RZR on Reaper Wheels digs up Frozen Lake

We spent weeks making these and it cost me a whole RZR 😂 But worth it because I was really curious what would happen. #RZREAPER


  1. Tucker Stafford

    Tucker Stafford18 days ago

    I was in the middle of changing my brakes and as soon as I got the pads off Minnesota DNR showed up and said my truck was unsafe without working brakes. Took 6 weeks to get it out of the impound lot.


    I AM ALPHARIUS3 days ago

    @Filthy Kallahan hahahaha right..... hows about i just go visit norway, or finland, or christ russia at this point. America in general has made life fairly inequitable for everyone in living there or visiting. Unless your rich. Im ok with not being harassed by a toxic police culture. And that exists in every state. You can keep your shit country with your shit people. Name one thing America does better except having a the bigger bully of a military? And even that is waning in the face of new tech. From an outside perspective looking in. Your country is shit.

  3. Filthy Kallahan

    Filthy Kallahan3 days ago

    @Jake Esayian Why not, instead of releasing a never ending feast upon the deer BY FUCKING BLOOD THIRSTY WOLVES, they just, you know, allow the people, who could use the food, to kill MORE deer per season. Or maybe make hunting season longer. Nah, fuck it, time to bring in Siberian Tigers to control the wolf population

  4. Filthy Kallahan

    Filthy Kallahan3 days ago

    @I AM ALPHARIUS That doesn't represent ALL of America. Every State is literally its own little Country, with it's own laws. Some are amazing and free, others are Mini-Dictatorships. Just research and visit the good ones

  5. Zebulous

    Zebulous4 days ago

    Haha. Sure. Sounds like a shakedown, son!

  6. MJB

    MJB5 days ago

    @Anti Social Justice Warrior You're talking about 90%+ of the planet.

  7. Akhenaten Ra

    Akhenaten Ra9 minutes ago

    It isnt about your safety but the ticket they wanna give you 😑

  8. Ryan

    Ryan8 hours ago

    Just because someone is doing well on youtube kids, doesn't mean they're intelligent

  9. Daryl Johnson

    Daryl Johnson9 hours ago

    Is this a new season of Jackass?!

  10. Dig

    Dig9 hours ago

    Winch yourself back on to the trailer!


    CYI3ERPUNK11 hours ago

    so this is what rich ppls kids do huh



    In soviet russia wheels puncture the ground, but this is 'murica so it breaks

  13. Luther Morgan

    Luther Morgan12 hours ago

    Someone please explain! Utuber preferably, my 2 favorite utubers that have over 2 mill subs show they don't make shit from utube but some how they have millions of dollars? I know from adds but do they actually make millions off of advertisements? Can't stop wondering?

  14. Avery Toscano

    Avery Toscano14 hours ago

    Fuck 12 no cap

  15. Eddie petrovich

    Eddie petrovich15 hours ago

    Goof balls

  16. dudeitzmimi

    dudeitzmimi18 hours ago

    Some people have too much money... God bless America

  17. Mike Argentiero

    Mike Argentiero19 hours ago

    Ok Joe Biden 🤣🤣🤣

  18. draxx Sklounst

    draxx Sklounst19 hours ago

    Go ahead antifa, block the road.....

  19. draxx Sklounst

    draxx Sklounst19 hours ago

    I wish I lived near his house, could have steady sheet rock and paint repair all year round.

  20. Jerry Pizzini

    Jerry Pizzini23 hours ago

    It get cold in Minnesota.. cold in Minnesota ⚓️

  21. Dont Choke

    Dont Choke23 hours ago

    Send a sherp in the ocean please

  22. Taco Online

    Taco OnlineDay ago

    that sounds... so terrrifying

  23. COOLBEANS375

    COOLBEANS375Day ago

    Imagine getting run over by that.

  24. g10118

    g10118Day ago

    This is goddamn stupid. Dumb F*ks.

  25. General Shenanigans

    General ShenanigansDay ago

    Here you have a kid trying to be like jackass, except he was born within a rich family.

  26. DigilusionStudios

    DigilusionStudiosDay ago

    You make me laugh so hard! You remind me of Napoleon Dynamite and you and him are both awesome! Thanks for the laughs!

  27. R B.

    R B.Day ago

    Your an idiot

  28. R1

    R1Day ago

    Me : mom can we get a buggy Mom : we already have one at home The buggy at home :

  29. Bailey Harris

    Bailey HarrisDay ago

    Nice right on lake Bemidji

  30. Wes Chambers

    Wes ChambersDay ago

    Drunk af broooo

  31. Smash Er

    Smash ErDay ago

    You need to take em into get balanced.

  32. Blinka Bot

    Blinka BotDay ago

    15:30 - OMG You've found the Clinton basement ...

  33. Bruce Dickert

    Bruce Dickert2 days ago

    This is rich kid fun!!

  34. Gvegas Man43

    Gvegas Man432 days ago

    Those are badass. I’d hate to be next to you if one broke off or threw a spike.

  35. Rahul K.P

    Rahul K.P2 days ago

    What a channel Bro❤❤❤❤❤

  36. Joker Vbatman

    Joker Vbatman2 days ago

    Bruh dont destroy the machine give it to me ill take care of it. Sucks to be poor :(

  37. jonathan moreno

    jonathan moreno2 days ago

    What if ... one of those steel sticks breaks and is shot at some 30 mph to someone, that hole in that body would be a nice tale isn't it.

  38. Patrick Ruyak

    Patrick Ruyak2 days ago

    The noise those wheels make is terrifying

  39. Zaireen Nadjman Nazri

    Zaireen Nadjman Nazri2 days ago

    Shout out to all the sponsors of this channel

  40. Ninja Sushi

    Ninja Sushi2 days ago

    Fuck that thing is terrifying!! LOL

  41. 512kjt

    512kjt2 days ago

    Dafuq... this dude has 4x the chompers as Annoying Orange.

  42. Ice Man

    Ice Man2 days ago

    I believe Utah is the place where u come on vacation leave on probation. U Turn Around Here

  43. cute_baconhairboiee

    cute_baconhairboiee2 days ago

    2:20 how it feels to chew five gum

  44. Tim In San Diego

    Tim In San Diego2 days ago

    THAT is one unique idea!

  45. Steve Bly

    Steve Bly2 days ago

    Mad Max

  46. Amani Denholm

    Amani Denholm2 days ago

    What dumbf$%#s!

  47. ShitRocker

    ShitRocker2 days ago

    This man needs an intervention

  48. Robert Dicka

    Robert Dicka2 days ago

    And this stupid shit is supposed to be entertaining

  49. Washington Sam

    Washington Sam2 days ago

    It is

  50. Joe Martin

    Joe Martin2 days ago

    You should take this to a BLM riot!

  51. ProjectDad

    ProjectDad2 days ago

    Why am I watching this.

  52. Edward Price

    Edward Price2 days ago

    Please tell me this will be in the final season of The Walking Dead ?

  53. Armando Vela

    Armando Vela2 days ago

    The king of youtube fosho 👑

  54. George Connell

    George Connell2 days ago

    If its jackass your going for job well done

  55. little philo

    little philo2 days ago

    Classic idiot with money that has no idea what he is doing! Lets just put solid steel on ice roads. Deep snow would been better. I have a love hate relation trolling just because its so frustrating to see stupidity at its finestt

  56. Łukasz M

    Łukasz M3 days ago


  57. Micah Whitmire

    Micah Whitmire3 days ago

    You better thank the Lord God Almighty that you did not fall threw the ice!!

  58. Dara Omer

    Dara Omer3 days ago

    Within the first two minutes he almost killed himself about 14 times

  59. R. B. Rozier

    R. B. Rozier3 days ago

    Minnsota Statute 169.13 RECKLESS OR CARELESS DRIVING. A DNR officer may have enforced the law, but he didn't write it, nor did the DNR. An MSP trooper or county sheriff's deputy or local cop could have, and may have, issued the same citation.

  60. ลิขิต อนุสนธิ์

    ลิขิต อนุสนธิ์3 days ago


  61. Jake

    Jake3 days ago

    Holly Fuck, Dope AF Bruh. Hahaha so savage. Yo can I roll? Shot Gun.....

  62. Neat t

    Neat t3 days ago

    Love your videos man 😁👍 this was entertaining as fuck lol

  63. Scott Moore

    Scott Moore3 days ago


  64. Washington Sam

    Washington Sam2 days ago

    Your just jealous he can buy this stuff with his own money

  65. Miguel Monteiro

    Miguel Monteiro3 days ago

    Imagine being rolled over by that.. it would make you a nice Bolognese 😅👌🏻

  66. Mark Miller

    Mark Miller3 days ago

    Idiots, Join the U.S. Military, they will help you idiots do something constructive with your excess energy.

  67. Patron Of Saints

    Patron Of Saints3 days ago

    These guys seem like fun

  68. Titletown Clowns

    Titletown Clowns3 days ago

    8:10 I don't think I laughed so hard!!! Parts exploding off the machine, the look on your face was priceless!! Keep thrashin' brother.

  69. Trapper 747

    Trapper 7473 days ago

    But he does awesome contant

  70. Trapper 747

    Trapper 7473 days ago

    Can we just talk about him almost hitting those wheels

  71. max branton

    max branton3 days ago

    you should get a golf cart

  72. Don oh

    Don oh3 days ago

    I'm pretty sure this guy is going to die making a video. I don't want it to happen, I'm just pretty damn positive that it will.

  73. John Wange

    John Wange3 days ago

    What are you talking about "careless operation." You wouldnt be there if you didnt care...

  74. Jim Jakosh

    Jim Jakosh3 days ago

    Lucky one of these spears did not break off and hist the driver!!They are not worth the effort to make!

  75. Mhauser94

    Mhauser943 days ago

    That noise is something else!

  76. BeserkerKnight

    BeserkerKnight3 days ago

    zombie apocalypse car check /

  77. ScyllaOnTracks

    ScyllaOnTracks3 days ago

    I like how the just destroyes his whole porperty on accident lol

  78. Ángel_el1

    Ángel_el1Day ago

    Yo Im sorry but this sentence really messed with my brain *I like how he just destroys his property on accident lol*

  79. Ricardo Villada

    Ricardo Villada3 days ago

    Fools with money spending obscene amounts

  80. Nicola MacKay

    Nicola MacKay3 days ago

    can you make a video aboput your new truck

  81. Abdulrahman Albuhayri

    Abdulrahman Albuhayri3 days ago

    Now that's Merica everyone in the world respect

  82. Your Motherslame

    Your Motherslame3 days ago

    bro youre crazy, i wouldnt get within a mile of that thing

  83. Chase Bailiff

    Chase Bailiff3 days ago

    I hope I’m not the only one that started to sweat at the beginning of the video.

  84. Warren Cross

    Warren Cross3 days ago

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  85. apiece ofdirt

    apiece ofdirt3 days ago


  86. DeContractor

    DeContractor4 days ago

    This guy does such stupidly outrageous stunts that I thought it was just by sheer luck that he succesfully pulled them off. Now I'm convinced he's a pure genius and I'm the ignorant one.

  87. Jan Bodak

    Jan Bodak4 days ago

    Super wow.

  88. Brayley Blades

    Brayley Blades4 days ago


  89. Dead trim

    Dead trim4 days ago

    Bro imagine the shit n scratchy’s he had from all the fiberglass!

  90. filthyni gger

    filthyni gger4 days ago

    Filthy pigs

  91. Rodney Hoadley

    Rodney Hoadley4 days ago

    I don't feel safe standing on two foot thick ice with a crack in it but it's cool laying underneath this broken trampoline with 2-foot spikes ready to penetrate my skull great video

  92. Stephen

    Stephen4 days ago

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  93. kingdom music

    kingdom music4 days ago

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  94. The KC Yard

    The KC Yard4 days ago

    Guy was wasted the whole last part of the video

  95. Simply Beautiful Landscaping services

    Simply Beautiful Landscaping services4 days ago

    Lol it looks sick with new wheels

  96. Simply Beautiful Landscaping services

    Simply Beautiful Landscaping services4 days ago

    Lol i was like hopefully there was 1 in the nest just for extra fun

  97. Survivor central

    Survivor central4 days ago

    As a middle class civilian I hate how you destroy stuff

  98. Washington Sam

    Washington Sam2 days ago

    The stuff he destroys he buys with his own money

  99. Mathew

    Mathew4 days ago

    "Come on vacation: Leave on probation." Hahaha

  100. Jocelyn Newman

    Jocelyn Newman4 days ago

    Yall are psychos like you ripped through the ceiling bro!!

  101. fuck you

    fuck you4 days ago

    Man he could have died GD

  102. Bobby Tucker

    Bobby Tucker4 days ago

    That's strange, no slipping and sliding? Why is that? lol.

  103. callmenort nortin

    callmenort nortin4 days ago

    What a total asshole! and self taught at that!

  104. Aklijaman Jainag

    Aklijaman Jainag4 days ago

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  105. David R

    David R4 days ago


  106. Dragon800

    Dragon8005 days ago

    come on WD i thought you'd have brought extra tie rods arent you used to those breaking lol

  107. Арслан Ахтямов

    Арслан Ахтямов5 days ago

    Жаль что я тебя не понимаю:(((((

  108. Robert Brooks

    Robert Brooks5 days ago

    two things...This kid has to have more money than brains and the silly, childish attempt at humor is very annoying

  109. yawdi zzarr

    yawdi zzarr5 days ago

    Too much money n free time on his hands smh

  110. George The critic

    George The critic5 days ago