United Airlines flight 328 from Denver to HNL diverts due to smoke and flames coming from the right

The FAA confirms that United United Flight 328 that was flying from Denver to Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu right-engine failure shortly after takeoff.


  1. Quagmire Davis

    Quagmire DavisDay ago

    Tiny bit hot light flashing in cockpit

  2. Alan the leopard

    Alan the leopard3 days ago

    There is something that I don't understand: when these things happen, the normal procedure is to shut the engine off, instead of keeping it struggling all time long. After all, if those twin-engined propeller planes from the 1930s (DC-3, Curtiss Commando,...) could already take off and fly on just one of their engines, why couldn't do it a modern airliner like this? Pilot mistake or was the engine damaged so bad that they couldn't switch it off? It was a miracle that vibrations didn't go to worse, which could have probably had fatal structural consequences for the joint points of the engine to the wing.

  3. Xaddre

    Xaddre5 days ago

    This must be what happens when you don’t secure your tray tables properly

  4. SsmarcosS41

    SsmarcosS415 days ago

    and if that happens in the middle of the ocean?

  5. Don J.

    Don J.6 days ago

    They’re blaming it on covid.

  6. Justin Meade

    Justin Meade6 days ago

    Vertical video? Come on people

  7. Seth Pomeroy

    Seth Pomeroy7 days ago

    That looks like fun!

  8. Wang Jinwen

    Wang Jinwen7 days ago

    Whats happening this is the 2nd time. The last time the exact same thing happen in united airlines 1175

  9. Rochelle Amadeo

    Rochelle Amadeo9 days ago

    The cabin is silent of fear because GOD was in the midst of the people. 🙏💕🇺🇸

  10. PendeltonWhiskey

    PendeltonWhiskey9 days ago

    Hey pilots, GOOD JOB!

  11. Dede Z Ramadhan

    Dede Z Ramadhan9 days ago

    Mantap kali pilotnya bah

  12. Burritoast

    Burritoast9 days ago

    Window Seat Goals!!!

  13. Catman Smith

    Catman Smith9 days ago

    When you book with this company do you get complementary free underwhere and parachute,,,😮✌️

  14. British Airways Boeing 747-436

    British Airways Boeing 747-4369 days ago

    This Boeing 777 had two PW4000, these powered 777s are banned from flying in the UK 🇬🇧 this engine is not used by BA Boeing 777-200's and 300's.

  15. British Airways Boeing 747-436

    British Airways Boeing 747-4369 days ago

    @Kyron Baxter Only temporarily

  16. Kyron Baxter

    Kyron Baxter9 days ago

    How long have they been banned?

  17. Karen S

    Karen S9 days ago

    Listen to the audio as the pilots spoke with ATC. They sounded like the recording on a subway train announcing that Park Square Station was the next stop. So calm. I have a lot of respect for those pilots and the cabin crew. True professionals.

  18. Harshad Prabhudesai

    Harshad Prabhudesai10 days ago

    Appreciate engineering as well

  19. brigh12

    brigh1210 days ago

    I know one engine failing is not actually that dangerous, but I'd still be terrified if I was on this flight

  20. Jimmy Harris

    Jimmy Harris10 days ago

    I would absolutely be terrified the entire time. Matter of fact I think I just peed myself.

  21. John Tiller

    John Tiller10 days ago

    So glad this landed safely. Just imagine looking out of the window and seeing that engine on fire 700 miles out over the pacific ! Jesus. Respect for the pilots for a safe landing.

  22. Daniel Wiese

    Daniel Wiese10 days ago

    Not just the broken engine on fire but also the fear of it loosening and hitting the wing or something, would´ve scared me.

  23. Hard knocks Montage

    Hard knocks Montage11 days ago


  24. md imansantoso

    md imansantoso11 days ago

    My goodness everybody saves, thank you

  25. Arctic Circle

    Arctic Circle11 days ago

    I hope there might be some mechanism onboard in such scenario to disconnect the fuel supply to that part...any body can explain to me if such system is in place? Thank you

  26. Rachael Bakker

    Rachael Bakker9 days ago

    @Arctic Circle You're welcome 🙂. You too.

  27. Arctic Circle

    Arctic Circle10 days ago

    @Rachael Bakker Thank you Rachael...for your time explaining in such a detail...stay blessed 🙏🙏🌹🌺🌺🌺🌷🌹

  28. Rachael Bakker

    Rachael Bakker10 days ago

    Yes there is. It is a called a Fire Engine checklist: Fire Engine Checklist 1. A/T ARM switch - affected side - confirm off (so damaged engine doesn't spool up). 2. Thrust lever - affected side - confirm idle for damaged engine (to cut off power to damaged engine). 3. FUEL CONTROL switch - affected side - confirm CUTOFF (to stop fuel going to damaged engine). 4. Engine Fire Switch - affected side- confirm Pull (cuts off hydraulics on damaged engine side). 5. If the FIRE ENG message stays shown: Engine fire switch - affected side - rotate to stop and hold for 1 second (extinguish detergent released into damaged turbine). If after 30 second the FIRE ENG message stays shown: Engine fire switch- affected side - Rotate to the other stop and hold for 1 second (to release 2nd fire extinguisher into turbine). ******************************************* 6. APU selector - if APU available - START, then ON 7. Transponder mode selector - TA ONLY 8. Plane to land at nearest suitable airport. 9. Do not accomplish the following checklist: AUTOTHROTTLE

  29. MR GUCCI

    MR GUCCI11 days ago


  30. Gvantsa Korkia

    Gvantsa Korkia11 days ago

    Thank God, thank God, thank God!!!! And pilots, the crew! No one should ever have to go through this.

  31. Kid Pesto

    Kid Pesto11 days ago

    My absolute nightmare here. I guess they *can* fly with one engine. I thought Dad was shining me on.

  32. Triv 72

    Triv 7211 days ago

    Poor maintenance, cutting cost, airline industry on it's knees financially - we will see a lot more of this

  33. Triv 72

    Triv 7210 days ago

    @Rachael Bakker Then explain the 737 Max...self regulated by Boeing because the FAA was underfunded

  34. Rachael Bakker

    Rachael Bakker10 days ago

    Definitely not true. Lots of money goes to ensuring these planes are managed appropriately. Sometimes shit happens.

  35. Jim Talor

    Jim Talor11 days ago

    Biden just called Capt Sully on a job well done!


    GOPIKAMAL11 days ago

    Me-Ah nooooo ngine failure we are gonna die :( Someone-its a boeing 777 Me-Anyways I was speakin about a butter landing , so yea

  37. mcbure1

    mcbure111 days ago

    Because 777 is pretty new airplane, I'm quite interested, what engines did it have. Was it GE or RR ... This may help a lot for future decisions which flight to take or skip.. .

  38. brad coddington

    brad coddington9 days ago

    @mcbure1 one of my friends was the former pilot of this exact aircraft before he retired.

  39. mcbure1

    mcbure19 days ago

    @brad coddington True, my mistake. Engine was pretty old and so was a plane. This one should have been decomissioned few years ago (imo after 20yrs of service)

  40. mcbure1

    mcbure19 days ago

    Sorry... this one was pretty old one. 777-222 - created in cca 1995. IMHO it should have been decomissioned few years ago...

  41. brad coddington

    brad coddington11 days ago

    Neither it had P@W engines triple 7s have been around since the early 90's 94 i believe

  42. matthew kelly

    matthew kelly11 days ago

    good thing that happened right after take off and not out 2000 miles over the ocean since it was heading to hawaii

  43. brad coddington

    brad coddington11 days ago

    Would have been the same outcome other than they would have flown with one engine for longer.

  44. Jimmy Chen

    Jimmy Chen11 days ago

    twin engine still not safe than 4 engine aircraft.

  45. Dan Letts

    Dan Letts11 days ago

    If I understand correctly the engines on planes so expensive that most airlines actually lease them, they don’t have them!

  46. NorthForkFisherman

    NorthForkFisherman9 days ago

    Correct. It's easier to lease the engine from a known and certified supplier than it is to have a massive stockpile of parts and tools. A lot of things are just cheaper done that way. Avionics are another piece of equipment that is easier to just pull the black box and swap with a new one from the supplier. Saves time and money for both the carrier and the passenger.

  47. Sanjay Menzies

    Sanjay Menzies11 days ago

    Mayday, Mayday, we'd like an immediate air turnback , and some toilet paper after landing !!!

  48. Ryan Torrie

    Ryan Torrie11 days ago

    MRap mono cock hull

  49. Tom Tom

    Tom Tom11 days ago

    Engine metal fatigue comes to mind.

  50. B LO

    B LO11 days ago

    I’m glad everyone’s OK

  51. AthenaSaints

    AthenaSaints11 days ago

    Shut down the fuel to the right engine, dump the fuel, land back at Denver airport.

  52. ChickenBrainOnAStick

    ChickenBrainOnAStick10 days ago

    I don't think they even dumped fuel before landing because they had no time to

  53. Avi Adriantama

    Avi Adriantama11 days ago

    pilot be like, "engine fire, severe damage or seperation memory item".

  54. vim66

    vim6611 days ago

    It's a miracle that despite extensive damage the engine is still operational. Thanks to the UA crew.

  55. vim66

    vim6610 days ago

    @Rachael Bakker Ohh, so scary.

  56. Rachael Bakker

    Rachael Bakker10 days ago

    The engine was cut. The spinning of the turbine is the effect of windmilling.

  57. Earl Washington

    Earl Washington11 days ago

    Nobody would have survived this flight had I been onboard because I would have been shittin’ so violently the passengers would have died from the smell in the cabin!

  58. David Carrera

    David Carrera11 days ago

    Right engine failure. Pilot requested left turns. It’s called raising the dead, a right turn would end in tragedy.

  59. Rachael Bakker

    Rachael Bakker10 days ago

    Always trained to turn on operating engine.

  60. huppdaddy2

    huppdaddy211 days ago


  61. Pratyush Singh

    Pratyush Singh11 days ago

    United, United....you broke my Boeing aircraft. United, United....some big help you are. You broke it, you should fix it You're liable, just admit it I should've flown with someone else Or gone by car 'Cause United breaks aircrafts. @sonsofmaxwell

  62. oman 4all

    oman 4all11 days ago

    (قُلْ لَنْ يُصِيبَنَا إِلَّا مَا كَتَبَ اللَّهُ لَنَا هُوَ مَوْلَانَا ۚ وَعَلَى اللَّهِ فَلْيَتَوَكَّلِ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ) Say: "Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us: He is our protector": and on Allah let the Believers put their trust.

  63. brownj2

    brownj211 days ago


  64. Wen Chai

    Wen Chai11 days ago

    They didn't have their virus test results so the plane was turned around. - Gov. Ige

  65. randy livieri

    randy livieri11 days ago

    So why are the 777 still flying??????

  66. Bill Lombard

    Bill Lombard11 days ago

    I give credit to the person filming this , I would be peeing in my pants

  67. Chief Captain Cole

    Chief Captain Cole11 days ago

    There lucky that this didn’t happen over the water.

  68. Chief Captain Cole

    Chief Captain Cole10 days ago

    @brad coddington True but since it would take more time to land at an airport the more risk something else happens. Luckily they didn’t get far before it happened and landed back at Denver.

  69. brad coddington

    brad coddington11 days ago

    All modern jet liners are designed to be able to fly over water with one engine other wise they would have to have more than 2 engines.

  70. Bruce7

    Bruce711 days ago

    "I can't hold her much longer Captain....She's Breaking Up!" Chief Engineering Officer "Scotty" Montgomery Christopher Jorgensen Scott

  71. AR

    AR11 days ago

    Bet some one skipped on the maintenance

  72. Simon Gunson

    Simon Gunson11 days ago

    Looks like the High Pressure turbine threw a rotor blade. Engine seems still running but vibrating like hell

  73. Simon Gunson

    Simon Gunson10 days ago

    @Rachael Bakker Roger, thank you

  74. Rachael Bakker

    Rachael Bakker10 days ago

    It did have blade damage. At this point the power to the engine was cut and the blade was wind tunneling.

  75. Wm.

    Wm.11 days ago

    Guess where a jet’s gas tanks are: in the wings!

  76. brad coddington

    brad coddington11 days ago

    @Wm. ya so jet fuel is combustible not flammable very big difference between gasoline and fuel oils/jet fuels.

  77. Wm.

    Wm.11 days ago

    @brad coddington Guess where a jet’s *jet fuel* tanks are: in the wings!

  78. brad coddington

    brad coddington11 days ago

    Last time I checked jet engines didn't operate on gas they run on jet fuel a lighter form of diesel fuel kerosene.

  79. Logan Allec

    Logan Allec11 days ago

    why is this video so steady...i would be hyperventilating...

  80. Waxel Punkt.

    Waxel Punkt.3 days ago

    @Logan Allec It was just an exercise.. ... under real conditions. Sorry, I am joking.. Well done pilots, crew member & calm passengers.

  81. Arctic Circle

    Arctic Circle10 days ago

    @G what a miser....😀😂

  82. G

    G10 days ago

    @mcbure1 thank the pilots and engineers, not god

  83. Kelly Hopkins

    Kelly Hopkins10 days ago

    Right!? Lol

  84. 3p1ks

    3p1ks10 days ago

    they might have a phone with a stabilized camera.

  85. Didi Bolter

    Didi Bolter11 days ago

    Oh that would have scared me!!

  86. Jeff Ezelle

    Jeff Ezelle11 days ago

    Yep!!! ??

  87. Oza Aulia Ramadhan

    Oza Aulia Ramadhan11 days ago

    Luckily it exploded after take off, i don't know what's gonna happen if it explodes above pacific ocean

  88. brad coddington

    brad coddington11 days ago

    same thing that happened with this aircraft fly to the nearest safe airport.

  89. Bob alloo

    Bob alloo11 days ago

    Prayer, anyone?

  90. Mikey Boy

    Mikey Boy11 days ago

    What make were the engines? Rolls Royce or GE? Rolls have had problems.

  91. Neal B

    Neal B11 days ago

    Neither. Pratt & Whitney

  92. Thomas Spears

    Thomas Spears11 days ago

    Thank god this was a 777 and the crew was able to keep calm and get everyone back safely.


    CDA SKIER11 days ago



    CDA SKIER11 days ago

    I hate your bus

  95. Walter H Villalta

    Walter H Villalta11 days ago

    In this day & age, when everyone has a phone, nothing can be kept secret.

  96. Syclone0044

    Syclone004411 days ago

    @Walter H Villalta lol there’s more than a lifetime’s worth of NTSB reports on every airplane crash ever reported. Even as a DJI drone remote pilot, FAA rules state that I am still supposed to report any crash of my drone involving property damage or personal injury. How much more open could they possibly get?

  97. Bro Momento

    Bro Momento11 days ago

    @Walter H Villalta well I’m not to sure of that as you can get records for any crash from the FAA.

  98. Walter H Villalta

    Walter H Villalta11 days ago

    @Bro Momento - The US government/FAA, they're notorious for trying to keep everything a secret.

  99. Bro Momento

    Bro Momento11 days ago

    What’s trying to be kept secret?

  100. Joel Mukbang Videos

    Joel Mukbang Videos11 days ago

    Thanks pilots 😍😍😍

  101. Fat Mouse

    Fat Mouse11 days ago

    Not Flying United Airlines! That's from poor manteinance!

  102. phil lacey

    phil lacey10 days ago

    Don't talk such uninformed rubbish and also learn to spell.

  103. mayvb49

    mayvb4911 days ago

    As an aviation geek says: - Luckily, no one was injured

  104. brad coddington

    brad coddington11 days ago

    @Mark g No such thing as luck

  105. pexxa johannes

    pexxa johannes11 days ago

    @mayvb49 I thought this being the case. However having worked 7 years on airport ground crew, eer...lets not name any names.. Let me put it this way. There is public spectacle and company inside spectacle. People who do airplanes tend to have poor sense of humor. Or no humor at all.

  106. mayvb49

    mayvb4911 days ago

    If you are too serious, I'll explain. This sentence was from a youtuber called Lucaas, he makes a series of aviation stuff with a famous line "Luckily, no one was injured" to report the incidents

  107. pexxa johannes

    pexxa johannes11 days ago

    Have you talked to ground crew yet? I wouldnt be so sure...

  108. Mark g

    Mark g11 days ago

    Never discount luck, but had their luck been better it wouldn’t have happened at all. The real hero’s are the pilots and crew that safely landed the plane with no issues, not lucky, but rather incredibly skilled, trained professionals.

  109. Dennis Lavallie

    Dennis Lavallie11 days ago

    Always keep a change of underwear in carry on.

  110. Sylvester Stewart

    Sylvester Stewart11 days ago

    A nice distraction from Chinavirus.

  111. Santiago Escruceria Del Pino

    Santiago Escruceria Del Pino11 days ago

    In that moment you know that everything is los.

  112. Mohawk Driver

    Mohawk Driver11 days ago

    Multicultural maintenance?

  113. J R

    J R11 days ago

    More wokeness and diversity would have prevented this.

  114. Reed Schrichte

    Reed Schrichte11 days ago

    Glad you're safe!

  115. Hilman Sadakir

    Hilman Sadakir11 days ago

    The silent in the cabin is killing me 😱 thank god everything went well...

  116. hondacbx1979

    hondacbx197911 days ago

    Trump’s fault.

  117. Kcountry Corvettes

    Kcountry Corvettes11 days ago

    The flight attendants will be serving free drinks before they land 😂

  118. Frank Agustinus

    Frank Agustinus11 days ago

    Once I flew with Lufthansa .. Just when about departing, crew announced a fuel pump issue and repair would take 2 hours, everyone was 'Ohhh No..' Crew then quickly announced that they will start serving free flow wine, and we all were like 'Woohooo !!', and nobody cares for the fuel pump issue.

  119. Bullethead’s House

    Bullethead’s House11 days ago

    Wow 😯

  120. M Perry

    M Perry11 days ago


  121. Ebnyflyer

    Ebnyflyer11 days ago

    Big shout out to the maintenance Crews that maintain these aircraft. If they don't do their job correctly the Pilot's cannot do their job correctly. Big shout out to the Boeing Engineers who designed the aircraft in case of a failure like this where the airplane can continue to fly.

  122. Bob Barker

    Bob Barker11 days ago

    The cause for this engine malfunction. A tray table was not properly stowed.

  123. Kenny G G

    Kenny G G11 days ago

    Omg I can't imagine if I was on that plane

  124. ChickenBrainOnAStick

    ChickenBrainOnAStick10 days ago

    @ThePanda right lol

  125. ThePanda

    ThePanda11 days ago

    You'd be fine and on the ground by now.

  126. relaks luu

    relaks luu11 days ago

    The power of engineering

  127. Chris Zuccaro

    Chris Zuccaro11 days ago

    So lucky that didn't happen over the ocean,that would have been a wrap for everybody

  128. brad coddington

    brad coddington11 days ago

    @OhioExPax15 Exactly

  129. brad coddington

    brad coddington11 days ago

    Wrong all twin engine jets are designed to be able to fly long distances on one engine.

  130. Ituhata

    Ituhata11 days ago

    @OhioExPax15 Agreed, though I would say JAL 123 and United 232 are great examples of how difficult it is to control a plane with a total loss of hydraulics. JAL123 had the increased difficulty of having no vertical stabilizer on top of no hydraulics. It is admirable how long that crew managed to keep that plane in the air under those conditions.

  131. OhioExPax15

    OhioExPax1511 days ago

    @Ituhata maybe not the best example, but Japan Air Lines flight 123 in 1985 stayed airborne for 30 minutes, after it's tail ripped off the aircraft. Years ago, an Aloha 737 lost the front third of the fuselage, but still landed safely in Honolulu. These planes aren't built with Kleenex and spit.

  132. OhioExPax15

    OhioExPax1511 days ago

    A Boeing 777 has the capability to fly on one engine. With ETOPS (Extended Operations) capability, it's more than likely that the aircraft, one over the Pacific, could have safely diverted to Los Angeles, San Francisco, or if it were close enough, Honolulu. The #1 Engine was shut down, and can fly safely on #2. Either way, it's far more likely the same result would have taken place, only at another airport.

  133. Jay Cee

    Jay Cee11 days ago

    I’ve had dreams lately that I’m on a plane and this happens and the plane starts falling and I wake up all of a sudden 😔

  134. Taba Allday

    Taba Allday11 days ago

    Whoa good thing they diverted because of the smoke - because the explosion 💥 of the engine wasn’t a bothersome 🤦🏼

  135. ysfsim

    ysfsim10 days ago

    That is pure Hollywood. Jet fuel does not explode like that, it's not gasoline

  136. Bassudev Sawock

    Bassudev Sawock11 days ago


  137. James Fauth

    James Fauth11 days ago

    Hope all is well

  138. Karim Gat

    Karim Gat11 days ago

    Luckily the 777 can fly with a single engine🙏🙏🙏

  139. Boeing 737 MAX 8

    Boeing 737 MAX 89 days ago

    Every aircraft can fly on a one engine Even on a 737MAX

  140. pexxa johannes

    pexxa johannes11 days ago

    With both engines gone passengers and crew will be stuck to the sky for all eternity...

  141. Mr. Mulsanne

    Mr. Mulsanne11 days ago

    With both lost, it can glide.

  142. Junkyard Buzzard

    Junkyard Buzzard11 days ago

    Might have been a Bird Strike on take off. These GE 90 Turbofan engines have been very reliable over the years. I work on these 777 aircraft since they came out about 25 years ago. They are very reliable and safe aircraft.

  143. Miguel Barrero

    Miguel Barrero11 days ago

    Is a PW4000 engine

  144. Alex George

    Alex George11 days ago

    This is an older 777. I’m pretty sure it uses P&W 4000 series engines.

  145. Angela Tamez

    Angela Tamez11 days ago

    That's Gods number 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  146. Alex Canine

    Alex Canine11 days ago


  147. Brittany's Bets

    Brittany's Bets11 days ago

    Too many college kids cheating their way through school with all of this access to the internet. They’re not actually learning how to build an airplane?

  148. Mike Embry

    Mike Embry11 days ago

    Ok boomer. This is a 26 year old Boeing 777-200

  149. Colin Zayd

    Colin Zayd11 days ago

    Delta would never

  150. Mike Leventhal

    Mike Leventhal11 days ago

    Sorry, they had an engine failure just two weeks ago.

  151. OhioExPax15

    OhioExPax1511 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Don't be idiotic.

  152. Brittany's Bets

    Brittany's Bets11 days ago

    BOEING, what is going on??

  153. brad coddington

    brad coddington11 days ago

    @Andre P Aircraft are different than automobiles they have many engine manufactures to choose from same goes with heavy trucks. So its the engine manufactures job to repair engines and has nothing to do with Boeing. P&W RR GE are the major jet engine manufactures and they are the ones responsible for the engines not Boeing. RR had a very big issues with the trent 1000 I believe was the engine model a few years back causing the Boeing 787 that had them installed to be grounded but the Boeing 787s that didnt have that same engine installed on them were ok to fly it was RR responsibility to solve the engine issues not Boeing and they were just caught in the middle of a bad situation.

  154. ThePanda

    ThePanda11 days ago

    @Andre P No you idiot. Boeing does not make engines they make planes. You can't blame Boeing for a mistake the engine manufacturer made or whoever worked on the engine.

  155. Miguel Barrero

    Miguel Barrero11 days ago

    @Andre P remember Boeing made the aircraft except the engines, Am I right or wrong?

  156. Andre P

    Andre P11 days ago

    @Miguel Barrero not entirely correct, your logic, Miguel: If you car/truck breaks down, you take it back to the car/truck dealer (of that make)....and when the service manager says, it's not our (make's) problem, the busted part is made by XYZ, call them....you'll likely not say 'oh, well....let me take it up with XYZ Corp. ;-)

  157. Miguel Barrero

    Miguel Barrero11 days ago

    Is a PW4000 engine made by Pratt and Whitney, is not Boeing's fault

  158. noone

    noone11 days ago

    I watched this happened right in front of me. I was riding my bicycle and saw the plane westbound. It started trailing smoke and then flames. As it made 180° turn and headed back east directly overhead the engine exploded and there was a large boom and puff of smoke. I literally thought I might watch it crash right in front of me. Truly frightening to witness.

  159. RuLeZ1988

    RuLeZ19889 days ago

    @CDA SKIER Its not a bad idea to call 911 anyways. If for some reason the communications are cut between the pilots and ATC, that call could potentially help a lot.

  160. Karen S

    Karen S9 days ago

    I love to fly, and I'm not afraid to get on a plane. But I have nightmares, not about being in a plane crash, but watching one happen in front of my eyes.

  161. GeNiOoHaZeL

    GeNiOoHaZeL11 days ago

    @CDA SKIER because they could alert the people below ? Just a thought

  162. Simon Gunson

    Simon Gunson11 days ago

    I saw your video posted on Twitter, thanks for posting it

  163. CDA SKIER

    CDA SKIER11 days ago

    “Uaaaaaa...the sky?” Also why would you call 911, like the captain would not contact ATC, and continue his flight to Honolulu. lol

  164. PureAloha78

    PureAloha7811 days ago

    That’s scary

  165. T Cole

    T Cole11 days ago

    That's not good 😳 hope all are safe and well🙏🏾

  166. CDA SKIER

    CDA SKIER11 days ago

    My cousins dad’s business got burnt down this summer.

  167. MariS

    MariS11 days ago

    That would be rather disturbing. Glad the pilots managed to land safely.

  168. sandra morey

    sandra morey11 days ago

    We lost an engine on our return trip a number of years ago from Honolulu to Oakland. We weren't far out of HNL and it was very scary. But we had a deadheading pilot in the seat behind us. He told us that this kind of thing is what they train for and he appeared not to be concerned at all. That made it better for those of us sitting within earshot. We got back safely and they rounded up another plane & crew and gave everyone free round trip tix for another flight. That's one of the years we were on the airpass and I'm guessing we probably went over 15 times that year.

  169. Rachael Bakker

    Rachael Bakker10 days ago

    It's true. They do train for it and have to have the first 5 steps in Fire Engine Checklist memorized to heart.

  170. Hackfleisch Hassender Zerhacker

    Hackfleisch Hassender Zerhacker11 days ago

    There has been some controversy going in with Boeing lately...

  171. Marcus Jones

    Marcus Jones11 days ago

    Boeing did not make this engine. Pratt and Whitney did.

  172. RS

    RS11 days ago

    26 years old. It's time United replaces some of their fleet.

  173. Bro Momento

    Bro Momento11 days ago

    It’s the engine not the whole plane lmao.

  174. Austin Wlock

    Austin Wlock11 days ago

    @OhioExPax15 exactly

  175. OhioExPax15

    OhioExPax1511 days ago

    You DO KNOW the average life span of most commercial aircraft is about 30 years? These aren't Yugo's. They're made to fly for a long, long time.

  176. Cool Me

    Cool Me11 days ago


  177. Cool Me

    Cool Me11 days ago


  178. Michael Jones

    Michael Jones11 days ago

    I'll be back in Honolulu in about 14 years

  179. Syclone0044

    Syclone004411 days ago

    Don’t worry I’m sure the airplane will be repaired well before then