't going be a problem. Add some other experiences like a hotel night there nearby and a restaurant dinner etc. And there you have the ultimate winter weekend trip package for a family, a couple or with a group of your guys! What more could you ask?? I would consider coming accros the Atlantic if there was an opportunity.

  126. Fluffy Furry Buddy

    Fluffy Furry Buddy13 days ago

    How many people live by lake tahoe. Or what kind of fans are in Nevada?

  127. Steven Kramer

    Steven Kramer13 days ago

    All Philly goals lucky

  128. Chris Reid

    Chris Reid13 days ago

    Wth efff Ig going on with hart😕

  129. Evan

    Evan13 days ago

    I thought hart was good what happened maybe just not a fan outdoor games

  130. Laurin Glitzp

    Laurin Glitzp13 days ago

    I love pasta because he is so good is onetimers are unbelieveble this is insane how well he Plays☺️

  131. Tanner C

    Tanner C13 days ago

    Pasta coming for that Richard again this year, crazy what he’s done in 9 games!

  132. Ryan foulds

    Ryan foulds13 days ago

    He's incredible, but it'll take a herculean effort to beat Matthews in the "No Defence" North division.

  133. Lukáš Koubek

    Lukáš Koubek13 days ago

    I hate Boston So So much

  134. Ollie Beantown

    Ollie Beantown13 days ago

    You big mad hahahahahahahah. Kings of the sports world

  135. Robert Peter

    Robert Peter13 days ago