Admitting When I'm Wrong.

Thank you for hearing me out. I made a mistake and I apologize. Do not let my lapse in judgement be used to hurt the science behind masks and the other COVID-19 mitigation measures. Here are some links to accurate info from the CDC on the subject. (Update: I've tested negative x3 for COVID-19 since)
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  1. Amy Shaw

    Amy Shaw7 minutes ago

    Ya'll just stop. Have you never made a mistake in your life? Are you perfect? Why are people so quick to judge but when they mess up they're begging people to forgive them. He's helped a lot of people in his field and one slip up and suddenly it all accounts for nothing? I'm not saying what he did was right, but I think we've ridiculed the guy enough.

  2. FO61

    FO61Hour ago

    Takes away likes and dislikes cause of the overwhelming amount of dislikes. Smh.

  3. AJ Robbins

    AJ Robbins2 hours ago

    Let's get something straight: Dr. Mike sees patients VIRTUALLY during the pandemic.

  4. Constanza Relepy

    Constanza Relepy3 hours ago

    I wonder why I can't find my earlier comment about him disabling the like/dislike buttons.

  5. History IRL

    History IRL3 hours ago

    Dr Mike can do nothing wrong 😘

  6. 13Drumsticks

    13Drumsticks4 hours ago

    Love how he made us not see how many dislikes he got on that.

  7. DrHeud

    DrHeud5 hours ago

    I'm wondering how many people criticizing him also were on partys, also invited friends and family over to dinner or have made other mistakes. None of that is okay in the current situation I want to make that clear. However, us humans are not always rational and logical. Our emotions oftentimes gets in the way. I think you made the right decision on sharing this apology, Mike. I'm convinced you're sorry and I'm sure you learned something from all this. Even if it's the old saying "practice what you preach" or "your actions have consequences". Being a public figure people tend to be a lot more judgemental towards you, but I'm sure you're aware of that.

  8. eyezee

    eyezee6 hours ago

    Mate, you're so gassed. You're fit though see you on the main channel lol

  9. Akouio

    Akouio11 hours ago

    I wish he would have posted it on his main channel.

  10. mr. mirabilis

    mr. mirabilis11 hours ago

    i've been saying this for a while, you're not sorry, you're sorry *you got caught!* hypocrite

  11. ZombieMiezZ

    ZombieMiezZ12 hours ago

    still not sorry huh? bye felicia

  12. deejrdee1

    deejrdee112 hours ago

    chill out, karen

  13. Light House

    Light House13 hours ago

    So nice of you to have such a small channel for apologies.

  14. Leslie Wolfe

    Leslie Wolfe16 hours ago

    I agree with those saying that he's being judged a little harshly. I mean everyone has a right to their own opinion and I respect that. Yes, he shouldn't have done it...I agree with that. But I'm just not going to totally write him off because of it...maybe because I don't really "look up" to him, I just enjoy watching his videos. He entertains me and that's the extent of it.

  15. Aang

    Aang17 hours ago

    I have zero sympathy for his apology when millions of people are dying from covid and he’s a doctor partying without a mask when he’s suppose to stay home and not risk his life lmao! I can’t-

  16. deejrdee1

    deejrdee112 hours ago

    @Joe Chill he is? quite a weird thing to do. then again, what you just said wasn't any better, he's probably defensive because people are being rude and acting like they can do nothing wrong. if that's not the definition of hypocritical then i don't know what is

  17. Joe Chill

    Joe Chill14 hours ago

    @deejrdee1 I see ur aggressively defending Mike everywhere. either ur Dr mike himself or just getting paid for it?? Look Sir, we know nobody's perfect. but in his videos, he clearly preached us about not to succumb to the peer pressure, a hard NO for party/gatherings, to use mask everywhere. People are mad bcoz he isn't just a celebrity but a medical frontliner who knows better and understands it's seriousness and consequences too than any of us. that's the reason people are harsh on him. It's a hypocrite thing and not easily forgivable.

  18. deejrdee1

    deejrdee116 hours ago

    @Aang anyways, he apologized and that's all that matters. let's all move on and let him grow

  19. Aang

    Aang16 hours ago

    @deejrdee1 🙆🏻‍♂️ hi hospital! Don’t kick me out yet if I start spitting out the ugly truth please. 💁🏻‍♂️ sarcasm

  20. deejrdee1

    deejrdee116 hours ago

    @Aang then you aren't going to be allowed into any hospitals but you do you 🤷🏾‍♂️

  21. Aang

    Aang17 hours ago

    He’s the doctor I wouldn’t want to get a surgery from, don’t give two f*cks how good looking the doctor is! Everyone would like their surgery to be successful and trust someone who “practice what they preached”

  22. KM Gonzales

    KM Gonzales18 hours ago

    This is an excuse video, not really an apology video. The people I look up to on USlikes has become one person less. It's the usual "I'm sorry but ...".

  23. FranciumNuke

    FranciumNuke19 hours ago

    Like nobody here has never made a mistake. Keyboard warriors..

  24. KaylaRae

    KaylaRae22 hours ago

    I prefer Dr. Grande for sincerity and advice.

  25. vortexblue12

    vortexblue12Day ago

    This apology should be on is main channel his 6.6 million followers sees it. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  26. Megan Barnett

    Megan BarnettDay ago

    Hey man, you still haven't given people a real apology. Do it on your main channel

  27. jimmy Cartigny

    jimmy CartignyDay ago

    Point me out he who has no faults in life.

  28. Lucy C. and a pen

    Lucy C. and a penDay ago

    Look guys. Doctors may have degrees and may seem perfect, but we all make Mistakes!! Please don’t “cancel” him out. We are ALL HUMAN AND WE ARE ALL GOING CRAZY IN THIS HORRIBLE PANDEMIC! We all are going to break Character. I agree this was wrong! He shouldn’t have done that as it isn’t safe. BUT PLEASE, Please have mercy on him and other people in the world. He may have messed up, but he knows it. I feel bad for social media celebrities. Because even if they mess up, everyone attacks them and we forget they are HUMAN BEINGS! If a normal person messed up, we wouldn’t care much. But since it’s a celebrity, we have to “cancel them” and make their lives hell! Remember, we are human beings!

  29. Aqua CrimeFighter

    Aqua CrimeFighterDay ago

    “I’m sorry, I messed up. I’m human.” Yeah, but as someone who is also in the medical field (not a doctor, however) you were armed with ALL of the facts. You KNEW. You have a deeper understanding of these things than most. And you still chose to go on that boat. This apology doesn’t cut it. The majority of us have been dying for a break from this draining career we took, and hoping our coworkers are being responsible. I don’t want to hear hyoid justify getting on a party boat with a bunch of girls I am going to reduce to Instagram “models”. How disappointing. Another doctor who isn’t actually so grounded in reality.

  30. I Like Birds

    I Like Birds10 hours ago

    @Caroline Wilder true, that would feel like a more genuine apology

  31. I Like Birds

    I Like Birds10 hours ago

    @Aqua CrimeFighter true but it’s already been done

  32. Aqua CrimeFighter

    Aqua CrimeFighter10 hours ago

    @I Like Birds he could have **not done this in the first place**. He knew better.

  33. Caroline Wilder

    Caroline WilderDay ago

    @I Like Birds He can post this on his main channel, donate to covid-19 research, and not given excuses in his apologies are some of my ideas

  34. I Like Birds

    I Like BirdsDay ago

    What else does he need to do? You can only express so much using words

  35. Nonth Suriyan

    Nonth SuriyanDay ago

    The right thing to do is to not go to the party in the first place. Looking up the guidelines is you trying to justify that what you want to do is okay. It’s alright. If you only messed up once, fellow humans are willing to accept your apology, but in nature, you mess up once, somebody will come and eat you.

  36. Amanda Capewell

    Amanda CapewellDay ago

    You should check out this article “32 Cases Of Ableism People Have Actually Experienced That Will Make You Wanna Scream” on Buzzfeed. I think it could make for an interesting vid topic. I work in the medical field and hear things like this all the time from people who just expect to be ignored because of past experiences.

  37. Monica Cruz

    Monica CruzDay ago

    Wow what a smug, disgusting justifications of your actions. Spin this however you want, that is not an apology sir.

  38. Vedran Halaj

    Vedran Halaj2 days ago

    Is it me or there is this trend from influencers to issue rather plain and empty "apologies" lately ?

  39. Doctor Corgi

    Doctor Corgi2 days ago

    Is it bad that I think the reason he was at that party was, because he was too nice to say no? The party was on a boat for crying out loud boats aren't cheap. Maybe he didn't want the effort to go to waste. I will admit he should've put this on his main channel. At the same time people probably wouldn't accept it anyways since it's an apology on USlikes, and we know how well those go. That's just me giving him the benefit of the doubt, but if you disagree I would like to hear why. It doesn't hurt to hear that you're wrong if you need to correct yourself. Also unlike some other celebrities this is the only time I've heard of him do something like this. While Jake Paul is throwing house parties with 50 people in his big house.

  40. Telly B

    Telly B2 days ago

    This is a bullshit apology!! Why isn't this on your main channel? Are you taking accountability or are you pacifying those who are annoyed with you for being a hypocrite? I don't buy for one second that you were "surprised" by your friend. It takes planning to pull this sort of thing off, and if you were surprised when exactly did you have time to reflect and do your research on the CDC website about the restrictions on a boat? Do your friends not know what you do or what kind of content you create? Something doesn't add up. My birthday was yesterday and my friends surprised me with a delivered cake that was left at my door. Why? Because my friends know that I'm a proud nurse and I take social distancing seriously!!! I used to enjoy watching you but today, I'm going to unsubscribe to all your channels. I agree with your messages but your hypocrisies are hurting it for the entire medical community. Make genuine and honest apologies and do better in your personal life. K. Thanks. Bye.

  41. Mxdnightdreams

    Mxdnightdreams2 days ago

    -Covid was dying down at that time -He followed the rules and guidelines -He wasn't seeing patients at the time -He only put himself at risk and everyone else who agreed and made that decision which was on them -More than half the population is doing the same thing as him and I'm sure many of you have broken guidelines at least once but as soon as a celebrity does it they get attacked? -Y'all are trying to say it "fake" but what else is he supposed to see. This apology was more on the real side compared to other apologies i've seen. And if he didn't make an apology video he would have gotten attacked for that as well -You'll need to let it go and stop acting like you and people you know haven't done things like this And if you were a true fan of his you would have realized all of these things and had not been so quick to judge and complain. You didn't need to support his decisions or back them up but you shouldn't have be like "Omg I cOuLdNt BrInG mYseLf To WaTcH hiS vIdeOs AnyMoRe".

  42. Tony Herring

    Tony HerringDay ago

    Nope, I never broke guidelines. I've always been paranoid about getting the virus. I could have went back to school with all my friends but I don't want to get it and spread it to my family. So I am doing online classes. Whenever my mom gets home, I automatically give her hand sanitizer at the door and other sanitary items. I socially distance myself all the time. I am not hating on him, but I just don't mess with him anymore. He use to be an inspiration because I want to be a doctor or physician assistant. But now I'm like "meh". I get that we are human, but that was a conscious decision and he has patients to take care of. Never know. He could be asymptomatic. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  43. Lizzie White

    Lizzie White2 days ago

    I am extremely disappointed in you, Mike. A lot of these people in the comments are, too. I trusted you as a doctor and respected you very much, but that is all gone now. That leaked picture is absolutely disgusting. To see those women hanging on you made me sick to my stomach. The fact that BOTH of my grandfathers passed away a week a part this month FROM COVID and we can’t have a service for either of them breaks my heart. The grandfather that I was the closest with had a lifelong dream to donate his body to science ( YOUR CAREER PATH) but after he passed, we found out he couldn’t because he was positive for Covid. The saddest part is, I don’t think you care. I doubt you will ever read this comment or if you do, you will not care. You fail to see that you’ve hurt thousands of people. You’re supposed to be protecting us and saving lives. I’m not saying that doctors aren’t humans and can’t make honest mistakes- I’m saying that you knew when you made the mistake that it was wrong, but chose to do it anyways. This makes me feel incredibly betrayed and is the reason I will no longer be supporting you or your channel.

  44. Danelle Miller

    Danelle Miller2 days ago

    Are you gonna put this video on your main channel too?

  45. John Hammond

    John Hammond2 days ago


  46. Marrietta

    Marrietta2 days ago

    You are so cowardly for turning of the like button thing (you can you longer see how many likes and dislikes the thing has)

  47. Doge

    Doge2 days ago

    So here's an an unpopular but logical point of view from someone who isn't emotionally invested in this and can look at the situation objectively, A lot of people are saying "you're only sorry you got caught" but the issue with that statement is that you can't know. It's possible he's being sincere and it's also possible he's not. What I'm saying is the moment something becomes public everyone is going to assume the apology is fake, regardless of the person. I believe that he deserves the bare minimum that his fans give him the benefit of the doubt regarding whether he's truely sorry or not (at least for all the good he HAS done over the years up until this mistake) BUT after that, each one should decide for themselves whether they actually accept the apology or not. To go out of your way to insult, shame, slander on social media or wish unfortunate things upon this man or his family is overkill.

  48. samathered6 roblox

    samathered6 roblox2 days ago

    You really don’t need to hate. I understand that he made a mistake. And y’all are hating for him for it. I just wanna know what your still hating on. He understands that he made a mistake. He learned a lesson and hes making the best of it. Please stop acting like you never made mistakes. We’re all human and we make mistakes. Sometimes we skip a step and that causes something bad. And everyone has skipped that step. So please stop acting like you haven’t made a mistake and be respectful.

  49. Siya U Shetty

    Siya U Shetty2 days ago

    We forgive you ❤

  50. Siya U Shetty

    Siya U Shetty21 hour ago

    @A LThat's alright..."We" still forgive him😊

  51. Luigi Moroni

    Luigi Moroni2 days ago

    @A L neither do you

  52. A L

    A L2 days ago

    No we don’t. You don’t speak for everyone

  53. Steven Luther

    Steven Luther2 days ago

    Look he smiles and acts 'nice', we should trust him right? What a joke these people in powerful positions really are.

  54. Karen4Life Lol

    Karen4Life Lol2 days ago

    And his recent videos have all been about COVID-19. Smh🥱🤦‍♀️

  55. Michelle Nattkvint

    Michelle Nattkvint2 days ago

    This is not a big deal. I understand you’re sorry, but you shouldn’t be. I will continue to support you.

  56. Annabel van der Harst

    Annabel van der Harst2 days ago

    Ugh.. people are so judgmental, gosh. He apologized. It’s not like you’re perfect

  57. Rising Force

    Rising Force2 days ago

    And I thought he was smart. 😅🤣🤭

  58. Amanda Kedrowski

    Amanda Kedrowski2 days ago

    Here's an apology video in which I explain why I'm not technically responsible for my own choices. 🙄

  59. Atheist Reign

    Atheist Reign2 days ago

    Wow now he disabled dislike button. m sure this comment section is going off pretty soon. Now ur certified celebrity Mr Varshavski 😂 Well Played Mike & his team👏👏

  60. Yovita Martono

    Yovita Martono2 days ago

    It's in the past, you've apologized whether that's in main, second or third whatever. I hope you had a lot of fun on your party with your friends! :) seeing everyone's comments are horrible. personally, i'm happy to see medical professionals giving themselves a break and have fun despite the health messages they are MEANT to share. you all have done so much. i hope these people will be kinder to you for this one mistake.

  61. Augusto Rodriguez

    Augusto Rodriguez2 days ago

    Darling.. I can't forgive a doctor for doing that

  62. Black and White

    Black and White2 days ago

    This was not cool Mike. I get that pandemic hurts us all mentally but is a party really necessary? Come on, you are better than that. I'm not gonna cancel him, I think that's too much. People can make mistakes (or knowingly bad choices like in this one) But I hope he won't be doing it again since it goes against everything he stands for.

  63. truthisalchemy

    truthisalchemy2 days ago

    Put up or shut-up, Dr. Mike. Time to take the vax for your beliefs you've shared with 1.5 million people now...I'll wait.

  64. Finn Rogers

    Finn Rogers2 days ago

    Petition to cancel doctor mike and have his license revoked from him. He's lying. He's a health professional. He knew that he was hurting people.

  65. deejrdee1

    deejrdee12 days ago

    cry about it then, hes not gonna leave because you say so. hes a human first and a doctor second

  66. Keith Giroir

    Keith Giroir2 days ago

    Well I am the first 1 to say I forgive you

  67. Roland Smash

    Roland Smash3 days ago

    Oh cool, he’s deleting comments now. 🙄 Anyway, he hid the like/dislike stats after this video got hammered. Shady AF.

  68. Dannii S

    Dannii S3 days ago

    Do what I say not what I so disappointed because I honestly thought you were better than this. You more than anyone, as a doctor, have seen what COVID does. Having said that you , like every other human, make mistakes. The maskless event was a big one and not putting this apology on your main channel makes me question the sincerity.

  69. gmiwath

    gmiwath3 days ago

    Sounds honest and humane, I understand, Doctor Mike, wish you well :)

  70. Kirsten Love

    Kirsten Love3 days ago

    Yes. He made a mistake. We all do. This may have been a severe mistake but at least he is making the effort to make it right. What he did was indeed wrong, but he’s facing the consequences of his decision.

  71. Q Huynh

    Q Huynh3 days ago

    Please do right and post it in your other channel too

  72. RMisMyBiasAsWellAsBiasWreckerEventhoughHeIsMyBias

    RMisMyBiasAsWellAsBiasWreckerEventhoughHeIsMyBias3 days ago

    I live in a region where hardly anyone cares about covid forget even sharing a mask. And as a supporter of social distance I used to heavily make others around me aware of the importance and convince them to atleast wear a mask and even showed them dr Mike videos. But seeing my role model mess this bad really made me realise that everyone is a hypocrite. It really makes you lose hope...

  73. Angela Rouwenhorst

    Angela Rouwenhorst3 days ago

    Dude. Everyone is jealous they weren't the women on the boat/yacht.

  74. Jela Labani

    Jela Labani3 days ago

    Unsubscribed. And I'm glad you're going down since you never answered any of my emails! Have a good one, LIAR!

  75. Max Kurant

    Max Kurant3 days ago

    Over a month later and you still haven’t posted this on your main channel or addressed this like a responsible person would. You like reading your comments? Well you should be reading these. We’re disappointed with you so much, not just because you made a mistake, but because you apologized for it by trying to explain yourself (your title even sounds like you’re trying to make yourself look good) and, what ticks me off the most as someone who was a dedicated fan and told all their friends about you, you didn’t have the guts to post this on your main channel. My trust for you is gone and I can no longer watch your videos. I thought something would change and you’d have a change of heart, but you’ve just kept posting videos on your channel like nothings happened. I thought you were so much better.

  76. Alchemist Anonymous

    Alchemist Anonymous3 days ago

    When im in new york imma look u up

  77. Cleopatra

    Cleopatra3 days ago

    You freak out at him while I laugh at govern and politicians for not applying their own rules 🤣

  78. Hali T Lightwork

    Hali T Lightwork3 days ago

    You being out there disproves the science! Shame on you

  79. Hali T Lightwork

    Hali T Lightwork3 days ago

    Over all the excuses!!! 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  80. Laura Estrada

    Laura Estrada4 days ago

    why does everyone act like they have NEVER made a mistake in their life like it's not like all of you guys are god or something like cmon we are made to make mistakes and learn from them WE ARE ALL HUMAN. just wanted to say my opinion - love you doctor mike

  81. Andrei Madon

    Andrei Madon4 days ago

    So uh, just figured this out now just by going through the comments in your main channel, and I agree with the other commenters here. We're all stuck in this pandemic together, we see doctors as our only hope if ever we get infected by this so called virus, yet you go out there and have a party and all. I'm still young, like 16 year old young, but if you were truly sorry, place this in your main channel, don't only be sorry to like a hundred thousand of us, be sorry to the millions of subscribers you have. We all do commit mistakes, but I see that you were only sorry that you got caught. I advice that you step away from being sorry so you don't loose subscribers and loose your career, instead, be sorry that you did this action as well. Don't only post it in your main channel, but also to all you either social media accounts. Be the Doctor Mike we all know. Aa of now, I'm quite disappointed in your actions. I know we all deserve second chances, that's why I will continue to support you (not financially tho, still young :3 ) by still being a subscriber to you, and still will share your channel to others. I hope that things will be turned around, not for your career, but for the greater good.

  82. Thmr2012

    Thmr20124 days ago

    People can forgive you many times but only trust you once but u still make mistakes and still be a jerk because you are human. Good luck in fruture videos and try to make yourself better.

  83. Vahram

    Vahram4 days ago

    Did he just say his friends gave him a “private boat” as a gift? This fucking guy...

  84. ATN

    ATN2 days ago

    Probably meant “rented a private boat” or something. Still expensive AF, but the dude’s friends aren’t Bill Gates.

  85. Wayne Frampton

    Wayne Frampton4 days ago

    Lol, what a wanker. "Stop being human because of a cold virus!" Your propoganda is hurting human health more than a mild virus or your little rich guy trip ever could.

  86. ConcreteJungle Camper159

    ConcreteJungle Camper1594 days ago

    I'm gonna throw a party to honor Dr.Mike

  87. Melissa Winter

    Melissa Winter4 days ago

    Put this on your main Channel. I don’t believe this. This does not seem genuine at all. You know as a doctor the risk. To even suggest you looked up the CDC guideline as if you don’t know the risk and what you were doing. To see people like you who are wealthy and have knowledge just neglect guidelines and then there’s my mother who suffers from lung disease and is a nurse. Sincerely f off.

  88. Rosemely Hernández

    Rosemely Hernández4 days ago

    With all those model chicks no Wonder why he decided to assume the risk... I mean, in my opinion, it's not that big of a deal IF all of them got tested NEGATIVE, before the partying, after all you can't be isolated forever. I just don't understand why he's apologizing and at the same time justifying himself about why and how cautious he was while it happend. Man, if you were to apologise, do it. But do it right, on your main channel and stop minimizing what u did with all the excuses. it's confusing. The real question here is why are you sorry if you were safe, or is it a lie and that's the reason? Hey. Stand your position... Are you sorry or NOT? Man up! If u did it and took your measures. Period. don't come here apologizing.

  89. Dewi Afriani Lubis

    Dewi Afriani Lubis4 days ago

    Its okay dr mike. This is your consequences to be celebrity and doctor at the same time. Its okay, your still a great doctor ❤ i hope you can be a better person, im not gonna judging you because i also makes mistake.

  90. Andy g

    Andy g4 days ago

    Why is this not on the main channel?

  91. Anna thompson

    Anna thompson4 days ago

    mike you made a a mistake and we forgive you i always see the good in people that is the way i was raised i make mistake but i learned to make it right that is how to be a better person to learn to make things right. from Anna Thompson

  92. Caoimhe Does Stuff

    Caoimhe Does Stuff4 days ago

    People’s are literally dying alone while the people they love have to watch through glass or a screen for safety reasons. They don’t get to hug their families goodbye. They don’t get to kiss their husband or wife for the last time. They don’t get to tell their kids that they love them, and that they’re proud of them, and that it will all be okay. But I hope you had fun at your party

  93. Apathetic faxX

    Apathetic faxX4 days ago


  94. Robert Darwin

    Robert Darwin4 days ago

    This is damage control , not an honest apology or learning experience. You show that you dont care about healt or people when doesnt serve your selfish desire for party! While people after almost 1 year are still dying. We cant or whant to party now because whe are still mourning for those who we haved lost to the virus, but i hope you had fun on you covid party. Excuses are like but holes doc. Everybody has one! An advise, use the mask! Keep safe distance! Covid is Real!!! And do a real video not an apology because that doesnt change a thing really. Just be honest ! Admit you didnt think covid was that serious but now you know better. Because you do dont you?.... P.s. you should stick to react to medical series videos insted of giving people those do as i say not as i do advices.

  95. Miazuli

    Miazuli4 days ago

    Oh my god, dude? Are you fucking kidding me? I was a fan of yours for years, but after this BS I can't anymore. You're supposed to be the one who sets the example, as a doctor, during a PANDEMIC. Clearly being on the internet and gaining fame has gotten to your head. This was not okay, though I am glad you apologized, I don't think I can forgive you, a DOCTOR, for going out, traveling, during a PANDEMIC, after openly saying how serious this is. Did you even think about how those who don't think this virus was that serious would view your actions? It could convince them even more that those talking about how serious it is, are lying (even though they clearly aren't). You knew what you were doing, you did it anyway, and then posted your apology on a side channel with less than 75k subs when your other channel has over 6 mill. Posting this on your "side channel" was the WRONG move. It puts an even worse a light on your "apology," as though you knew you needed to address the situation and make an apology video, but you wanted as few people to see it as possible. This was such an easy mistake to avoid, especially for a doctor. And you still went through with it? The least I could do is unsubscribe.

  96. Coline Seralta

    Coline Seralta4 days ago

    Okay I know everyone is mad about this but I get it ! He said he took all quarantine and tests necessaries before going back to NY ie to work Like stop trying to make people into gods plz he is a human Sorry bug if you get tested spend some time with friends than isolate than test than go back to work and that you live alone you are OK

  97. Rickest Ricky

    Rickest Ricky4 days ago

    Good material for 'ethical' doctors to react to.

  98. Rickest Ricky

    Rickest Ricky4 days ago

    Can't wait to read the comments on his next COVID video on the main channel *** Birdman hands rubbing 👏🏼 ***

  99. Justine Capili

    Justine Capili4 days ago

    Been looking for this video just to comment you’re hypocrite. I was looking up to you. What a shame.

  100. Megha

    Megha5 days ago

    All of his exucses are those similar to Kim's birthday party 👁️👄👁️

  101. General Use

    General Use5 days ago

    Read about the boat party but didn't bother with this video until now. This is funny! LMAO, a contender for Streamys under Comedy category. People don't believe science because you, as a health practitioner didn't believe in it, you idiot.

  102. Candace Farrell

    Candace Farrell5 days ago

    Are his Corona virus videos monitized? Even if not, he's gained more followers and interviews on TV regarding the pandemic, and he does this? I'm so torn, because I know like... When rules here loosened here, I followed them and went to a "party" and it was following all the guidlines (under 10 people is basically our only rule here) but I knew it was still selfish. Just because those are the local guidelines doesn't mean it's effective at actually stopping the spread of corona virus. Basically how can I hate on him for doing something I would have done (IF it was following rules), but at the same time he latched right onto the pandemic the second he could, and has been benefitting in some way from it, and then does something selfish, tries to play it off... I'm so conflicted. I'm so tired of corporations benefitting off this pandemic but most average peoples lives have been turned upside down, and this situation gives me a similar feeling. Doctor Mike, many of us looked up to you, and you're not being as upstanding as we all came to know you as.

  103. zebra stamp

    zebra stamp5 days ago

    Just how do you mess up that badly, you literally had a choice...

  104. Rubbie Osunsina

    Rubbie Osunsina5 days ago

    you know all the fake subscribers are the ones that leave when he makes 1 mistake

  105. Rubbie Osunsina

    Rubbie Osunsina5 days ago

    i feel so bad for him

  106. Nusrat Jahan

    Nusrat Jahan5 days ago

    But he apologized it's ok people's do mistake I have seen so many people who doesn't wear mask he is famous so people targeting him and he justified himself

  107. Yagurlhunny

    Yagurlhunny5 days ago

    To all the people saying *other people don't stay at home so stop bashing him* it's more deeper than that. He's made his work place, co-workers and the whole profession look bad over this 'accident'. He's been lecturing people that they should stay quarantined and always wear masks but did he do that? Nope. He knew what he was doing and is apologising for getting caught. At this point he just cancelled himself 🤷🏿‍♀️.

  108. Lipgloss 2000

    Lipgloss 20005 days ago

    Ok finally he's wearing looser shirts but now hes gonna have to wear one with more fabric😂 not that I'm complaining 😏

  109. Paige Garside

    Paige Garside5 days ago

    I've only just seen this video. All I gotta say is, he's human, people make mistakes. It was wrong what he did and he knows it. But everybody makes mistakes, like I said it only proves your human. Don't want no drama, that's just my opinion. People are welcome to say what they want and give their own opinion.

  110. Coo kies

    Coo kies5 days ago

    4:20 *bruuuh* stop excusing urself "I'll strive to do better" already sounded like "Well I'll tell my friends to not book another boat trip but like if they dooo whatamIgonnado" but you topped it with "I can't promise I won't make another mistake". These mistakes are absolute conscious decisions, you're either willing to make them or you're not. You obviously think most likely nothing bad will come from such things and are willing to take the risk cause you're human and want to live and the only thing you've learned is to be more careful next time. Just don't make weird apology videos trying to still look good by overly humbling everyone else about being so careful PLUS reminding us you *legally* did nothing wrong like duh you wanna keep your job that's one risk you wouldn't compromise about. We don't think you're dumb. Please don't think we are. There's really nothing to excuse here.

  111. Joseph Corbin

    Joseph Corbin5 days ago

    ratio lmao

  112. Nam Tran

    Nam Tran5 days ago

    I am also a family doctor. You are the ultimate of hypocrisy, You have done the message of staying home so much more harm than you think. Your apology is half baked. Stop your You Tube career for a while and reflect on what you did in honor of the many lives you may have taken because you have legitmized the conspiracy theorists.,

  113. PAUL

    PAUL5 days ago

    I googled Covid Hypocrisy, as we have had our share of this in the UK and you came up number 1 on the search. Talk about trying to cover yourself and keep your fame. Surprisingly no crocodile tears

  114. darkarrowgaming 91

    darkarrowgaming 915 days ago

    Dr Mike, you checked the risks and I believe you know what your doing. We're only human and mistakes do happen. Just keep being you and being awesome.

  115. Eddie Walker

    Eddie Walker5 days ago

    Mike, you're better than me cause I would have NEVER apologized. Some of these people were just itching for a reason to not like you🙄. You made one mistake and now it's a witch hunt. Mike ignore this, it'll blow over, keep up the good work. PEOPLE TALK ABOUT SUCCESS, BUT WHEN THEY SEE IT THEY WANNA TEAR IT DOWN!

  116. Chwie

    Chwie4 days ago

    @Patit Sananpanich mate you gotta know braincells are an endangered species nowadays

  117. Patit Sananpanich

    Patit Sananpanich5 days ago

    because he did what every doctor shouldn't? and that's literally the reason? do your brains work?

  118. LORD

    LORD5 days ago

    Well he's a doctor thats why people are mad and he is the one spreading all tge awareness

  119. Adam Mac Domhnaíl

    Adam Mac Domhnaíl5 days ago

    Im new on this channel, what did he do?

  120. Yagurlhunny

    Yagurlhunny5 days ago

    He was at a party and he wasn't wearing a mask even though he tells other people that they have to

  121. A F

    A F5 days ago