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  1. Experience Master

    Experience MasterMonth ago

    "NCR are so condescending towards me" also badger: Is literally dumber than a brick

  2. Cruz Braylon

    Cruz Braylon22 hours ago

    @Deandre Christopher whoa! Took roughly 15 minutes but it worked!

  3. Deandre Christopher

    Deandre Christopher22 hours ago

    not sure if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram account using insta portal. You can find it by Googling for Insta Portal account hack if you care

  4. Ryan Mills

    Ryan Mills3 days ago

    my cousin got bout 4 mysterious stranger in a row in fallout 4

  5. Nocthe Medic

    Nocthe Medic5 days ago

    @Cody McNugget I am preaching trashy liberal arts bullshit? Due to literally look at the 1st week of Biden's presidency compared to last four years of Trump. We were at relative peace under trump's presidency yet not even a fucking week after Biden was elected did we declare war again

  6. Nocthe Medic

    Nocthe Medic5 days ago

    @Cody McNugget 1st of all, I didn't mention anything about Roman. 2nd of all, just look at World War II. Germany the big bad fascists were simply trying to regain lost territory from the 1st world war. It was really only when Poland refused to return Danzig and France attacked Germany and Germany went sicko mode. Also another World War II fact, Germany offered peace to Great Britain 4 separate times, each refused by Winston Churchill, the same guy who was on record saying "I know how many lives are lost every day in this war but I can't help but love every second of it" Also another fact, the warmongering communists as you call them spent the entirety of the war minding their own fucking business. Yes it is true that they spread their ideology across the world as best as they could, but they didn't spread their bullets until they were attacked 1st in many instances Also fun fact, almost all of Africa joined the access in order to break free of Great Britain's rule. Democracy is so great that an entire continent joins the "evil guys" in order to break free of it

  7. Hazard

    HazardHour ago

    I didn’t even realise this was 30 minutes long

  8. The Cobra Commander

    The Cobra Commander3 hours ago

    Love how he said that he “was thinking about playing some fallout” and then made a 30 minute masterpiece of SFM.

  9. Luminosity1111

    Luminosity11114 hours ago

    3:20 😭😂

  10. Luminosity1111

    Luminosity11114 hours ago

    My first time watching this guy and he’s already on my top 5 favorite USlikesrs 🥵

  11. A holy Crusader

    A holy Crusader4 hours ago

    What is the song at the begging?!?!?

  12. Versora Hellsing

    Versora Hellsing6 hours ago

    New Vegas is an experience, lemme tell you.

  13. Mali Daigle

    Mali Daigle7 hours ago

    I love your humor dude, the powder gangers rule part made me laugh 😂

  14. Macques is Bacques

    Macques is Bacques7 hours ago

    Why do you look like my math teacher?


    RAT BEARD7 hours ago

    Every dislike on this video are just misclicks

  16. Ryan French

    Ryan French7 hours ago

    I found this game not very good.

  17. ryoga81 !

    ryoga81 !10 hours ago

    1:37 Jessup looks like murder gives him wood...

  18. Yea360

    Yea36010 hours ago

    This is my favorite video from badger. I have rewatched this so much

  19. Voldemort

    Voldemort10 hours ago

    Miss fortune comes out and obliterate people then the M1 grand ping

  20. Cheese Monkey

    Cheese Monkey11 hours ago

    I had to watch three times for fun to realize the platinum chip is a v-buck in his video I feel like the same ape in the beginning

  21. The Dull Crusader

    The Dull Crusader11 hours ago

    how to defeat the Fiends 1. go to their base 2. open console 3. type in "tgm" 4. M U R D E R 5. profit

  22. Wyatt Kozak

    Wyatt Kozak12 hours ago

    Wanna sleep in a bed but someone already has it? Well, let me introduce you to Mr. Sandman!

  23. Mason French

    Mason French12 hours ago

    I remember this game so fondly, right before fallout 4 came out I got New Vegas and fallout 3, the golden age of the series. The most exciting moment was coming across the Nellis Air Force Base, the constant shelling of the artillery cannons as I tried to gun it straight for the base and then getting destroyed instantly. Was just so exciting

  24. Imalsoagamer978

    Imalsoagamer97813 hours ago

    Have you ever seen a guy kill a man with a screwdriver? That’s Vegas baby

  25. Bbustthemboys141

    Bbustthemboys14114 hours ago

    I highly suggest you play Fallout 3! They have another good story line in Fallout 3 even the DLC’s are worth buying for too!

  26. Stalky 77

    Stalky 7714 hours ago

    _I guess the game just got rigged at the start_

  27. Lynn Parnell

    Lynn Parnell14 hours ago

    NCR will never disarm you. Legion always disarms you.

  28. Pufferfins

    Pufferfins15 hours ago

    When the video is 40 minutes long and you haven't noticed it and you haven't pressed the skip button once you know it's a good video

  29. hurrikane

    hurrikane15 hours ago

    damn, not picking ncr is kinda cringe

  30. fishboy

    fishboy16 hours ago

    yes man's forGOTTEN should be badger's thing

  31. Hex Bread

    Hex Bread16 hours ago

    He didnt shoot the war memorial.

  32. Saud Alkaabi

    Saud Alkaabi20 hours ago

    When I say Ave you say...... TRUE TO CAESAR

  33. William Johansson

    William Johansson22 hours ago

    Bager next time when sniping dont use vats cus you might miss and the enemy will detect you just a tip

  34. William Johansson

    William Johansson22 hours ago

    I always gose for high carisma for much stuff for low caps

  35. Tristan Bloomfield

    Tristan Bloomfield23 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure I’ve watched this at least 5 times

  36. Jonathan Dingus

    Jonathan Dingus23 hours ago

    Fun fact the after 1st week I bought this game you make a fuking video about now DO SKYRIM BITCH

  37. Magnus

    MagnusDay ago

    I still cant get used to the fully animated characters. The character stills were way better.

  38. shane tyler

    shane tylerDay ago

    I just ordered New Vegas on Amazon for the PS3 You know I'm bout to do this build and become a legend throughout the Mojave

  39. Kurumi Tokisaki

    Kurumi TokisakiDay ago

    Yup the first time I meet the NCR thats what I did fuck the NCR I killed them and took their armor that rifle its really nice.

  40. Emperor Kovsai

    Emperor KovsaiDay ago

    Was that dwight from dbd in the beginning intro

  41. Matthew Neighly

    Matthew NeighlyDay ago

    You missed out on naming it "v.i.p. delivery guy experiences nuclear fallout and makes normal life worse", but this title works too...

  42. AdrianO

    AdrianODay ago

    "how did I lose karma for that he was alredy a vegetable I was just making mash potatoes" BEST FUCKING LINE EVER

  43. Tristan Erwin

    Tristan ErwinDay ago

    “Yeehaw chucklefucks” XD

  44. Sonic Anims ジ

    Sonic Anims ジDay ago

    Freeze time dio style 😎

  45. Kevin Perfors

    Kevin PerforsDay ago

    I'm not sure, but II think he hates the NCR

  46. CEO of Cat Co.

    CEO of Cat Co.Day ago

    That segment of Badger and Joshua Graham capping people with the .45s along the doo-wop music... So romantic

  47. The KeerKat

    The KeerKatDay ago

    As someone who typically goes full charisma/intelligence/paragon in these games, this video makes me want do a playthrough with this build.

  48. Reece Selby

    Reece SelbyDay ago

    You should do a fallout 3 video, but Imma be real wit you chief it’s a great game but new Vegas is just a better game baring in mind the game is so glitchy & broke Bethesda literally abandoned it, but it’s somehow better than fallout 3 & 4

  49. Judge Moffatt

    Judge MoffattDay ago

    Anyone else coming back to this video time and again because the production quality, explanations and animations alike are top tier? If I could tag this as a perma-favortie I totally word, superb work Badger and cannot wait to see more.

  50. Matis Fledžinskas

    Matis FledžinskasDay ago

    "Is this shit broken?" *plays with max luck*

  51. CJ the known

    CJ the knownDay ago

    I became a terrorist as early as the game started against the NCR they sent only one hit squad to take care of me. ONE. What a bunch of morons

  52. hank the handkerchief

    hank the handkerchiefDay ago

    What is that last song with the the guy in armor walking its not in the description

  53. Fuer

    FuerDay ago

    *SPOILER* I have a perk called lord death on my character which i gained randomly while killing someone once. The description is "you have a damage bonus against everything because you like killing everything."

  54. The Mad Doctor

    The Mad DoctorDay ago

    Is it just me or does Mr. House sound like the Spy when he says “courier”?

  55. Onespot kid

    Onespot kidDay ago

    He has vbucks

  56. Poseidon 4G

    Poseidon 4GDay ago

    When I saw Cachino I thought he sounded familiar... Then I realized, he reminds me of a young Zemnian wizard! So I looked it up and naturally, Liam O’Brian voiced him and a bunch of other characters! That just makes this game 100 times better!


    TRY HARD XFNDay ago

    Try doing other fallout games like 3 or 4

  58. Robert Wallington

    Robert WallingtonDay ago

    My first and highest level TES: Oblivion character, turned into a vampire who was stuck in a well during the day, and you either drowned to death, or you got out and immediately died to the sun 🙃

  59. Mortar team and a pooch

    Mortar team and a poochDay ago

    Interestingly enough, whatever your experience in the game (Legion was always easier for me - their guns suck and I am not going to go HtH with 'em), but in battles between NPCs NCR troops usually tear apart Legion even at 1:2.

  60. Mortar team and a pooch

    Mortar team and a poochDay ago

    Of all DLCs why HH? OWB is Hilarious, SM is... Well, they wanted to go for Survival Horror, but, well, survival is a joke, and well, not much horror when you are loaded on ammo and stims up the gills. And LR is the most atmospheric.

  61. Austin V

    Austin VDay ago

    This content is fresh af. Subbed.

  62. Annie leon

    Annie leonDay ago


  63. FaintAcrobat

    FaintAcrobatDay ago

    If you're calling Cyberpunk a broken piece of trash, I see you didn't play Fallout New Vegas at release. You know Bethesda's games are usually pretty scetch at release? Yeah, times that by ten and you have FNW. I literally came across three different game breaking bugs in the first week of it's release. After years of updates, I'm not surprised that it's pretty damn good now.

  64. franky setiawan

    franky setiawanDay ago

    diavolo death 24:55

  65. D3vil's Advocate

    D3vil's AdvocateDay ago

    "Time is a flat circle" I love that he made a true detective reference

  66. Deadman14

    Deadman14Day ago

    This has inspired me to do an unstoppable moron build in fallout 4

  67. Deadman14

    Deadman14Day ago

    However instead of Agility I went with perception so that instead of being fast and inaccurate I just blow their heads off from a mile away with an iron sights 10mm pistol

  68. jesse james

    jesse jamesDay ago

    don't lie you are racist takes one to know one it's ok denying it is weak we kill the xenos

  69. D1sc0rd740

    D1sc0rd740Day ago

    Imma go Lord Death Of Murder Mountain when I play this

  70. D1sc0rd740

    D1sc0rd740Day ago

    Imma use the same SPECIAL badger and I got this game just because u made this video

  71. Miguel Talamantez

    Miguel Talamantez2 days ago

    Just so u know this is my fav video of urs

  72. Carbodude

    Carbodude2 days ago

    The Courier is the most powerful Fallout protagonist because not even getting double tapped in the head could stop them.

  73. Hunter Stonechild

    Hunter Stonechild2 days ago

    Can't believe you didn't toss Oliver off the dam

  74. Corso Revanant

    Corso Revanant2 days ago

    I've watched this like 5 times, and have to say, ur build Badger, is so much fun👌👌

  75. R34PR

    R34PR2 days ago


  76. mykeal wilson

    mykeal wilson2 days ago

    MMMMMM.... Cheemsburbger...

  77. PanzerFaust _

    PanzerFaust _2 days ago

    Ofcourse the legion are based they are romans.

  78. Kryptnyt

    Kryptnyt2 days ago

    You take a sip from Slobodan Praljak's trusty canteen

  79. Gamer Rocket

    Gamer Rocket2 days ago

    Ceasar: yeah so go to whover dam.... ah damn it FUCK THE NCR

  80. liam wilke

    liam wilke2 days ago


  81. Vault Boi

    Vault Boi2 days ago

    34:44 is so good


    RUSSIAN MELON2 days ago

    How did he do the animated parts?

  83. flat Mars society

    flat Mars society2 days ago

    That build gives me a aneurysm

  84. Nightmare Rush

    Nightmare Rush2 days ago

    He should do a part 2 playing the rest of the dlc

  85. Thehorned Beast5

    Thehorned Beast52 days ago

    22:15 thank me later

  86. Wit Wunsz

    Wit Wunsz2 days ago

    Marksmen energy

  87. Renato Darkhuman Extra

    Renato Darkhuman Extra2 days ago

    you know is funny to see how people love Fallout new vegas saying is the best fallout ever but is full of clitches/bugs everywhere, but when we talk about cyberpunk 2077 but is Also full of clitches/bugs and almost everyone hate it... oooohhh the hyprocrecy

  88. Brandon Palmer

    Brandon Palmer2 days ago

    Play The Lonesome Road DLC and then tell me that a cazador is scarier than a deathclaw

  89. Cat with a Coffee

    Cat with a Coffee2 days ago

    Pete says savages the exact same way that Bo Burnham says artist.

  90. Kelsey Madison

    Kelsey Madison2 days ago

    The upset control fittingly embarrass because use inversely saw opposite a good bun. invincible, maniacal friend

  91. SteeCrow

    SteeCrow2 days ago

    Did the tribals speak german, wtf? :D

  92. Doom Slayer

    Doom Slayer2 days ago

    My favourite line from russianbadger 19:25

  93. Snakeyes 44

    Snakeyes 442 days ago

    Best Vegas better ever

  94. Aze dev 122

    Aze dev 1222 days ago

    I got the game but I can’t sprint can some one help

  95. Ghøst Uploads

    Ghøst Uploads2 days ago

    I got a LAS VEGAS casino ad...what a coincidence

  96. TheAngryDanishViking

    TheAngryDanishViking2 days ago

    Mr. House is voiced by Odo from Startrek DS9!! XD I just realized it... after having played the damn game through, oh.... 7 times I think?

  97. Sgt Chimaera

    Sgt Chimaera2 days ago

    I'm watching it for like the 5th time and it is still awesome to see and hear your comments about is love it

  98. GradyTheHermit

    GradyTheHermit3 days ago

    I think mr house's voice actor is rene aberjones aka Odo from ds9

  99. Doctor Ouroboros

    Doctor Ouroboros3 days ago

    34:43 is the funniest shit I can’t-

  100. Cayden Carson

    Cayden Carson3 days ago

    What’s that ending song? It’s perfect to listen after sipping on that goddamn canteen.

  101. Legionary assassin

    Legionary assassin3 days ago

    I love you

  102. Kryptnyt

    Kryptnyt3 days ago

    I also am a heavy sleeper who only wakes up for the second dynamite stick

  103. nine divines

    nine divines3 days ago

    I spent the night with benny and left him in slavery with caesar

  104. ItzMapleLy

    ItzMapleLy3 days ago

    I just redownloaded this game since I got a better pc and wanted to play It again and wondered if there were still stuff on yt about it and damn this is nice

  105. VoidalMyth

    VoidalMyth3 days ago

    This games plot is reliant upon a vbuck

  106. Piano Tutorials

    Piano Tutorials3 days ago

    I altered the chance of miss fortune for the “luck and gameplay”