playboi Carti 1 hour of chill songs ( Prod by Adrian )

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All credit to Adrian
00:00 Playboi Carti-' 9 AM in Calabasas remix'(prod by Adrian)
04:00 Playboi Carti -'Slatt Family'(Prod by Adrian)
06:52 Playboi Carti-'9PM in UK remix'(prod by Adrian)
11:11 Playboi Carti-'Elon Musk'(Prod by Adrian)
12:37 Playboi Carti-'Ghetto Flowers'(prod by Adrian)
15:20 Playboi Carti-'LS streets'(prod by Adrian)
18:39 Playboi Carti-'Miami at 7AM'(prod Adrian)
22:43 Playboi Carti-'Midsummer Nights'(prod by Adrian)
27:16 Playboi Carti-'My Flow'(prod by Adrian)
29:01 Playboi Carti-'Slime Llif3'(prod by Adrian)
32:07 Playboi Carti-'Universe at 9PM'(prod Adrian)
36:12 Playboi Carti-'Yellow Diamonds'(prod by Adrian)
Repeats after 37min


  1. soft relax chill suave

    soft relax chill suave4 months ago

    Who is here after wlr?

  2. Pizza Rat

    Pizza Rat4 days ago

    It's funny if you scroll through the replies, the more recent they are, the more they think WLR is good

  3. Casheem Bernard

    Casheem Bernard7 days ago


  4. ragn4rok

    ragn4rok12 days ago

    actually liked a lot wlr

  5. Brain Power Star Power

    Brain Power Star Power13 days ago

    Eyes low

  6. SovietUber

    SovietUber15 days ago

    oh yea

  7. Sara Osorio

    Sara OsorioDay ago

    1:06:42 Just hits different

  8. swervo

    swervoDay ago

    give adrian a medal

  9. Suryia Pittman

    Suryia Pittman2 days ago

    I thought i was the only one who looked for an hour of carti theres really people like me?

  10. prod dundas

    prod dundas2 days ago

    where does this guy get all these acapellas???

  11. JJ's Beat Producing

    JJ's Beat Producing3 days ago

    Nice selection!!!!! :P

  12. Clarel avb

    Clarel avb3 days ago

    Spiritual shit bra ...

  13. Jao Jjk

    Jao Jjk4 days ago

    Love you bro.

  14. Patricia Guillen

    Patricia Guillen4 days ago

    I listened and let this play out the whole time I was stretching and doing yoga. The vibes are so incredible and I know exactly what imma listen to when I get high.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Kyle Argo

    Kyle Argo6 days ago

    This helping me write my essay fr

  16. MK

    MK6 days ago

    legend says you start floating when u listen to this playlist 🎧

  17. Tommy Cantu

    Tommy Cantu7 days ago

    Rn I’m smoking ⛽️ and this shit is fire 🔥 no cap🙏

  18. Kaan Güldamla

    Kaan Güldamla8 days ago

    whats the name of the first song

  19. Arthur

    Arthur7 days ago

    9 AM in casablanca

  20. George Cooper

    George Cooper8 days ago

    Honestly put Carti’s voice over any beat, and it will automatically hit different

  21. Humble Exo

    Humble Exo8 days ago


  22. Humble Exo

    Humble Exo8 days ago


  23. Humble Exo

    Humble Exo8 days ago


  24. Humble Exo

    Humble Exo8 days ago


  25. Jo p

    Jo p9 days ago

    new fan here guys, ion want no smoke but.... who tf is Adrian lmao

  26. 21 lemonade

    21 lemonade9 days ago

    Finally 2 million

  27. no body

    no body10 days ago

    This nigga better than prince

  28. Haku

    Haku10 days ago

    ascending rn

  29. Yungniggrome Rome

    Yungniggrome Rome12 days ago


  30. Lucid ルシード

    Lucid ルシード13 days ago

    9AM bussin😫

  31. Sadie Enwurd

    Sadie Enwurd11 days ago


  32. Jonica Smith

    Jonica Smith13 days ago

    I feel like a brand new person after listening to playboi carti❤️

  33. javaughnb _

    javaughnb _14 days ago


  34. scorpionskraxx

    scorpionskraxx14 days ago

    this man is smart asf

  35. PelaoHager

    PelaoHager15 days ago


  36. Matthew C

    Matthew C17 days ago

    all of these have almost identical drums holy shit

  37. BIGBANK3x2

    BIGBANK3x217 days ago

    Carti has the best unreleased songs of all time




  39. itzlegond

    itzlegond17 days ago

    *floating warning*

  40. Tsadde Sandy

    Tsadde Sandy18 days ago

    All 🔥🔥🔥🤟🏾

  41. jairo sandoval

    jairo sandoval19 days ago

    pure dope i will listening to list at 3:00 am

  42. carlos jara

    carlos jara19 days ago

  43. thiccii nickii

    thiccii nickii19 days ago

    best. lofi. n chill. songs. ever. I LUV EM.

  44. Stlq 9 God

    Stlq 9 God20 days ago

    You’ve found a check point. Heal up.

  45. Ace Austin Narvaez

    Ace Austin Narvaez20 days ago

    Bro, this is really helping me with my homework rn I didn't knew that carti's songs can be a helpful drug.

  46. Gabe z32

    Gabe z3221 day ago

    feel like im on the moon playing this

  47. T R I V E Y 済

    T R I V E Y 済21 day ago

    29:30 go so harddd


    LEIF ZAUGG22 days ago

    This video healed my whole entire life

  49. 423 Kilo

    423 Kilo22 days ago

    What’s the song @ 4:07

  50. sydney williams

    sydney williams23 days ago

    Kinda cool 😎...

  51. Chloé Houdaille

    Chloé Houdaille23 days ago


  52. Nicolas Alexander

    Nicolas Alexander23 days ago


  53. Twilight Princess

    Twilight Princess24 days ago

    Elon musk is so awesome

  54. Rafael Torres

    Rafael Torres26 days ago

    Cool Mix...On POINT...playing this in my space ship.

  55. Unknown Tea

    Unknown Tea26 days ago

    'i want it all, all at once'

  56. lick

    lick27 days ago

    bro con estas canciones estoy en el cielo

  57. nicholas hannan

    nicholas hannan27 days ago

    if no time isnt on this list i cant

  58. YAHVAMP lol

    YAHVAMP lol28 days ago

    adrian isn’t from planet earth

  59. Yashpreet Voladoddi

    Yashpreet Voladoddi28 days ago

    i listen to this when i ride to gym early morning at 530. vibiest shit.

  60. G Man

    G Man29 days ago


  61. G Man

    G Man29 days ago


  62. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams29 days ago

    4 days in a row lol .... never really listened to carti other than his mainstream hits.... but damn im ashamed cuz this all I wanna hear now

  63. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams29 days ago

    Drove from IN to Ga and back ....vibing

  64. Mustafa Alnajjar

    Mustafa AlnajjarMonth ago

    ill tell my kids this is classical music

  65. jesus was a flexer

    jesus was a flexerMonth ago

    Can you put this in a google drive so if it gets deleted I can listen to it,it’s to good

  66. Kahlil Alexander

    Kahlil AlexanderMonth ago

    This best study playlist out rn

  67. Brandon Malcolm

    Brandon MalcolmMonth ago

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  68. Tung Nguyen

    Tung NguyenMonth ago

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    Brandon MalcolmMonth ago

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  70. Devon Pittman

    Devon PittmanMonth ago

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  71. Jamarce Armer

    Jamarce ArmerMonth ago

    First song a fuckin vibe 🔥 💯

  72. Oatxy

    OatxyMonth ago


  73. Malik Niang

    Malik NiangMonth ago

    This should’ve been the actual WLR

  74. Tung Nguyen

    Tung NguyenMonth ago

    The electric ferryboat numerically bleach because possibility diagnostically sigh via a gorgeous step-mother. flawless, gaping sweater

  75. Jasmyne Gore

    Jasmyne GoreMonth ago

    this is vibing here

  76. Rady

    RadyMonth ago

    Play this at my funeral, because I know this shit will revive me

  77. Tung Nguyen

    Tung NguyenMonth ago

    The ritzy pvc really branch because pilot posteriorly kneel through a yielding pyramid. stupendous, impossible muscle

  78. Johnny Gat

    Johnny GatMonth ago


  79. Brain Power Star Power

    Brain Power Star PowerMonth ago

    Whose the producer these beats are incredible !?

  80. Mr. Vocaliser

    Mr. VocaliserMonth ago

    bruh whatsup with these trash remixes

  81. nonsense.

    nonsense.Month ago

    what's Adrians @ ???

  82. TaKiBeAtZ

    TaKiBeAtZMonth ago

    the beat at 6:52 gives me the vibes that Im in an elevator to heaven.

  83. ? jacadi ?

    ? jacadi ?Month ago

    carti is underatted. period

  84. Keksinator 2309

    Keksinator 230926 days ago

    How the fuck is he underrated

  85. Abdulhakim Indras

    Abdulhakim IndrasMonth ago

    Udh sukses sombong lu ti

  86. Chuka Kaelo

    Chuka KaeloMonth ago

    If you’re reading this I pray you have an amazing day

  87. Random Person

    Random PersonMonth ago

    gayboi farti

  88. Trippi3 Richi3

    Trippi3 Richi3Month ago

    Im not there for the lyrics im here for the beats🔥

  89. NFV_Legality UHC

    NFV_Legality UHCMonth ago

    hay algo mejor que esto ?¿

  90. KOLS

    KOLSMonth ago

    This is amazing. The only complain I'd have is that snare in Slime Lif3. Everything else is beautiful.

  91. xSayntTV

    xSayntTVMonth ago

    i feel like im on a CLOUD 16:08

  92. Ryan Jackson

    Ryan JacksonMonth ago

    The selfish coffee commonly join because mile naturally saw mid a stupendous melody. miniature, panicky degree


    KALABURMonth ago


  94. andre

    andreMonth ago


  95. Jennifer

    JenniferMonth ago

    Prod by Adrian you deserve a kisss for making this

  96. KillerOfLight

    KillerOfLightMonth ago

    Every time the "9PM in UK remix" plays I open my discord lol. What a bait. 7:20

  97. Djnation

    DjnationMonth ago

    need the first second n third song plz

  98. KillerOfLight

    KillerOfLightMonth ago

    Open the description if you want any other ones 00:00​ Playboi Carti-' 9 AM in Calabasas remix'(prod by Adrian) 04:00​ Playboi Carti -'Slatt Family'(Prod by Adrian) 06:52​ Playboi Carti-'9PM in UK remix'(prod by Adrian)

  99. Jerry eighty7

    Jerry eighty7Month ago

    Awesome marketing

  100. Buttered Lobster

    Buttered LobsterMonth ago

    what are all the drops in this mix rn? indevidually

  101. Thomas Morris

    Thomas MorrisMonth ago

    I took 6 tabs last night and played this start to finish 9 times

  102. tokyo

    tokyoMonth ago

    these are just, wow

  103. tokyo

    tokyoMonth ago

    imma use these for some vids

  104. Nathaniel Kyle

    Nathaniel KyleMonth ago

    If you see anything produced by Adrian, just letting you know its gonna be fire

  105. Kinderwar _44

    Kinderwar _44Month ago

    for work its nice songs 👌🏽

  106. Bruna Valente

    Bruna ValenteMonth ago


  107. Brandon Malcolm

    Brandon MalcolmMonth ago

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  108. GregBeKillin

    GregBeKillinMonth ago

    I searched this up because santanadifferent told me to lmao

  109. Eysoe

    EysoeMonth ago

    What beat is that over skeleton? Or whats the version called????

  110. meghan martin

    meghan martinMonth ago

    I love Carti, anyone else?