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  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast8 months ago

    The winner (no spoilers haha) told me to tell you to watch this video a lot. He said he needs the money lol

  2. Trystan Kitty

    Trystan Kitty8 days ago

    That’s a lot of money

  3. Quick ً

    Quick ً9 days ago


  4. Ryan mccafferty

    Ryan mccafferty11 days ago


  5. Sashas Cheez

    Sashas CheezMonth ago

    Are u stil paying him to this day?

  6. Anas

    Anas2 months ago


  7. Isabelle Cox

    Isabelle Cox4 minutes ago

    Mr beast = hmmmmm what career?.....i know! I’ll make money and give it away for free!

  8. Pitstop_Pug

    Pitstop_Pug23 minutes ago

    Imagine this blows up 7 years from now

  9. maZik

    maZik40 minutes ago

    57824 this is dollars who mrbeast need to give Get money!

  10. Kuchenbrot

    Kuchenbrot46 minutes ago

    the counter is wrong

  11. yoboy julian

    yoboy julianHour ago

    Oh ya

  12. Random cat meme

    Random cat memeHour ago

    Lmao same

  13. Slevin 177

    Slevin 177Hour ago

    50 million views later 🤘🤘🤘

  14. Xhaiden Dunbar

    Xhaiden Dunbar2 hours ago

    I know they get what ever they want

  15. OhhiO Gamez

    OhhiO Gamez2 hours ago


  16. Sohan Desai

    Sohan Desai2 hours ago

    When I grow up I want to be Jimmy's brother

  17. ChrisDaSpeedster

    ChrisDaSpeedster2 hours ago

    57 thousand dollars so far

  18. Sisamm Brothers

    Sisamm Brothers2 hours ago

    What if treq wins (40 mil days later) TAREQ WOOOONNN HORRAYYY lol,

  19. Stale Asian

    Stale Asian2 hours ago

    57k dollars

  20. Nick Adams

    Nick Adams2 hours ago

    I've always been confused, how does Mr beast get the money he gives away? How does he still have funds lol

  21. Jazeb Jazeb

    Jazeb Jazeb3 hours ago

    Okay right now its 54,048 I will come next year

  22. Itamar Inbar

    Itamar Inbar3 hours ago

    57,000 for now

  23. waterdrxpz

    waterdrxpz3 hours ago


  24. Olivia Walters

    Olivia Walters3 hours ago

    I deserve an award for donating 0.01 👏🏼👏🏼

  25. Always dwink pAinT

    Always dwink pAinT3 hours ago

    I liked my own comment

  26. Jenny Kimbel

    Jenny Kimbel3 hours ago


  27. pepper willoughby

    pepper willoughby4 hours ago

    Currently ( oh no no no ) has made 57,000$

  28. Ryan Glavich

    Ryan Glavich4 hours ago


  29. Andrew Delgado

    Andrew Delgado4 hours ago

    He now has 57million dollars

  30. Luksu puksu 11

    Luksu puksu 114 hours ago

    Ahh helll na

  31. Monica Robbins

    Monica Robbins5 hours ago

    Can I be your friend?

  32. Lalramdina Hniarcheng

    Lalramdina Hniarcheng5 hours ago

    Watch 13 times 😆😆lol

  33. Johnny Playz

    Johnny Playz5 hours ago

    mr beast yay your the beast

  34. theo the gamer Yeandle

    theo the gamer Yeandle5 hours ago

    give me 10000m pounds

  35. Keith Abdullah

    Keith Abdullah5 hours ago

    Ge made 600 dollars so far lul

  36. Oscar Otvald Jønch

    Oscar Otvald Jønch6 hours ago

    *Hears camera man dying of laughter* 5:23

  37. KJoshuaK

    KJoshuaK6 hours ago

    I can say I've donated to something now

  38. BoomRavage

    BoomRavage6 hours ago

    Give me the details that u paid him

  39. YooniMiko

    YooniMiko6 hours ago


  40. Dawn Roman

    Dawn Roman6 hours ago

    Here hav my time XD

  41. gamer

    gamer6 hours ago

    Someone got 57 million dollars

  42. landoncarz and trainz

    landoncarz and trainz7 hours ago

    your friend deserves 58000

  43. Elieelleez

    Elieelleez7 hours ago

    Sohe got 57,765,706 dollars :OOOOO

  44. Alice Francis

    Alice Francis7 hours ago

    I dont even earn this much in my lifetime

  45. Luke Bruno

    Luke Bruno7 hours ago

    My goal is to watch this 500 times

  46. Yadiy Azlina

    Yadiy Azlina7 hours ago

    Wow they got 57 000k damn

  47. A day in the life of Mir Rayyan

    A day in the life of Mir Rayyan7 hours ago

    3:15 Karma

  48. Black Skull

    Black Skull8 hours ago

    Ur gonna give them that much

  49. LazyPeach Gaming

    LazyPeach Gaming8 hours ago

    57 mill Oof.

  50. Peehu Mankhand

    Peehu Mankhand8 hours ago

    Alex at your serves

  51. homo sapien

    homo sapien8 hours ago

    Casually with $57M lmao

  52. homo sapien

    homo sapien5 hours ago

    @AreAJay omg im so stupid LMFAO

  53. AreAJay

    AreAJay5 hours ago

    Its $57k

  54. Jugando con Denisitos

    Jugando con Denisitos8 hours ago

    I can’t take it anymore I just wanna die We all wanna die

  55. Lily Goodge

    Lily Goodge8 hours ago

    Its on 57million views

  56. The Hurricane Legend

    The Hurricane Legend8 hours ago

    It’s funny how the fire alarm didn’t go if when there was an actual fire.

  57. Marinoff Darius

    Marinoff Darius9 hours ago

    wow the counter hasnt changed

  58. Dani

    Dani9 hours ago

    Is he stil getting money

  59. Aarv Lahir -Gaming

    Aarv Lahir -Gaming9 hours ago

    50,000 dollors

  60. EliteToast810

    EliteToast8109 hours ago


  61. SessileCoolPants

    SessileCoolPants10 hours ago

    57,749.396 now hahahaa

  62. Ella Clove

    Ella Clove10 hours ago

    I feel bad for Karl

  63. 16121-Omar Mohamed Abdelmonsef Abdelhamid Ebeid

    16121-Omar Mohamed Abdelmonsef Abdelhamid Ebeid10 hours ago

    57k dollars???

  64. Jayden Ortiz-Climens

    Jayden Ortiz-Climens10 hours ago


  65. Arshi Sky

    Arshi Sky11 hours ago

    They didn't go to WC ? 😐😂

  66. Muhammad Amir Limdawala

    Muhammad Amir Limdawala11 hours ago

    Now he probably has $57,000

  67. QuillTheGalaxyGamer

    QuillTheGalaxyGamer11 hours ago

    57,742,350 paid so far

  68. Real Mayonnaise

    Real Mayonnaise11 hours ago

    I think they forgot bout it

  69. roma yadav

    roma yadav11 hours ago

    Are you paying them right now too?


    BADBHOYS11 hours ago


  71. havir gamer

    havir gamer12 hours ago

    I'm actually worth something

  72. Pak Ghani

    Pak Ghani12 hours ago

    He won 57thousand until now

  73. badar miqdad

    badar miqdad12 hours ago

    Opss you dont update recently

  74. jaspreet jk

    jaspreet jk12 hours ago

    I love karl

  75. Chasity Mauldin

    Chasity Mauldin13 hours ago

    I viewed it they get 57 thousand now in total

  76. Odsosa Frm600

    Odsosa Frm60013 hours ago

    I'm only worth 500 dollars lmfao

  77. the puppet

    the puppet13 hours ago

    0:31 omg mrbeas is now the how win in the end

  78. Admiral Taco

    Admiral Taco13 hours ago


  79. prco sololok

    prco sololok13 hours ago


  80. soulfuze

    soulfuze13 hours ago

    So, I put in the calculator 1k*57m and it told me it = 5.7e10 lol

  81. Annya Gissele

    Annya Gissele13 hours ago


  82. -_. Yuemi-Senpai ._-

    -_. Yuemi-Senpai ._-13 hours ago

    57k now I think


    K1NG CLUTCH14 hours ago

    Well he does ha 57k now soooooooooooooo yea

  84. DSEBZ

    DSEBZ14 hours ago

    I’m now worth a penny🙏

  85. The Hailey Plays

    The Hailey Plays14 hours ago

    wait so he now has 57,721,245 bucks

  86. Silas Martinez

    Silas Martinez14 hours ago

    im watching it still

  87. ROSSI 46

    ROSSI 4614 hours ago

    Man what happened to tareq's Nintendo's swith

  88. CHAN ZO EE Moe

    CHAN ZO EE Moe14 hours ago

    Welp he have give 57,000

  89. the wolf

    the wolf15 hours ago

    Well now he has 57,000 dolars

  90. connor watson

    connor watson15 hours ago

    Tareqm 5514

  91. muammar fajri

    muammar fajri15 hours ago

    can u do it for me too @mrbeast :(

  92. XModder 077_Aviation Art

    XModder 077_Aviation Art16 hours ago

    Who’s generating money here in 2021?

  93. Explorer Power

    Explorer Power16 hours ago

    You rock dudee

  94. Shu Kurenai

    Shu Kurenai16 hours ago

    5:17 OMG

  95. AaronBrodieWasp

    AaronBrodieWasp17 hours ago

    We’re all worth a penny 🤣🤩🥳

  96. Blueberry _YT

    Blueberry _YT17 hours ago

    yeah he got $ 57,703,175

  97. Swaroop Konikkara

    Swaroop Konikkara17 hours ago



    SLIME_BLOB17 hours ago


  99. Rosina Massa

    Rosina Massa17 hours ago

    lucky with 57.702.607

  100. Alexis Delapena

    Alexis Delapena17 hours ago

    Even though $.001 that's a lot money imagine millions of viewers..

  101. PanchiRoblox

    PanchiRoblox18 hours ago

    you are a great person i just have to say that

  102. martin garcia

    martin garcia18 hours ago

    I love MRbeast

  103. Kaiden Decastro

    Kaiden Decastro18 hours ago

    57,000 dollars

  104. kiefer cahya

    kiefer cahya19 hours ago


  105. Sharwynn Ishver

    Sharwynn Ishver19 hours ago

    Hey! Pay the other $3000

  106. Kaiden Decastro

    Kaiden Decastro19 hours ago

    57,000,000 THATS ALOT A DAMAGE

  107. Marker Mavix

    Marker Mavix19 hours ago

    Yep give him a penny

  108. Smart Pathfinder

    Smart Pathfinder19 hours ago

    Its 57 million views instead of 54