Top 25 👑🌸 Your mom is sleeping | Meme [Ep.2] 🌸👑| Gacha Life TikTok Compilation💖✔️

Top 25 👑🌸 Your mom is sleeping | Meme [Ep.2] 🌸👑| Gacha Life TikTok Compilation💖✔️
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#Gacha Life
#gacha life
Your mom is sleeping
Just like Yuri Meme
Pillow Fight
Bad Boy meme
Stop The Wedding
Deku Got Hit By A Dancing Quirk
Mi mama y mi papa
Please come outside
My brother is the number 1 hero
pro hero
No, 15 years ago your mother gave birth to the wrong thing
Please come outside,so I can peacefully break your legs
Cuando insultas a un gachatuber TÓXICO
You can call me anything
My father is William afton
William afton
we live in cities
We live in cities
mi mamá y mi papá
i met you in california gacha life
met you in california
make me your aphrodite gacha life
make me your aphrodite gacha life meme bnha


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    @Wheely your right!!😂😂

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    А ты понимаешь русский?

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  6. Wheely

    Wheely7 days ago

    @Zanae Stevens bro I can't I'm 500 more away sadly But anyways

  7. Cøsmic Flamezs

    Cøsmic Flamezs7 hours ago

    1:07 Midoriya went from innocent to killer in just five short seconds

  8. Playerplayz #3

    Playerplayz #313 hours ago

    5:02 Not to be mean, but marinettes mother kinda looks like Ai Ohto from Wonder Egg Priority

  9. Dakota Shasis

    Dakota ShasisDay ago


  10. ꧁BedFøxBoy ꧂

    ꧁BedFøxBoy ꧂Day ago

    2:01 what QWQ they freands

  11. julia Vasquez

    julia VasquezDay ago

    i love your intro i love demon slayer and that's your intro :)

  12. Naki 如果Kusama 如果

    Naki 如果Kusama 如果Day ago

    Bruh just because your mother died doesn't mean you have to kill there child-

  13. Craggy

    CraggyDay ago

    why the forren ones no one can reed them

  14. Furydragon

    FurydragonDay ago

    Moral of the story : Don't kill or knock out parents or your child is gonna die or knock out

  15. Israel Slavens

    Israel SlavensDay ago

    Random person: (kills mom) Me: you take her life, I TAKE YOUR SOUL

  16. farzana faiza

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  18. Trent Games

    Trent GamesDay ago

    Commet 1000

  19. Ma Tei

    Ma Tei2 days ago

    Scream of may not understand. But you will soon.

  20. Maria yau

    Maria yau2 days ago

    But what if they have a mum or a daughter-

  21. myla rhianne ignacio

    myla rhianne ignacio2 days ago

    my mom: im just sleeping to your kids me: what!?...

  22. myla rhianne ignacio

    myla rhianne ignacio2 days ago

    moya's mom: kids im just sleeping kids moya and tary: what?.....

  23. insane detective

    insane detective2 days ago

    How would they find their child in 1 second and it's alr dead

  24. myla rhianne ignacio

    myla rhianne ignacio2 days ago

    moya: KID I LOVE YOU KID!

  25. myla rhianne ignacio

    myla rhianne ignacio2 days ago

    moya: dot'n worry your mom is sleeping me: ok... dot'n worry your kid is sleeping moya: NO NO NO NO NO KID

  26. Aishah Tambah

    Aishah Tambah2 days ago

    Midoriya...why you kill bakugou.... but You the best love forever...and todoroki..

  27. ROBLOX

    ROBLOX2 days ago

    what the song on 2:20 please tell T^T

  28. Sugawara Is The Best

    Sugawara Is The Best2 days ago

    No- just no- I'm not dealing with mha/bnha. 1:00

  29. tilted walter

    tilted walter2 days ago

    Whats the name of the person that made the deku killed bakugou one

  30. Fertiss103

    Fertiss1032 days ago

    They send me the link of this video ;-; 1:00

  31. emi Juarez

    emi Juarez2 days ago

    I was like when I saw the thumbnail: finally deku has killed bakubitch and is happy

  32. Saba Gaming

    Saba Gaming3 days ago


  33. Nur Maya Aleesha Norul Anuar

    Nur Maya Aleesha Norul Anuar3 days ago

    What's the difference of ketchap and blood though?

  34. Rachel Brown

    Rachel Brown3 days ago

    This is what I do FOR FUN

  35. Toga ÒwÓ

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  36. チュウ Belli-Dreams-Kawaii

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  37. pikachu

    pikachu3 days ago

    I love UwU ❤️ Pika Pika chu

  38. komoemyint68

    komoemyint683 days ago

    5:29 peppa pig

  39. Mike Trinkle

    Mike Trinkle3 days ago

    I need four

  40. Sinaia Steven

    Sinaia Steven3 days ago

    The pp girls don't have a mom

  41. Iτຮ AyeleŇ

    Iτຮ AyeleŇ3 days ago

    SOY LA ÚNICA QUÉ HABLA ESPAÑOL?? TvT Me siento sola en el mundo

  42. Soba Afton

    Soba Afton3 days ago

    Is the foto fake i hope so

  43. imafireball

    imafireball3 days ago


  44. imafireball

    imafireball3 days ago

    I just hope I don't see me hurt kacchan-

  45. Joshua Isaac

    Joshua Isaac4 days ago

    So its necessary to kill a mother / child whos done nothing wrong because your enemy killed your mother, like leave the enemies mother/child out of this she didnt do anything wrong

  46. Eren Jeager

    Eren Jeager4 days ago

    Oh look deku well be sleeping with hes mom when i meet him

  47. Madison Lemons

    Madison Lemons4 days ago

    I didn’t get out of my bed till 8 : 00 :)

  48. Amir Khairee

    Amir Khairee4 days ago

    why would deku kill kacchan? hes future husband!!


    P4-4 FRANKLIN ALEXANDER NG4 days ago


  50. random person Uwu

    random person Uwu4 days ago

    I like when mari said "well you have took her life.. BUT I TOOK YOUR MAN >:D Lila: *cry baby noises* 2:38

  51. Mojora

    Mojora4 days ago

    Im hate its meme he very weird

  52. Tianna Mickelo

    Tianna Mickelo4 days ago

    😿😿 Hi

  53. EeveeLetsplay

    EeveeLetsplay4 days ago


  54. lilly manriquez

    lilly manriquez4 days ago

    dove: she is just sleeping me: *CRYS IN PAIN* NOOOOOOOOOO!

  55. VålçøçøDEMO

    VålçøçøDEMO4 days ago


  56. Roree Fox Lord

    Roree Fox Lord4 days ago

    That thumbnail came up when I searched Gacha cringe

  57. Gacha_Xenoblade_Gaming

    Gacha_Xenoblade_Gaming4 days ago

    Mari:You may have took my mom's life But i took your man Me:Damn savage girl

  58. ツgabriel omg:0

    ツgabriel omg:04 days ago

    Wtf '-'

  59. ちゃんJ U B Y

    ちゃんJ U B Y4 days ago

    I think this meme is ridiculous, and it only promotes violence! the gacha community really has no salvation

  60. †Tōkiø_ Villana †

    †Tōkiø_ Villana †5 days ago

    99% Es de miraCuluz u-u

  61. _ksuha_arbusik_

    _ksuha_arbusik_5 days ago

    Nixlce ketchup👁️👄👁️

  62. My Way, MY WAY, Or THE HIGHWAY.

    My Way, MY WAY, Or THE HIGHWAY.5 days ago

    Bruh when the links are not even in order

  63. -Sad[]Sand-

    -Sad[]Sand-5 days ago

    0:58 Fuck you Deku 🗿🖕🏻

  64. Heather Casanova

    Heather Casanova5 days ago

    Poor bakugou

  65. ・Ruby Animations・

    ・Ruby Animations・5 days ago

    were the intros made by you? They are amazing

  66. Potato XL

    Potato XL5 days ago

    how do they know that is their daughter there are lots of people who bleached their hair

  67. ken gaming

    ken gaming5 days ago

    Wait when did the young deku learn to kill

  68. Steff Alva

    Steff Alva5 days ago


  69. Steff Alva

    Steff Alva5 days ago


  70. Camilha natalhy Gomez

    Camilha natalhy Gomez5 days ago


  71. Maya E

    Maya E5 days ago

    This video proves that kids are stupid

  72. • s t o r m y n I g h t •

    • s t o r m y n I g h t •5 days ago

    I don't really get it

  73. Anto Rios

    Anto Rios5 days ago

    La vegansa un ca es buena

  74. Beltram Addy

    Beltram Addy6 days ago

    did anyone notice how the scream sounded like deku?

  75. Vanessa Official

    Vanessa Official6 days ago

    1:12 i cant believe it my favourite hero deku kill bakugou😢

  76. Ezukagouri _

    Ezukagouri _2 days ago

    Let's think , that Deku-kun pranked Inko and auntie Mitsuki with Kacchan , because i don't think it's real. Izuku-kun would never killed his childhood bestfriend..i think...

  77. Cappoccino Ferret

    Cappoccino Ferret6 days ago

    Marie write just killed Lila’s sister. Wow,who gave her the miraculous?Bad choice

  78. F S

    F S6 days ago

    Me: nice video •Also me going deaf because of the scream•

  79. Lang Lan

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  80. Hülya ünal

    Hülya ünal6 days ago

    Turkish : annen uyuyor

  81. bruh

    bruh6 days ago

    2:26 what is the other music its probably xxx tentacions but which not the cry sound

  82. ꧁La Pana uwu -Kunシ꧂

    ꧁La Pana uwu -Kunシ꧂6 days ago

    Me love You intro💖😝

  83. Lattik Muy

    Lattik Muy6 days ago

    THE hell

  84. Misha H

    Misha H6 days ago

    3:11 I thought she was nice in the show tho?


    YENSI VASQUEZ6 days ago

    First of all how do they know who is there kid😂 LOL🤣


    YENSI VASQUEZ6 days ago

    Don’t kill bokigo😭😭

  87. Étoiles de velours

    Étoiles de velours6 days ago

    These memes are dumb...

  88. • g04t b0i •

    • g04t b0i •6 days ago

    since when did little kids learn how to kill/hurt others ._.

  89. MINA stan

    MINA stan6 days ago

    danm = damn xD

  90. és os where quem blue Kan detinho 614

    és os where quem blue Kan detinho 6146 days ago

    Kkkkk a sua mãe sou dublado 😎

  91. Grace Grant

    Grace Grant6 days ago

    the my hero acidamia one in the thumbnail makes NO SENCE. why would deku do that to bakugou.

  92. Dilayla Barak

    Dilayla Barak6 days ago

    Not dekus scream🖐😭

  93. Ayden Martinez

    Ayden Martinez7 days ago

    Real quick if Lila has a kid then who is her husband

  94. 1 love means

    1 love means7 days ago

    Why you kill the kid when you say you're kid is sleeping WHAT DID THE KID DO WHY DID YOU KILLL THEM really why...

  95. Cuentos con Masha

    Cuentos con Masha7 days ago

    Wow minipelícula Gacha Life

  96. Lyric Effinger

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  98. ThePalafox1980

    ThePalafox19807 days ago

    Izuku Assassinated Kacchan for a prank u messed up

  99. ThePalafox1980

    ThePalafox19807 days ago

    Dekus messed up

  100. littlebooKawaii

    littlebooKawaii7 days ago

    5:13 isn't Lila to young to have a kid

  101. Element Wolf

    Element Wolf7 days ago

    All I See Is Just A Kid Dragging Another Kid Or A Adult

  102. Jaydee Bas

    Jaydee Bas7 days ago

    Lol how do I always begin to see this channel

  103. {•}

    {•}7 days ago

    Dont make a prank that crazy like that Like my GF is say that she cheating on me and she said its a prank but THE PHOTO IS REAL SO WE BROKE UP

  104. Wendel Gomes

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  105. GalaxyCreamy Sanz

    GalaxyCreamy Sanz7 days ago

    Setan 💔😔 Ko anda ga ingat saya 💔

  106. {Miss. Addy}

    {Miss. Addy}7 days ago

    Person: HoPeFuLlY hEr DaUgHtEr DoSeN’t CoMe Her daughter be like: “ahem. you called me wOmAn.”

  107. camelia loves

    camelia loves7 days ago

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