The Return of Giant Skin-Shell Sea Turtles

The biggest turtle ever described wasn’t an ancestor of today’s leatherback turtles or any other living sea turtles. But it looks like there are some things about being a giant, skin-shelled sea turtle that just work, no matter where, or when, you lived.
Thanks to Ceri Thomas (, Nobu Tamura (, and Dmitry Bogdanov for allowing us to use their excellent paleoart in this video!
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  1. Bebe Cannual Bungdon

    Bebe Cannual Bungdon33 minutes ago

    Hahaha I never believe in science's theory. most of them r fiction n assumption.

  2. silverkleptofox

    silverkleptofox2 days ago

    Thank you all so much for making this program. I went to parochial school so my education did not have anything about evolution whatsoever. I get to learn and catch up with the rest of the population!

  3. Bacon Man

    Bacon Man2 days ago

    Giant turtle

  4. Dave Luna

    Dave Luna5 days ago

    You totally loved the jokes 😜🤪

  5. Kitty Gaming

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  6. Samantha Gibson

    Samantha Gibson5 days ago

    I watched a documentary a few years ago and one thing has bothered me ever since. It said that the giant dragonflies from the Carbonifous survived into the Triassic. It said they survived the lowered oxygen levels by using their wings to improve the air movement round the spiracules. It failed to say how they got through the big dying because I cant imagine that working so well during that. Can you make a video on them and if they did survive please explain how thanks

  7. Arcaninetyfour

    Arcaninetyfour8 days ago

    What about Nile soft shelled turtles?

  8. culwin

    culwin8 days ago

    Another unnecessary change by the devs. Come on guys!

  9. ZakuNick

    ZakuNick9 days ago

    I like the information about where the fossils are being found in relation to the indigenous people who live/lived there.

  10. Tom Curl

    Tom Curl9 days ago

    I like turtles We need to monitor beaches for a turtle nest so that conservationist can prevent to rest from donking around and hurting the eggs

  11. Gino Valera

    Gino Valera9 days ago

    I like turtles

  12. Sloane

    Sloane9 days ago

    I love that PBS Eons recognizes and mentions the Indigenous peoples whose land many discoveries are found on, but I think it would be even more awesome if the shout out was made at the beginning of the video! :)

  13. denunci mesmo

    denunci mesmo10 days ago

    i love this videos thanks all incredible profissionals from this chanel

  14. Kieran Callahan

    Kieran Callahan10 days ago

    Please do a video about the evolution of legless lizards like the sheltopusik.

  15. Matt G

    Matt G10 days ago

    Always great videos coming from Eons.

  16. Drew Brees is on TRT so is Tom brady

    Drew Brees is on TRT so is Tom brady10 days ago

    CLIMATE CHANGE! All those damn suvs of the Cretaceous.

  17. Arianna Buehler

    Arianna Buehler10 days ago

    Thanks for adding a statement of recognition at the end of the video to address indigenous people!

  18. Justin Y's pet Dragon

    Justin Y's pet Dragon10 days ago

    Pennywise disliked the video

  19. Dylan Hoffman

    Dylan Hoffman10 days ago

    I hope that they make a episode about diplocalus or as I like to refer to it as fluffy the boomerang head

  20. Ridgecrest Wack

    Ridgecrest Wack10 days ago

    So giant sea turtles arent back? Thanks for the clickbait. You bought yourself a thumbs down!

  21. Abigail Helmke

    Abigail Helmke10 days ago

    Could you do one on when birds first sang?

  22. WHY

    WHY10 days ago

    It was great to watch! I dream of ever having the same audience on my channel as you do. I would be honored if you would come over to see me on the channel and rate any of the videos! :)

  23. Aeshma

    Aeshma10 days ago

    So 15% survived the first extinction, of that 15% you have to eliminate 75%, of what you have left, eliminate 95% again, of that rest eliminate 80% again, of that rest eliminate 76% again .... tell me if your evolution math makes sense?

  24. Aeshma

    Aeshma10 days ago

    So... no evolution for turtles ... they only appeared because they magically appeared.... nice...🤣🤣🤣

  25. Aeshma

    Aeshma9 days ago

    @John Thumble don't worry, I understand perfectly why your education is so mediocre

  26. Aeshma

    Aeshma9 days ago

    @John Thumble ok .. late Ordovician, 85% of all animals are eliminated ... 66 million years and a second extinction , of the 15% that survived the first this time 75% are eliminated, 349 million years later it is eliminated 95% again of all the animals on the planet, ... 50 million years and of that only 5% survived in Permian, 80% in the Jurassic disappeared... another extinction and another extinction ... can you tell me if the animals had accelerated growth in evolution ... because you are playing with several extinctions starting from the first one that only left 15% ...

  27. Aeshma

    Aeshma9 days ago

    @John Thumble please, you don't have to cry

  28. Aeshma

    Aeshma9 days ago

    @John Thumble So 15% survived the first extinction, of that 15% you have to eliminate 75%, of what you have left, eliminate 95% again, of that rest eliminate 80% again, of that rest eliminate 76% again .... tell me if your evolution math makes sense?

  29. John Thumble

    John Thumble9 days ago

    @Aeshma oh you're a I understand why you're so slow ..

  30. Jordan States

    Jordan States11 days ago

    Question: why do they refer to the circular bones as “ossicles” and not “scutes?” An ossicle is just any small bone, so why not be more specific? Are those bones not considered scutes?

  31. CosplayMemories14

    CosplayMemories1411 days ago

    So there IS hope for this world? Awesome!

  32. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey11 days ago

    Don't diss turtle speed. They go way faster than you expect. Tortoises are pretty slow though...

  33. Invaded by dark spirit Knight Slayer Tsorig!

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    nineball03911 days ago

    Tortoise ≠ turtle

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    Zarah Andrahilde11 days ago

    My favourite part is when he *didn't* go "Know what's more badass than the Archelon? THE NEW FREE CHAMPION IN RAID SHADOW LEGENDS"

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    WTF27pl12 days ago

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    E Q12 days ago

    I notice there is lots of great art PBS Eons use. I assume you work alongside the artists & have their permission as I cant see anywhere that notes the creators of the many forms of art you use?

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    Rip Tide12 days ago

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    James Cad12 days ago

    Suggestion for an episode, when/how did hearing develop?

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    Aspen Edwards12 days ago

    We love a channel who speaks on indigenous respect

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  46. BioniclesaurKing4t2

    BioniclesaurKing4t212 days ago

    Asking again for a closer look at the former "prosauropods" and how we think they're actually related now. Or, perhaps, a rundown on all major prehistoric aquatic reptiles (including whatever Nothosaurus was, or mostly just Nothosaurus).

  47. Juan Pablo Maldonado Garcia

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    Dread Pirate12 days ago

    Another great video.

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    i thought they came back from extinction :( thats y i clicked on the video

  55. Davis Jugroop

    Davis Jugroop13 days ago

    May be megalodon was specialised to prey on such turtles and giants prehistoric seals. With his food source extinct, so did megalodon.

  56. primatology grad UPenn

    primatology grad UPenn13 days ago

    Thank you convergent evolution

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    dragonspight13 days ago

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    Jack Black13 days ago

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    Jack Black11 days ago

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  60. nineball039

    nineball03911 days ago

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    Artist Cat / BrushPaw13 days ago

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    Andrew Mazza13 days ago

    How about an episode on the extinct Bluebuck antelope? I feel like there aren’t many high quality videos about this extinct species. You could relate it too how we can determine the genetic relationships of extinct animals with living species.

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    Weasel Fartood13 days ago

    I dont even believe in sea turtles

  66. Artist Cat / BrushPaw

    Artist Cat / BrushPaw12 days ago

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    Artist Cat / BrushPaw13 days ago

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  80. Gianni Wip

    Gianni Wip14 days ago

    For giant leatherbacks still around visit Galibi, Suriname. You can observe them nesting at night. Just make sure you visit during the nesting period (obviously)

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    Boras Raven14 days ago

    Fun fact baby sea turtles shells are really soft, kinda like thin leather gloves... also sea eagles eat all of a baby sea turtle except the shell...

  84. Artist Cat / BrushPaw

    Artist Cat / BrushPaw12 days ago

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  85. Boras Raven

    Boras Raven12 days ago

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    Artist Cat / BrushPaw13 days ago

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  95. Artist Cat / BrushPaw

    Artist Cat / BrushPaw13 days ago

    That’s a fact, not an opinion.

  96. Mike 1958

    Mike 195814 days ago

    You wonder why there was an explosion of population animals always find a way to survive. Their first shot at this was as you say the late Cretaceous period when smaller turtle expanded to fill the niche left behind when the big ones are gone. It's sort of the way coyotes filled the niche the wolf left,when it was almost eradicated from the lower 48. They have been almost completely wiped out in the eastern US. Everywhere there are coyotes there were once wolves. Same with the sea turtles.

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    It's really nice you recognise first nation's rights to their lands.

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