Biden just slipped on Gun Control... This could be huge for us people!...

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In this video, we discuss how Biden is floating Executive Orders for his Gun Control package. This is huge and nothing short of a win for us people! Check it out!


  1. Tim

    TimHour ago

    How about we make a deal? No gun regulations, UNTIL all current regulations are enforced and all the ILLEGAL guns and the people who use them are gone. Once that is entirely complete, then we can talk about common sense gun laws that make this country safer. Sound good? Ok. Deal.

  2. Norman Rhone

    Norman RhoneHour ago

    Any weapon is an assault weapon!THE Dumbass left does'nt understand even a screwdriver can be an assault weapon so lets ban them too

  3. DHC-6-300 First Officer

    DHC-6-300 First Officer2 hours ago

    Ohhhhhh man, she’s gonna have to circle back on that one guys 🤣

  4. William Lynch

    William Lynch3 hours ago

    Oh no!! Why would you want to make menace meat out of the deer? I was a sniper, our creed is one shot one kill!!!

  5. Glenn Morgan

    Glenn Morgan4 hours ago

    well sound fairly good But it's the mental health issue's now, they can find every one incommode to have a gun in your house or on your body due to being mentally health problems just like they thy to do last time, and what happened to New Zealand why now no guns at all either jail time if,you have one at all. is China taken over there too. everything is turning to shit in a hand bag. Communist ruling us now in USA This will turn to a war III very fast guys.

  6. I Sent My Bags To Pluto

    I Sent My Bags To Pluto4 hours ago

    Psaki is 🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍

  7. Brah, Trumpwon,bigly

    Brah, Trumpwon,bigly4 hours ago

    What do you mean by "us people"? Sounds a little ray cyst to me.

  8. Richard Getz

    Richard Getz5 hours ago

    Langley, you need to watch this video => and learn to trim the fat!!

  9. sleevey Boblehead

    sleevey Boblehead5 hours ago

    some other Dem submitted a bill already didn't they. Bad part is it looks similar to our gun laws in Canada. and because our Drama teacher PM wants to be one better they are adding more daily here.

  10. drew scrivers

    drew scrivers5 hours ago

    Subbed! Keep the content coming.

  11. dale stephen

    dale stephen5 hours ago

    I guess I should start a Podcast like you because you're just spreading the same propaganda for the last 40 years I've been listening to they haven't taken my guns yet I started by in my 1st 1 at 18 I'm 67 and in the last 4 years I've bought 7 more guns

  12. red handed Reviews

    red handed Reviews7 hours ago

    I think he will say what he wants pass what he wants... But who will sign up for going and Confiscating them... That where it all goes south... Remeber Maryland tried with a what close 70 year old man and it didn't end well with officers hurt or shot and 1 old man dead

  13. Ryan Bodmer

    Ryan Bodmer7 hours ago

    Since i was a kid I have heard of scared white Republicans talk about Democrats coming to steal their guns!!!!! Im 40 now and it has never happened and never going to happen, stop crying and get over your insecurities.

  14. Christopher Maddox

    Christopher Maddox8 hours ago

    Nah, it all smells iffy. I don't trust it. Stay vigilant and aware.

  15. Modern Zombie

    Modern Zombie8 hours ago

    Yeah ok. Sure. They'll give the orders and people will give up their guns. Northam enacted his gun control despite protest. Nothing is gonna change.

  16. R. Wong

    R. Wong10 hours ago

    Don’t let Biden/Harris become Chairman Biden, Co-Chairman Harris!


    TITUS TITUS10 hours ago


  18. Glennus Maximus

    Glennus Maximus11 hours ago

    When can we expect some common sense detention centers for conservatives? I said it's common sense so if you disagree you have no common sense. Also, my beliefs are correct and yours don't matter and I will not listen to your ignorant rhetoric. - National media and, vicariously, their consumers

  19. Brian M

    Brian M11 hours ago

    All of this conflict now is a GOOD thing. Why? Because, like washing oily clothing, when the agitation occurs, the oil floats to the top. We're seeing the "oil floating to the top", i.e. seeing the legislators, judiciary, and executive branch people who've been literally bribed/blackmailed by global corporations/foundations (re: look up George Soros' 'Open Society Foundation'...over 200 orgs directly funded by him, and even more indirectly funded by his OSF) for what they are and what their political agendas are. We all need to pay attention to their rhetoric, obtain hard copies/transcripts of them, and compare/contrast them with the mission statements of the above foundations/PACs. I've done some, and I will tell you, it is SCARY the similarities between what these politicos are saying and what these GS funded orgs are saying in their mission statements. It's almost as if these orgs are constrained for some unknown reason to reveal their direct, actionable agenda.

  20. TheFall ThisFall

    TheFall ThisFall12 hours ago

    And the best thing about any "Executive Action" he takes on guns, it will be immediately thrown out on January 20th, 2025, by Donald J Trump.

  21. Island Aerial

    Island Aerial12 hours ago

    What's the over/under on Fire Crotch Raggedy Ann?

  22. Gregory Fort

    Gregory Fort13 hours ago

    What you got to say about that Jen? She's have to circle back to you with her excuse

  23. Jerry Townsend

    Jerry Townsend13 hours ago

    Unless video

  24. Mike Pluto

    Mike Pluto13 hours ago

    Let me think on it and I circle back with you later.

  25. Cannie Kilmer

    Cannie Kilmer13 hours ago

    Maybe mandate should be Peopledate .

  26. Bowhunting Southern Style

    Bowhunting Southern Style14 hours ago

    Just subscribed to your channel, SUPPORT! SUPPORT! SUPPORT the 2nd Amendment and all hard driving 2A proponents is what I DO & keeping up with current events is what needs to be done by ALL, congrats on your 150K subscriptions!!

  27. Gerald Harvill

    Gerald Harvill15 hours ago

    clinton, banned assult weapons, limited magazine capacity and tried other things

  28. patriotpaul

    patriotpaul15 hours ago

    The 8 million NEW gun owners thanks to their COVID Hjinks has backfired and bit them in the arse! I can only hope and pray, that the spineless politicians keep telling the Harris Admin that they are Not going to go for their planned far left gun control. We the people must keep telling the politicians that, we will not be infringed upon.

  29. Eric Stevens

    Eric Stevens16 hours ago

    There is nothing limiting them from taxing the ammunition to where it it prohibitive. $10-$15 tax per round would be enough to get their restricted access message to the finish line.

  30. Billy Sanders

    Billy Sanders16 hours ago

    She will quit as soon as she is caught in enough lies. democratic people are not very good liars. Just like cnn and msndc

  31. Michael Nixon

    Michael Nixon17 hours ago

    What's that Jacket man?!?

  32. Bob Peterson

    Bob Peterson19 hours ago

    That may be true,'s also a signal to the BATFE to do the dirty work for him, which we are beginning to see. They have no oversight and can apparently change rules, redefine language and terms as they see fit. Kind of like the living constitution.

  33. Theodore Roosevelt Charleston

    Theodore Roosevelt Charleston19 hours ago

    Resident Biden is in a box he is not in control of the Military the Art of War

  34. Mitchell Cohen

    Mitchell Cohen19 hours ago

    Molon Labe

  35. DibbleDabble

    DibbleDabble22 hours ago

    Nope you've got the picture.

  36. clair Anderson

    clair AndersonDay ago

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  37. Daniel McDermott

    Daniel McDermottDay ago

    sounds like Biden is panderimg to whatever base he has

  38. Mark Peck

    Mark PeckDay ago

    They realize we outnumber them and the streets will run red before they take our guns

  39. P W

    P WDay ago

    crap content down voted

  40. Jeff Grey

    Jeff GreyDay ago

    Springfield is against the second and you display their banner

  41. Glenn Wallace

    Glenn WallaceDay ago

    They know they don't have the people with them , they also know they didn't really win the election .

  42. GalironRunner

    GalironRunnerDay ago

    Its that contrary to what the y want people to think dems arent all anti gun most arent and most still consider it very important. So what happens if you try to pass laws? Yes congressmen will have to look at it and be ON record which would be very usable against them during election time. Biden can do EO because he is basically a 1 term president then can also come out later and go we apposed him but its an EO what could we do. So anything they do with an EO EVEN when they have most control of the house and senate and presidency is something they want but KNOW most people even dems arent in support of outside the very very minor but very vocal twitter crowds. Again given bidens a 1 and done president this lets them do what they want while being able to say it wasnt something they support.

  43. Connie Spraul

    Connie SpraulDay ago

    He can’t thwart the Constitution with an EO

  44. ྄ ྄

    ྄ ྄Day ago

    Hi I talk with my hands 😆🤣😂

  45. Linda Diehl

    Linda DiehlDay ago

    I think you're spot-on! (First time I've REALLY looked at this platform! GREAT!!)

  46. fisher 145

    fisher 145Day ago

    It's better to burn out than fade away!

  47. Quinn

    QuinnDay ago

    214k subs latter

  48. William Barnett-Lewis

    William Barnett-LewisDay ago

    Child, your paranoia is funny. We aren't coming for your (crappy) guns. We have our own. When you grow up, come on down and we'll talk.

  49. J Burnett

    J BurnettDay ago

    Nothing overrides the constitution. We can never ever disarm. The only reason we are not a communist country is because we have weapons. Yes they want our guns. After they are confiscated the warrants are gone. Just like Australia.

  50. Silas Longshot

    Silas LongshotDay ago

    When they come for my guns, they may take them in the end, but they'll be hot and empty.

  51. Flyboy Adventures In RC Planes

    Flyboy Adventures In RC PlanesDay ago


  52. MK Ultimatum

    MK UltimatumDay ago

    So basically he'll just make the 2A more expensive to practice? How is that a good thing?

  53. Larry Rickey

    Larry RickeyDay ago

    We really need to circle back to this issue a lot

  54. Kevin flynn

    Kevin flynnDay ago

    Come on man. Get a shotgun.... Get a shotgun.

  55. Robert Hempfling

    Robert HempflingDay ago

    Get a life bro

  56. Jennifer Weldon

    Jennifer WeldonDay ago

    Where can i get ammo?

  57. Richard Beyer

    Richard BeyerDay ago

    Dem's need walls and the National Guard because they fear Republicans. The Capitol Police Chief made that announcement this week. If Biden gets a swat team defending his house the American people deserve the same protections. Guns aren't going anywhere in our lifetime. Ammo is another story.

  58. David D'Arcy

    David D'ArcyDay ago

    Your very articulate. Libs hate that!👍

  59. fpeletz

    fpeletzDay ago

    Biden has stated before the elections that he WOULD NOT executive order control and that to do so was UNCONSTITUTIONAL, More of his BS.?

  60. Donald Hetterscheid

    Donald HetterscheidDay ago

    I think we are missing the bigger picture. 'They' want to take away guns in order to take over us. Someone from outside is pulling his strings.

  61. Danny Garneau

    Danny GarneauDay ago

    I think you are spot on!

  62. H Bok

    H BokDay ago

    213k now +me

  63. brandonmcx23x

    brandonmcx23xDay ago

    Who the hell is us people!?

  64. Joel Campbell

    Joel CampbellDay ago

    They can take my guns not before I give the bullets first

  65. David Taylor

    David TaylorDay ago

    Obama attempted "gun control" bg EO, and it was struck down by SCOTUS.

  66. Michael Lindsey

    Michael LindseyDay ago

    bring it on, biden. WE the people know what we gotta do.

  67. Amateur Shooter

    Amateur ShooterDay ago


  68. Brenda Long

    Brenda LongDay ago

    Freedom protest ,march 5 6 and 7 in all states starting at 10 am .all cities and at large business parking lots

  69. Stephen Riggs

    Stephen RiggsDay ago

    Hope you are right

  70. Doug Yons

    Doug YonsDay ago

    Fortunately for us if potato Head Biden does executive order against the second amendment it is null and void because executive orders cannot be against the Constitution. That's in the law!! I think it's time the American people start brushing up on the laws of the land and the Constitution and our rights and freedoms so they fully understand.

  71. A M

    A MDay ago

    It's hopeful, not gonna lie, I kinda train High School kids how to assemble AR 15s. That way they know the ins and outs of it and responsibilities that comes with the right to self defense.

  72. Timothy

    TimothyDay ago

    An executive order to ban constitution to defend the constitution.


    Justsomeguy.usDay ago

    I logged in to comment and I almost never do that. You have done one of the best pieces I've seen on youtube recently, and I think you have it the nail on the head. They really want to do this, but they know they are not as strong as the media makes them appear to be and they are actually suffering some political damage right now. Cuomo and Newsome for just two examples. They are afraid they can't pull it off and will show how weak they are. Even worse, if they were to pass what they want, will they be able to deal with any possible repercussions? There are actually numerous pitfalls for them. You see all those guards and that fence around the Capitol? I think they want to take action, they think they need to take action, but they have real concerns. It's our job to make sure that those concerns grow. Call 'em out. Call 'em out every single day.

  74. grandpa068

    grandpa068Day ago


  75. Sunny D. Texas

    Sunny D. TexasDay ago

    Who obeys gun laws anyways lol why should we follow them when the criminals don't 😂 the 2A is my right!

  76. C

    CDay ago

    ita tyranny blah blah blah. more paranoia

  77. rontauranac

    rontauranacDay ago

    Maybe Biden has the mandate from the american people... but he has other oignons to fry than something related to the 2nd amendment or gun control ?

  78. Lars Lake

    Lars LakeDay ago

    That second Amendment isn't going to protect you from gun control. Frankly it doesn't have anything to do with firearm control.

  79. Insanitypepper

    InsanitypepperDay ago

    Biden was one of the biggest influences in getting online ammunition sales legal. He argued it like a republican. It doesn't affect me though, I lost most of my guns in a boating accident and I was so depressed I sold the rest of them.

  80. Tom Everett

    Tom EverettDay ago

    "Defund the police" movement is the best thing that ever happened to support for the 2nd amendment. All the fence sitters are realizing they now have to take responsibility for their own safety.


    BANJO BBQDay ago

    It’s all pantamim. Biden is not the President. March TRUMP COMES BACK. TRUE PRESIDENT

  82. B G

    B GDay ago

    He’s done nothing but exec orders this entire time. I don’t see why this is weakness considering the courts have yet to challenge him on anything from what I know.

  83. MuxaH X

    MuxaH XDay ago

    О! Джин "звёздочка" Псаки популярна (в кавычках) даже у Американцев. Русские давно над ней смеются. Без неё жизнь была бы скучна.

  84. David Vowell

    David VowellDay ago

    I think you're wrong, she almost said what they intend to do, and then she caught herself, and then just like a liberal lied through her teeth. They don't want us to know what the plan is, they want us off guard.

  85. Oxpoke

    OxpokeDay ago

    Not everyone on the "far" left is anti gun, it's mostly centrists/Lib's who are anti gun

  86. Walter Diaz

    Walter DiazDay ago

    Most(if not all) of the second amendment magats use their weapons for Instagram only. Useless ...

  87. Gary

    GaryDay ago

    I think this dude has been smoking a lot. You need to rethink about what your saying. You’re a dysfunctional Republican white man and your trying to get people heated up. Lol

  88. barsoom43

    barsoom43Day ago

    Executive orders are not law. They apply only to members of the executive branch and to implement laws passed by Congress.. Many presidents have tried this bullshit in the past. FDR pulled a real fast one when he made ownership of gold by Americans illegal.

  89. Jessie Lawson

    Jessie LawsonDay ago

    The sec amen. Was made for us the people to protect ourselves from the corruption of our government if it were to become corrpt we are spose to have any weapons our military has and so forth that is wat it was created for



    Stop crying liberal lol

  91. Haddady

    Haddady2 days ago

    Sound proof your room mate

  92. Will Barnz

    Will Barnz2 days ago

    So far, they haven't had the support needed. However, I still don't trust them, or the words that come out of their mouths.

  93. Jager Wayz

    Jager Wayz2 days ago

    Get a life dude

  94. No Fear Trading Group

    No Fear Trading Group2 days ago

    Well Organized Militia

  95. Darrel Morehouse

    Darrel Morehouse2 days ago

    Oh please, they just STOLE an election in front of everyone. They’ll continue to steal elections and nobody is gonna do shit about it.......our side is all talk.

  96. JuanTheSwan

    JuanTheSwan2 days ago

    Fuck it, we pimpchimpin

  97. Thomas Sibalski

    Thomas Sibalski2 days ago

    The constitution is the only thing standing in the way. Its not executive orders as a measure to ban guns. To get rid of guns three forths of the states are needed to amend the constitution. Nevertheless, never take anything for granted.

  98. Alexandar Domenighini

    Alexandar Domenighini2 days ago

    Just to give you an opinion from outside the american bubble: The rest of the world thinks you are all crazy! There is no left in America! What you call left wing is at best center for the rest. Republicans and Democrats are far right! Since Roosevelt anything left is demonized in America and anything progressive is removed like healthcare for all, unemployment benefits, public transportation, investment in infrastructure, human rights, world peace. America is now paying the price for that. There is nobody to steer in a social direction and the mass of people will be obliterated by the corrupt government which is bought by the money from the rich and big corporations. They keep endless wars to profit from and exploit the world to the point of extinction. And you cling to your 'precious weapons' which will lead to even more death and devastation. Wishing you will wake up from the american dream and stop terrorizing the world.

  99. Peter Martinez

    Peter Martinez2 days ago

    You ramble on when you should just get to the point. Your wrong, the moment you let your guard down you can expect to get blindsided. I won't be subscribing to your channel, but good luck.

  100. Th Fi

    Th Fi2 days ago

    Want gun violence to stop? Take all of the criminal's guns away, not honest citizens. Take honest citizen's guns away and gun violence will increase - by the criminals with guns. Anyone with commonsense would realize that.