Among Us But MAYOR CREW Role (mods)

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A new Among Us video featuring the mod role MAYOR. The Mayor is a secret crew mate that gets 2 votes! This can completely change the game so the Imposters want to find and take out the Mayor ASAP.

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  1. DarkMikeRiDeR209

    DarkMikeRiDeR20920 minutes ago

    Can we just admitted Yellow is A Pee Man

  2. Karìtas Lìf Ròbertsdòttir

    Karìtas Lìf Ròbertsdòttir27 minutes ago

    I love your among us vid💞

  3. Ashley Schmelzer

    Ashley Schmelzer3 hours ago

    Me hunting my teacher for no homework: 2:13

  4. Ashley Schmelzer

    Ashley Schmelzer3 hours ago

    Is ZMDE copying socks and his crew?

  5. Cinnabuns Yeet squad

    Cinnabuns Yeet squad4 hours ago

    Uhh it's ciy an that's how its pronunciation

  6. sri susanti

    sri susanti6 hours ago

    3:10 baba bowie

  7. Keirs Nathaniel Cortuna

    Keirs Nathaniel Cortuna8 hours ago

    Think your hacker

  8. Hester Tung

    Hester Tung9 hours ago


  9. candy lollipop

    candy lollipop9 hours ago


  10. Jeanne Woerner

    Jeanne Woerner13 hours ago

    Im sorry, you copying socks?

  11. Qin Taoying

    Qin Taoying14 hours ago

    Why does the thumbnail look like galactus

  12. RohanXianCreate ‘s

    RohanXianCreate ‘s15 hours ago

    i will help you out jk means just kidding

  13. central

    central15 hours ago

    Perfectly timed As soon as i spilled my fries ZMDE said "c'mon, really?

  14. Nika Janžekovič

    Nika Janžekovič16 hours ago

    You really have to listen to quack more often

  15. Ashley Banwait

    Ashley Banwait16 hours ago

    I am the mayor


    SONIC XAIDEN16 hours ago

    I’m a fan ZMDE

  17. Samuel Mbogo

    Samuel Mbogo18 hours ago

    Hy zmed where can I get this medic mode

  18. Diana Guyo

    Diana Guyo19 hours ago


  19. Juan Maldonado

    Juan Maldonado19 hours ago

    That was WAY to close he` almost lost

  20. Mate Nope

    Mate Nope19 hours ago


  21. Serge Lawson

    Serge Lawson19 hours ago

    Wait how did Quack get off orange voted for lime and zmde voted for Quack

  22. khayman1192

    khayman119220 hours ago


  23. Alan Al Mahamda

    Alan Al Mahamda21 hour ago

    I wanna play with you

  24. 吳柏希

    吳柏希21 hour ago

    Very good bro

  25. Beaus Adventues

    Beaus Adventues22 hours ago

    Ha goti ha

  26. skull gamer A-H

    skull gamer A-H22 hours ago

    Why every body put fake thumbnails

  27. Aiminath Waheedha

    Aiminath Waheedha23 hours ago

    YEEEEAAAHHH!!!!! ZMDE'S REVENGEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Obi-Wan’s Lair

    Obi-Wan’s Lair23 hours ago

    You should put links on how to get the mods but u don’t have to

  29. Tendai Tachiwana

    Tendai TachiwanaDay ago

    memes ok ... bye bye...

  30. Tendai Tachiwana

    Tendai TachiwanaDay ago


  31. Tendai Tachiwana

    Tendai TachiwanaDay ago

    done type mam for memes ok hacking you ... you... you... you..

  32. Tendai Tachiwana

    Tendai TachiwanaDay ago

    h a c k i n g ... .. .

  33. Joshua Wolitz

    Joshua WolitzDay ago

    I love this mod.

  34. Samuel Eriksson

    Samuel ErikssonDay ago

    You know that socksfor1 have made this role before you

  35. Bryson Malone

    Bryson MaloneDay ago

    Ok ZMDE is playing with idiots

  36. armand ambrocio

    armand ambrocioDay ago

    not cellphone

  37. armand ambrocio

    armand ambrocioDay ago

    well i see ZMDE but hes fake hes go computer😅😅😅😅😅

  38. John Ryan

    John RyanDay ago

    Why's the thumbnail galactus....????

  39. Ekmani Devi

    Ekmani DeviDay ago

    The voice are so funny

  40. Luna gamer

    Luna gamerDay ago

    How do you have lover mode zombie mode and mayor mode I want is too but I can't have it

  41. Akshat Singh

    Akshat SinghDay ago

    How do you make this

  42. psyche Gonzales

    psyche GonzalesDay ago

    Hey zmde go watch pijper he has a youtibe channel

  43. pratham mansingani

    pratham mansinganiDay ago

    The day zmde was born he doesn't cry he just says this: Let's goo!

  44. Adopt me queen202 Xxx

    Adopt me queen202 XxxDay ago

    6:19 AK47

  45. renz jacob coquilla

    renz jacob coquillaDay ago

    No visor? What is no buzzer hoover

  46. Kg ma lay Kg ma lay

    Kg ma lay Kg ma layDay ago

    Zmde is hero

  47. Victoria

    VictoriaDay ago

    Lol Comrade said next round,not the first round XD

  48. Victoria

    VictoriaDay ago


  49. KeiraTheGamer

    KeiraTheGamerDay ago

    This guy is absolutely my favorite youtuber, well, one of them, he always plays among us, I do too, the great thing is that he doesn’t swear, and the other players don’t either, so I love this dude

  50. The watch army _tOm

    The watch army _tOmDay ago

    4:00 Wtf why is there a body lol

  51. Anita Sudhir Nair

    Anita Sudhir NairDay ago

    Hey zmde do the thanos mod plss

  52. Johnny Vincent

    Johnny VincentDay ago

    Hey ZMDE cool video!

  53. Aykah Kim

    Aykah KimDay ago

    Zmde: z twon lets go 💥 I liked it

  54. Up Crystal

    Up CrystalDay ago

    was this mod inspired by socksfor1 because he did this before you and it’s the same thing

  55. Jennifer Land

    Jennifer LandDay ago

    He should get merch that says: LETS GOOOOOOO

  56. Sonny Butera

    Sonny ButeraDay ago


  57. Joem micua danpro ph

    Joem micua danpro phDay ago


  58. the awesome Doge

    the awesome DogeDay ago

    Do some fortnite videos

  59. Smoothie Space

    Smoothie SpaceDay ago

    ZMDE i am in love and my famely hates u

  60. SuperMarioGaming

    SuperMarioGamingDay ago


  61. PrinceRafu Gamer

    PrinceRafu GamerDay ago

    i was quack

  62. Ellipticus

    EllipticusDay ago

    2:13 me and Holly Wyatt found this meme out LOL

  63. TheIrontube

    TheIrontubeDay ago

    Z town HErY WE GO (explode sound)

  64. M&M_gaming

    M&M_gamingDay ago

    Guy who named Pijper Zmde: PIPER

  65. André Anacleto

    André AnacletoDay ago


  66. Iosif Miron

    Iosif MironDay ago

    ZMDE when his dad didn't bought him a toy: LET'S GO!!!!!!

  67. Yuri Valentina Gagarin

    Yuri Valentina Gagarin14 hours ago

    Shut the heck up.

  68. MartinaThe Cat

    MartinaThe CatDay ago


  69. سحاب الماضي

    سحاب الماضيDay ago

    It's so funny that this time he didn't say LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  70. lovely Marinaz

    lovely MarinazDay ago

    I like please if you have a phone number we can play please zmde its a little favour please

  71. lovely Marinaz

    lovely MarinazDay ago

    Please zmde i subscribe you please can you come and play with me

  72. Amanda Poliri

    Amanda PoliriDay ago

    You must know that on the thumbnail is the galactus crewmate

  73. Nathan Mead

    Nathan MeadDay ago

    Copy of socksfor1

  74. Carol Torres

    Carol TorresDay ago

    ZMDE!!!!! I LOVE UR CHANNEL YOU ARE SO GOOD AT AMONG US I LOVE UR CHANNEL Im surprised you get away with things

  75. Diana Petrova

    Diana PetrovaDay ago

    2:13 dank memes

  76. Habiba Monis

    Habiba MonisDay ago


  77. Gymnast Gymnast

    Gymnast GymnastDay ago

    Among us is old

  78. khansuha

    khansuhaDay ago

    Among us ❤️ I love among us

  79. ClingyKimchi

    ClingyKimchiDay ago

    Ohh so this is ur chanel... Cool

  80. Karsang doma Sherpa

    Karsang doma Sherpa2 days ago

    Fun fact everyone is watching this on 2o21

  81. Muhammad Hafi

    Muhammad Hafi2 days ago

    Ok this is copied by socksfor1🤣🤣🤣

  82. Abayomi James

    Abayomi James2 days ago

    There's never game when zmde isn't a imp

  83. Abayomi James

    Abayomi James2 days ago

    It is the first time I saw zmde die in among us

  84. Gamer Bunny

    Gamer Bunny2 days ago

    Z-town here we goooo

  85. furious gaming

    furious gaming2 days ago

    Me : says nothing Znmd :it completely changes the dynamic between crewmates and imposters Me:ok Edit : i think i will get a lot lf dislikes

  86. Taurul 100

    Taurul 1002 days ago

    ZMDE:This mode will destroy the dynamic of amoung us Socksfor1:we have sheriif doctor detective mayor and more mods in one match

  87. Sweety Swaroop

    Sweety Swaroop2 days ago

    No offense but by seeing the thumbnail , for 2 minutes I thought it said ' among us Galactus role (modes) '

  88. Yenny Pea

    Yenny Pea2 days ago

    What ZMDE never died

  89. Midnight Scorpio

    Midnight Scorpio2 days ago

    ZMDE U should make merchandise that says: "Let's GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

  90. Midnight Scorpio

    Midnight ScorpioDay ago

    @Sariah Jenkins what?

  91. Sariah Jenkins

    Sariah JenkinsDay ago

    Party 🎊 is not gone for now that is the wrong

  92. Saoirse Molenaar

    Saoirse Molenaar2 days ago

    Your so good in Among us!!!

  93. zcshem Baliuag

    zcshem Baliuag2 days ago

    im a little good in among us but im a fan of you shout out plz

  94. Manuel Otero

    Manuel Otero2 days ago

    You have great pounds with like nothing is hotter then lava

  95. Gary Walker

    Gary Walker2 days ago

    Zmde is a god he should do fortnite

  96. Tunil Suraj

    Tunil Suraj2 days ago

    plz make more among us videos

  97. bryan berdin

    bryan berdin2 days ago

    this person stole sockfor1 idea #sockfor1

  98. GentlemenYT

    GentlemenYT2 days ago

    ZMDE: any.. Me: *exits the video* ZMDE: any us? Me: what

  99. Ruweyda Aden

    Ruweyda Aden2 days ago

    Fake Cough cough Zmde is a traitor*

  100. VioletSkiy

    VioletSkiy2 days ago

    4:00 why is the body in office


    VALERIA SANCHEZ2 days ago

    zmde is the best detective in among us when zmde is an imposter he always says lets go an when he is a crewmate he say lets go

  102. Ledo G

    Ledo G2 days ago

    That's funny yesterday I was playing among us and then white killed me and everybody saw it and I don't know why but it was funny and they said what was that white we both saw that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Param Goswami

    Param Goswami2 days ago

    1000 iq to find zmde as an impostor, when there is a stack on lights, and he is impostor,so he remains in stack and if zmde is a crewmate he stays out of stack

  104. Jonathan Olatokun

    Jonathan Olatokun2 days ago