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Today, we try out the new FaZe X GFUEL Flavor!
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  1. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago

    HAPPY WEDNESDAY, MA DUDES! Make sure you use code "DUK" when picking up GFUEL!

  2. Hayden Vaughn

    Hayden Vaughn2 months ago

    Duk, i’m rewatching this because i can’t sleep, but i love your shirt, it speaks volumes

  3. Owen Bohm

    Owen Bohm4 months ago

    Love you dukaja

  4. mees

    mees4 months ago

    wow just bought g fuel thanks for the code it helped a lot (i bought faze x collector box)

  5. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing4 months ago

    This is awesomeness

  6. Vyond Logo BFB 2013

    Vyond Logo BFB 20134 months ago


  7. CoolW1zy YT

    CoolW1zy YT19 hours ago

    Dukaja in most of his reviews "I think this will fall in to my top 10 spot or top 5 spot"

  8. M7RKY

    M7RKY4 days ago

    baby kunai

  9. TheMovingMannequin

    TheMovingMannequin13 days ago

    baby kunai

  10. Xener

    Xener26 days ago


  11. Miles E

    Miles E27 days ago

    I tried to shake and i forgot that my cup was not closed

  12. khronic CODM

    khronic CODMMonth ago

    has dat og mw2 red tiger skin on it, WHAT A CLASSIC!!!

  13. PumkinAu

    PumkinAu2 months ago

    It’s disgusting

  14. Sc frost

    Sc frost2 months ago

    Bendi lighter

  15. Hello There

    Hello There2 months ago

    My one tastes like nothing and is it xtremely bitter

  16. Kaja Tutenpal

    Kaja Tutenpal2 months ago

    bendy lighter

  17. Omar Anwar

    Omar Anwar3 months ago

    Kia I jnife

  18. andrej sučević

    andrej sučević3 months ago

    Ernegy monster is better

  19. Paulocity

    Paulocity3 months ago

    Broken Funko

  20. Clemmy

    Clemmy3 months ago

    Taste like White Monster or Whiteout MtnDew

  21. Thebeast

    Thebeast3 months ago

    I’ve just tried faze x and it’s mad I love it and I finally have sour blue chug rug turning up tomorrow I ordered it last month it’s finally coming!!!

  22. Nathan 28

    Nathan 28Month ago

    It took an entire month to ship?

  23. Peachy

    Peachy3 months ago

    Baby k ife

  24. Aidan Harnish

    Aidan Harnish3 months ago


  25. Aidan Harnish

    Aidan Harnish3 months ago

    Cant you tell before he even made this video he probably all ready had g fuel because of how much energy he has😭😭

  26. Aidan Harnish

    Aidan Harnish3 months ago


  27. Sendtoepic Hi

    Sendtoepic Hi3 months ago

    You should do mtn dew game fuel vs g fuel

  28. Dearies

    Dearies3 months ago


  29. peter kalcounis

    peter kalcounis3 months ago

    you can use this code (SRAYHC96SG)for 65 percent off on gfuel. And you can use code IMMORTAL for 60 percent off

  30. Solo Lynx

    Solo Lynx3 months ago

    this guy completes every check for what I do not like in a youtuber literal kid content creator

  31. steamexe

    steamexe3 months ago

    Hahaha so true I’m not subbing

  32. AlexifeuLP

    AlexifeuLP3 months ago

    I only buy gfuel when you buy one get one free

  33. Ayo Ray-

    Ayo Ray-3 months ago

    Ok I use your code on Black Friday and then I kind getting a good deal it’s a rip off

  34. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming3 months ago

    @Ayo Ray- yea

  35. Ayo Ray-

    Ayo Ray-3 months ago

    @Jaydog gaming well the Black Friday deal better roght

  36. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming3 months ago

    @Ayo Ray- I already tried

  37. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming3 months ago

    @Ayo Ray- no it won’t let you sorry

  38. Ayo Ray-

    Ayo Ray-3 months ago

    @Jaydog gaming well idk never order Gfuel and ever but I’m getting HYPE SUACE on black friday

  39. Talie _88

    Talie _883 months ago

    I had it I thought it tasted kinda like sour tropical jouice

  40. Mike Guitar

    Mike Guitar3 months ago

    I just bought my very first order from GFUEL I got sonic peach rings and snow cone and a white shaker👍👍

  41. Jynkz fade

    Jynkz fade3 months ago

    The came on the tub is called red tiger from cod btw

  42. Yuv

    Yuv3 months ago

    Bruuuu I got my first tub of g-fuel yesterday and the scooper was on the top lol 😂😂😂

  43. Javier Lorenzo

    Javier Lorenzo3 months ago

    It’s mystery flavor

  44. Fasooly -_- XX

    Fasooly -_- XX3 months ago


  45. R34 Gaming

    R34 Gaming3 months ago


  46. mervat kamel

    mervat kamel3 months ago

    The fazex is so good in my opinion

  47. IsSa GaBe

    IsSa GaBe3 months ago

    i didn’t really like it, i bought the tub and i don’t really enjoy the after taste

  48. Faye

    Faye3 months ago

    I'm watching this video bc I just bought that pack and I wanted to see if it was a good choice and now that I saw this I'm happy about my punches😀 ps thank you so much for helping me in 11 so I want to spend my money well.

  49. Kenneth Ervin

    Kenneth Ervin3 months ago

    @MrTurtle the lead warning is only on there to conform with california standards so they could sell there - the ammount of lead is so trace youd have to drink like half-a-tub/day to actually be poisoned by the lead ... and all I have to say to that is good luck finishing half a tub in a day! lol! but in all seriousness, kids definitely shouldnt be ingesting this much caffeine while still developing, so youre right there.

  50. MrTurtle

    MrTurtle3 months ago

    The Beast Your Putting Your Life At Risk I Recommend To not drink to much cause it has lead it causes cancer and you should be drinking gfuel hydration it’s a little better but you shouldn’t be drinking it at all just letting you know!

  51. Brendan Kim

    Brendan Kim3 months ago

    Are you sure that’s gfuel powder

  52. Centro

    Centro3 months ago


  53. Dukaja

    Dukaja3 months ago


  54. LLamaMama _321

    LLamaMama _3213 months ago


  55. Jackson Hakenholz

    Jackson Hakenholz4 months ago


  56. Carlos Mena

    Carlos Mena4 months ago

    a say c

  57. monkey

    monkey4 months ago

    I just got the collectors box yesterday and i agree with all your points it is for sure one of my favorites

  58. MultiGidster :D

    MultiGidster :D4 months ago

    Does anybody else wait to review it with him?

  59. JoshBShredZ

    JoshBShredZ4 months ago

    i really hope people know what that WOW is from and theyre not just using it because it fits lol

  60. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez4 months ago

    When you use your code to get a discount at gfuel does it gotta be all CAPS or it doesn't matter??

  61. Ido van Dijk

    Ido van Dijk4 months ago

    I just got my first G fuel today, and drank the OG FaZeberry flavor while watching this.

  62. Dan Chierchia

    Dan ChierchiaMonth ago

    cringe af lttle kid

  63. Itz IQ

    Itz IQ4 months ago

    Your my favorite trust me 🥺

  64. Garrett shields

    Garrett shields4 months ago

    Expose the people who disliked

  65. ReflexxxRL

    ReflexxxRL4 months ago

    Make Mac and gfuel (Mac and cheese but with gfuel)

  66. Obliz

    Obliz4 months ago


  67. Xx_YoungBil08_ YT

    Xx_YoungBil08_ YT4 months ago

    Yay! I just used your code and saved around 35 bucks :)

  68. Lurchingcoder

    Lurchingcoder4 months ago

    Can u try different powdered flavors wit self carbonated water and compare it to the cans

  69. Samantha Heyman

    Samantha Heyman4 months ago

    underrated youtuber

  70. Draagon

    Draagon4 months ago

    Bro my cousin just got me banned from ur discord server

  71. IanTheGreat

    IanTheGreat4 months ago

    Yes Duk, you are my favorite USlikesr 😔 You don't have to worry about that DOOKAJAH *cough* Dukaja I mean

  72. Owen Bohm

    Owen Bohm4 months ago

    If you guys are not subscribed do it right now he is the best USlikesr ever

  73. Lenotas

    Lenotas4 months ago


  74. RetroOmega

    RetroOmega4 months ago

    Subscribed man you're awesome, because of you I'll be purchasing gfuel from now on

  75. CAP

    CAP4 months ago

    Anyone got any knowledge when the next bogo is

  76. Alec Moriarty

    Alec Moriarty4 months ago

    How does it compare to say Pewds flavor? My top 2 flavors right now are pewdiepies and sour faze berry and I’ve really been wanting to get this one but worried I won’t like the flavor. I have about 8 different tubs right now of all different flavors and the only one I genuinely don’t like is battle juice. What do you think, is it worth the cop or should I just get another tub of something that I know I like?

  77. Enz

    Enz4 months ago

    your glasses are beautiful

  78. Bigpatdaddyyy XD

    Bigpatdaddyyy XD4 months ago

    You should get your own flavor

  79. Northern Ninety7

    Northern Ninety74 months ago

    I dig it. It's like the white cherry gatorade but better. Maybe some lemon in there.

  80. Dawud Choudhury

    Dawud Choudhury4 months ago

    I'll be awesome that if he had a g fuel

  81. Hayden Yt

    Hayden Yt4 months ago

    Hey man I love you just know that

  82. BattleR6

    BattleR64 months ago

    How do you only have 50k you deserve 1m

  83. m0nkz

    m0nkz4 months ago

    What age would you recommend to start drinking g fuel?

  84. Cainen Cisneros

    Cainen Cisneros4 months ago

    Probably 13 - 14

  85. abdelmoez elbaz

    abdelmoez elbaz4 months ago

    That looks good

  86. Alastair Liddle

    Alastair Liddle4 months ago

    I have the same Kuni knife

  87. Jah

    Jah4 months ago

    White cherry Gatorade is the best drink ever, stop the propaganda

  88. Masterking435

    Masterking4354 months ago

    I subbed and I got a question about drinkctrl will they make a sample of birthday?

  89. Dubie

    Dubie4 months ago

    When you said "new content, from your favorite youtuber, right?" i really felt that and smiled saying you are tbh

  90. BerryFN

    BerryFN4 months ago

    Kunainai knife


    TRGTURTLEBOI Idk4 months ago

    Yes I’m your my fav youtuber


    HugHDOUGIII4 months ago

    What is a good flavor i should get next

  93. MundaneMelon

    MundaneMelon4 months ago


  94. Luo Lol

    Luo Lol4 months ago

    Not trying to be annoying but compared to the picture on the app the cup and tub a swapped

  95. Luo Lol

    Luo Lol4 months ago

    @Dukaja lol

  96. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago

    Thumbnail making magic woo

  97. DeeQuinn Quinn

    DeeQuinn Quinn4 months ago

    I’m to yung to have g fuel but your attitude is so positive . Your the best

  98. Simon Gutierrez

    Simon Gutierrez3 months ago

    How old are you?

  99. WebbyLlama

    WebbyLlama4 months ago

    Baby Kunai

  100. CRNG cobra

    CRNG cobra4 months ago

    where the silver hair👀

  101. AL Chungy

    AL Chungy4 months ago


  102. Lorcan Murphy

    Lorcan Murphy4 months ago

    cool video Dukaja

  103. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago


  104. David Litvinov

    David Litvinov4 months ago

    Yes finally thank you dukaja

  105. Rekless Clan

    Rekless Clan4 months ago


  106. Shadow Furious Gamer

    Shadow Furious Gamer4 months ago

    I ordered mine but it's coming November 19th I bought it last week because I got the pre-order link

  107. Retro Games

    Retro Games4 months ago

    Yo duk I know how your such a good guy but there is this small Minecraft youtuber who lives in Brazil so he can’t get gfuel you think you could hook him up his channel name is LIIPY


    XXSMOKED YT4 months ago

    I got mine and I have a question how much amount of gfuel do you fill up for 1 serving on a 2 go scooper ? Because Mine didn’t come with a normal scooper and I had to use the 2 go scooper and mine came out sweet ? Please help ?!

  109. Gingy_Duck Fan

    Gingy_Duck Fan4 months ago


  110. justt1n

    justt1n4 months ago

    Damn your growing so fast, I’ve been here for a while.

  111. R&S Gaming 908

    R&S Gaming 9084 months ago

    Bro it has lead

  112. owenhemmerich17

    owenhemmerich174 months ago

    I want gfuel soooo bad but my family can’t afford it :(

  113. johnquinn82

    johnquinn824 months ago

    Ohh that makes more sense sorry

  114. owenhemmerich17

    owenhemmerich174 months ago

    @johnquinn82 first of all it’s a Toyota supra and it’s not me it’s the legend Paul Walker

  115. johnquinn82

    johnquinn824 months ago

    Your profile is a Lamborghini ?

  116. Fortnitebot 3697

    Fortnitebot 36974 months ago

    Someone pls respond to me either faze berry or faze x witch one pls tell me

  117. SaltyBoiErik63

    SaltyBoiErik634 months ago

    Lmao who else thought he completely ditched Gfuel

  118. Jake Animates

    Jake Animates4 months ago

    They should rename fruit punch blood bath spill from the shining

  119. Abhiram Bijumon

    Abhiram Bijumon4 months ago

    Hello Duk

  120. Lj Hammon

    Lj Hammon4 months ago

    I have it and it is so good

  121. Tony Farmand

    Tony Farmand4 months ago

    Dude I’ve never had gfuel sour blue chug rug Seems soooooo good and same with cotton candy

  122. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago

    its SO good!

  123. It’sDanimal

    It’sDanimal4 months ago

    So am I the only one who wanted him to use the funco pop?

  124. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago

    one day i shall

  125. yung Skrilla

    yung Skrilla4 months ago

    they’re been killin it on the citrus flavors lately

  126. yung Skrilla

    yung Skrilla4 months ago

    Dukaja haha same dude

  127. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago

    ive been LOVING everything recently!

  128. ワイフAnime

    ワイフAnime4 months ago

    Yo I gave you the idea telepathically In ur last stream talking about anime’s😂

  129. ワイフAnime

    ワイフAnime4 months ago

    @Dukaja No way you replied!! Love the content and I will be in next stream🥳✌🏻

  130. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago


  131. Bruvil

    Bruvil4 months ago

    I just ordered the faze flavor on Monday and I’m glad you have it before me, thank you!

  132. Bruvil

    Bruvil4 months ago

    @Dukaja it arrived a couple hours ago and now I’m hooked! Thanks for the extra input

  133. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago

    awesome, yo! :D hope you enjoy!