WATCH: Joe Biden Just Said the N-Word! | Louder With Crowder

Uhhh, are we hearing this correctly? Also... you ain't black.
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"Eat My Butt"


  1. Michael Kerins

    Michael KerinsHour ago

    No one cares he says it because Biden is a puppet president ..........

  2. Claire Finley

    Claire FinleyHour ago

    Stop he has a stutter.

  3. Mary Weller

    Mary Weller2 hours ago

    When is anybody ask Joe Biden what he meant .journalist too scared to ask that !! Democrat parties has the journalist scared to ask any hard questions Democrats are controlling everything and all our lives they have to be stopped vote those assholes out White people can’t protest anymore were called racist if we just disagree with ther Nazi value

  4. Hank

    Hank3 hours ago

    If trump said this he would be blasted for eternity

  5. DSDftw!!!

    DSDftw!!!7 hours ago

    And they freaked about covfefe

  6. GreatYue

    GreatYue10 hours ago

    Are Black people ok with crazy Joe calling them nig*** ? Is blm ok with that?

  7. Bud Meyer

    Bud Meyer10 hours ago

    Trump used the N word all his life in private!

  8. SteelBarsOfficial

    SteelBarsOfficial11 hours ago

    Omfg. He was trying to say "I am eager". Ya'll are reaching so hard it hurts.

  9. terry walker

    terry walker13 hours ago

    Democrats are dumbos

  10. Ney Rose

    Ney Rose14 hours ago

    I think the dementia is starting to make Joe reveal his repressed true feelings just like when he was ranting about being in a pool with children yikes

  11. Jacqulin Maxwell

    Jacqulin Maxwell15 hours ago

    I don't know why people feel soooo gooooood inside themselves filled with hate. Black, White, or other, we all have bad seeds in every race, why talk about each other as if you or your race is better. Come on adults look in the mirror turnaround and see what you have produced, and you wonder why your life is like it is. Stop getting joy by talking bad about someone. My God some adults are worse than children. I'm not a Biden fan nor a Trump fan, but damn. Sly remarks make you feel good.

  12. kiranjit rana

    kiranjit rana15 hours ago


  13. William Beckham

    William Beckham16 hours ago

    And voted for that friutloop for president!!

  14. Casey Kelso

    Casey Kelso18 hours ago

    Another big republican lie. Blow me

  15. Leone Abbachio

    Leone Abbachio19 hours ago

    Lots of mad people in the comment section, i see💀

  16. John Ivy

    John Ivy20 hours ago

    Impeach him!

  17. Anthony cianciulli

    Anthony cianciulli21 hour ago


  18. SkyHawk

    SkyHawk22 hours ago

    Doesn’t matter what the Beijing Biden says about blacks, because the “woke” libs agree with his racist acts.

  19. crazy Russian

    crazy RussianDay ago


  20. Tiffany Wiley

    Tiffany WileyDay ago

    There are two different meanings to the N word

  21. Craig adams bfe

    Craig adams bfeDay ago

    Joe biden is a fool

  22. Stevie Wonder

    Stevie WonderDay ago

    If Donald Trump had said this, you bet your ass you would see smoke in all directions!

  23. james jameson

    james jamesonDay ago

    Poor people Can be just as smart as White people

  24. Vatoloco Mestas

    Vatoloco MestasDay ago

    Racism! Is taught in the house he grew up in so his parents must have been racist that is why he throws that n word around.Biden you are a racist you just can't remember.SadSsd real sad this country is going to hell no hope as long as zBiden is in office.You only get what you voted for nothing.

  25. Vatoloco Mestas

    Vatoloco MestasDay ago

    The MSM is also racist.That is why they don't talk about what he does and says wrong. Nothing will never change with a racist President Biden.

  26. Hernando Cortez

    Hernando CortezDay ago

    This needs to be shared more

  27. mick sprague

    mick spragueDay ago

    he said "your gonna hear it next".

  28. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny BravoDay ago

    It's just secret service code or was

  29. Tina Landrey

    Tina LandreyDay ago

    yep sleepy joe using that word all the time it just flows right out of him

  30. Morgan Murphy

    Morgan MurphyDay ago


  31. Pdubs 706

    Pdubs 706Day ago

    You see, that word means nothing!! Not a big deal for some!! This guy has been in politics so long he actually voted to keep segregation in schools🤯

  32. Mk mk

    Mk mkDay ago

    Oh man can't believe this guy is president

  33. L

    LDay ago

    He has a stutter, that’s what happened.

  34. David Green

    David GreenDay ago


  35. H a n n a h

    H a n n a hDay ago

    They would blame this on his speech impediment

  36. Julie Lemming

    Julie LemmingDay ago

    I Really Hate Biden And He Will Never Be My President And Just Wait For 2024 GO TRUMP

  37. SeparatioNxiety

    SeparatioNxietyDay ago

    Lmao, I shared this video on Facebook and it's been flagged as ''False Information''. IT'S A BROADCASTED SPEECH OF THE PRESIDENT SAYING THE N WORD. Censorship is so bad lmao

  38. Jordan Procell

    Jordan ProcellDay ago

    So the guy with a stutter, stuttered. You are sensationalizing news. Guess you're mainstream media now.




  40. Teena Toops

    Teena ToopsDay ago

    Fact check said this is a lie.

  41. me005003

    me0050032 days ago

    Fake news will censor us from that but you were right, if Trump said that it would be on worldwide news!!


    PAUL DOMINGUEZ2 days ago

    Oh my God I bet you the media don't pay that CBS ABC none of them

  43. Thomas D

    Thomas D2 days ago

    Stammering Joe Biden strikes again...and again...and again. Ozzy Osbourne has stiff competition.

  44. Pablo Jose

    Pablo Jose2 days ago

    He thanked all the Indian Americans this week. We wouldn't be on Mars, he wouldn't have a VP if it wasn't for their India heritage.

  45. Lee Smith Jr.

    Lee Smith Jr.2 days ago

    Joe is down man it’s ok!!!!

  46. Marcella Kramer

    Marcella Kramer2 days ago

    "If you know how to use the Internet, then you're not Black." - Joe Biden

  47. DR BROWN

    DR BROWN2 days ago

    The code word slipped out again.... Baja ha ha.

  48. Eric Snuffer

    Eric Snuffer2 days ago

    Imagine the leftist media cover for trump if he said this like they are covering for Biden.

  49. Casey Kelso

    Casey Kelso18 hours ago


  50. Jeanie Collier

    Jeanie Collier2 days ago

    Yep I did

  51. Maggie Wouters

    Maggie Wouters2 days ago

    get rid of this clown elect a circus get a clown

  52. Ralph Miller

    Ralph Miller2 days ago

    Black or White who care, If you voted for Biden that's your buddy your stuck for 4 year's, Trump 2024

  53. Raymond Trost

    Raymond Trost2 days ago

    "High, I'm Joe Biden, and I Approve this speech, if l cud only Remember What it's About, come on Jen! Let's try some of ur Psaki!!!"😛😛😛😘🥳😅🤣🤓🐂💩

  54. P. Dwo

    P. Dwo2 days ago

    OMG if that had been Trump we'd be comatosed by nausea because they would have played this on a 24/7 LOOP!!!

  55. Pistol Pat

    Pistol Pat2 days ago

    Only slow joe can get away with saying that lol, the dudes so senile I don't even think he knew he said it!

  56. BohemianGroveify

    BohemianGroveify3 days ago


  57. BohemianGroveify

    BohemianGroveify3 days ago

    He mis pronounced Eager. You guys said he actually was saying the n word, he said meager

  58. Jon skelin

    Jon skelin3 days ago

    He said "neither here next" and you buffoons are quick to jump on him. The guy in the show said that Joe was word wiskering and still just because you all heard what you think you heard, got you excited. Listen to the whole clip. Keep in mind that these guys playing this clip are in for a laugh and a show. The jokes are on you people.

  59. Clip Burpton

    Clip Burpton3 days ago

    I looked this up and every video is either unrelated to what happened or bleeped out. The media obviously doesn't want us to know the truth. The first thing that popped up was a fact check saying this was "false".

  60. ultimaetsolder

    ultimaetsolder3 days ago

    C'mon, nigga!


    SUSAN GORDON3 days ago

    Google the real I'd. just like China if your homeless your a restricted citizen and no longer allowed to fly


    SUSAN GORDON3 days ago

    he is a RACIST!! the whole democratic party is RACIST!!!

  63. Ashton Guillory

    Ashton Guillory3 days ago

    Joe Biden ain't nothin but a mark on the fucking skylark

  64. Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor3 days ago

    He literally looks exactly like my father in law did on his deathbed, and I mean exactly.

  65. Raymond Briscoe

    Raymond Briscoe3 days ago


  66. Patrick Dickey

    Patrick Dickey3 days ago

    I'm sure he says the N word a hundred times a day

  67. David Ellis

    David Ellis3 days ago

    Ask anyone from JONES County, MS. about Dem Democrats. Biden gave the Eulogy for the Grand Wizzard, talked about what a fine person he was and a good friend. Oh ya ,he's racist!

  68. Michelle Hartwig

    Michelle Hartwig3 days ago

    That didn't look like Biden. ...looks funny...

  69. Yendor SGGOB

    Yendor SGGOB3 days ago

    I'm going to slow that and use a few sound filters to see if that was tampered with it sounds weird.

  70. Yendor SGGOB

    Yendor SGGOB3 days ago

    That sounds like his voice was tampered with just saying.

  71. Ree McLaughlin

    Ree McLaughlin3 days ago

    🥺 WTF?

  72. Steven Danner

    Steven Danner3 days ago

    Trump would be all over the news

  73. Brian Richardson

    Brian Richardson3 days ago

    Its the $2000 promise... he didn't sell out... he bought in. Free money isn't free. Never has been from the feds. We will all pay for it later. Its a shitshow here. The rest of the world knows it. But we can't change it for 4 more years.

  74. David Martin

    David Martin3 days ago

    I'm from Trump I sure the hell ain't for you Benny I'm a long way for Trump cuz me and you don't do nothing but lie that's all you do is lie

  75. My Phone

    My Phone3 days ago

    It just sounded like he ran eager to hear together so quickly that it sounded like the n word. Not saying he's incapable of saying the word. But I could be wrong, I mean he is an OG!😱🥴😊

  76. Conor Frame

    Conor Frame3 days ago

    I’ve been told to comment on your vids.

  77. Christopher Anderson

    Christopher Anderson3 days ago

    Wow. Republicans are actually fucking stupid enough to believe this. The desperation to find an n-word where none exists is a sign of what goes on inside Republican minds. Amazing. It's no wonder they keep losing elections.

  78. Wolfgirl Rules

    Wolfgirl Rules3 days ago

    NEW Subscriber.. Will be back. Y'all are great!

  79. Quintin Nunn

    Quintin Nunn3 days ago

    These next 4 years are gonna be great

  80. Diane

    Diane3 days ago

    Cancel Biden

  81. s west

    s west3 days ago

    cheatin JOE the leading shit head of Washington .

  82. stevy

    stevy4 days ago

    “And you’re gonna hear it next”

  83. Victor Thompson

    Victor Thompson4 days ago

    Hell no”!?! Dammm

  84. tdcmachine

    tdcmachine4 days ago

    Everyone who voted for that hack is a raciest whether or not they know it.

  85. Tryan Sadler

    Tryan Sadler4 days ago

    If trump said it?? Lol! Could you Imagine if Joe Biden just blatantly said things like I can grab chicks by the pussy...or I could just murder people in the middle of the street and my voters will still vote for me... You're pointing out a double standard that is 50 times worse out of your own camp... So, duh...this is why the right has lost their credibility is because y'all are idiots....You're dragging the party down with your dumb asses... .

  86. James Stewart

    James Stewart4 days ago

    Trump gaffed his words all the time get a clue and quit being a hypocrite

  87. James Stewart

    James StewartDay ago

    @Dune Xapa lmao Texas only has 20% renewable energy and they did not get the cold weather tolerant package which Texas normally doesn't need. To act like renewable was the cause of the disaster is just a moronic talking point that has no validation. If you didn't hear Trump saying all the things I stated then you didn't watch the speech. Thats what I'm referring to about you guys denying things he says and does and act like it don't matter. My mom is 80 and has dementia i know what dementia looks like and sounds like. Keep up your wild conspiracies and nothing in America will change for the better. Please snap back to reality....

  88. Dune Xapa

    Dune XapaDay ago

    @James Stewart Ahhhhh, ENERGY! Good!!!! Please provide the *ACTUAL* quotes where Trump made those statements about windmills, coal and gas. There are transcripts of Trump's CPAC speech available so that should not be difficult at all. The windmills in Texas, in fact, did not work recently. *Toooo bad* , so sad. Very glad you brought up the subject of ENERGY. What do you consider to be the *SINGLE* best energy technology or energy source to meet future energy needs? I am VERY much in favor of developing renewables, however, unlike you, I do not participate in carrying on the charade that Biden is not experiencing severe decline of cognitive functioning. Looking at the BIG picture, I will give Trump at least a B+ on energy. Biden so far an F-. I can say something VERY positive Trump has done in regard to energy. Can you? Biden has dropped the ball right out of the gate.

  89. James Stewart

    James StewartDay ago

    Yes I seen trumps incoherent speech stating a mass of lies. Hes delusional. Again his ego won't accept that he lost the election and left the presidency with a 30% approval rating and him saying 95 % approval, that was only at the cpac convention. Saying wind power is bad for the environment and thinks coal and gas are clean. Lmao ya he really proves his competency in his thoughtless, mindless ramblings that them morons ate up and you have the nerve to talk about dumb people voting...

  90. James Stewart

    James StewartDay ago

    @Dune Xapa yes I agree that we should not beholdin to China

  91. Dune Xapa

    Dune Xapa2 days ago

    @James Stewart , Want a good recent comparison between Trump and Biden? Listen to Trump's 90 minute CPAC speech then watch the full recent 'town hall' hosted by CNN. Trump's 'ego' is hardly a deal-breaker for me. Too bad, you don't much care that, among other things going on, we're at war with China and I, personally, do not like the idea of making Communist China's economy and military stronger at the expense of making both our economy and military weaker. I don't know of one single thing the United States absolutely needs from China. China is dependent on imports of food.

  92. Ernie McClendon

    Ernie McClendon4 days ago

    Yeah if Trump said that word it would have been the end of the world and the sky would be falling

  93. Dessie Johnson

    Dessie Johnson4 days ago


  94. k p

    k p4 days ago

    How funny

  95. ウォンロビー

    ウォンロビー4 days ago

    He said the word, the n word!!

  96. Ed Hafley

    Ed Hafley4 days ago

    If trump said that hell the world would stop

  97. Reaper Stanek

    Reaper Stanek4 days ago

    All of the fact checks say this is wrong. How do we know it's real?

  98. Alan Miell

    Alan Miell4 days ago

    This Man is a complete idiot

  99. Bongock

    Bongock4 days ago

    Bruh, all politics aside i dont think he said it. He said im eager to hear. He slipped up his words, why should anyone care?

  100. dkeith45

    dkeith454 days ago

    I linked this to my FB page and the censors there said it's false, LOL. 'Independent fact-checkers say this information has no basis in fact.' LMAO. I HEARD HIM SAY IT!

  101. NICk C

    NICk C4 days ago

    Fb says it’s false so it must not be true lol

  102. John Terwilliger

    John Terwilliger4 days ago

    When will the rioting start. Storm the white house.

  103. LadyZian

    LadyZian4 days ago

    Whipperwill, Whipperwill!! Biden is a joke!

  104. mike literus

    mike literus4 days ago

    Obama gave him the n word pass

  105. Daniel H

    Daniel H4 days ago

    He's definitely racist. You have to be racist to be a leftist.

  106. Fran Neal

    Fran Neal4 days ago

    Nobody is gonna stop using that word until you all stop using it!!!!...Promoting it is not helping!!!!!....Joe Biden is a Con Man!!!.....Stop preaching about hate and start preaching about Love!!!....All you see anymore is hate!!!!..Our children are gonna pay for this God Dam people they are murdering our seniors and children!!!!!!