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  1. Carolyne Petkewich

    Carolyne Petkewich3 hours ago

    With the sticky balls you throw them on your ceiling and it just sticks and falls I think

  2. Limarie Valencia

    Limarie Valencia5 hours ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about why she dont have underwear???

  3. Eden Sharlow

    Eden Sharlow7 hours ago

    Bang is legit the best That burp tho.

  4. Greta S

    Greta S23 hours ago

    You should try the case on ur annoying bathroom tiles and see if it sticks there

  5. a arguellez

    a arguellezDay ago

    Not to flex but rachel called me babe 😎😌

  6. lapras_loves undertale

    lapras_loves undertaleDay ago

    I re watched this video and 2 days later I saw someone at the store wearing the leggings and I told my sister at the store about the pants and she was laughing so hard she cried

  7. Patti Semler

    Patti SemlerDay ago

    Rachelll bang is a pre work out s drink not an energy drink

  8. Jaden Pratt

    Jaden PrattDay ago

    Rachel I only ever drank 1/3 of a bang you cannot drink an entire can of it in one day ever. Spread it out between multiple days. I do know a person who drank 4 in day but that is not okay

  9. Kayla Leah

    Kayla LeahDay ago

    Yes it look BIGGER

  10. Skyy818

    Skyy818Day ago

    Sticky balls for what? (x I seen some for the ceiling. Lay down tos them up they stick and fall. So you play catch. And I lowkey want those idk why but yeah (x

  11. Kali Goldsworthy

    Kali GoldsworthyDay ago

    Am I the only one that dosent get ads on tictok? I only get the “woah you’ve been scrolling way too long”

  12. Ava Reese Lujan

    Ava Reese LujanDay ago

    Who else misses her old intro🙁

  13. Miguel Hernandez

    Miguel Hernandez2 days ago

    The rainbow 🦄🦄 instantly kicked in 🤣😅😅

  14. Addison Lyles

    Addison Lyles2 days ago

    Try the Apple juice bottle

  15. Alyssa Anderson

    Alyssa Anderson2 days ago

    You throw them at the ceiling the *squishy balls

  16. Deeanna White

    Deeanna White2 days ago

    You should try the little green machine its supost to get stains out of ur car seats and clean ur seats really good you have to buy some kind of liquid that going with the brand of the machine

  17. Kailin

    Kailin2 days ago

    Do shark tank products

  18. Aiden Morris

    Aiden Morris3 days ago

    I love bang

  19. gayatri nallam

    gayatri nallam4 days ago

    Sticky balls are globbles there FIDGET toys

  20. Lian Vung

    Lian Vung4 days ago

    The "STICKY BALLS" are called "GLOBBLES" lol

  21. Ava Synclair

    Ava Synclair5 days ago

    My class watched your how to write a resume video in history yesterday 😂😂

  22. Alise Norris

    Alise Norris5 days ago

    omg im going to have a heart atack continues to drink it

  23. Devlynn McGeady

    Devlynn McGeady5 days ago

    They are not sticky boards their glow balls

  24. Bella Nguyen

    Bella Nguyen5 days ago

    The sticky balls are global chuck it at the roof and they fall one by one

  25. Jazzy Beaudry

    Jazzy Beaudry5 days ago

    the sticky balls, when people use them on tiktok, they normally throw them to the roof and then let them fall

  26. RuinMyMakeup13

    RuinMyMakeup135 days ago

    Bang works with someone that’s 14 🙃

  27. Hi Bye

    Hi Bye5 days ago

    you throw the sticky balls at the celing

  28. Kaydence Davis

    Kaydence Davis5 days ago

    I have my pluto case of rn.....and YES WITH THE BUTTONS

  29. Useless username

    Useless username6 days ago

    Bang does collabs with underage but they only promote non caffeinated energy drinks or something

  30. Haylie Claire

    Haylie Claire6 days ago

    But how does mystery gf feel abt the leggings

  31. KeMyah_Diamond_Princess Wilson

    KeMyah_Diamond_Princess Wilson6 days ago

    Her intro 🤣😂🥲😂🥲🥲🤣🤣🤣

  32. Sarah Bauer

    Sarah Bauer6 days ago

    Can u please make a video with ur girlfriend in it

  33. Amelia’s Wonder world

    Amelia’s Wonder world6 days ago

    I drink bangs and I’m under 18 and if you are you only drink hale

  34. heaven guevara

    heaven guevara6 days ago

    you got to throw the sticky balls on the roof

  35. Angelica Perez

    Angelica Perez6 days ago

    Where can I get that phone case??

  36. Lailah Drew

    Lailah Drew7 days ago

    The sticky balls you’re supposed to throw onto your ceiling and then once they fall you’re supposed to catch them and throw them back up it’s supposed to be like a fun little activity game thing

  37. Jenna

    Jenna7 days ago

    why is Bang eighteen+(my number one on my keyboard doesnt work), but they sponser a bunch of sixteen yr olds on tiktok😂

  38. Beatrice Collins

    Beatrice Collins7 days ago

    The blue razz bang is my favorite flavor

  39. Meg Mohan

    Meg Mohan7 days ago


  40. Kathleen Combs

    Kathleen Combs7 days ago

    The sticky balls are for you to throw on the celling and then they fall and its just a destressing toy

  41. McKenna Kelly

    McKenna Kelly7 days ago

    R people ignoring the fact that she said “I like my butt either way so where’s my energy drink”

  42. Addison Adams

    Addison Adams7 days ago

    5:10Rachel after so much sugar

  43. Undefeated emo God

    Undefeated emo God7 days ago

    I can't believe your gay!!!!!!!!! You were my first girl crush!!!! Plss respond to this I will cry!!!! I love you

  44. Rachel

    Rachel7 days ago

    Why did I get an add for the leggings right before Rachel was going to show the leggings?....

  45. Sammylammy

    Sammylammy7 days ago

    I think those balls are called gloobles you there two or one on the ceiling and catch the ones that fall and throw it back up

  46. IGotTooManyOTP

    IGotTooManyOTP7 days ago

    And also: the way blaze follows/stares at the pants changing

  47. IGotTooManyOTP

    IGotTooManyOTP7 days ago


  48. Alexz Wilson

    Alexz Wilson7 days ago

    Imagine one of the landscapers walking by as she twerks in the window

  49. Lily Walsh

    Lily Walsh7 days ago

    An add popped up for the ones she had on I swear to god 😮

  50. Cara Stramaglia

    Cara Stramaglia7 days ago

    Where do u get the pants from

  51. Ali Meislin

    Ali Meislin7 days ago

    I always say now that I’m gonna take off my eyebrows haha

  52. Harper Sanchez

    Harper Sanchez8 days ago

    The “sticky balls” stick to the ceiling and u can wash them if they get dirty

  53. Sarah Phillips

    Sarah Phillips8 days ago

    Now one: ..... ABSOLUTELY NOWONE...... Rachel: OooOOoooOooO 🤣

  54. chaice lawrenson

    chaice lawrenson8 days ago

    Why does she have a picture of one dog and not the other for her screen saver

  55. Emily Ward

    Emily Ward8 days ago

    Where are your glasses from😍😍

  56. Leah Dobson

    Leah Dobson8 days ago

    All the fidget toy owners are going crazy and when Rachel got a pop it

  57. James 108

    James 1088 days ago


  58. Maddie Junker

    Maddie Junker8 days ago

    I got the sticky toys aka globals an I liked them at first now I don’t really like them now

  59. Alissa86091

    Alissa860918 days ago

    The sticky balls are a lot of fun if you throw them up on the ceiling and they stick depending how hard you throw them and you can rinse them and they will be brand new

  60. Anoushka Ball

    Anoushka Ball8 days ago

    No one: Rachel: 'I'm gonna have a heart attack' CHUGS MORE

  61. Paris Gayda

    Paris Gayda8 days ago

    It says not for under 18 because of the caffeine

  62. Nya Moody

    Nya Moody8 days ago

    Rachel is so cool omg

  63. caitlynn white

    caitlynn white8 days ago

    no one. littraly no one. rachel ;forget forget forget forget forget forget forget hi

  64. Charli Jankord

    Charli Jankord9 days ago

    They sold Bang at the Athletic Club I worked at. Its pre-workout for some people.

  65. Fun with Maci

    Fun with Maci9 days ago

    I’m ten... and like a year ago my mom bought me and my brother a bang so we wouldn’t be tired for school the next morning

  66. J P

    J P9 days ago

    Rachel: sticky balls Me: thinks of mineta🍇

  67. Kaylalb08 Bates

    Kaylalb08 Bates9 days ago

    ⚜️Sticky Balls⚜️

  68. Ava Turner

    Ava Turner9 days ago

    me i do have adds on tiktok

  69. Lexi Miller

    Lexi Miller9 days ago

    The people who make bang energy donate thousands of dollars to homophobic organizations every year

  70. Callie Schwan

    Callie Schwan9 days ago

    The sticky balls are for the ceiling

  71. Mia Wilson

    Mia Wilson9 days ago

    Yeah I get adds aswell

  72. maddie g

    maddie g9 days ago

    Ehm.. I drink bangs like all the time

  73. maria Samaniego

    maria Samaniego9 days ago

    Can u pls do a give away with the sticky balls🥺


    IZABELLA TRILLAS9 days ago

    I drink bang and i am 9

  75. Josie Ashton

    Josie Ashton9 days ago

    Me:enjoying the vid When Rachel burps: BURP Me: springs into action and feels very uncomfortable

  76. Coffee & Lemonade

    Coffee & Lemonade9 days ago

    I just realized bang is the new max rager (izombie reference)

  77. Angie Escobar Ortiz

    Angie Escobar Ortiz9 days ago

    Omg my mom has the exercise pants hahaha

  78. Paige Cunningham

    Paige Cunningham9 days ago

    Lol at her not even throwing the sticky balls on the ceiling like the purpose of them is

  79. Llama Lover

    Llama Lover10 days ago

    Yay you earned a subscriber 😃

  80. Lexxi Jackson

    Lexxi Jackson10 days ago

    I'm also part of the commando club

  81. Lu'ul Isse

    Lu'ul Isse10 days ago


  82. Os Dias Da Roberta !

    Os Dias Da Roberta !10 days ago

    We stick it on the tiling when we laying daun

  83. Os Dias Da Roberta !

    Os Dias Da Roberta !10 days ago

    We dont yoos the sticky balls like that

  84. Caitlin Basile

    Caitlin Basile10 days ago

    I'm been getting the touch screen flip phone

  85. Alex12 Zavala

    Alex12 Zavala10 days ago


  86. Ofelia Graddy

    Ofelia Graddy10 days ago

    You supposed to throw the sticky balls on the ceiling and try to catch them and most people throw them while laying down on like a couch or bed

  87. Ellabella Yaas

    Ellabella Yaas10 days ago

    “Oh my god I’m gonna have a heart attack” (takes another sip)

  88. Kirsten Stew

    Kirsten Stew10 days ago


  89. Avery’s Club

    Avery’s Club10 days ago

    You wash them first

  90. kirby conroy

    kirby conroy10 days ago

    Ok so if Rachel doesn’t post next time post, she has died from that energy drink, as it has shocked her heart and is full of POISON

  91. Jayde's World

    Jayde's World10 days ago

    The sticky balls are called gobbles

  92. Charlotte Gibson

    Charlotte Gibson10 days ago

    im feeling sticky. -rachel ballinger 2021

  93. Meklit Lealem

    Meklit Lealem10 days ago

    LOL! I was just eating popcorn and when she ways wiping her eyebrows i was wiping my eyebrow with popcorn!!

  94. Lacey Fisher

    Lacey Fisher11 days ago


  95. A Paw

    A Paw11 days ago

    I want Rachels confidence and self love so much🥺

  96. teresa merz

    teresa merz11 days ago

    The under 18 thing I know why they put that I am 14 drank a whole energy drink and I had a intense head ache from the cafine

  97. Shannon Hoadley

    Shannon Hoadley11 days ago

    I think those are called Globules

  98. Miranda Leigh

    Miranda Leigh11 days ago

    Did you paint your bathroom walls? The light blue looks really nice!

  99. Lulyn Rodriguez

    Lulyn Rodriguez11 days ago

    i dont like the ads.

  100. Denita Kee

    Denita Kee11 days ago

    I have some sticky balls and i throw them at the ceiling and catch them when they come down. if they get to we’re they aren’t sticky anymore, then run them under hot water.