4 of Charli and Dixie D'Amelio's Favorite Things

For POPSUGAR's November digital cover story, we sat down with Charli and Dixie D'Amelio on set of their cover shoot to chat about some of their favorite things - from holiday traditions to personal theme songs.
Check out the full shoot and the sisters' Q&A in our POPSUGAR digital cover story: www.popsugar.com/celebrity/charli-dixie-damelio-interview-on-fame-family-47968295
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  1. Aneira Arsaveda

    Aneira Arsaveda9 hours ago

    0:20 What's the last show you binge-watched? my answer: dance moms lol hAhaHa

  2. Brooklyn Dean

    Brooklyn Dean18 hours ago

    If charli is older why does Dixie look older

  3. Reilly Cafferty

    Reilly Cafferty16 hours ago

    Dixie is older

  4. femboy hooters employee

    femboy hooters employee23 hours ago

    i feel so.. uncomfortable- like chile dis who y’all stan ????

  5. kevin tabler

    kevin tablerDay ago

    Thats a good one .. i know mmhhmhmm

  6. Fawaz Al farsi

    Fawaz Al farsiDay ago

    The demi lovato hair 😭

  7. Makenna Ferreira

    Makenna FerreiraDay ago

    She just ruined the grinch for me

  8. tallisa maww

    tallisa maww2 days ago

    this is so embarrassing

  9. Serena Hammoud

    Serena Hammoud2 days ago


  10. Niurka Valdespino

    Niurka Valdespino2 days ago


  11. Rose Davis

    Rose Davis2 days ago

    Saying her personal theme song is Spose’s “I’m Awesome” is actually a little sad

  12. ally is bestt

    ally is bestt2 days ago

    Why they laugh like they have a gun 2 their head

  13. CBC 00

    CBC 002 days ago

    Why would you include them not knowing the name of your business😬

  14. n

    n3 days ago

    i mean its kind of obvious they dont have any real talent , theyre overrated

  15. Olivia Hemingway

    Olivia Hemingway3 days ago

    the both of them have the personality of a rock

  16. Petra Dinan

    Petra Dinan3 days ago

    Is nobody gonna talk abt dixie’s hair💀💀

  17. Neha Anadure

    Neha Anadure3 days ago

    everyones talking about how overrated charli is.. WHAT ABT DIXIE. she did nothing but be the same blood as charli she didn't even write her song by herself. All of her other songs are just remixes and its just getting old. Don't even come at me with the ""she deserves the hype" because the only reason she got veiws on her song is cuz her little sister did the renegade. I said what I said

  18. ꧁Mocha Latté꧂

    ꧁Mocha Latté꧂2 days ago

    I mean....periodt.

  19. Trace Lamb

    Trace Lamb3 days ago

    Omg they getting made so much fun of on tik tok 😌✌🏻

  20. idathehoney

    idathehoney3 days ago

    They are cute and everything but this is so boring to watch

  21. Kyndal Ryann

    Kyndal Ryann3 days ago


  22. •Isa•

    •Isa•3 days ago


  23. Rhianna Grande

    Rhianna Grande4 days ago

    This was the most awkward thing I’ve ever watched

  24. Eric Lopez

    Eric Lopez4 days ago

    Dixie look like wanda the blonde girl from spider man into the spider verse😭

  25. Romēo

    Romēo4 days ago

    Why she said chicken nuggets I thought it was Dino nuggets that's are her fave 🤣🤣🤣 dopey arse

  26. evangeline

    evangeline3 days ago

    dino nuggets are chicken nuggets

  27. chanoussa

    chanoussa4 days ago


  28. elizabeth

    elizabeth4 days ago

    wait but the good place is so good so go watch it guys 😋

  29. dolita windo

    dolita windo4 days ago

    THE HAIR 😭😭😭

  30. Vivien

    Vivien4 days ago

    If you watch Dixie’s smile from the beginning to 0:03 she just looks more and more in pain

  31. Lifestyles Sam

    Lifestyles Sam4 days ago

    This made me sleepy I’m sure sorry

  32. Alexandra Xo

    Alexandra Xo4 days ago

    This video was so awkward

  33. M Ali

    M Ali4 days ago

    Dixie gurl- the hair✋ WHAT is going on 😭😭✋✋ BYEEE

  34. dolita windo

    dolita windo4 days ago


  35. Strawberry Tea

    Strawberry Tea4 days ago


  36. It’s_kylya Marie

    It’s_kylya Marie4 days ago

    Why Dixie look musty in this

  37. im in the getto rattta

    im in the getto rattta4 days ago

    dixie that hair tho

  38. felicity cervantes

    felicity cervantes4 days ago

    This is so awkward they have no personality

  39. Eviana G

    Eviana G4 days ago

    someone said they look like my little pony’s

  40. 👁👄👁

    👁👄👁4 days ago

    this video is gonna haunt them forever

  41. Nevaeh Chanski

    Nevaeh Chanski4 days ago

    Ugh they are so incredibly boring... please don’t give them a platform we have way too many talented people out there that deserve a spot.

  42. Jaydie

    Jaydie4 days ago

    Why does Dixie look so musty-

  43. Daja ASMR

    Daja ASMR5 days ago

    I’m just extremely in aw with how we are living in age where a simple app can change our lives

  44. Valerie Correa

    Valerie Correa5 days ago


  45. damar1

    damar15 days ago

    why she look like elsa

  46. maghanoy mae Ia

    maghanoy mae Ia5 days ago

    Nice, I hope someday want to promote your pop sugar fitness in the philippines

  47. Tamzin Bush

    Tamzin Bush5 days ago

    Biggest glow down ever

  48. Tamzin Bush

    Tamzin Bush5 days ago


  49. marissa pritchard

    marissa pritchard5 days ago

    Dixie does not look good as a blonde...

  50. Lily Childs

    Lily Childs5 days ago

    so you all don't have foods you don't like? charli was setting a goal, and the snail was a joke. they aren't spoiled, they worked hard to get to where they are today

  51. Lily Childs

    Lily Childs5 days ago

    @alida flus no, they worked hard to be where they are. you can just leave them be

  52. alida flus

    alida flus5 days ago

    They will be forgotten at some day, spoiled children!!

  53. hanna

    hanna5 days ago

    ok for the people who just comment the negatives i dont think its wrong charli said “ do we have dino nuggets “ why do you want really to hate and she apologies, and if you think this video boring cant you just skip the video , stop hating on them why do yall like being haters if you hate em just go and block

  54. alida flus

    alida flus5 days ago

    It was in a misunderstanding she knew it was a snail she said herself that's when she started spilling it all out acting all dramatic

  55. avery banes

    avery banes5 days ago

    dixies hair omg

  56. johnnysuhsgirlfriend

    johnnysuhsgirlfriend5 days ago

    Punk Karen

  57. Emanuel Duenas

    Emanuel Duenas5 days ago

    biggest glow down in history

  58. lii lii

    lii lii5 days ago

    Yall really sending a minor death threats cause she wants dino nuggets?

  59. lii lii

    lii lii5 days ago

    And dixie is allowed to not like food

  60. lii lii

    lii lii5 days ago

    Even if she was being rude. Shes a teenager obviously sometimes shes gonna have an attitude stop acting like youre an angel

  61. Meilleurs Amis

    Meilleurs Amis5 days ago

    I just want to say that they are still TEENAGERS! No one- and I mean no one- is perfect. Especially in their teens. I also want to point out that it's fine to be a picky eater, and the snail thing was all a joke! Stop with all the hate! And don't unfollow people for one miniscule thing that happened a week ago! It's not ok!

  62. D

    D5 days ago

    th is wrong with dixies hair lmao

  63. Kyra Lily

    Kyra Lily5 days ago


  64. Marina

    Marina6 days ago

    They high asf

  65. Saryu

    Saryu6 days ago


  66. Adriana Davila

    Adriana Davila6 days ago

    They seem soooo zooted

  67. luxiia

    luxiia6 days ago

    dixies hair-

  68. alida flus

    alida flus6 days ago

    Is it just me or when I saw Dixie's hair I thought she shaved half of her head and I was like no she didn't!!!!!

  69. Debra Charles

    Debra Charles6 days ago

    It was in a misunderstanding she knew it was a snail she said herself that's when she started spilling it all out acting all dramatic

  70. Sam Wong

    Sam Wong6 days ago

    They will be forgotten at some day, spoiled children!!

  71. Charlotte Hewson

    Charlotte Hewson6 days ago


  72. alida flus

    alida flus6 days ago

    they did dixie so dirty with that hair 💀💀💀

  73. Charlotte Hewson

    Charlotte Hewson6 days ago

    they’re either zooted or boring as fuck

  74. grzrwolfhard

    grzrwolfhard6 days ago

    don't get me wrong i like charli and dixie, but they are literally the worst people to interview. everytime they get interviewed it's so dry and thier answers are so bland. like the least they can do is put more effort into what they say. 😌

  75. Tuongvy Nguyen

    Tuongvy Nguyen6 days ago


  76. Branay Beauford

    Branay Beauford6 days ago

    Dixie : I'm Awesome by expose Charlie : I know it's good one Dixie : I know 😅😅😅

  77. SupaSpicyBoi

    SupaSpicyBoi6 days ago

    I'm awesome by Spose 🤢 at least she likes breaking bad

  78. Trinity Collins

    Trinity Collins6 days ago

    This is so boring

  79. Hanin

    Hanin6 days ago

    wat was tht “mmhmmhmhmmm”😺

  80. fruity al

    fruity al6 days ago

    yes girls give us nothing!

  81. jasmine

    jasmine6 days ago


  82. Erin Mole

    Erin Mole6 days ago

    That’s a good one 😏 I know 😌 mHmhMhmMHm

  83. jas

    jas6 days ago


  84. Douae Benslim

    Douae Benslim6 days ago

    they're beyond boring, it's mindblowing

  85. kaiya thomas

    kaiya thomas7 days ago

    they only say one word for every question

  86. katie lukasik

    katie lukasik7 days ago

    their smiles are so forced 💀💀💀

  87. katie lukasik

    katie lukasik7 days ago

    they did dixie so dirty with that hair 💀💀💀

  88. izeth benavides

    izeth benavides7 days ago


  89. shea

    shea7 days ago


  90. Allyson Rivera

    Allyson Rivera7 days ago

    Stop no Dixie your hai

  91. Allyson Rivera

    Allyson Rivera7 days ago


  92. Soph

    Soph7 days ago

    So incredibly vanilla. How are these two famous?


    BRII IS LIFE7 days ago

    Why yall watching the video in the first place if tkur think there "bland" and "boring" like nobody cares gtfo


    BRII IS LIFE6 days ago

    @M B well i think its mainly the people from tiktok that like them...she got over 100 million followers the other day i dont think they are boring but I like her and stuff I mostly just watch her dance cuz thats why she's famous now

  95. M B

    M B6 days ago

    I don’t use TikTok so idk these people, but they are being written about everywhere, and I seen Charlie at Dunkin’ Donuts. Most people like me are probably just seeing what they are about, and man they’re boring. Can’t believe everyone is into them. No personality at all.


    BRII IS LIFE7 days ago

    @gioyu comi I loveeeee them too lol

  97. gioyu comi

    gioyu comi7 days ago

    I love them

  98. Arin Gokdemir

    Arin Gokdemir7 days ago

    Aight aight but hold up yall. Why u expecting two teenagers to be well rounded human beings. Most people would be brats if they became rich and famous overnight at age 16. Worry about yourselves smh.

  99. chloe

    chloe7 days ago

    theirs laughs are annoying and Dixie looks musty

  100. Aliyah Vidales

    Aliyah Vidales7 days ago

    ok poot

  101. Brettsky

    Brettsky7 days ago

    Ok but spaghetti nor chicken nuggets or a “ type of food” but whatever

  102. April Vallejo

    April Vallejo7 days ago

    Why are they famous 🤣

  103. Glizzygobbler420

    Glizzygobbler4207 days ago

    Not I’m awesome by Spose LMAO

  104. Kaysie C

    Kaysie C7 days ago

    Y’all ever heard the song im awesome by spose? 😀💀

  105. Breanna Beltran

    Breanna Beltran7 days ago

    Who every did there hair did them dirty

  106. maruchan

    maruchan7 days ago

    Im sorry but i really hate when girls stick there tongue out a lot and charli does the same look all the time lol

  107. Rachael Olivia

    Rachael Olivia7 days ago

    Damn they’re bland

  108. It’s me Red

    It’s me Red7 days ago

    Dixie looks SO MUSTY she looks like she smells

  109. Sk8er Boi シ

    Sk8er Boi シ7 days ago

    Sooo boring!!

  110. Brian Delgado

    Brian Delgado7 days ago

    There bland

  111. sofia higgins

    sofia higgins7 days ago


  112. Anel Aguirre

    Anel Aguirre7 days ago

    I love them

  113. drphillsaysno

    drphillsaysno7 days ago

    y’all baked or

  114. zuko

    zuko7 days ago


  115. T0r1

    T0r17 days ago

    Pov you came from TikTok

  116. Alexis Childress

    Alexis Childress7 days ago

    Dixie I love you but what is that hair 😭