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  1. Delightful Vibes

    Delightful VibesMonth ago

    Mix that in with some sprite and you got some lean.

  2. E

    EMonth ago

    I just tried it and I LOVE IT!! It is literally a grape lemonade 🍇🍋

  3. Broskiez

    Broskiez2 months ago

    What’s that wall paper on your pc?

  4. Broskiez

    Broskiez2 months ago

    @ElectricShock thx m8 love the vids and streams

  5. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock2 months ago

    it's snow wallpaper on wallpaper engine on steam

  6. Frostyy

    Frostyy2 months ago

    CEO of Ladies And Gentleman

  7. Yeetbeat487 89

    Yeetbeat487 892 months ago

    But anyway what's going on guys. I'm confusion

  8. MightyThor

    MightyThor2 months ago

    that looks good ladies and gentlemen

  9. Jesse Palmateer

    Jesse Palmateer2 months ago

    Yoooo I’ve tried this! It was perfectttt. I called it shiny sauce.

  10. Stergxs_RL

    Stergxs_RL2 months ago

    This should be called Shiny Sauce lmao

  11. Gamer Boi

    Gamer Boi2 months ago

    this should be ur flavor if u get one, its purple, lemonade, and the best flavors of all time 2gether, this MUST be your sig flvr; call it: N A D E S H O C K (blue rasberry lemonade) inspo by u, just ask gamma labs they like u from the tour. ps- i liked and Ive been subbed with notis for a while. I share ur vids with my friends. xd :)

  12. Andreas Rafn

    Andreas Rafn2 months ago

    I tried to buy for the first time and I needed to pay twice before I could get it can you explain why or how I could get a refund

  13. Elijah

    Elijah2 months ago

    I think classified is strawberry starburst

  14. Just Megumin

    Just Megumin2 months ago

    1:44 why does that saund so funny for me?

  15. Just Megumin

    Just Megumin2 months ago

    Hype sauce with milk is bad. I threw up

  16. Lt_ JarzBk

    Lt_ JarzBk2 months ago

    The screen background on the monitor looks 🔥 by the way love your channel 🙌

  17. More Knonium

    More Knonium2 months ago

    I mixed hype sauce and chug rug at it's pretty good in my opinion

  18. CGS Vision

    CGS Vision2 months ago

    Ur admins need some help

  19. Enz

    Enz2 months ago


  20. big cheeto

    big cheeto2 months ago

    Fun fact, drinking that made him escape the matrix

  21. felix foster

    felix foster2 months ago

    was curious about this mix, glad to see i no longer have to be !

  22. i_ am_ blur

    i_ am_ blur2 months ago

    why is this man shouting? lol

  23. ricky williams

    ricky williams2 months ago

    shock you need to try mixing hype sauce and sour faze berry one day I tried it and loved it please try it.

  24. iNazz

    iNazz2 months ago

    Hey which flavor do you prefer shiny splash or hype sauce?

  25. emsdog21

    emsdog212 months ago

    Love the content man! Could you mix Classified and FaZe X?

  26. zZixAxX

    zZixAxX2 months ago

    I mixed sour cherry and shiny splash and it tasted soo good

  27. Parker W

    Parker W2 months ago

    what was the editing?

  28. FlapJack522

    FlapJack5222 months ago

    Shock kinda sus

  29. Mer_sk8s 211

    Mer_sk8s 2112 months ago

    Yo try out lingleberry an snow cone

  30. MapleDuckGuy

    MapleDuckGuy2 months ago

    This video has a strange twist that makes me go “wow”

  31. Parker B

    Parker B2 months ago

    whats that pc wallaper i need to know

  32. Alex diaz 89

    Alex diaz 892 months ago

    hey do a video of a slushy of gfule

  33. Wizdom.

    Wizdom.2 months ago

    The should mix it together as an official flavour and call it shiny sauce.

  34. Brannon Lee

    Brannon Lee2 months ago

    Plus Ultra Young Midoriya

  35. Finlay Maclean

    Finlay Maclean2 months ago

    What’s the difference between the old and new hype sauce?

  36. Mustafa Ahmed

    Mustafa Ahmed2 months ago

    is there is any news about sour cherry if it will be available soon ?

  37. Kepskey

    Kepskey2 months ago

    My classified flavor came in today I think it’s the 3rd best but I haven’t tried many (8)

  38. Salami Time93

    Salami Time932 months ago

    hmm yes H Y P E S P L A S H

  39. IanTheGreat

    IanTheGreat2 months ago

    Coconut gfuel mixed w/ ragin gummy fish. This totally would work

  40. Imthebestdontatme

    Imthebestdontatme2 months ago

    Shock u gotta try faze berry and shiny splash it’s so good please try and reply back tys

  41. Lux Sux

    Lux Sux2 months ago

    Bro I want that Snow White shaker so bad

  42. OpenMic

    OpenMic2 months ago

    Nice Subaru joke

  43. Carter

    Carter2 months ago

    Mix the 2 worst flavors

  44. Zion Koval

    Zion Koval2 months ago

    Hype Splash or Shiny sause?

  45. Sav Chrižźż

    Sav Chrižźż2 months ago

    😂 the outro

  46. Aiden Hendrick

    Aiden Hendrick2 months ago

    Have you mixed bahama mama and tropical rain for an extra tropical concoction?

  47. Edward Blake Mcmillan

    Edward Blake Mcmillan2 months ago

    You should do Hype Sauce, Shiny Splash, and Cherry Limade

  48. Twista RyD

    Twista RyD2 months ago

    Hype Sauce and Nemesis Tea

  49. Gravy

    Gravy2 months ago

    guava and the new faze flavor thank me later

  50. justin cooper

    justin cooper2 months ago

    i see you took my suggestion on Twitter ;)

  51. Chodie

    Chodie2 months ago

    Tried this mix multiple times. It’s absolutely amazing

  52. Roman Rincon

    Roman Rincon2 months ago

    Can't confirm nor deny this, because I don't have Shiny Splash. But I have Hype Sauce and Starfruit, and mixing them is amazing!

  53. E

    EMonth ago

    @Roman Rincon you too man! Hope your better soon

  54. Roman Rincon

    Roman RinconMonth ago

    @E I know😓, all love always though ❤️

  55. E

    EMonth ago

    @Roman Rincon I understand brother hope we can get out of this mess soon 🙏

  56. Roman Rincon

    Roman RinconMonth ago

    @E 😔maybe soon, money's tight rn

  57. E

    EMonth ago

    Yo if you ever get it you need to try this

  58. Joe Clasby

    Joe Clasby2 months ago


  59. W Ow

    W Ow2 months ago

    Finally thank you shock

  60. daniel Junnior

    daniel Junnior2 months ago

    I wish I could buy gfuel but I'm broke☹

  61. Corey

    Corey2 months ago

    Has anybody ever put gfuel in a sodastream pouring sparkling water n trying to shake it doesn’t work right, & a sodastream uses your own water so it should taste like just a regular gfuel but carbonated ??

  62. Venomborn

    Venomborn2 months ago

    Yeah I mixed this the day after I got’s the best combo easily lol

  63. lilchief

    lilchief2 months ago

    Dat color though

  64. Rhysjday 08

    Rhysjday 082 months ago

    Can u do a full tier list at the end of the yr

  65. Brandon Billington

    Brandon Billington2 months ago

    This video is amxing

  66. TheKid Pyro

    TheKid Pyro2 months ago

    You got this from FaZe Dirty didn’t you

  67. Lucy Bortucene

    Lucy Bortucene2 months ago

    Ur cool

  68. BlueFierce

    BlueFierce2 months ago

    imagine if the mixing portion wasnt sped up... LOL

  69. Gamer Boi

    Gamer Boi2 months ago


  70. Michael Eenhuis

    Michael Eenhuis2 months ago

    I Just tried tropical rain the other day. And it was absolutely dogshit

  71. Jet Fuel

    Jet Fuel2 months ago


  72. LazyBandit

    LazyBandit2 months ago

    "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be".

  73. NitroApples

    NitroApples2 months ago

    Where’s the car videos shock 🤨

  74. chris thompson

    chris thompson2 months ago

    do you remeber me from the stream also try starberryshortcake+peach cobbler

  75. Nicola Stanley

    Nicola Stanley2 months ago

    your doing great keep up the good work your probs one of my favourite youtubers what gfuel do u recommend for people starting to drink fuel is sour blue chug rug a good choice? If u don't mind me answering can you answer my Insta @jakestanley07?

  76. Chicken Fingers

    Chicken Fingers2 months ago

    “Ladies and gentlemen” count l V

  77. BigBangBoony

    BigBangBoonyMonth ago

    He literally said it like 15 times

  78. Solo2k

    Solo2k2 months ago

    Classified tastes like strawberry italian ice to me.

  79. Gravy

    Gravy2 months ago

    to me it tastes like a good bubblegum

  80. theBlueSlushy

    theBlueSlushy2 months ago

    Shock: raspberry lemonade + blueberry lemonade = raspberry blueberry lemonade Me: wouldn’t that be blue raspberry lemonade?

  81. tacothegoldfish

    tacothegoldfish2 months ago

    @ElectricShock omg 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  82. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock2 months ago


  83. Ruces

    Ruces2 months ago

    I got gold on my tac weapons but didn't get diamond :(..... but i want to make that mix

  84. Spencz

    Spencz2 months ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen.

  85. sIyceth

    sIyceth2 months ago

    I thought Wumpa was the second best flavor?

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    order 66 Dave Palumbo order 66 gay fitness2 months ago

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  87. JMoney SnD

    JMoney SnD2 months ago

    ive been wanting to do this for a while now lol my classified came in today btw

  88. Synnergy

    Synnergy2 months ago

    I remember lots of people on the discord that wanted this video to happen I was one of them, and now we get to see it! :D

  89. Cearsy

    Cearsy2 months ago


  90. Jack.

    Jack.2 months ago

    Funny shit Reid

  91. Blood00Reaper 01

    Blood00Reaper 012 months ago

    I love ur vids shock. U are so fun to watch especially on streams and I am so glad I subbed to u

  92. Death_For_NC

    Death_For_NC2 months ago

    Wassup shock

  93. Nathan Medina

    Nathan Medina2 months ago

    How much would you recommend Shiny Splash 1-10?

  94. fanofpink

    fanofpinkMonth ago


  95. Evan

    Evan2 months ago

    it is very good, super refreshing as well

  96. iTzCodes

    iTzCodes2 months ago

    @Nathan Medina np! To me it deff resembles the blue raspberry koolaid flavor a tad. It doesn’t taste watered down. I just got the tub yesterday and it’s really good!

  97. Nathan Medina

    Nathan Medina2 months ago

    @iTzCodes thanks! Now I know my next tub to pick up

  98. iTzCodes

    iTzCodes2 months ago

    10. It’s pretty good!

  99. DarkArcher05

    DarkArcher052 months ago

    noti gang

  100. Username

    Username2 months ago


  101. ShadeLight

    ShadeLight2 months ago

    3:30 yo what

  102. Kaydn Hawthorne

    Kaydn Hawthorne2 months ago

    Thanks shock for making my day!

  103. Jerry Kensick

    Jerry Kensick2 months ago

    the two best flavors mixed? i guess they beat wumpa fruit?

  104. simp for shock

    simp for shock2 months ago

    *Shock post* Me- goes straight to the comments

  105. OxiClean Bleach

    OxiClean Bleach2 months ago

    Early gang what’s up shock

  106. Matt!

    Matt!2 months ago

    ayo look at this handsome man

  107. Synnergy

    Synnergy2 months ago

    Oh hey Matt

  108. Plex Merk

    Plex Merk2 months ago

    Carry on what u doing bro

  109. Plex Merk

    Plex Merk2 months ago