Savannah Dexter - Sinderella (Official Video)

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Savannah Dexter - Sinderella (Official Video)
Full Scope Cinema
Produced By: Brinson Swann
Mixed by: Brinson Swann
Mastered by: Brinson Swann
Written By: Savannah Dexter
Daddy I tried, He begged me to stay
And now I’m out here dancing in mascara rain
I think I’m heartless, crazy and hopeless
The clock struck 12 and I was Beautifully Broken
Left him for dead,played with his heart and his head,
tonight I’m gonna drown in this second bottle of red
And let the past go, it made me
scared of love
It’s the reason, theirs a void where this ring once was
Phone rings- hello
Think you deserve the truth
Life’s hard I’m scared by what it put me through
Give me second and maybe you’ll understand
Why I’m the way I am
Wish I could tell her
Mama left Daddy, Daddy found you
Daddy bought a ring, you said I do
Instead of being momma you crushed my dreams
I was just baggage that Daddy had to bring
You and I know the stories I still ain’t told
Now every man I love wonders why I’m cold
I could hate you for the woman that I grew up to be
Or I could love you like you never loved me
Daddy I tried to make her love me the same
What I needed was love, all she gave me was blame
I think she’s heartless, crazy and hopeless
She built a happy home, but left me homeless
Your little girls got scars that just won’t heal
But tonight I’m drunk enough to tell her how I feel
And let the past go, it made me scared of love
It’s the reason there’s a void where this hearts once was
Phone rings- hello
Think you deserve the truth
Life’s hard I’m scared by what it put me through
Give me second and maybe you’ll understand
Why I’m the way I am
You see
Mama left Daddy, Daddy found you
Daddy bought a ring, you said I do
Instead of being momma you crushed my dreams
I was just baggage that Daddy had to bring
You and I know the stories I still ain’t told
Now every man I love wonders why I’m cold
I could hate you for the woman that I grew up to be
Or I could love you like you never loved me
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  1. Mikey

    Mikey4 months ago

    She's the new queen of the South alright, but she didn't steal the title from Katie 2-L'S. Katie never had it!!!! lol love this girl. Keep killin it!!

  2. Belinda Unterseh

    Belinda Unterseh10 days ago

    @Marissa L a!

  3. Tracie Lewis

    Tracie LewisMonth ago

    I agree 100%. She is def the queen of North, South, East, and West. Her voice is amazing. I look forward to seeing her prevail.

  4. Jen Nay

    Jen NayMonth ago

    I spent the COVID lockdown catching up on the USlikes reaction channels, Upchurch/Cloutdigger drama, and getting to know new artists. I'm also almost 50 years old and have been a fan of most music genres since day 1... This girl is definitely talented. Absolutely love the diss tracks! 🔥🔥 Anyway, I FINALLY checked out Katie 2-Ls this morning... Snow White is one of the most low rent sounding songs I've ever heard. That video is even worse. I stopped there. 🤷‍♀️ The few videos that I have actually seen of her speaking in (especially the Upchurch response interview or whatever you want to call it) leaves me thinking something is seriously wrong with that child. Maybe someone dropped her on her head as a baby? 🤔🤦‍♀️

  5. Greg Green

    Greg Green3 months ago

    commen sence its a rash you get that is irritating as hell, makes your voice sound like you got a mouthful of muff. In worst cases causes head to swell up

  6. Nola Jones

    Nola Jones3 months ago

    Southern Bell who going competing taking the L

  7. Rae Johnson

    Rae Johnson8 hours ago

    I love this song no more being scared I love u creekers

  8. Tim Rohling

    Tim Rohling8 hours ago

    Great keep going beautiful voice and good content

  9. Kayla Wyrick

    Kayla WyrickDay ago

    My 13yo daughter heard this song and brought it to me. You see she has a stepmother, who would lock the cabinets, fridge, pantry, etc. So she couldn't eat. Her coping mechanism is anger and just this year her biological father told her he didn't want to see her again until she is 18 or mature enough to understand his wife comes first. She is angry, sad, and hurt. She may not understand everything yet, but she said @Savannah Dexter is her hero. Blakeleigh, my daughter, informed me she has decided to let the past go and stay with me and her stepfather who loves her unconditionally. As a mother it breaks my heart, as a stepmother myself I want to beat her stepmother's ass for trying to break my daughter's spirit. Thank you Savannah for such a powerful song that even children can feel. Blake informed me she decided to be a savage like Savannah and her momma!

  10. Misty DeSonier

    Misty DeSonier4 days ago

    I wish me watching this a million times counted! #Savages shallow world with a few beautiful hearts left. #1fan #RebelQueens

  11. Alicia Wedell

    Alicia Wedell4 days ago

    Im fucking love her.. Her song cut deep from alot of stuff i been thru but dam that was fire when she lets katie noel know

  12. Phaimany Douan

    Phaimany Douan5 days ago

    Your beautiful American girl,just sing ur happy 💙 out.Texas,Houston 713

  13. Don Anderson

    Don Anderson6 days ago

    Waiting for more of this style music from you Miss Savannah Dexter 🙌🏼

  14. Kathy Evans

    Kathy Evans7 days ago

    Sounds like my biological mom.

  15. ilufSteven Baker

    ilufSteven Baker8 days ago

    This women is bad ass she kills it love ever song she has done all respect for her and I bow to the true queen of the south love your music keep it coming

  16. Snake Eyes 420

    Snake Eyes 4209 days ago

    Your rockin and rollin now sister! This is real music!!

  17. Jen Adams

    Jen Adams10 days ago


  18. Yourfriendsare the snitches Dumbasscall

    Yourfriendsare the snitches Dumbasscall12 days ago

    My step mom. Married my dad I was 19. She hates me loces brouther. My dad had anouther woman that was mom but my dad disnt marry her she left so he did again my mom and dad divorced at 4. Had my brouther my mom took my brouther married anouther he loved my brouther more then me h e end up haveing. A little girl from a nouther woman so he left no dads so me I wished my dad would love my mom. But never did I had daddy issures cause I had a grandpa but not a dad

  19. Yourfriendsare the snitches Dumbasscall

    Yourfriendsare the snitches Dumbasscall12 days ago

    My step mom so me I wished my dad would love my mom. And then my step dad loved my brouther more then my dad married. My. Step mom and god it was. Hirriabke she and he still hate me. So I look in a daddy ever were cause I had a grandpa but not dad


    Eve MCBARNETTE13 days ago

    Wow..I feel like a sinderalla

  21. Kayla Barger

    Kayla Barger13 days ago

    Dayum Girl.. that’s some real ass shit. Loving your music gorgeous, for real! Punk’n that girl out, that diss, it may have gotten you noticed.. but shit babe, you’re gonna go the distance girl. And it’s because you are a truly talented and very beautiful soul. I’m so impressed! Keep it up love.. be as real as real gets and don’t you ever, ever lose that southern girl charm.. there aren’t many of us out doing what you’re doing. Start a legacy love! You’re a bad bitch lol 🖤 kill’n it too! Wow! 💕👑🎵💋

  22. Wide Open Waylon

    Wide Open Waylon15 days ago

    This woman is killin it!!!🤘🤘🤘 Much love from East Tennessee!!!

  23. Matt Houston

    Matt Houston15 days ago

    I'll listen to Upchurch's squad before I will anything crapville puts out. Main stream nashville is nothing more than a musical hollywood. They forgot where they've come from and wanna tell us how to live. No, we hold on to our roots

  24. Scarlett Letterman

    Scarlett Letterman15 days ago

    I'm starting to feel like Katie with how pretty I think Savannah is.....😉

  25. winch racing

    winch racing16 days ago

    I feel ya !!! My stepmom is a caaaunt !!!

  26. Jacksun Taylor

    Jacksun Taylor17 days ago

    Savannah you are a beautiful soul, always keep your head up and sing your heart out. Love from Oregon

  27. Stephen Smith

    Stephen Smith18 days ago

    I would kill to see you with Dierks Bentley you guys would be a bonfire Beyond fire I could only imagine please tell me that somehow in this world that exists today that I could see you with Dierks Bentley and Savannah talking about Kentucky not home state and all of my family members would rise above their graves just to see and hear it because they were so hard doing what they had to do please God don't let these Coleman suffocate people please let voice speak please help me because honestly I'm constantly asking questions why why did they have to go so soon why do they have to leave when they were for vide and so much for their families please help me understand or at least just contribute a little bit I don't have the power

  28. mims boy

    mims boy19 days ago

    I can see this and remember everything being played on a country radio station

  29. Linda Hebb

    Linda Hebb19 days ago

    Savannah you sing with words of a fighter, the soul of an angel, the spirit of love and friendship. Soooo glad you have entered our realm. Was a listener now a subscriber. May God continue to bless you.

  30. Synn Vasquez

    Synn Vasquez19 days ago


  31. Radwan Ahmed

    Radwan Ahmed19 days ago

    plz replay

  32. Radwan Ahmed

    Radwan Ahmed19 days ago

    my sweet darling

  33. Radwan Ahmed

    Radwan Ahmed19 days ago

    cute darling

  34. Stephanie Brown

    Stephanie Brown20 days ago

    Girl I love your music so much ❤️

  35. Zoe Frazer

    Zoe Frazer20 days ago

    Wow!! Garbage!! Absolute crap 💩

  36. Dan Stone

    Dan Stone20 days ago


  37. Sierra Hogan

    Sierra Hogan21 day ago

    I love this girl she is the best. I listen to her music every day and its amazing. This song is one of my top 10 favorites. Everytime I listen to it, it brings back memories

  38. Gene Rogers

    Gene Rogers24 days ago

    wow this song deserves so many more views..very powerful and beautiful .. Great Job!!!

  39. Neel 1851

    Neel 185125 days ago

    Katie noel gets her measly 10k views compared to your 500k lmao

  40. Jason C

    Jason C25 days ago

    Why can't ppl like both this is a good song she has some but so does Katie I'll listen to both of their music

  41. Sierra Hogan

    Sierra Hogan29 days ago

    I love this song

  42. Michael Eckenrod

    Michael EckenrodMonth ago

    I love this song 💞 it's so relatable keep up the great work Savannah Dexter

  43. Austin Lewis

    Austin LewisMonth ago

    Damn. This is awesome.

  44. james engle

    james engleMonth ago

    This is so beautifully written and sung and it's just all around amazing 10/10 your wonderful and deserve all the wonders and beauty that comes to you. @SAVANNAH DEXTER

  45. Lena Luv

    Lena LuvMonth ago


  46. Carolina Grow

    Carolina Grow24 days ago

    You need to watch, cant never could. By savanna

  47. Kyle Eidson

    Kyle EidsonMonth ago

    Fucking awesome girl!!

  48. Randy Fritz

    Randy FritzMonth ago

    I never can understand how someone could give a thumbs down 👎🏻 😒for someone speaking from the heart! ❤️👍🏻

  49. April Phillips

    April PhillipsMonth ago

    I feel this in my soul. Mom had an affair and split on us, Dad got back with his high school sweetheart who didn't want him to take care of my little brother and I. When you lose the woman who birthed you and the next one doesn't want you, that does something to you and the small amount of trust left within your heart.

  50. Jessica michelle Moyer - Espinoza

    Jessica michelle Moyer - EspinozaMonth ago

    in some words i can relate to this song but not much i had a stepmom i loved and still love verryyy much even though she left me when i was younger

  51. Webber

    WebberMonth ago

    My goodness!!!

  52. Denita Edington

    Denita EdingtonMonth ago

    Song hits home for me thanks so much

  53. Levi Johnson

    Levi JohnsonMonth ago


  54. Hillary Reynolds

    Hillary ReynoldsMonth ago

    This is the first song I've heard from her i actually like

  55. Jon Clark

    Jon ClarkMonth ago

    Damnit you’ve got no idea how much this bring my heart.

  56. John Beiermann

    John BeiermannMonth ago

    Girl you hit the ground running....keep your head held high and keep them bitches in check

  57. Paladin Mini

    Paladin MiniMonth ago

    Damn good lyrics and voice!!

  58. Jarrett Mims

    Jarrett MimsMonth ago

    No disrespect. But you sing way better than the rap. You truly have a beautiful voice and I see you going big places. The raps okay but your singing is definitely amazing. Keep shooting for the stars chic.

  59. patricia desilva

    patricia desilvaMonth ago


  60. ram2791

    ram2791Month ago

    Her, Church and some others are so much better than the cookie cutter country from Nashville.

  61. Patrick Shamy

    Patrick ShamyMonth ago

    By far one of the deepest song's I have ever heard kind of tuggs at the old heart you keep being you really loved the song that you and Jelly Roll did together Can't Never Could so relatable love your music

  62. Wasabi Ragnor

    Wasabi RagnorMonth ago

    Damn.... got the feels on that one for real. You have “it”. You pull people in with the lyrics and the story. Keep it up!!!

  63. Southern Dixie

    Southern DixieMonth ago

    I can honestly say you're definitely the queen of the south. Katie never had it to begin with. Welcome to the creeksquad family👊. We have your back most definitely. Keep up the good work. Love this song btw.

  64. Jacob Caldwell

    Jacob CaldwellMonth ago

    How come this only has a half million views?? This song is incredible!

  65. banshee27

    banshee27Month ago

    You can rap and sing!! Love your voice!! Fire!! Can not wait for more like this or anything else you choose to do!!

  66. E33Tpro

    E33TproMonth ago

    All I can say is wow, I wish this was twice as long, absolutely beautiful! You have not dropped one track I didn't like and that is impressive!!!

  67. dirttrackkiddk

    dirttrackkiddkMonth ago

    Theres definitely a new queen...but Katie never held the crown...excited to see where Savannahs career goes...keepndoing you and you'll be fine

  68. Morgan Bruns

    Morgan BrunsMonth ago

    It’s weird cause she actually has clothes on in this video

  69. Megan Kresila

    Megan KresilaMonth ago

    This is a beautiful song, Sav. I can't listen to it though, every time I do i cry a LOT. This one hits me real hard because I lived it. Keep doing you babe you're rocking it!

  70. beautiful_love_ 420

    beautiful_love_ 420Month ago

    This is literally my life just swapped for the adoptive dad who hit me and made me feel like is was worthless and all the fights with my mom was all my fault😢..

  71. GameNJay YT

    GameNJay YTMonth ago

    One thing that is true to the core is not only does she place significant emotion and passion into her music, but she also gives so much care and appreciation to her supporters. She's talented, beautiful, kind hearted and can make anyone brought to tears by this song and can't never could ♥️ Much love Savannah 🙏♥️

  72. Jerry Wilt

    Jerry WiltMonth ago

    It brought tears to my eyes

  73. Allen Ramirez

    Allen RamirezMonth ago

    It's nice to see such natural beauty not overshadow the natural talent even though the beauty is undeniable, what does that say about the talent?!

  74. Josh P

    Josh PMonth ago

    Shes on fire

  75. Krissy Dale

    Krissy DaleMonth ago

    Beautiful song 💙 I can relate to this one almost too much. Hit my heart so hard. Thank you Savannah! Keep doing you girl. You're going big big places!

  76. ashley lester

    ashley lesterMonth ago

    Somebody put a crown on this beautiful voiced and beautiful woman



    New Katie Noel?

  78. Diesel

    DieselMonth ago

    On the cool I’m was a step child to with a messed up step mom that straight said I wasn’t shit to her . You’re killin woman!

  79. J T

    J TMonth ago

    I didn't go through any of this but I still really like the song

  80. katbyf65

    katbyf65Month ago


  81. Simmons Mcdaniel

    Simmons McdanielMonth ago

    Very talented 👍 great job really like the song 👍

  82. William Miller

    William MillerMonth ago

    Cute as hell and has a beautiful voice ,hope she does well

  83. Fraoch Lee Burns

    Fraoch Lee Burns2 months ago

    this song is my life my dad left my mom and remarried pure evil she abused me threw me in scalding hot baths and cause 2nd degree burns a few weeks later she put me in the family van and tried to set fire to it and the neighbors had to stop her and my dad still chose her and her kids over me it's taken me forever to get over it and the scars are still there to remind me


    PAUL REVERE2 months ago

    R.I.P. Katie Hoel

  85. Kevin Megahey

    Kevin Megahey2 months ago

    Damn just started seeing your music and thought you just rapped. You got serious range!!!

  86. Dixie White

    Dixie White2 months ago

    I love her for this. This was my and still is my life.

  87. Tom Dubby

    Tom Dubby2 months ago

    As long as you stay true, I will stay a fan. beautiful voice. In a world full of fake and make believe please stay true. god speed

  88. Jonathan Desselle

    Jonathan Desselle2 months ago

    This girl is unbelievable....she got a voice of an angel no matter what she sings...much respect from Louisiana.

  89. eddie fisher

    eddie fisher2 months ago

    I gotta say this song hits home on so many levels every time I listen to this song all I can do is cry. I relate to this so much. Just hearing this opens my eyes to what someone other than me is going through the same thing. I hope that makes sense. But other than that I love this song. Thank you savannah dexter for an eye opener

  90. Stephanie burrous

    Stephanie burrous2 months ago


  91. cplofmarines0311

    cplofmarines03112 months ago

    You’re way better than that other hoochie . You don’t sound like you’re singing through your nose.

  92. Janice McBryar

    Janice McBryar2 months ago

    Numbers through the roof ♥️

  93. Jerry Deem

    Jerry Deem2 months ago

    Damn, that was heart tugger. I'm not much for this genre of music, but for some reason I'm infatuated by this woman. Hey l subscribed.....js

  94. Snake Eyes 420

    Snake Eyes 4202 months ago

    Damn good song

  95. Joshua Daniels

    Joshua Daniels2 months ago

    I can totally relate to this song from my childhood, Savannah you are making great songs 👍😊👍.

  96. Poteate Elizabeth

    Poteate Elizabeth2 months ago

    Subscribed because of my man over at AOK....Glad I did!!!

  97. Allan Waddell

    Allan Waddell2 months ago

    Damn you've got a beautiful voice gal!

  98. John Russell

    John Russell2 months ago

    Probably the best country song out right now. Great song, great visuals, and great message. A+ As fuck

  99. Bryan Hedges

    Bryan Hedges2 months ago

    Mainstream artists have nothing on this girl, actually I think they could learn a lot from her talents...keep up the greatness...u have the Throne:)

  100. Madalan Anderson

    Madalan Anderson2 months ago

    I cried to this sooonnggg!

  101. Ashley Lynn

    Ashley Lynn2 months ago

    Honestly it’s upsetting to see this song doesn’t have as much likes and views as the rest. I love this song it hits home for so many people including herself. Just sad to see the difference in views. I love how she can do any type of song she can rap do country hip hop she is a all in one. 💕 💕

  102. Shawn Rye

    Shawn Rye2 months ago

    You are amazing keep up the good work and you will be on top fast

  103. Jason Monk

    Jason Monk2 months ago

    Love you bitch.... you're crazy and beautiful. Big fan

  104. Conan-the-Barbarian Bryant-420

    Conan-the-Barbarian Bryant-4202 months ago

    I love music, you have a hell of alot, of talent.

  105. Ashley Ann Schmidt

    Ashley Ann Schmidt2 months ago

    I found my new country singer to love...her voice is sooooo beautiful!!!! Love it!♡

  106. Edible Doctor

    Edible Doctor2 months ago

    Boy barbo gator sure found a jewel with this ole girl 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥