On-Again, Off-Again Abby (Season 3, Episode 38) | Full Episode | Dance Moms

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After missing the last competition, Abby returns to the studio and the wrath of the Dance Moms as she tries to focus on Nationals, which are only two weeks away in Season 3, Episode 38, "On-Again Off-Again Abby." #DanceMoms
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"Dance Moms" follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation's favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.
The road has not been easy for Dance Mom's star Abby Lee Miller. After completing her prison sentence last year, the famed dance instructor was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. But if anything, Abby has proven she is a fighter and is not ready to hang up the dance shoes. The new season of Dance Moms follows Abby as she rebuilds her dance company while battling the after-effects of cancer that has left her confined to a wheelchair. Abby is ready to get back to her life and do what she loves most...teaching students to dance! With the goal of putting her life, health and dance studio back together, Abby returns to where it all began - the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh.


  1. Dance Moms

    Dance Moms18 days ago

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  2. Derek Sidor

    Derek Sidor12 days ago

    You should do season 3 nationals.

  3. Aesthetic Cutie

    Aesthetic Cutie13 days ago


  4. Michelle Bennett

    Michelle Bennett13 days ago


  5. Jyrianna Wilks

    Jyrianna Wilks13 days ago


  6. Easily Eli

    Easily Eli3 minutes ago

    18:28 you cant trust these eyes

  7. •Luner•__•Celeste•

    •Luner•__•Celeste•13 hours ago

    When I say Hadley and Zac I was like AHHHHHH and then started simping for Zac-

  8. Simply Keiko

    Simply Keiko17 hours ago

    I like how Giana does the dance with them

  9. Maddy Siciliano

    Maddy Siciliano20 hours ago

    The apple tree is so much like pyramid hahah

  10. gigi hall

    gigi hall21 hour ago

    That’s a first that I’ve seen Yvette act like that 😳

  11. Claire Rodgers

    Claire Rodgers22 hours ago

    We need a complication of Yvette yelling and crying


    LOVELYLANAFAN SweetieDay ago

    Y’all gonna hate on me but I like the candy apples routine better 😂


    LOVELYLANAFAN SweetieDay ago

    9:10 okay Chloe you got balance

  14. Camila Miles

    Camila MilesDay ago

    did any one of yall see that girls sun burn or tan 20:09

  15. Cammy Barnes

    Cammy BarnesDay ago

    Guys Gina is high key sassy

  16. Michael Lateur

    Michael LateurDay ago


  17. Isabella Batka

    Isabella BatkaDay ago

    plssss- i got a fabletics x Maddie Zeigler ad lmao

  18. Eleanor's Blog

    Eleanor's BlogDay ago

    The apple tree kills me...😂


    LOVELYLANAFAN SweetieDay ago

    Fr but Cathy is nicer than Abby during pyramid or apple tree 🌲

  20. Isabella Batka

    Isabella BatkaDay ago

    those Pheonix rising costumes were so ugly

  21. Christabel Quijano

    Christabel Quijano2 days ago

    that pyramid was the least dramatist pyramid of all time

  22. Annalise Riebe

    Annalise Riebe2 days ago

    Does anyone else think that the Dance Moms intro is cringey?

  23. Meals Of Mastery With Mya

    Meals Of Mastery With Mya2 days ago

    Nias Mom is so nice

  24. sushi •

    sushi •3 days ago

    i hate that mackenzie constantly gets compared to EVERYONE. she is her own person and she is so incredibly talented.

  25. shy

    shy3 days ago


  26. sugar playz

    sugar playz3 days ago

    When Jill screams I say one apple a day keeps the Jill demon away

  27. Madison Licalzi

    Madison Licalzi3 days ago

    cathy is just is a plagiarism queen

  28. Ruth Teka

    Ruth Teka4 days ago

    Does anyone in the comments watch dhar mann ,it’s literally the exact opposite of dance moms.

  29. Whatsername97

    Whatsername974 days ago

    Maddie’s face/ emotion in the group dance is really impressive. I usually am not a fan of the Maddie face but I really love that dance

  30. pogi Markh

    pogi Markh4 days ago

    Hate Black Patsy

  31. Addie Smith

    Addie Smith4 days ago

    No one gonna talk about how abby said she wanted a 5'8 dancer but also didnt let someone on the team cause they were tall

  32. Rashmika Hyder

    Rashmika Hyder4 days ago

    When I saw Lucas John Cathy’s studio I was in shock😯

  33. Prowler berry

    Prowler berry4 days ago

    Can someone tell me where is season 3 ep 39 is at??

  34. Jackie Figueroa

    Jackie Figueroa4 days ago

    Chole is such a beautiful dancer. Amazing talented dancer ❤️❤️❤️.

  35. Jackie Figueroa

    Jackie Figueroa4 days ago

    Kelly say If I had a magic wand I would make 5 3 I would to Abby and 110 pounds😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Jackie Figueroa

    Jackie Figueroa4 days ago

    Christi had me in 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂. Maybe if I leave 🍔 from the studio to Abby's 🏠 maybe she will follow the trail and come back.. Then Kelly says maybe some donuts 🍩.And Jill add some nuggets 😂😂😂😂

  37. Ante' Taylor

    Ante' Taylor4 days ago

    Not Cathy clowning Anthony every chance she gets 🥱

  38. Madds Vlogs

    Madds Vlogs5 days ago

    I watch dance moms every day but whenever Kathy isn’t it I always realize she’s never the one to choreograph dance 😂😂

  39. Oh My KENZIE!

    Oh My KENZIE!5 days ago

    I don’t really like when they showed candy apples I am I literally clicks on this video to watch Aldc Not candy apples

  40. Oh My KENZIE!

    Oh My KENZIE!5 days ago

    No offense

  41. Emily Castillo

    Emily Castillo5 days ago


  42. Kylie Smith

    Kylie Smith6 days ago

    I'm really confused because I don't know if I heard Melissa right or not. While Abby is explaining that she's basically getting ready to lose her mother. Did Melissa really respond with "but Abby Maddie really needs you! Nationals are just a few weeks away?" WOW..... that's absolutely horrible! It literally just showed me how completely selfish Melissa truly is.

  43. xShizzlez

    xShizzlez6 days ago

    23:18 Mackenzie is playing Toca Boca Doctor

  44. isabella swindle

    isabella swindle6 days ago

    abby acting like she didn’t know that melissa was coming over with the camera man is in her kitchen 💀

  45. Jessica Vilt

    Jessica Vilt6 days ago

    The moms are so nosey. It's not thier business where Abby was and what's she's doing etc... and for christy to use the f word and give the finger around kids .... not adult behavior. I would of kicked her off the team and she would not be welcome back. I don't think it's right or appropriate to swear and to use the middle finger around kids. I'm sure if they weren't in the room that they can hear the yelling .

  46. Nicole Olmos

    Nicole Olmos6 days ago

    Chole and zack would make a really good couple

  47. Liana Darwish

    Liana Darwish6 days ago

    I love dance moms and I love Abby Lee Miller she is such a great teacher I love you guys

  48. Paris 123

    Paris 1236 days ago

    0:16 when someone says the best roast 😅😅😅 Also I have to say Kristie Ray is funny when she fights.😅

  49. Leah Hodges

    Leah Hodges6 days ago

    Does ellianna walmasly and lily ketchman still do dance moms

  50. brooklynn woods

    brooklynn woods6 days ago

    why was melissa trying to make abby come to the dance studio when her mom is sick and needs abby, thats selfish in my opinion but go off i guess

  51. Sadie Wilhelm

    Sadie Wilhelm7 days ago

    Cathy looking like she’s shopping at forever 21 in the vid Cathy also looking like she’s shopping at forever 89 in the interviews

  52. Aubrey Mack

    Aubrey Mack7 days ago

    When zack hugged chloe on stage 🥰, he is such a good sport

  53. No Name

    No Name7 days ago

    I would have hated, hated, hated to be the child of these mothers! Who, no, what are these...?!

  54. Gab

    Gab7 days ago

    “McKenzie your acting is horrible” i would just tell her to unleash her inner kelly

  55. Heiress Stewart

    Heiress Stewart7 days ago

    Ngl Abby has a point her mom does need her more then the team😐

  56. Scoot. Roblox

    Scoot. Roblox7 days ago

    Cathy has her own tree-

  57. Tøxïć Êñërgÿ

    Tøxïć Êñërgÿ7 days ago

    3:58 UM HELLO this is why christi said gianna wasn’t nice😂

  58. georgia page

    georgia page7 days ago

    BAHHAAHAHAKSOUWUQA the amount of drama with the parents is hilarious bc the kids do not care at ALL

  59. carol song

    carol song7 days ago

    jill sit down. nia paige and brook doesnt have a solo either stFu

  60. Tatiana Vicenti

    Tatiana Vicenti7 days ago

    Why does it feel like all the moms were bullies and Abby was the one they pick on while in high school.....Now she's doing good and they all hate the fact that she is? 😂jkn idk the story but yeah

  61. Paris 123

    Paris 1236 days ago

    Well Abby and Kelly were friends with each other when they were younger.

  62. Sherlyn Perez

    Sherlyn Perez7 days ago

    Poor Yvette she is a good teacher better than Cathy

  63. Sherlyn Perez

    Sherlyn Perez7 days ago

    Booooo for Cathy 🤢

  64. Musical Rice

    Musical Rice7 days ago

    14:06 , I feel like she was a cheerleader in High School

  65. Devynn Cross

    Devynn Cross7 days ago

    i cant with jill cuz she always wants something more with her kid i mean i get it but all she is do is making people not like her like if u agree

  66. Dabi

    Dabi7 days ago

    POV: you come here to watch the kid drama- but you realize that it’s called dance MOMS

  67. Chanel#5

    Chanel#58 days ago

    Y’all why was I expecting Kathy to have Vivey at the top of her apple tree😂😂

  68. iTsYoGuRlLiVy

    iTsYoGuRlLiVy8 days ago

    ok is it just me or is it like the candy apples are literally always behind the dance moms in the audience?

  69. Kelleigh Bratts

    Kelleigh Bratts8 days ago

    Ummm in no way shape or form is fat shaming ok so all of that hamburger trail stuff was rude perioddd🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  70. ritika abburi

    ritika abburi8 days ago

    I love that cathy’s team is just abby’s rejects

  71. Alexa Hughes

    Alexa Hughes8 days ago

    sorry but all of Cathy's team is Abby's rejects + Cathy's a karen. - Just my opinion.

  72. Angelica Easterly

    Angelica Easterly8 days ago

    It’s pretty easy to know mellisa likes Maddie more then McKenzie

  73. Taliyah Starks

    Taliyah Starks8 days ago

    how yall doing this and there is crona out

  74. Seira

    Seira8 days ago

    I only watch these because I know I can never be like them so I cry to these

  75. Walter Marable

    Walter Marable8 days ago

    Cathy was cry she is so stupid

  76. Marianne Williams

    Marianne Williams8 days ago

    mari spells her name the same as i do

  77. Jameelah Figueroa

    Jameelah Figueroa8 days ago

    Jill and Christi are so similar to what they said cause Christi said that why is mellisa having secret meeting with Abby and Jill said she had a secret talk with abby

  78. Jameelah Figueroa

    Jameelah Figueroa8 days ago

    Jill : my little Kendall deserves a solo Me : what Kendall got like more then 10 solos from all of the seasons

  79. Trinity’s Allstar Cheer Life

    Trinity’s Allstar Cheer Life8 days ago

    That’s because Casey Brought the drama

  80. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear8 days ago

    how is holly always sitting right there 😊

  81. Brooklynn Coel

    Brooklynn Coel8 days ago

    Why does it always have to be about Kendall tho

  82. sleepyclaire

    sleepyclaire8 days ago

    WHY IS 29:51 SO FUNNY TO ME **scoot scoot scoot**

  83. Denise Cervera

    Denise Cervera8 days ago

    I dont get this moms her mother is dying and they just worrie about dance leave her alone her mother is dying let her be with her mother

  84. Veronica Medrano

    Veronica Medrano9 days ago

    I wish dance moms were still here

  85. Russell Morris

    Russell Morris9 days ago

    See Cathy that’s what happens when you’re trash

  86. Kylie Guzman

    Kylie Guzman9 days ago

    No I hate it

  87. Kylie Guzman

    Kylie Guzman9 days ago

    Because they yell

  88. Alana_ Isyourfriend

    Alana_ Isyourfriend9 days ago

    Cathy really thought she did something I-

  89. Gaby C

    Gaby C9 days ago

    I hate your vidos i hate how you guys act so mean !!!!

  90. Roniesha Lestrick

    Roniesha Lestrick9 days ago

    Okay black and blue is probably one of my favorite dances now

  91. Brianni S Walker

    Brianni S Walker9 days ago


  92. Mikaela Cantrell

    Mikaela Cantrell9 days ago

    Cathy said she doesn’t have time for crying grown women, but yet she was crying. Lol

  93. Ava Arias

    Ava Arias9 days ago

    I don’t need us here candy apple candy apples I don’t need to hear that

  94. Ava Arias

    Ava Arias9 days ago

    I am watching this for Abby

  95. Jerlyn Lang

    Jerlyn Lang9 days ago

    Can we talk about how toxic the pyramid thing is? Like your basically just comparing kids

  96. tiana winfield

    tiana winfield9 days ago

    i dont think zach has good choreography. its just eh

  97. tiana winfield

    tiana winfield9 days ago

    theres so many things wrong with cathy. all these yrs shes focused on the wrong thing. shes more focused on beating abby then the growth of her kids.

  98. Novice Price

    Novice Price9 days ago

    And vivian has no talent.

  99. Novice Price

    Novice Price9 days ago

    I don't like asia or her mom.

  100. Julia Marshall

    Julia Marshall10 days ago

    Not me liking every comment to make it a even number OCDs really getting to me 🙈

  101. Chalisia Mingo

    Chalisia Mingo10 days ago

    you know one day i want to go to aldc instead of cadc because i seen her studio and somebody 3 people walked out crying

  102. Shaylynn Skinner

    Shaylynn Skinner10 days ago

    Who is your fav dance mom?

  103. Ava Rogers

    Ava Rogers10 days ago

    My new midnight show 😂✋

  104. gianna griffin

    gianna griffin10 days ago

    Also cathy saying she has no time for crying and her also crying at the end lol

  105. eva muzinich

    eva muzinich10 days ago


  106. gianna griffin

    gianna griffin10 days ago

    I feel like yevet is kinda dramatic like who cares cause someone didn't say your name that you help with the dance.

  107. Orlin Vlogs

    Orlin Vlogs9 days ago

    It’s wasnt right for Gina to not give credit to Yvette but you right about her being dramatic..

  108. kelly-087

    kelly-08710 days ago

    Idk but sometimes I think that cathy copy the idea of the pyramid from abby but idk

  109. Graice79 Oelfke9

    Graice79 Oelfke910 days ago

    Candy apple needs to shut up about what that are saying

  110. hxney PrEtZeLsYt

    hxney PrEtZeLsYt10 days ago

    Ligit Christi’s silent mouth talk at the beginning me: HAHAHAHHAHA LOL OMG