I Fought A Muay Thai Champion

Thai Boxing vs Karate started in 1963, when Kyokushin co-founder Kenji Kurosaki got knocked out by a Muay Thai fighter in Thailand (Bangkok) at Lumpinee Stadium. This sparked the Japanese invention of Kickboxing. As a result, the feud between Karate and Muay Thai escalated. In today's video I aim to end the rivalry by fighting Petch Aek Sitjaopho (Poonnasit Kambung). Enjoy! :)
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  1. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp9 days ago

    What martial art should I face next? 🤔

  2. Letrando

    Letrando8 days ago


  3. Felipe Esparza

    Felipe Esparza8 days ago

    Jiu Jistu

  4. Hakuryu Team

    Hakuryu Team8 days ago


  5. Jelit Duremdes

    Jelit Duremdes8 days ago

    Ryan Garcia

  6. Lawrence

    Lawrence8 days ago

    French Savate

  7. Sedo Martial Art

    Sedo Martial ArtHour ago

    Taekwondo is best

  8. Douglas Bueno

    Douglas BuenoHour ago

    Shotokan, Gensei-ryu, Wado-ryu, Shito-ryu,Goju-ryu each style of karatê is different,some styles are smooth,others brutal made for war.

  9. Douglas Bueno

    Douglas Bueno2 hours ago

    I love the ignorance of some people here has competition karate, and full contact karate The Full contact is make to destroy people.

  10. Douglas Bueno

    Douglas Bueno2 hours ago

    I love how everyone has advice on how to face a Muay Thai champion,90% here would be destroyed in 10 seconds.😂

  11. Andre Yanpolsky

    Andre Yanpolsky2 hours ago

    this is not a fight but a very light sparring at least on the muay thai champ’s part. not to mention what looks like 18 oz gloves

  12. JAHyondamie kage

    JAHyondamie kage2 hours ago

    Bro you have to work on your boxing you could have done way more set ups

  13. Douglas Bueno

    Douglas Bueno2 hours ago

    it's like telling a boxer to work his kicks, he fights karate not boxing he only trains his art.

  14. RedBravery

    RedBravery2 hours ago

    idk why am I recommended this by USlikes....

  15. wiltz vilcena

    wiltz vilcena3 hours ago

    6:13 he immediately responds by kickin me in the Ribs🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Butt Head

    Butt Head4 hours ago

    Mix it with BJJ 😃

  17. starsiegeplayer

    starsiegeplayer5 hours ago

    This showed up in my recommendations. I really enjoyed this.

  18. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp46 minutes ago

    Wonderful! 🌟

  19. J N

    J N5 hours ago

    Nice video dude, very humble. He was holding back and laughing because if he tried he definitely would have done serious damage to you.

  20. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp46 minutes ago

    For sure! 😂

  21. R Nation

    R Nation5 hours ago

    When he tries to block your kicks you should throw some jabs and change up your routine of kicks and jabs

  22. deka W

    deka W6 hours ago

    HeyJesse I’m a new fan and a complete rookie in martial arts. I train a Kung Fu style called Northern Mantis Boxing or Tanglang Quan in Chinese Have you done any segments on that? If you haven’t I would love to see one..

  23. deka W

    deka W37 minutes ago

    @Jesse Enkamp wow thank you so much I didn’t think you’d have time to respond. I’d be interested to see how you fare against it because so far it looks pretty perfect, it’s definitely right for me.

  24. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp46 minutes ago

    Cool! Will do 👍

  25. Sasori Shimada

    Sasori Shimada6 hours ago

    i think karate is made to defend and muay thai to destroy

  26. Douglas Bueno

    Douglas Bueno2 hours ago

    karate is done for you to destroy your opponent, it is a war art.

  27. Michael Justice

    Michael Justice7 hours ago

    Great video. You have a good nature and approach things like a real martial artist.be cool to see you at a college wrestling practice.

  28. Mr.EV

    Mr.EV7 hours ago

    I swear this video must be meant for children as he's talking like it's a kids TV show.

  29. Daniel Cunningham

    Daniel Cunningham8 hours ago

    Just want add that that when the Thai guy wai'd to you at the end he used the deepest level of wai. He honored you.

  30. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp45 minutes ago

    Amazing 🙏

  31. Javo Santillán

    Javo Santillán8 hours ago

    I really enjoyed the way you told the story. With humility, humble and from the real passion to keep learning.

  32. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp45 minutes ago

    Thank you!

  33. Anton De la Cruz

    Anton De la Cruz9 hours ago

    Karate shorts are awesome!

  34. Anton De la Cruz

    Anton De la Cruz9 hours ago

    Eyyy artemio mancol in the montage. Neat!

  35. Johan Vigen

    Johan Vigen9 hours ago

    Trust me he wasn't fighting u, he playing with u............

  36. Christopher Liu

    Christopher Liu9 hours ago

    He laughed because he could’ve kneed him so hard at that position

  37. Will_ E

    Will_ E10 hours ago

    Just amazing.

  38. Azhari Sahar

    Azhari Sahar10 hours ago

    Jeet kune do

  39. PINK XD

    PINK XD10 hours ago

    Narrow place rites and prayers cranky guy man if i was in ur place ill escape this guy is possessed "weweeeee oiueee"

  40. นายกาว คนเกเร

    นายกาว คนเกเร10 hours ago

    If he didn't held back i can't say it is a fair fight, a massacre it is.

  41. Adi Yepis

    Adi Yepis11 hours ago

    Muay thai is just a good style to counter karate we seen it over the decades one example even tho it was an MMA fight was shogun vs machida

  42. firoz osman

    firoz osman11 hours ago

    Karate is to defend oneself from street punks. Muay Thai is to defend oneself from street punks who know Karate.

  43. Basil Saad

    Basil Saad11 hours ago

    Amazing video

  44. Antonio Castro

    Antonio Castro11 hours ago

    Why you didn't even stretched

  45. Antonio Castro

    Antonio Castro11 hours ago

    I love your chanel and I do karate -shotokan my funakoshi also

  46. High Rank

    High Rank11 hours ago

    Try with Ip Man or Bruce Lee OMG I am sorry They both died

  47. Jose Mari Victor Silayan

    Jose Mari Victor Silayan12 hours ago

    Amazing video mate! Very good one.🙏🏻

  48. Omar Abdullaziz

    Omar Abdullaziz12 hours ago

    wow.. amazing video, high quality.. well done Jesse! and special thanks to Poonnasit for the good spirits

  49. Kanal Meister

    Kanal Meister13 hours ago

    Sorry my PC was brocken. Karate cannot develop to its full potential as long as gloves are worn and some rules have to be followed . A tiger is strong but in the ocean with the sharks he is powerless.

  50. KG88 music

    KG88 music13 hours ago

    The intro saved the disrespectful thumbnail

  51. Сухроб Ахмадов

    Сухроб Ахмадов13 hours ago

    1:42 Andreas Hug , legend of the world Karate and K-1

  52. Cal Evolution

    Cal Evolution14 hours ago

    You almost save karate honor nerd

  53. ColdHeartedGrimReaper

    ColdHeartedGrimReaper15 hours ago

    IpMan once said: It doesnt matter what kungfu you practice, its how you perform it.

  54. Samurp 15

    Samurp 1516 hours ago

    Muay thai is basically OWEEEEE and thats the only thing that you have to know when u do sparring

  55. madani mesbah

    madani mesbah17 hours ago

    Jesse I'm a Karate nerd from Algeria sadly there's very few teens like me who practice karate so I ended up training alone,any advice to keep motivated?I really wanna get my karate to next level and I hope that someday I'm gonna meet ya cuz you're the best sensei ever!🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋

  56. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp17 hours ago

    The secret to motivation is creating habits that build you up! 💪

  57. P G

    P G18 hours ago

    Jesse, this was a fucking great video - thanks man 👍

  58. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp17 hours ago

    Cheers buddy!

  59. Humberto G Alagia Jr

    Humberto G Alagia Jr19 hours ago

    That was an amazing sparring session. One of the most interesting things is that his techniques are pretty much about closing the gap with knees and elbows, and the thing about going all in with rotation about being mean. 😂 Those kicks are for breaking bones and dislocating joints

  60. Bald Guy

    Bald Guy19 hours ago


  61. Jean Jacques Rousseau

    Jean Jacques Rousseau19 hours ago

    What a nice guy. :D

  62. Thoranisorn Mongkun

    Thoranisorn Mongkun19 hours ago

    Waey wa-hey Hoey Are the sound we make in sparring Those sound show relaxing and playfulness in sparring In muay thai, sparring is called Len Cherng Len in thai mean play Cherng is like skill Len Cherng means that we play the techniques of MuayThai with partner Len Cherng can be Cherng Koah (play with clinching and knees) Cherng Tae (play with kicking) And more And you should be very serious careful when those sound disappear or change lol Sometimes it means that you have to skip your dinner haha

  63. Ricardo Mauricio Araya

    Ricardo Mauricio Araya20 hours ago

    Joe Higashi has taught me so much about Muay Thai techniques, even though I can't throw a proper kick to save my life 😅

  64. Foster chance

    Foster chance20 hours ago

    karate nerds should never go for headkicks in a sparring match its disrespectfull

  65. Son Afro

    Son Afro20 hours ago

    You sparred great Nerd. Your movements were really fluid, sharp, and accurate. I think the only issue you really had with Muay Thai is that you didn't expect so many throws and catches to be used. Those are techniques that they use as a part of their primary "blocking" skills. You would surely adapt by checking the leg kick more, and more punches to the head if kick to the body was caught, as well as more feinting. Great job brother.

  66. Son Afro

    Son Afro16 hours ago

    @Jesse Enkamp Dōitashimashite!

  67. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp19 hours ago

    Domo arigato!!

  68. Nicola Gut

    Nicola Gut20 hours ago

    R E S P E C T

  69. 隱形富豪.

    隱形富豪.21 hour ago

    Where can I find more videos of this Thai boxer ?

  70. Theo B.

    Theo B.21 hour ago

    I am a kickbokser (10yrs)switched to kyokushin karate(blue belt) just to challenge myself. But i do miss punching the face and clinch. Really enjoyed the video though

  71. BillyKickBoxing

    BillyKickBoxing22 hours ago

    Really enjoyed that video. Starting first with the origins of kick boxing... and this really instructive exchange between the two of you. Great stuff and spirit there.

  72. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp19 hours ago

    Thank you!

  73. God1st

    God1st23 hours ago

    400 Fight and literally probably Thousands of hours of fighting experience since he was 9 years old. He HAD to hold back. Combat is who he is!

  74. Leon Lance

    Leon LanceDay ago

    Great Video and I appreciate the history lesson on both arts. That was an interesting sparring session and there were lots to learn. The fact that you had an open mind and a willingness to learn more about a unique artform is stellar 💯🥊🥊

  75. misi1979

    misi1979Day ago

    Nice video Jesse...good eye-opening for fanatics who claim supremacy for specific styles. Love this new materials where discovering different styles comparing and analyzing them the conclusions brake down a few myths and legends.For naives people who grow up with movies and cartoons is a good reality check.Good luck Jesse!

  76. YouTube TV

    YouTube TVDay ago

    Muay Thai looks way cooler

  77. DaneMan

    DaneManDay ago

    As some one who has been studying Muay Thai since I was 7. You did extremely well and showed the key differences in each discipline One thing I noticed was how your head was open for elbows especially when you closed distance ( good guard on your part but slight opening). Glad you tube showed me this channel. Karate has always been an interest of mine! Well done ! Much respect. He is a legend, and you could see his kicks were being held back. That follow through is brutal, having been on the receiving end. I love how he put that sparring is about learning and fun. So many lose sight of that while training. Amazing work !

  78. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse Enkamp23 hours ago

    Thank you very much!! 🙏

  79. Martin Blake

    Martin BlakeDay ago

    Amazing sparring. So much to learn.

  80. ken keen

    ken keenDay ago

    You should know the ancient Muay Thai. It good

  81. Al Jaberi

    Al JaberiDay ago

    Karate style : hit and pull back Muay Thai : hit and destroy

  82. Christopher John

    Christopher JohnDay ago

    First time watching you. And you got a new subscriber. Job well done as far as production and charisma.

  83. Christopher John

    Christopher JohnDay ago

    @Jesse Enkamp no problem. Love the positivity.

  84. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse EnkampDay ago

    Thank you!!

  85. Christopher John

    Christopher JohnDay ago

    Respect. But the result will always be the same.

  86. NraugHmoob Yaj

    NraugHmoob YajDay ago

    Let me share a story with you. Back in the 1980s, I lived in a refugee camp in Thailand (due to the Vietnam War). In the refugee camp, there were few famous Kung Fu and Karate persons. There was a Kung Fu person who was in his mid-20s, handsome, awsome shape with long black hair like Jackie Chan (when he was young). He usually wore white Kung Fu gown when he walked on the streets. Everyone looked at him like he was their champion. He was known by all the 50,000 refugees in the camp. One day, he signed a contract to fight a Muay Thai guy from the province. We all went to watch the fight inside the ring. The first round? He moved like a snake and fought very well like Bruce Lee. Everyone was very impressed. Second round? The Thai fighter pressured him like a bull and didn't let him have a space. The Thai fighter kicked low kicks-one after another, threw one elbow after another, and knocked the Kung Fu fighter out in 2 rounds. The Kung Fu fighter lost 2 front teeth inside the ring. Don't mess with a real Thai fighter, my friend.

  87. SoyJusthyn

    SoyJusthynDay ago

    first video and i love how humble jesse is!

  88. NraugHmoob Yaj

    NraugHmoob YajDay ago

    Hi everyone, Muay Thai has different levels. The , you fight in your town or city. The next level? You fight in your province/state. If you are so good and well recognized, they may accept you nationally. Fights that you see on TV are at national levels. If you are one of the best among thousands and thousands, you may become a champion.

  89. The1 Excalibur

    The1 ExcaliburDay ago

    When someone starts praying to gods before a spar or fight it's time to deescalate the situation and leave lol

  90. bob dillon

    bob dillonDay ago

    Karate dudes lead with their chins.

  91. R3tr0108

    R3tr0108Day ago

    He seems like a cool guy to hang out with lol...

  92. TSA XIII

    TSA XIIIDay ago

    That's low kick aka the passively critical on you leg if he let body momentum like the end of the videos Guess what they practicing on for kick ? Yep the Banana tree

  93. LeefromCalgary

    LeefromCalgaryDay ago

    Even watching the documentary Fighting Black Kings and you can tell that fights were rigged.

  94. Kevin Klingenberg

    Kevin KlingenbergDay ago

    Literally Ryu VS Sagat going on here.

  95. Roland Ferrand

    Roland FerrandDay ago

    Damn good video

  96. Michael Chiofalo

    Michael ChiofaloDay ago

    I am not a big proponent of karate, I train Muay Thai actually. But your humbling attitude and your heart for the sport is amazing ! Definitely subscribing and looking forward to more content!

  97. Jesse Enkamp

    Jesse EnkampDay ago

    Thank you!!

  98. Nongmeawpean

    NongmeawpeanDay ago

    he not play mind game with you bro that sound mean this match is plactise or friendship match ....but if they not make sound like this you should know that guy focus to hurt you

  99. Que tranza Calabaza

    Que tranza CalabazaDay ago

    Muay Thai is better than Karate

  100. Jesse McCree

    Jesse McCreeDay ago


  101. Jesus is The only way

    Jesus is The only wayDay ago

    This man is very humble, but deadly with those arms and legs👊

  102. Blackstar 87

    Blackstar 87Day ago

    ...but can he beat Gaolang Wongsawat?

  103. Jethro X

    Jethro XDay ago

    Come on jesse you're getting a bit old for this, actually fighting people;)

  104. Michael Martinez

    Michael MartinezDay ago

    This made my day. Great respect and sharing of knowledge. 🙏

  105. ido gabriel elian

    ido gabriel elianDay ago

    Jesse, first of all thank you for the video! as always, wonderful stuff! secondly I wanted to ask, I know that there are knee strikes in karate (Hiza GerI) and elbow also, but is there a spinning elbow strike also? (like in 12:07) in karate? also, I know that there karate roundhouse (Mawashi Geri) Has more of a snap (and by that more speed) than the MT roundhouse, also we have a front and back leg Mawashi Geri, and in MT they switch the leg, but if I see correctly in the video it's not only the "snap" vs the "going through" the target, it's also where you extend your leg, your knee came up higher before you extended it, Poonnasit extended his leg prior to it, getting more power into his kick. also he's standing on his tip toes and spinning on his back leg much more than you do. Am I right? does the knee and tip toes have something to do with it also? and one last thing, is there such a "power kick" in Karate? meaning a Mawashi Geri that looks more like Poonnasit than your (our) "snapping" roundhouse. Keep up the amazing work!

  106. FungalTea 6569

    FungalTea 6569Day ago

    Please do Kung Fu

  107. Igor Svačić

    Igor SvačićDay ago

    He actually got you pretty good advice, same Id give to a karate guy fighting a muay thai boxer. Keep the distance (away from clinch/knees/elbows) and watch out for low kicks

  108. Wirakorn Wongjak

    Wirakorn WongjakDay ago

    Next you should face to Muay Thai Boran (The ancient Muay Thai)

  109. Montana Weatherby

    Montana WeatherbyDay ago

    Great story telling skills! Felt like it was a documentary

  110. PL Fong

    PL FongDay ago

    The common mistake made by most Karate & TKD practitioner is reverse kick. Reverse kick is too slow and easy to intercept. In a real fight, the Muay Thai guy could bring an opponent down with a low kick to the side or back of the knee. Muay Thai has legs like steel.

  111. Steve Wolf

    Steve WolfDay ago

    El Muay Thai es muy bueno sin demeritar a cualquier otro arte marcial

  112. ATARi _HMB

    ATARi _HMBDay ago

    Jesse is a real Karate prationer... the Ken Masters of the art and with the spirit of Ryu. Willing to learn, confident in his abilities but still humble like Ryu.

  113. Didan Rizky Septiandra

    Didan Rizky SeptiandraDay ago

    So Chris on resident evil 6 learn karate and piers is learning muay thai

  114. Snowy XD

    Snowy XDDay ago

    8:00 He be like hmm guess I'll start trying

  115. Alexander Dyon Ashton

    Alexander Dyon AshtonDay ago

    needed to go a bit harder, not too hard but no will behind anything alot of it so not demonstrating much.

  116. Bruno Cândido

    Bruno CândidoDay ago


  117. Wiler Prime

    Wiler PrimeDay ago

    Karate techniques looks mechanical, you can notice each joint doing something that explodes at the end, the thai technique looks like leash that explodes from the start

  118. zen hanseki

    zen hansekiDay ago

    imma be like respect bro 💯

  119. M The Capricorn

    M The CapricornDay ago

    Very Intresting.

  120. JN pher tacoronte

    JN pher tacoronteDay ago

    When you see the style hair you think is other Bruce lee again.

  121. T. Ghanjana

    T. GhanjanaDay ago

    One of the Sitjaopor twins. Beautiful technical Muay Thai style 👍

  122. Wild Card

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