Adorable puppy crashes reporter's weather report on live TV! | FOX 5 DC

FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY:
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  1. FOX 5 Washington DC

    FOX 5 Washington DC13 days ago

    FOX 5's Bob Barnard was cleaning icy cars - and rescuing puppies - on a cold and slippery morning in Leesburg! STORY:​ STAY CONNECTED: INSTAGRAM »​​ TWITTER »​​ FACEBOOK »​​ On the go? Stay in the know! Keep connected to DC, Maryland and Virginia news and weather by downloading FOX 5's mobile apps, and make sure to allow notifications to receive alerts:

  2. Alice Tarrant

    Alice Tarrant2 hours ago

    He took his kids to school there and back ! Geez !

  3. M. A.

    M. A.3 hours ago

    @dreaming while fat yea you really must be dreaming buddy.

  4. Alisa Inez

    Alisa InezDay ago


  5. dreaming while fat

    dreaming while fatDay ago

    Covid it's not a virus and the vaccine is not a vaccine

  6. Margo King

    Margo King2 days ago

    My question is, did he actually scrape the car window and earn the $20 or did he return it? Lol.

  7. Simplicity ASMR

    Simplicity ASMR3 minutes ago


  8. Daniel Martins

    Daniel Martins6 minutes ago

    POV: You are the main character

  9. Dirty Honey

    Dirty Honey7 minutes ago

    This guy is such an amazing person. He just made my freaking day. 🤣

  10. gt3wells

    gt3wells16 minutes ago

    He handled that well 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  11. NLE Soaps

    NLE Soaps36 minutes ago

    Dog sitting 😂😂😂 so many jobs

  12. NLE Soaps

    NLE Soaps37 minutes ago

    I’ve never seen anything like this lol I’m traumatized lol. Going back to Florida 😂😅

  13. Missmallows

    Missmallows38 minutes ago

    Puppy: put me dooooowwwnnn she's coming oooouuttt i just experienced freeedooommm she'll get meeee you scoundreeelll

  14. anony mouse

    anony mouse44 minutes ago

    hahaha! so random and cute!

  15. Shelbee Pollino

    Shelbee Pollino46 minutes ago

    This has to be my new favorite news clip ever 😂 I wish Bob was my weather man!

  16. Maddie F.

    Maddie F.47 minutes ago

    Somehow both chaotic and wholesome

  17. Ravina Ferrer

    Ravina Ferrer49 minutes ago


  18. E S

    E S57 minutes ago

    Oh my goodness ❤️

  19. sarag2208

    sarag2208Hour ago

    All the positive vibes in this video!

  20. Lasna34

    Lasna34Hour ago

    These ppl are so fake. Imagine having to be around them.

  21. Black-N-Beautiful

    Black-N-BeautifulHour ago

    Funny & adorable all in one short video, cool 😊

  22. p

    pHour ago

    Me: what a positive warm weather reporter! ***a puppy runs towards him*** My heart: YES! He's a positive warm person!

  23. Nathania ly

    Nathania lyHour ago

    So did he ever finish scraping the ice off 👁👄👁

  24. Gabriel Moreira

    Gabriel MoreiraHour ago


  25. Illuminated Journey Tarot

    Illuminated Journey TarotHour ago


  26. Professor X

    Professor XHour ago

    I love it.😎

  27. S A

    S AHour ago

    This guy is a keeper. I would look forward to watching his news segment everyday

  28. Ricardito

    RicarditoHour ago

    Lol I love this !

  29. Rachelle Rutherford

    Rachelle Rutherford2 hours ago

    Whoever that is laughing in the background is what got me🤣

  30. Alana Daze

    Alana Daze2 hours ago

    Above and beyond... as always??? I want this guys life :)

  31. Łukasz

    Łukasz2 hours ago

    Are we going to pretend that we didn't hear that she named her dog Pierogi?

  32. Kamen Springer

    Kamen Springer2 hours ago

    Yo I’m early, imma reserve my seat for the next 7 years

  33. Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson2 hours ago

    He got $20 then left. Must be a democrat.

  34. Hey It's Noreen

    Hey It's Noreen2 hours ago

    This is the best weather report I've ever seen! 😂

  35. RyRy Wags

    RyRy Wags2 hours ago

    Always nice to have some extra cash flow from a few second jobs!

  36. Lukasz Bien

    Lukasz Bien2 hours ago

    YT and its recommendations of american weather report to find out that the adorable dog's name is pierogi (polish for dumplings)... lol.

  37. Batgirl P

    Batgirl P3 hours ago

    Puppy at 1:52

  38. popixel

    popixel3 hours ago

    Jump to 1:50 to see what you came to see.

  39. Kap Pit

    Kap Pit3 hours ago

    I eat perogie.

  40. Cesar Galan

    Cesar Galan3 hours ago

    This guy’s energy is just magnetic 🧲💯

  41. Sharon Gitau

    Sharon Gitau3 hours ago

    I like how in north VA this weather is not too bad. In tx this is horrendous. Lol I love this guy btw

  42. Lila H.

    Lila H.3 hours ago

    0:14 🤣

  43. GusBus Shmurda

    GusBus Shmurda3 hours ago

    That reporter is great

  44. Simon Z.

    Simon Z.3 hours ago

    I have to admit no one does funny and easy going news broadcasts like the Americans :D good for you!

  45. Martyna Galant

    Martyna Galant3 hours ago

    Pierogi ruskie 😎

  46. L calle c.

    L calle c.4 hours ago

    I head the dog name gatorate

  47. Lemur Blue

    Lemur Blue5 hours ago


  48. Elon 888

    Elon 8885 hours ago

    they need to fix their gate!


    JANMAR ROD6 hours ago


  50. Ashley Mae

    Ashley Mae6 hours ago

    Pierogi is a happy dog!! 😍

  51. VanHellsing

    VanHellsing6 hours ago

    Democrats didn't cancel pierogis so far? Thank goodness!

  52. Kammie Winchester

    Kammie Winchester6 hours ago


  53. TheSporehacker

    TheSporehacker7 hours ago

    The puppy stole the show

  54. Lexillios

    Lexillios7 hours ago

    I would be sooo happy haha cute puppyyy

  55. 10cody7

    10cody77 hours ago

    this dude is a damn leprechaun

  56. Ratzfatz

    Ratzfatz7 hours ago

    Plot twist: That puppy saw the camera and knew exactly what he had to do.

  57. Diary of a Lesbian Gamer

    Diary of a Lesbian Gamer7 hours ago

    This was cute. That's how my puppy acts. So cute.

  58. Zyten Farlier

    Zyten Farlier7 hours ago

    Bob gives off only good vibes.

  59. Keabetswe Maleka

    Keabetswe Maleka8 hours ago

    How do you survive the ice 🥶

  60. Lorne Marmet

    Lorne Marmet8 hours ago

    I can't believe these guys are implying that the Texas Department of Transportation is SO INCOMPETENT that they can not function without a Senator holding their hands.

  61. John Smith

    John Smith8 hours ago

    Careful, the dog doesn't have two masks on and is not social distancing.

  62. mitch lesinski

    mitch lesinski8 hours ago

    What the fuck is this lmao. Clicked for the pup , got some sort of chaotic news cast.

  63. Ashley Kleinford

    Ashley Kleinford9 hours ago

    What is happening here 😂😂

  64. GruffChick Journal

    GruffChick Journal9 hours ago

    Best weather report ever!

  65. Smol Child

    Smol Child9 hours ago

    What a great friggin day he’s having

  66. 221BSam

    221BSam10 hours ago

    I love how a dog knows a good person & will just go right to them ☺️ not a Ted Cruz fan, you’re fine with me.

  67. Anukii

    Anukii10 hours ago

    This segment was an ADVENTURE! 😂💖

  68. Jo Montanee

    Jo Montanee10 hours ago

    The puppy came out at 1:45

  69. Sar_E_Bear

    Sar_E_Bear10 hours ago

    Why do people on camera in the field still keep a mask on? THERE IS NO ONE AROUND THEM!!!

  70. how dare u

    how dare u10 hours ago

    they look so stupid wearing masks

  71. Bri Berg

    Bri Berg11 hours ago

    The Lyly was so exited hahahaha

  72. Milla Li

    Milla Li12 hours ago

    He had one job and he didn't do it 🤣 don't get me wrong.. I loved this. Thanks youtube algorithm!!

  73. John Doe

    John Doe12 hours ago

    Wow! Such a nice segment .:)

  74. JohnJ469

    JohnJ46912 hours ago

    Americans are strange. Why use frosted glass for car windows? But they must have great parties, lots of foam on the street from the one last night. Party on!

  75. Justtubingby

    Justtubingby12 hours ago

    They support the wall but constantly go to the other side.

  76. Sheila Boese

    Sheila Boese12 hours ago

    all you need is a spray bottle some rubbing alcohol and/or vodka and some water two parts water one part alcohol spray it on the icee windows and watch it melt away you can deice car doors as well learned this last year after an ice storm came through and froze my brother's doors on his truck we used some vodka that some drunk threw in our yard we don't drink came in handy though lol


    NIRMALA N13 hours ago

    What actors!!! I thought only Indians were good at acting😏

  78. K Rose

    K Rose13 hours ago


  79. Beverly Campbell

    Beverly Campbell13 hours ago

    Can you tell me why in the blazes is that reporter wearing a mask? If he only knew how ridiculous and unnecessary it is.

  80. Smol Mishka

    Smol Mishka13 hours ago

    Would have done the same thing forget the camera pet the doggy

  81. Giant Killer

    Giant Killer13 hours ago

    "Perogie..."? 🤣 Liberal snowflake name if I ever heard one! You too?

  82. nobhill1991

    nobhill199113 hours ago

    All I can hear is someone laughing their butt off in the background!!! hahahahaha

  83. bob blob

    bob blob13 hours ago

    that couldve been dangerous having a puppy run onto the road like that if there was traffic

  84. Aretha Van Sluytman

    Aretha Van Sluytman13 hours ago

    the neighbor was definitely expecting his $20 back lol

  85. D Jacobsen

    D Jacobsen14 hours ago

    Thank you for helping the cold puppy

  86. Lurking YT Since 2007

    Lurking YT Since 200714 hours ago

    Pierogi the Puppy needs its own show!

  87. Cashley Davenport

    Cashley Davenport14 hours ago

    I just want the Fox 5 jacket 🔥

  88. Do I No U?

    Do I No U?14 hours ago

    that dog knew exactly what they were doing

  89. Violet Moon

    Violet Moon14 hours ago

    Can he be my life coach 🙏✨such positive vibes yes to 🐶 and 💰 😍

  90. Jeanette Kniebusch

    Jeanette Kniebusch14 hours ago

    Turn the car on & put the defrosters on.I love this guys attitude imagine coming home to that fun attitude! Someones a lucky Wife & kids!

  91. It'sMeCc

    It'sMeCc15 hours ago

    Love Bob's personaliy.

  92. VL Astrid

    VL Astrid15 hours ago

    Yo I love that reporter guy! If he was in my news channel, i will never get tired watching news because of him!


    TOXIC_CHINQUINO15 hours ago

    Legendary reporter this guy is awesome

  94. Steve Valkos

    Steve Valkos15 hours ago

    Bob is one cool guy. :)

  95. J

    J15 hours ago

    this was such a good report

  96. Ralph Christianson

    Ralph Christianson15 hours ago

    Probably the best thing that has ever been on Fox news, hurray for the dog, and did he ever clear the ice off the frozen car.

  97. LinkaBell GAME

    LinkaBell GAME15 hours ago

    I love the fact that the puppies name is Perogy that's amazing.

  98. admatd1234

    admatd123415 hours ago

    Best weather report I've seen 😂 Loved it!

  99. Bexie Brooks

    Bexie Brooks15 hours ago

    Come for the puppy, stay for the slams on seditionist senator Cruz.

  100. Ayeshâ

    Ayeshâ15 hours ago

    The pup is Soooo excited to be famous now

  101. Be You-nique

    Be You-nique15 hours ago

    Plot twist: she saw the reporters and sent the dog as bait to get to be on camera. lol 😂

  102. Carol Hutchinson

    Carol Hutchinson15 hours ago

    If you pour warm water on the windshield would it break? 🤔

  103. Mundane AudioHead

    Mundane AudioHead15 hours ago

    Guy made $20 & picked up a puppy. What a time to be alive for him. Belongs in the USlikes News comedy section.

  104. pinkfreud62

    pinkfreud6215 hours ago

    Just warm the car up for 15 minutes and defrost the back.

  105. Eunoia

    Eunoia16 hours ago

    I love him.