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  1. YouTube

    YouTube8 days ago

    Congratulations on the new house Graham. 🏡🙌

  2. Caleb Temple

    Caleb TempleDay ago

    Woah, I've never seen USlikes comment before!!

  3. Cole

    Cole2 days ago

    ive never seen the USlikes USlikes channel comment on something before

  4. Logan F

    Logan F2 days ago

    @RankUpTube We made it.

  5. MF: Kenzotuber KZ

    MF: Kenzotuber KZ2 days ago


  6. Zaptowee

    Zaptowee2 days ago

    @Acetyx Same, this is nuts

  7. KappaChino

    KappaChino48 minutes ago

    15% shorter ceilings and this place is a banger x2

  8. Najadea Jay

    Najadea Jay51 minute ago

    I got lost at 1.4 million. That’s beyond me but congrats on the new home and lower tax

  9. Josh Kendall

    Josh Kendall2 hours ago

    $1.5 MILLION FOR A 3 BEDROOM HOUSE!?! I WILL NEVER MOVE TO AMERICA!!! here in Australia we pay less than 500k 😲

  10. Kennedy Brown

    Kennedy Brown2 hours ago

    Thank you for showing us Graham!

  11. tehchanman

    tehchanman3 hours ago

    looks like west hendo

  12. Kevin Bolsajian

    Kevin Bolsajian3 hours ago

    WOW i remember when he first started and he would reply to my comments and answer questions in the comments.

  13. Dena RUDISILL

    Dena RUDISILL3 hours ago

    Could you zoom in and show where the coffee pot is going to live? Please say you have enough money for iced coffee🧐

  14. TheString Breaker

    TheString Breaker3 hours ago

    Smart move maintaining the same set!


    LXIX KRUNCH4 hours ago

    come work on my budget, i went from making 40k a year to roughly 120k a year, i all of a sudden feel like i am spending so much more money, but my costs have not gone up much. not sure where im spending money.

  16. Your Neutrality!

    Your Neutrality!4 hours ago

    Wow! I was actually in LV last week and looked at real estate projects in that area. You are on SH! We might be neighbors soon ;)

  17. Graham Stephan

    Graham Stephan4 hours ago

    Very cool!

  18. MrSilaskling

    MrSilaskling5 hours ago

    It’s almost like California has been taken over by socialist/communists and people are realizing its a sham for your money....

  19. Ce Lee

    Ce Lee6 hours ago

    Is it by the new smiths marketplace?

  20. Ce Lee

    Ce Lee6 hours ago

    Where is this house located?


    ANTONIO ALAJO7 hours ago

    Congratulations , Who is your lender?

  22. agucsb

    agucsb8 hours ago

    Nice, Southern Highlands is a great area. Still being built and will go up. I am also a Los Angeles to Vegas for tax purposes relo, best decision ever.

  23. Mr. X

    Mr. X9 hours ago

    where is it located? mars? :D

  24. Waldoo

    Waldoo9 hours ago

    The pool/garden renders look just amazing, also the plants are gonna need so much water :p

  25. Teresa Miller

    Teresa Miller9 hours ago

    ~~~Is it better to pay off your house in a year or two or take the low interest for the entire 30 years? just what your saving in taxes you could pay off the Vegas home in a year. or, would it better to take your money and invest?

  26. BIGCHROME 32

    BIGCHROME 3210 hours ago

    The ridges is the best neighborhood in Vegas

  27. the good bad and weird

    the good bad and weird10 hours ago

    what is wrong with the microphone.

  28. George Goldbaum

    George Goldbaum11 hours ago

    Graham, welcome to Las Vegas. Like you I grew up in LA and I move to Vegas when I was 24 years old. (That was in 1984.) My standard of living has definitely been much better because of the move. Congratulations on this new chapter of your life. One more thing: please put a new battery in that chirping smoke detector 😁

  29. richard viteri

    richard viteri12 hours ago

    Dope house. Happy for you guys. I just recommend not putting carpet it's a hassle to clean. Unless it's a entrance strip piece, then go for it. 👍🏻👏🏻

  30. Christian Strano

    Christian Strano12 hours ago

    Help save the planet with some solar panels capturing that Las Vegas sun!!! 🌞⚡

  31. P D

    P D12 hours ago

    Nice, really happy for you great job you absolutely earned it 👍👍👍👍

  32. David Cuevas

    David Cuevas13 hours ago

    when you have such a mature audience that you are not afraid to show your location....

  33. Maxwell Smart_086

    Maxwell Smart_08614 hours ago

    Get Smart. The Property Brothers life in Vegas - before messing up - give them a call. At least get a great designer!!! ;-)

  34. Chris green

    Chris green15 hours ago

    i didnt realize how tiny graham was

  35. Kolorado Kid

    Kolorado Kid18 hours ago

    Wonder how many times he went agro at that fire alarm off camera

  36. Huan Nguyen

    Huan Nguyen21 hour ago

    can't wait til the house is pimped out !

  37. Alex Ford

    Alex Ford22 hours ago

    Extension poles with suction cups help to change the light bulbs. This house looks huge. Is it one story? You will actually need a guest bedroom for Kevin, Mr. wonderful. Garages. Where is your lift to service your classic cars? Also, you did not mention your solar roof. What about a Tesla Power Wall? The monitoring system by Simply Safe sound really good. Now that you mentioned pets, I'm glad that we never had one and never had to spend all the money that pets of all kinds demand. what is really astonishing to me is that my house has slightly larger square feet but look so much smaller. My 3889 sq. feet required me to install cabinets and overhead storage, just to store things that should long ago have been thrown away. There are parts of California that doesn't have a lot of traffic, but most of it is very far to the north and the moment you want to go anywhere, you start to deal with the traffic again. Seems like there's been a payoff for all those difficult times investing in properties and then foray into the stock market. AF

  38. Sarah 28

    Sarah 2822 hours ago

    It's a beautiful big modern house. You'll definitely want some natural accents there to balance it out. Wood, leather, bold textures like baskets and woven things. And plants. Different things to add a more cozy feeling. Then you'll really be at home. Can't wait to see it all built and decorated. Very cool.

  39. Joy Gonzalez

    Joy Gonzalez23 hours ago

    Welcome to Las Vegas !!!!!🥳



    Most likely.........

  41. BavarianRev

    BavarianRevDay ago

    Well that’s one ugly bungalow

  42. Workout With Diren

    Workout With DirenDay ago

    I’m not a tall person so normal ceilings are tall for me 😂😂

  43. Austin Goddard

    Austin GoddardDay ago

    too many mid rolls!!

  44. BLN CFL

    BLN CFLDay ago

    i think its to much money for this house, he has to buy a lot of furniture and other stuff..., i saw more beautiful houses in better areas of Las Vegas with more Luxury, better views and cheaper....anyway, congratulation fur such a young and focused guy..

  45. Annlt220 T

    Annlt220 TDay ago

    I feel like something in his explanation is missing. Like a big part of story line. Maybe The Fear. Thank you for not being negative like some tubers.

  46. Ray Roberts IV

    Ray Roberts IVDay ago


  47. Cristian Perotti

    Cristian PerottiDay ago

    Serious question for Graham or anyone who knows. All the things he has to do to the house, especially outdoors (I am talking about the fact that it looks unfinished), will they do it before he moves in? I mean, I don't want to think he paid almost 1,5 million dollars for an unfinished home.

  48. Jonny Stein

    Jonny SteinDay ago

    If las vegas looks more appealing to you, why do you still hold so many properties there? Why not start deleveraging a little bit out?

  49. sapphireblue222

    sapphireblue222Day ago

    Graham, you should consider putting in a couple of Cat Toilets. No more litter and no more smell!

  50. Cadell Levert

    Cadell LevertDay ago

    Welcome To Vegas !!

  51. Lexie’s Mom

    Lexie’s MomDay ago

    welcome to Vegas Graham!!!

  52. nygraphs sign

    nygraphs signDay ago

    Dude I gave you alike button but you have too many dislikes my feedback would be (gently) be more relatable.

  53. Chido Card Collectibles

    Chido Card CollectiblesDay ago


  54. 1paris1942

    1paris1942Day ago

    The room that you don't know what it's supposed to be at 3:50 is what many call a mud room, I beleive.

  55. Scott Needs

    Scott NeedsDay ago

    For changing the lights would you not need to change them via the loft/attic space?

  56. IDK Anymore

    IDK AnymoreDay ago

    9:52 Nice Save XD


    KeepTheTime.comDay ago

    Tip for the litter box: try all natural Swheat Scoop and scoop it right into the toilet. It's flushable and doesn't smell bad.

  58. bgregz

    bgregzDay ago

    this house is comically tall lol

  59. Kaguya Otsutsuki

    Kaguya OtsutsukiDay ago

    Is your girlfriend moving in with you? 😃😃😃

  60. Shailey D

    Shailey DDay ago

    Hi Graham, I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and have been really passionate about learning about real estate! I don’t know much about the concept of the tax savings that you mentioned since I’m not yet a home owner (you’ll save 5x more in your tax savings...?) Could you explain this more in depth or possibly link to a video if you’ve already done one explaining this? Thank you!

  61. Empire Textbooks

    Empire TextbooksDay ago

    Too bad the ceilings are so high that graham can’t change that annoying smoke detector beeping through the entire video 😂

  62. Matt Cahill

    Matt CahillDay ago

    Stoked for the reef aquarium! 🐠

  63. Roger

    RogerDay ago

    Congrats Graham, It is great to have more of your own money that you work so hard for. Keep up the great work!

  64. rick bassh

    rick basshDay ago

    I'm gonna do the same but In Mexico been working my butt alot in the us hopefully mafia doesnt seem this hehehhw

  65. IIIRattleHeadIII

    IIIRattleHeadIIIDay ago

    USA houses are way too big.

  66. Terry Atwater

    Terry AtwaterDay ago

    Alright Graham. time to fill the house with kids

  67. Timothy D’Oliveira

    Timothy D’OliveiraDay ago

    That room from the garage is called a mud room it’s for like shoes and if your dirty from a run then u can take your shoes off there

  68. Ram Rod

    Ram RodDay ago

    Awesome house...! Congratulations..! Hard work will always payoff..!

  69. Morgan Jamie

    Morgan JamieDay ago

    This makes me so happy. Its so amazing to watch you live out your dreams and your life exactly the way you probably wanted it to. So inspiring. Sending love

  70. Jesion Geronimo

    Jesion GeronimoDay ago

    Welcome to Vegas new neighbor!!

  71. KingJesreey

    KingJesreeyDay ago

    Congratulations Graham!

  72. J Nightman

    J NightmanDay ago

    Everyone who is able, is moving out of California. Just remember the reasons you all have left, and do not make your next destination like California 🤙

  73. Flyin Cowboy

    Flyin CowboyDay ago

    With how much you save on that house you will pay it back with ac

  74. Elana Reinholtz

    Elana ReinholtzDay ago

    Sure, it’s cost effective. But new materials, water used in cutting granite, all the flooring, new kitchen, it goes on. But, most of all, the cooling needs for this home alone for two people will be astronomical and that’s why you look at our planet and we have a climate changing. Cost savings isn’t everything. What about building for the future? Renewable energy? Circular water system? Green roofs? Composting?

  75. Sara Angel

    Sara Angel2 days ago

    Graham: i want a circular dining table Also graham: *uses an oval table for representing the idea*

  76. Gricelidis Nunez

    Gricelidis Nunez2 days ago

    Please get an interior designer!

  77. Mobi Flamer

    Mobi Flamer2 days ago

    What's u r height bro?

  78. Edwin Garcia

    Edwin Garcia2 days ago

    It’s called the Mud Room 😀 Just a spot to get your dirty cloths off before you go in the house.

  79. Cole

    Cole2 days ago

    Man I wanna live in Las Vegas

  80. DopaciD

    DopaciD2 days ago

    nice house!

  81. Douken

    Douken2 days ago

    6:06 Classic

  82. Suchy1410

    Suchy14102 days ago

    I am happy for you! Your new place is beautiful!

  83. Francisco Rodriguez

    Francisco Rodriguez2 days ago

    Would you ever consider getting solar panels installed?

  84. Rona Baquero

    Rona Baquero2 days ago

    This can be airbnb too

  85. Julie Anderson

    Julie Anderson2 days ago

    I smell a spring wedding! ⚘🍸

  86. Brito Worx

    Brito Worx2 days ago

    Hey Graham can you commission me to make you your dining table?

  87. Dion McNeeley

    Dion McNeeley2 days ago

    Perfect timing of the smoke detector chiming when you say "No clue how I will change the light bulbs"

  88. Tima Aldoseri

    Tima Aldoseri2 days ago

    Its not fair that ur girlfriend have ×10 smaller office than urs 😖

  89. Israel Mondragón

    Israel Mondragón2 days ago

    I would really love to be your guest on your show so u can critic my spending

  90. Israel Mondragón

    Israel Mondragón2 days ago

    @Graham Stephan omg just say the word and I’ll be there 😁😆

  91. Graham Stephan

    Graham Stephan2 days ago

    we'll see!

  92. WorkIn Progress

    WorkIn Progress2 days ago

    I've been to Vegas once and it was more of a "sandstorm weather". Not sure about this location regarding the desert weather.

  93. Daniel James

    Daniel James2 days ago

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  94. Gekko Gaming

    Gekko Gaming2 days ago

    Congrats Graham! I've been watching you on and off for a good year, and some of your videos motivated me to re-think not only my spending but also alternative ways to make money. So thank you, and congrats again :)

  95. Richard Harris

    Richard Harris2 days ago

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  96. Lil Clorox

    Lil Clorox2 days ago

    3:57 Thats where you are supposed to put your shoes, Graham. But y'all americans dont do that

  97. Bob Saget

    Bob Saget2 days ago

    literally looks like christian guzmans house

  98. chickolat

    chickolat2 days ago

    Is it just me or does it always look like Graham's head is floating on someone else's body? Is it the camera that distorts to make it look like that?

  99. Alex Goodwin

    Alex Goodwin2 days ago

    1.5 million for all this seems like a really good deal

  100. Anthony B

    Anthony B2 days ago

    Glad to see you splurging! Vegas seems like a cool place to live, enjoy that nice dry heat.

  101. TanMan

    TanMan2 days ago

    Good for you for leaving the sinking ship. Now dont vote to install the same captains in Nevada (although being a very intelligent and wealthy man, I bet you didnt support them in the first place anyway).

  102. Sneak

    Sneak2 days ago

    Congrats. I guess you can afford it. What's going to happen to the value when Las Vegas runs out of water?

  103. nawin mutti

    nawin mutti2 days ago

    Congratulations. You earned it. I would love to meet you in person one day

  104. Eric C.

    Eric C.2 days ago

    Welcome to Summerlin, first thing I did was get my ccw

  105. Audio T

    Audio T2 days ago

    congrats dude! thanks for the motivation!

  106. Samuel Morris

    Samuel Morris2 days ago

    Get LED light bulbs! You'll pretty much never have to change them. And for the love of god get the lifetime battery smoke detectors, I've seen so many places with high ceilings where the smoke detectors are just forever chirping cause they can't get up there to change them

  107. Crypto Fish

    Crypto Fish2 days ago

    Congrats Graham.

  108. Pascale Bronder

    Pascale Bronder2 days ago

    How are you financing all of the home installations (pool/kitchen/bathrooms/etc)? A loan or from $ you already had saved?

  109. Geams

    Geams2 days ago

    Las Vegas has no water. Good luck.