I Forced BadBoyHalo To Take a Skeppy Themed Quiz...

Skeppy makes BadBoyHalo take a quiz about Skeppy to test their friendship.

HEY EVERYBODY! Today I make BadBoyHalo take a quiz I found on Minecraft about ME! Can Bad actually get all of them right? no way lmao. Is he even my best friend if he doesn't? Is he still mad that I met up with Sapnap first? Featuring creators like Technoblade and other tough questions like WHEN WAS MY FIRST TRAPPING KIDS VIDEO LOL. Also Bad you owe my sister an apology, you really should know this by now.
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This is literally a Minecraft, But Lava Rises every 10 seconds challenge. This is a Minecraft quiz about me with BadBoyHalo :D
special thanks to mishythesheep for the thumbnail!


  1. Skeppy

    SkeppyMonth ago

    dont u already have 1 mil subs?

  2. • Aurelia •

    • Aurelia •9 days ago


  3. *Gacha_Fandoms*

    *Gacha_Fandoms*9 days ago


  4. Kirban

    Kirban16 days ago

    S A M E P E R S O N

  5. Closehunter YT

    Closehunter YT18 days ago


  6. ツSomeone

    ツSomeoneMonth ago

    Why, yes.

  7. Kristin Byrnes

    Kristin ByrnesDay ago

    Hahhahahwhsjjsjajakqkkalawowiiruruytyjsjannzmcmckswkakamam haha random spell

  8. Molly4lilly Theslayer

    Molly4lilly Theslayer4 days ago

    Fun fact skeppy is only 5 years older than me

  9. Molly4lilly Theslayer

    Molly4lilly Theslayer4 days ago

    We know skeppy irl name! Hi zak

  10. Ollie 4T1

    Ollie 4T15 days ago



    MARY JANE OLFINDO5 days ago

    wait the second 1:34 me and Skeppy have the same birthday XD

  12. Winterlude Music

    Winterlude Music5 days ago

    "Hey Skeppy, look what I’m under: a mistletoe!... Oh my goodness, you broke the mistletoe!"

  13. murjorgeby

    murjorgeby6 days ago


  14. Barin Banana

    Barin Banana7 days ago


  15. Rainbow Burd

    Rainbow Burd8 days ago


  16. PøisønGhöst ÙwÚ

    PøisønGhöst ÙwÚ8 days ago


  17. sophie jo

    sophie jo8 days ago

    i love how the video just ends with *"WHAT"*

  18. FriendlyFox89

    FriendlyFox899 days ago

    USlikesr: Collabs Viewers: OMG THEIR SHIPPING!!!!!!

  19. Martin Gerardo Arroyo Antunez

    Martin Gerardo Arroyo Antunez13 days ago

    he was 1 mill skeppy

  20. Sage Barry

    Sage Barry13 days ago

    I love you guys!!

  21. Sage Barry

    Sage Barry13 days ago

    yes AAA AAWEE

  22. Aj Red X

    Aj Red X13 days ago


  23. I_Didnt ;Sleep

    I_Didnt ;Sleep14 days ago

    Yayyy Badboyhalo was turned into markitable plushies

  24. Sandiip

    Sandiip14 days ago

    Skeppy is a baboyhalo..... simper....

  25. Ivan Chen

    Ivan Chen15 days ago


  26. Ivan Chen

    Ivan Chen15 days ago


  27. Midnight_potatosUwU

    Midnight_potatosUwU15 days ago

    Badboyhalo:Skeepyslab^^ Badboyhalo:sees it says incorrect Badboyhalo:WHAT U MADE ANOTHER CHANNEL!? Skeppy: kinda well i just changed the name. Badboyhalo:U HAVE LIKE 50 CHANNELS! Skeppy:HAHAHAHA

  28. Midnight_potatosUwU

    Midnight_potatosUwU15 days ago

    Badboyhalo still sounds sick pray for him pls he still might be positive at covid

  29. Supreme

    Supreme16 days ago

    2:25 it sounds like bbh cursed even the captions did lmao

  30. Skyden games

    Skyden games16 days ago

    Eat your cereal lol

  31. Cheese Chihuahua

    Cheese Chihuahua17 days ago

    Lol I like the thumbnail

  32. HeyItsEm

    HeyItsEm17 days ago

    BBH: People get dogs in June Me: I was born in June and I am a girl

  33. Teno 10o

    Teno 10o17 days ago

    I wanted to play on the map before the right answers come out but it's not in the description

  34. CloudyMuffin 27

    CloudyMuffin 2718 days ago

    "BadBoyHalo!" "Keppy-"

  35. Pragmatist Egalitarianism

    Pragmatist Egalitarianism18 days ago


  36. Gordon Glanville

    Gordon Glanville18 days ago

    my tablets hp is 25


    DANIAL CHAN19 days ago

    Skep and skeppy are different guess the doffrents 1 2 3 4 5 Skep has no py but skeppy has

  38. UwU Or Something

    UwU Or Something20 days ago

    Intro voiceover thing yes!

  39. Dat Potatooo

    Dat Potatooo20 days ago

    The more it goes on the more the creater seems stalkerish

  40. Baldski

    Baldski20 days ago

    Skeppy always try to troll badboyhalo 😂😂😂😂😂

  41. Yun Xi Zhu

    Yun Xi Zhu20 days ago

    Why do only famous people get a lot of likes?

  42. Dog God

    Dog God20 days ago

    I forgot the jack disstrack

  43. RLM’s Enemy

    RLM’s Enemy21 day ago

    Pretty good thumbnail ngl

  44. Gacha Famliy

    Gacha Famliy22 days ago

    When skeppy said "big suprise" I thought he meant a kiss TwT

  45. Joy Nicole

    Joy Nicole24 days ago


  46. Evade Crone

    Evade Crone24 days ago


  47. heyimonyt

    heyimonyt25 days ago

    Me: WillNE intro poggers.

  48. Zines

    Zines25 days ago

    congrats on the mil

  49. Cyruss Ballantyne

    Cyruss Ballantyne25 days ago

    What happened to your other USlikes acont

  50. you cheated son of a gun

    you cheated son of a gun25 days ago

    is this your second acc?

  51. Neo_ Playz

    Neo_ Playz26 days ago

    0:02 GEPPY 😂

  52. Beah_noOb

    Beah_noOb26 days ago


  53. I waste your time

    I waste your time26 days ago

    2:23 what did bbh say?!

  54. Serena

    Serena27 days ago

    *The best prize...*

  55. TheGamers 3000

    TheGamers 300027 days ago

    the only person that would acc make bbh swear is skeppy

  56. Commentary Channel

    Commentary Channel27 days ago

    That's why we like 14

  57. Fighter Lm

    Fighter Lm28 days ago


  58. MichelleWijayaPlayz Roblox

    MichelleWijayaPlayz Roblox28 days ago

    7:55 skephalo momment UwU

  59. VanillaMoonxx :3

    VanillaMoonxx :328 days ago


  60. Nazma Begum

    Nazma Begum28 days ago

    Omg Skeppy is Gumball and BBH is Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball

  61. racnas

    racnas28 days ago

    everyone gangsta untik badboyhalo says “fudge”

  62. Jun Bagares

    Jun Bagares28 days ago


  63. Jessica Mireles

    Jessica Mireles28 days ago

    are u real skeppy?

  64. Tess Libot

    Tess Libot29 days ago


  65. rainboella ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    rainboella ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ29 days ago


  66. Ray

    Ray29 days ago

    Wait......is this skeppy or someone else???im so confused

  67. Sally Pige

    Sally Pige29 days ago

    You do know that you two walket under a million misteltoes, right?😏🤨

  68. Katz23 ꧂

    Katz23 ꧂29 days ago

    Skeppy has 14000 channels

  69. Jocelyn Rivera

    Jocelyn Rivera29 days ago


  70. Manish Kasar

    Manish Kasar29 days ago

    Yo Geppy

  71. Muhammad Kayani

    Muhammad Kayani29 days ago


  72. Doggy Gamergirll

    Doggy Gamergirll29 days ago

    My brother has the same bday as skeppy

  73. ay

    ayMonth ago

    POV:You are the creator and you know everything about skeppy.....

  74. DioXide_Honey

    DioXide_HoneyMonth ago

    Hold on hold on Did bbh say he likes the number 20 " *14* " Not surprised at all

  75. Kawiixoxgal

    KawiixoxgalMonth ago

    At the start BadboyHalo: Geppy!

  76. kat_studios

    kat_studiosMonth ago

    Did something happen to blue skeppy? Because I just watched a house of memories of skeppy so did something happen?

  77. Belle Warfare

    Belle WarfareMonth ago

    Wait is this real skeppy or fanboy/girl

  78. Hayden Tashian

    Hayden TashianMonth ago

    i know skeppys birth day

  79. GodzillaGaming

    GodzillaGamingMonth ago

    When you realize his dogs name is your real name: *IM FAMOUS*

  80. pera Plejer

    pera PlejerMonth ago

    4:48 thats my birthday, 14 of July

  81. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiMonth ago

    "Hey skeppy, look what i'm under, a mistletoe" YOU BROKE THE MISTLETOE

  82. Nour Osama

    Nour OsamaMonth ago

    Bbh always chose 2014 because 14 is just stuck in his head. 😂

  83. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiMonth ago

    How many likes to make channel name skompy?

  84. Random person

    Random personMonth ago


  85. Somniphobic

    SomniphobicMonth ago

    Who’s here after skeppy explained the crib, I’m like so shocked about Nico and skeppy I thought everyone was joking about skeppy and nico...

  86. dash928 YouTube

    dash928 YouTubeMonth ago

    Day 1 of asking skeppy to wear sans skin

  87. Sugar Asphalt

    Sugar AsphaltMonth ago

    can you troll BBH by thinking he is a6d PLSLSLSPSLSPSLP


    Guest TheYT - ROBLOX-MINECRAFTMonth ago


  89. Stephen Angka

    Stephen AngkaMonth ago

    My bh is 14 January

  90. ThePumpkinSpice

    ThePumpkinSpiceMonth ago

    Skeppy shares my birthday pog

  91. D E S P A I R P H R O G

    D E S P A I R P H R O GMonth ago

    ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  92. Jul Wamey

    Jul WameyMonth ago

    Skeppy plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss pay for my high school transfer to Japan

  93. Esty Why

    Esty WhyMonth ago


  94. stqrry_gxchas

    stqrry_gxchasMonth ago


  95. Avnish Shrivastava

    Avnish Shrivastava19 days ago


  96. jeonggukies my hero academia

    jeonggukies my hero academiaMonth ago


  97. Jakir Hossain

    Jakir HossainMonth ago

    0:17 good

  98. MC Blackout

    MC BlackoutMonth ago

    14 and 69

  99. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyMonth ago

    "Look skeppy! im under a mistletoe!" You are a pretty bold person to try to trick him..

  100. XERO Soaps&Suds

    XERO Soaps&SudsMonth ago

    How many likes to make channel name skompy?

  101. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyMonth ago

    i got mad when he did nothing at 14 questions right

  102. Dusty Floor potato

    Dusty Floor potatoMonth ago

    Not me realizing they were under a mistletoe like 8 times

  103. Mexican Man

    Mexican ManMonth ago

    0:01 is a potato🎶

  104. Rsu 87

    Rsu 87Month ago

    Where is the 1 mil sub special

  105. Memeicide 57

    Memeicide 57Month ago

    Where's the py?

  106. Speed runner Mario3626

    Speed runner Mario3626Month ago

    Nice Zak Ahmed, this is funny

  107. Kevin Li

    Kevin LiMonth ago

    great now bbh does o-o 0-0 0_0 o_o uwu owo now thats gonna kill me great

  108. Hi How are you

    Hi How are youMonth ago


  109. badgirlhalo

    badgirlhaloMonth ago