Russ vs Jack Harlow - The Crew League (Episode 1)

Team Diemon v. Team Private Garden
On the first episode of #TheCrewLeague, #JackHarlow and his good-natured day ones on Team Private Garden take the court against #Russ and Team Diemon.

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  1. Witch of the Wilds

    Witch of the Wilds8 minutes ago

    AJ is a god.

  2. Man Man

    Man Man18 minutes ago

    Just came here to say no one likes Russ.

  3. #Loudstyle

    #LoudstyleHour ago

    I love this shit lmao 😂

  4. Senko San

    Senko SanHour ago

    bro russ is such a bitch he recruted a NBA players to a REC like tournament

  5. Yuki

    Yuki2 hours ago

    this is like wild n out but baller style

  6. Anjelino Sharkey-Elena

    Anjelino Sharkey-Elena3 hours ago

    Lmaoooo Russ so lame

  7. Luke Collins

    Luke Collins4 hours ago

    Next year they should invite more actual artists, not clowns like Russ who will cheat and take any low road to try and win

  8. Ty Sanders

    Ty Sanders4 hours ago

    jack funny just without tryin😂💀

  9. Y.K Supe

    Y.K Supe4 hours ago

    Bro AJ rompza is from Chicago ain’t no way him and Russ go way back 😂 tf

  10. J0 .s

    J0 .s4 hours ago

    Enjoyed it more than the other games . Shit was funny as hell

  11. Wyndell Rice

    Wyndell Rice6 hours ago

  12. Lukas Eschler

    Lukas Eschler7 hours ago

    I bet Russ recruited big Tim

  13. Oumar Diand Jr

    Oumar Diand Jr10 hours ago

    This channel is dope

  14. Crispermanx60

    Crispermanx6010 hours ago

    This vid only got 1mill views cause of jack

  15. HernandezNC

    HernandezNC11 hours ago

    hopefully Diemon got against my boys 150 dreamteam

  16. Kahlil Jones

    Kahlil Jones12 hours ago

    Druski said Jack ain’t tryna fight 😂😂😭

  17. ClassicCrazy

    ClassicCrazy12 hours ago

    ayoo jack kinda sus

  18. Louie

    Louie13 hours ago

    No disrespect but who 24kgold ?

  19. Jay Portal

    Jay Portal13 hours ago

    13:36 IM FUCKIN DEAD

  20. devonte williams

    devonte williams14 hours ago

    Aye we need these refs in the league for real 😭

  21. Trash WiFi YT

    Trash WiFi YT15 hours ago

    Russ would do some fuck shit like recruiting D1 ballers. TF

  22. Zeke

    Zeke15 hours ago

    Russ built like 6ix9ine

  23. Bailey B

    Bailey B16 hours ago

    I can't help but to laugh at russ on this one bruh man is so sus, got the pros on the team cuz he hittin AIRBALLS lmaoooooo

  24. Shawn Clashes

    Shawn Clashes16 hours ago

    tf is a ufc hooper

  25. Reggie Slim

    Reggie Slim17 hours ago

    The nigga wit da beard look like Nba Herm 😂😂

  26. Patrick McKiernan

    Patrick McKiernan17 hours ago

    Russ brings his teams average height to 5ft

  27. Simo King

    Simo King17 hours ago

    Bro fuck russ, this dude brang former nba players and college players who aren't his friends like wtf, it its like that Jack shouldve Brought Tyler herro

  28. sylvia bell

    sylvia bell17 hours ago

    Jack a lil fruity....

  29. That_whitekidd

    That_whitekidd19 hours ago

    Russ been a walking L still is


    KAYTEETHEICEMAN19 hours ago

    these refs aint shit lmao

  31. Honza Sebera

    Honza Sebera19 hours ago

    2:34 Man looks like a 33 years old mom that shops at LV

  32. lowermerrion33

    lowermerrion3319 hours ago

    Russ is so easy to hate

  33. IsaacWGK

    IsaacWGK20 hours ago

    Wasnt even one clip of russ with the ball LOL

  34. kevin ritota

    kevin ritota20 hours ago

    harlow is fucking hilarious

  35. Bruno Pinto

    Bruno Pinto21 hour ago

    Russ couldn't play physical even if he wanted to haha

  36. nataya goris

    nataya goris21 hour ago

    Jack Harlow is a real one for just bringing the homies

  37. Bruno Pinto

    Bruno Pinto21 hour ago

    Jack won this show for sure, he was the only one to bring the real crew.

  38. Bruno Pinto

    Bruno Pinto21 hour ago

    Really Russ

  39. Terrance Williams

    Terrance Williams21 hour ago

    jack is always saying something gay to druski

  40. BangBang 405

    BangBang 40522 hours ago

    Bro Russ been a weenie lol dude hate to lose just like he lost his rap card

  41. BasicFranko

    BasicFranko22 hours ago

    i thought tyler hero taught jack how to shoot 🤣

  42. Versace Karl

    Versace Karl22 hours ago

    THE REFF are ass bruh

  43. Lil Mac Media

    Lil Mac Media22 hours ago

    If I was on the court I’d punch tf outta Russ

  44. Lil Mac Media

    Lil Mac Media22 hours ago


  45. Lil Mac Media

    Lil Mac Media22 hours ago

    Russ brought a D league team 😂😂

  46. Eddy Cruz

    Eddy Cruz22 hours ago

    They should get rice gum ballin

  47. Bondz Tube

    Bondz Tube23 hours ago

    Russ out here buying friends

  48. Sylent Jay

    Sylent Jay23 hours ago

    that boy aj knows wat he doing

  49. D Monnzy

    D MonnzyDay ago

    Everyone hatin on Russ saying he recruited guys to his team. He put up 6 points on his own including the game winning shot. Other team only had 9 points all together. Smh

  50. niggiechuy

    niggiechuyDay ago

    Russ doesn’t have any real homies?

  51. niggiechuy

    niggiechuyDay ago

    Jack is cool

  52. Robert Wallis

    Robert WallisDay ago

    Russ a bitch for this one

  53. pheonixflame59

    pheonixflame59Day ago


  54. ཀ༑༎༑ འལ

    ཀ༑༎༑ འལDay ago

    I watched this whole shit live & yall clownnning russ with this edit. It’s hilarious to see thru the bullshit honestly.

  55. Jackson4172

    Jackson4172Day ago

    Russ if you read my comment you a sorry as nigga 😭😭 “they my homies” smh

  56. aKiddy

    aKiddyDay ago

    U gotta rate Harlow got his actual homies not like russ he got actual basketball players that he don’t even know like that

  57. Michael Sessoms

    Michael SessomsDay ago

    Russ spent then 100k to get them 😂

  58. Ameen Mohsen

    Ameen MohsenDay ago

    Russ is ass for recruiting players he doesn’t have relationships with

  59. FaceYourOwn

    FaceYourOwnDay ago

    If they get j cole n his sqaud in this. He'd go undefeated every season

  60. CatapJuanMiguel T.

    CatapJuanMiguel T.Day ago

    I thought russ is big😆

  61. Harsh Tyagi

    Harsh TyagiDay ago

    Jack made a song bout his homie but didn't bring him damn

  62. Black Gold TV

    Black Gold TVDay ago

    Do quando vs Lil durk


    DUEL REACTZDay ago

    Bro the kid chewing the gum is irritating my soul

  64. HeyMistxn

    HeyMistxnDay ago

    Everyone in the comments talking bout Russ and his NBA player team I was thinking jack Harlow number 7 I thought that was Sada Baby

  65. Daddy Yerrr

    Daddy YerrrDay ago

    But at the end of the day jack harlow makes better music Russ only has 2 good songs and that was back in 2015 come on now

  66. Blxkeazy

    BlxkeazyDay ago

    Team diemon wouldn’t get 13 to a game 25 vs me and my boys

  67. Mr. NLR

    Mr. NLRDay ago

    The results of Russ winning vs losing: Wins: Gets hate Lost: Gets hate

  68. Nova Graphics

    Nova GraphicsDay ago

    Russ team smoked em 🤣🤣

  69. A. WRLD

    A. WRLDDay ago

    Russ really brought nba players huh

  70. John

    JohnDay ago

    Russ still WHACK

  71. shana diamond

    shana diamondDay ago

    Even if those are his homies why’d he get so defensive with Druski lmao

  72. A JC

    A JCDay ago

    Refs really just didn’t care lol

  73. RizZzZ Uchiha

    RizZzZ UchihaDay ago

    russ wack for that...

  74. BeWise

    BeWiseDay ago

    Where dave east lol

  75. kwame dennis

    kwame dennisDay ago

    Nobody: Literally no one at all: Rompza: ITs GOinG tO Be a DoG FiGhT ThE WHoLe GAmE

  76. Kvng ADon

    Kvng ADonDay ago

    I wanna see Russ team vs Herbo’s , that game id wanna watch

  77. Nimmer G

    Nimmer GDay ago

    Russ who-

  78. Lebwrong name

    Lebwrong nameDay ago

    Even tho russ had nba llayers he still scored more than every other artist

  79. Lebwrong name

    Lebwrong nameDay ago

    Russ brought monsters😂😭this shit so funny

  80. Carlton Kelly

    Carlton KellyDay ago

    I thought jack harlows group was 5 white boys who aren’t NSYNC

  81. t Solo

    t SoloDay ago

    This has a million views? Our country is fucked.

  82. toads

    toadsDay ago

    Russ just looks bad in this

  83. SloKing

    SloKingDay ago

    This dope 💜

  84. Ev Bn

    Ev BnDay ago

    Should do celebrity refs

  85. Lua Lavatai

    Lua LavataiDay ago


  86. Christian Loggins

    Christian LogginsDay ago

    Russ is like a evil villain. This man brought in the a whole AAU team.

  87. 17 Kings

    17 KingsDay ago

    Jack picked real day one’s and DDG picked a girl

  88. Thomas Hughes-Carr

    Thomas Hughes-CarrDay ago

    I dunno what’s worse the full basketball game or that 24kgold kid chewing

  89. T Blass

    T BlassDay ago

    Russ soft.

  90. King James

    King JamesDay ago

    wtf is a former UFC hooper? 🤣🤣🤣

  91. VisionTV

    VisionTVDay ago

    I fuck with Russ heavy but why is he taking this shit so serious? He’s like that annoying kid in gym class that try hards dodgeball tryna impress the ladies 😂 big ups to Jack for keeping it humble 💪🏻

  92. fabbz94

    fabbz94Day ago

    Russ don't know these dudes 🤣 he 🧢

  93. T Lannon

    T LannonDay ago

    Jack Harlow could asked Tyler herro

  94. Jaai Fromatl

    Jaai FromatlDay ago

    Russ ass funny

  95. Hank Hill

    Hank HillDay ago

    Lmfao this thumbnail is so fugly, jack Harlow looks like he glued pubes into his face in place of real facial hair. And I like the dude looool

  96. Drchicken23

    Drchicken23Day ago

    They need to make more rules on who you can draft because Russ just pissed me off

  97. HighRatingsTV

    HighRatingsTVDay ago

    is it UCF or UFC? I see both written. I have heard a song by Jack Harlow, is Russ a musician?

  98. Dixon Oliver23

    Dixon Oliver23Day ago


  99. calynmjordan

    calynmjordanDay ago

    Russ the type of person to hire fools to play ball for him

  100. Samuel Grabiec

    Samuel GrabiecDay ago

    Jack should have took Tyler Hero