SCP-150 Body Stealing Parasite - Ship of Theseus (SCP Animation)

Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Keter Class object, SCP-150 Body Stealing Parasite - Ship of Theseus Animation.
SCP-150 is an obligate parasite that resembles the tongue-eating louse, but is adapted to form conjunctive symbiotic relationships with humans for a period of its lifespan. Upon contact with a human subject, SCP 150 embeds itself deeply in the flesh of its host. Over the course of approximately seven days, SCP150 will burrow into the host and affect numerous physiological alterations.
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This video, being derived from written by Decibelles, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.
Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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  1. Brian Bowen

    Brian BowenHour ago

    This is fake right

  2. Silver PSYCHO .w.

    Silver PSYCHO .w.Hour ago

    Don't be shy, pop you're bite... *DON'T BE SHY, POP YOU'RE BITE!?!?*

  3. Karen Cunningham

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  4. Arlise Frank

    Arlise Frank4 hours ago

    Is s e p v real

  5. Happygreenlea HD

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  6. Luna Lovegood

    Luna Lovegood6 hours ago

    Wow luckily it's not real XD right...?

  7. sivster flix vxle

    sivster flix vxle7 hours ago

    Is this true?


    ANONYMOUS_ALPHA 14478 hours ago

    I hope this is not real

  9. Leonardo Martino

    Leonardo Martino8 hours ago

    I can't even imagine what if would happen if SCP 150 meets 027

  10. Suat Öztürkhshğzygshsgs

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  11. OGK Nikster

    OGK Nikster11 hours ago

    is this real?

  12. liv savijn

    liv savijn11 hours ago

    Is this real that you turn in one of them?

  13. blessing ehioghiren

    blessing ehioghiren11 hours ago

    Ewww disgusting

  14. Swan yee Paing

    Swan yee Paing11 hours ago

    A whole lot worse than covid

  15. Katie Nelson

    Katie Nelson11 hours ago

    is this real

  16. Man Bahadur

    Man Bahadur11 hours ago

    Is that real?,😰

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  19. khong kok leong

    khong kok leong16 hours ago

    Is this really in our world ?

  20. Josiah Zuriel Mapaye

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  21. Chicken Gamer99

    Chicken Gamer9918 hours ago

    SCP *exists* The Foundation:D-Class are the answer



    Is it real?! I hate this! SCP-150: Really?

  23. mark Alera

    mark Alera19 hours ago

    9:32 dr bob was burning his desk what ther is an scp-150

  24. Tiara Zyross Aleta

    Tiara Zyross Aleta21 hour ago

    No SO

  25. Maverick Andrei Pilar

    Maverick Andrei Pilar22 hours ago

    This reminds me of parasyte

  26. Rock girl

    Rock girl23 hours ago

    How Tf does he not notice his Bug Arm? Edit: oh i see, the parasite makes the host feel calm even joyed of the new change

  27. Tano Zhu

    Tano Zhu23 hours ago

    Me: watches Bob: sees a bug, gets a flamethrower and burns his table . That’s thy it’s the best SCP channel in the world.

  28. The Carolina gamer

    The Carolina gamerDay ago

    Wow I love your beetle arm

  29. Elyas Neda

    Elyas NedaDay ago

    SCP STAND FOR: secure, contain, protect SCP ALSO STANDS FOR : secure, contain, POOP?

  30. Donovan Owens

    Donovan OwensDay ago

    Is this real

  31. Dominic Martinez

    Dominic MartinezDay ago

    Him: calm about the bite While his arm is mutating Me: what

  32. Rock girl

    Rock girl23 hours ago

    How Tf does he not notice his Bug Arm? Edit: oh i see, the parasite makes the host feel calm even joyed of the new change

  33. Joshua Brainard

    Joshua BrainardDay ago

    Honestly I just kind of confused why like why they remove the disgusting bugs and put it back in her I moved it's raining while I watch this cuz I hate bugs

  34. Molice GT

    Molice GTDay ago

    9:30 Doctor : *sees a 150* Also Doc : *INcinerates all his desk* scp 150 : Welp , no document for meh Scp 150 : Hehe Buaiiiiii

  35. •ItsDuckiePlays•

    •ItsDuckiePlays•Day ago

    This is why i hate scps bc i feel like they might come out from nowhere behind me

  36. DiamondPicker

    DiamondPickerDay ago

    Jacob Colvin: So I went to a house, and saw a human with a SCP body stealing parasite

  37. mark baird

    mark bairdDay ago

    Is this treble

  38. Zahra Shokoohi

    Zahra ShokoohiDay ago

    I am not a Book

  39. Ryan L

    Ryan LDay ago

    Ohh that’s why

  40. Ryan L

    Ryan LDay ago

    Does he not notice he arm transformed into like a stick.

  41. GötzeLP

    GötzeLPDay ago

    SCP-150 Body stealing parasite aka. Covid 19...

  42. Maria Veronica Ayala Lachira

    Maria Veronica Ayala LachiraDay ago

    No nfid dkw zjd fack no sfe abkaid ingleskp

  43. Caden Akoto

    Caden AkotoDay ago

    😆 lol

  44. Filthy Rose

    Filthy RoseDay ago

    9:18 AMOGUS

  45. Unicorn

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  46. Mangala Barnwal

    Mangala BarnwalDay ago

    R.I.P. the file last scene, see this :- 09:31

  47. Nightbot 2.0 • 14 years ago

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  48. Luka Zdravković

    Luka ZdravkovićDay ago

    Ya very stupid one

  49. Dark Side of Fate

    Dark Side of FateDay ago

    Mercer Virus: I can milk you

  50. Magdalena Nurkowicz

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  51. alastor_ gg

    alastor_ ggDay ago

    Are scp real? Pls answer to me

  52. Дивинський Ярослав

    Дивинський ЯрославDay ago

    Hotel the little wolf

  53. xX Lucie Xx

    xX Lucie XxDay ago

    The SCP 150 Real?

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  55. Sans

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    I want to😖😖

  56. Sans

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    Is ugly bug i want to 😷😷



    Its a movie named parasite-scp



    Its fake


    HARRY CLINEDay ago

    Who else likes the ending when mr Bob meets the scp or sth like that?

  60. Michelle Layne

    Michelle LayneDay ago

    That just looks disgusting I also destiny and it looks creepy

  61. HappyFace

    HappyFaceDay ago

    This video is cool they even dont have intro!

  62. reevael 69

    reevael 69Day ago

    Among us!!!!! Sus sus 9:19

  63. Pew hola fannn Onal

    Pew hola fannn OnalDay ago

    İs this real im 9 years old pls pet talk me thats not real

  64. Pew hola fannn Onal

    Pew hola fannn OnalDay ago

    İs this real im 9 age pls talk me thats not real

  65. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouDay ago

    That moment when you realise that dr Bob has access to a flamethrower:

  66. Minna Wahlborg

    Minna WahlborgDay ago

    Is dis reol

  67. family of tackingtom animation

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    It was me

  69. ChristoffShan

    ChristoffShanDay ago

    It was my

  70. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouDay ago

    When I first started to watch this video I thought it was just fake stuff that they made up and then I realized it was real and almost screamed

  71. ChristoffShan

    ChristoffShanDay ago

    Hello sorry 😐

  72. Jace Lin

    Jace LinDay ago

    Me:cough and has scp-150. Me:watches YT Me:sees scp vid. Me:GOD DAM I HAVE SCP-150

  73. kris diaz

    kris diazDay ago

    Wouldn’t an early amputation stop the bug right there

  74. 2A-14- Kenzu Milano Tan

    2A-14- Kenzu Milano TanDay ago

    I'm scared

  75. 陈jackson

    陈jacksonDay ago

    hello doctor bob,some Chinese stole your video in qq application,i would like to know whether you authorize him to upload your videos?

  76. EagerPlanes341

    EagerPlanes341Day ago

    Around 9:26 Any instance of SCP 150 found outside of containment is to be constantly incinerated. 5 seconds later Me: "HOLLY S*** HE BURNED THE ENTIRE BINDER OF INFO WITH A FLAMETHROWER. WHY A FLAMETHROWER!? This comment is over, this is a waste of space, my voice is annoying, and I suck at any SCP game.

  77. Spirit Gaming

    Spirit GamingDay ago

    How doesnt he notice his arm is a bug

  78. Shelley Holzschuh

    Shelley HolzschuhDay ago

    I'm scared

  79. corrupted skid

    corrupted skid2 days ago

    he really dont care about the bug arm

  80. Junoir abner Felix

    Junoir abner Felix2 days ago

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  81. Cassijex Aka Jessica

    Cassijex Aka Jessica2 days ago

    Franz Kafka is typing...

  82. Doomboy105

    Doomboy1052 days ago

    I had a nightmare that this scp got me

  83. Danella Mabrey

    Danella Mabrey2 days ago

    Scp is wadu

  84. Hunter dubose

    Hunter dubose2 days ago

    When I first started to watch this video I thought it was just fake stuff that they made up and then I realized it was real and almost screamed

  85. Kira Warren

    Kira Warren2 days ago

    Really creepy!

  86. Kira Warren

    Kira Warren2 days ago

    O my God this is creepy!

  87. Tammy Conway

    Tammy Conway2 days ago

    I love scp

  88. Kate Lendon

    Kate Lendon2 days ago

    2:46 does that look similar to a rash?

  89. sonia james

    sonia james2 days ago

    Morning babe babe I

  90. dinosaur noob2011

    dinosaur noob20112 days ago

    Dr bob: shoots table with flame thrower Me: that table better be fire proof

  91. Javo Moto

    Javo Moto2 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like a thumbnail from my story animated

  92. Michał Sz

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  96. tator tot

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