World’s Most IMPOSSIBLE Magic (Omegle) - #Shorts

One of the World’s Most IMPOSSIBLE Magic Tricks on Omegle- enjoy!
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    Plz do a tutorial on this plz

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    Hi guys my name is Jeff Tv and do you know my number

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    Bet u got a lot of deck of cards below dont u

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    I know this magic i buy that card in lazada

  7. candy-corn King

    candy-corn King4 hours ago

    I think I know what he did he have so many cards at the end so he switch it so that look like 4 dims

  8. Eli

    Eli10 hours ago

    POV: he's made a flip book for every card so when someone says a card he just finds the flip book with that card✌

  9. Hamza Shaker

    Hamza Shaker10 hours ago

    All you gotta do is switch the last card off camera after she says it

  10. phat a. boy with 1k lbs

    phat a. boy with 1k lbs10 hours ago

    he should try American gots talent

  11. anousha and shirmaine vlogs

    anousha and shirmaine vlogs14 hours ago

    Plot twost for the last card he did all of the cards then gpt into an angle and took the four of diamonds that he drew and put ot behing the stack of cards

  12. dr physco

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    Yo so cool dude. Plz teach us 😎😎

  13. OutOfThePlanet YT

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    Imagine if he wrote the 4 of diamonds on the last card when he put his hands out of view

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    Did you tell her before

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    Why don't you show magic trick to boys ?🤣🤣🤣

  16. A I

    A I20 hours ago

    How the trick was done. Last car is blank, then the magician uses slight of hand to write the prediction then play the flip book and make it look like it was pre predicted

  17. Luis Vera

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    Oh I see when Sean put the cards down when she said the four of diamonds we switched the cards at the end

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    Where can I buy this

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    Do a nother one

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    Fakeeee lol

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    Fakeeee lol

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    ok how

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    Isnt this Dasha?

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    Just have a different last card for every option and put the one they pick on the bottom that’s easy.

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    Oh I wanna learn this one, my nephew would be flipping

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    He made one of those for each card... Nah, he's just magical and no one can explain what happened... Yeah, he's just magic

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    guess what she said she said WHAT THE F***

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    Dude, you are literally Tricking yourself out for followers.

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    Just wait till you get some diehard Penn & Teller fan on Omegle. 😂

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    Why is this card trick _so_ familiar?

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    Hey 👋

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    This is how he does it: because the part where the card is revealed is only 1 frame of the flip book, he has a card with each type of card on it and when they say their card he just picks up the one that has their card on it and puts it on the bottom of the deck

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    Like por la remera de Argentina

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    I know the trick

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    I would make a flip book for every card then switch the last few ones depending on what they say

  37. DeepSea

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    “yo pick a card” “uhhh 3 of clubs” *ends call*

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    He should've also said "did u know that I'm the greatest magician too.."

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    U know that creepy people on Omegle can track ur location

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    im pretty sure theres actually something else behind his card

  41. Michael Garavdemberel

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    Ya he find someone to say 4 dimonds

  42. juduzi

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    How does he do this

  43. Australien

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    almost stole her heart with that one

  44. Awdiwa

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    This was on america's got talent a few years back.

  45. KobyD1

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    To be honest... That girl sounds like Kiera from Caylus/Infinite- 0.0

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    Woaaaaaat the👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤝🤝 stupid

  47. Komose idk why

    Komose idk why3 days ago

    He has cards on the table and puts the card they say as the last card

  48. Fille boi

    Fille boi3 days ago

    I think he had all the cards already done and he just waited until she said the four of ♦️ and he just searched after it Cuz you can see him looking Att the card when she says her card

  49. Dark Blue

    Dark Blue3 days ago

    The last card that showed the 4 of diamonds the 4 of diamonds was not there before while he was asking them for a card he wrote it down without her seeing it

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    Oooh i know the trick behind this🤔😏

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    Shes so british i can drown my self in tea

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    I can't call it magic cuz you just showed her every card and just flipped it and St f until you get four of diamonds

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    She is so beautiful ! What is her name ?

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    Me out of nowhere: Hey! Did you know brother Sean looks like a big baby when he smiles? If it sounds offending or upsetting, it means brother Sean looks cute when he smiles so I hope brother Sean keeps up his magic tricks with smiles


    MICHELLE GOMEZ3 days ago

    He must've made the whole flipbook and when she named hr card just written it quickly

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    Omg how did my friend get on here

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    This has to be staged or show me how you did it

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    Ok am i hallucinating or did i see this magic trick in America's got talent or other spot?

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    Is that tarlia mar the person who’s dating Simon/ miniminter

  65. Carly Pettit

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    From sidemen

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    Witch craft! But I would have played along and said the instruction card!

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    He probably did it with all the cards and did it the same

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    This Trick is so easy its not one of the hardest

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    It's easy, just make copy of all cards an swap it before you show the trick

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    hey! hey!

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    I feel like I know how this is done... just switch the last few cards or something to the one that matches the persons guess? Idk 😂

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    You know what when he said bam I paused the video and said huh I have that card

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    Thats... Thats 2 diamonds..

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    Omg how?! can you do a tutorial please

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    Must have waited hours for someone to pick 4 of diamonds

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    how do you do that that impossible 🤯

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    Gj but like you could've just made all the cards and secretly put the card the person thinks of at the end but still gj

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    There are 4 of the cards there his just passing them until he finds the card gg

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    Just curious but do you go on tinder for this content? I mean hey more props to you hitting two birds with one stone LOL no pun intended

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    I know this magic i buy this on lazada

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    His voice is so sweet

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    He stalkef her and showed her diamonds and 4s so he could implant the number in her head

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    He was probably waiting for days for someone to pick 4 of diamonds😂

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    Imagine copying a bgt magician, couldn’t be this guy 🤫

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    He made flip books with a common cards that they would pick

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    Sean picking up all the girls 😃😂

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    I love your magic you are the best thanks for these videos

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    Actually, he told her to say four diamonds before he started recording

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    My sis could do it

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    You have other cards for the end and got the card she said

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    I think he just made a flip book for every card

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