BROKE vs PRO Gaming

The challenge: buy the most expensive gaming gear on Amazon vs the cheapest setup.
The latest BROKE vs PRO episode!
Ken's setup - Acer Predator X27 gaming monitor on Amazon:
Logitech G502 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Massdrop CTRL mechanical keyboard:
Astro A40 gaming headset on Amazon:
Austin's setup - Sceptre E248W monitor on Amazon:
Redragon M602 gaming mouse on Amazon:
Rii RK100 "gaming" keyboard on Amazon:
Beexcellent gaming headset on Amazon:
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  1. Max Bennett

    Max BennettHour ago

    I’ve watched this video like ten times

  2. Larry Jackson

    Larry JacksonHour ago

    Well nobody can get cheaper than me I game on a Chromebook that's 5 years old when I play PC 🙃

  3. Deadzone6

    Deadzone6Hour ago

    Expensive gear doesn't make you game better tho, you just gotta get guuuddd kids

  4. Mega_ Banhammer

    Mega_ Banhammer2 hours ago

    D O W N L O A D H O N E Y

  5. Mega_ Banhammer

    Mega_ Banhammer2 hours ago

    u gous should have used H O N E Y

  6. Gabriel Talili

    Gabriel Talili3 hours ago

    When you saved up and spent all your money to buy a full setup but you forgot the wifi-

  7. Barney Junior

    Barney Junior3 hours ago

    a weeb, a nerd and a reddit moderator in the same room..

  8. Frank Rodzo

    Frank Rodzo6 hours ago

    Cheap is better then mine that’s not broke that’s average

  9. Finn

    Finn8 hours ago

    There’s a difference?

  10. Gx7_Nitro

    Gx7_Nitro8 hours ago

    That's all doesn't matter for me, I just want a good internet 😥😥😥

  11. Coding And Gaming

    Coding And Gaming13 hours ago

    lol not to brag but my mouse has 16k dpi iv heard of mouses that can go up to 32k dpi

  12. AQ Productions

    AQ Productions14 hours ago

    Hey guys this is Austin

  13. Yousef Mahmood

    Yousef Mahmood14 hours ago

    how is ken a weeb, if he is already a japanese

  14. Kalixo - Other

    Kalixo - Other14 hours ago

    im even cheaper, i have 25 dollar 12 year old imac that cant play games bc 64 bits games only and 5 dollar mac keyboard 5 dollar magic mouse 10 dollar headset boom u cant beat me 59 fps and 59.999999999 hz

  15. manny zozaya

    manny zozaya21 hour ago

    This is why the pc gamers are so divisive. They even inflight amongst each other. Peasant pc gamers are like console gamers in their eyes. I just buy a console to play games.

  16. matan 42

    matan 4221 hour ago


  17. Fun With Anvit

    Fun With Anvit22 hours ago

    Ur $132 headphones are very cheap in India i brought ot for $12 dollars lol 😂😂

  18. Aditya Paranjpay

    Aditya ParanjpayDay ago

    What game is Austin and Ken playing?

  19. IceLord

    IceLord17 hours ago

    That was Overwatch.

  20. solo_gamer

    solo_gamerDay ago

    I have the exact monitor

  21. paloma blanca

    paloma blancaDay ago

    ken acts like he is in charge tbh

  22. Banana slices

    Banana slicesDay ago

    I like how my monitor is 240 hertz and cheaper Alien ware

  23. IceLord

    IceLord17 hours ago

    Yeah but his was 4k, yours is 1080p. 144hz 4k monitors are super expensive.

  24. Que 37

    Que 37Day ago


  25. Jean Pierre Polnareff

    Jean Pierre PolnareffDay ago

    Bro I just realised that the cheap keyboard is the exact one I have lmao

  26. Milk Man

    Milk ManDay ago

    I like how my 700 dollar monitor is worse than an 80$ monitor

  27. TalanClips

    TalanClipsDay ago

    People who do insane Sim racing -pathetic

  28. ReallyySwipy

    ReallyySwipyDay ago

    Phone gang come in

  29. Steve's Job

    Steve's JobDay ago

    I have a el cheapo ....6 gb ram Intel HD graphics ....i3 3rd gen ........1 tb hdd .

  30. Jayden Rollock

    Jayden Rollock2 days ago

    is it me or is the most notable thing in this video is their teeth

  31. Funne Gamer

    Funne Gamer2 days ago

    Ken is stupid cos he likes anime like if you hate anime to

  32. aeswjo aeswjo579

    aeswjo aeswjo5792 days ago

    7:21 you know what my wallet doens't hertz


    MIDAS KID2 days ago

    Yytdsfdututfytfyiitfyfgygiyfrdutiytfftyiicyfficyiyfccfcfiyifycifyciyfciyfcicfifyc+6y ‘j Onb fdkozdbfkzbfdngdrzoBdrnjzjdftjhojstjtsoihjoinhsjl Dhgntezhklnhte Anzio Methionine Jhtezjothe Nhjtkd Nthtrj D Ftjkfjktkjtjtf

  34. CoopersHyper

    CoopersHyper2 days ago

    Me, gets 4k 144hz acer monitor for $200

  35. Koalaficationz

    Koalaficationz2 days ago

    but can it run minecraft?

  36. Parth Bansal

    Parth Bansal2 days ago

    They spent 1600 USD on a monitor. That is double than most people's budget for an entire setup

  37. Jacob Georges

    Jacob Georges2 days ago

    i would like to see how they would do in fortnite or apex or warzone with that cheap set up.

  38. Jiawang Nie

    Jiawang Nie3 days ago

    the scepter monitor cost $150

  39. TetanicBeet5322

    TetanicBeet53223 days ago

    when a keyboard is more expensive than your entire setup: ᕦ⊙෴⊙ᕤ

  40. Captain Price

    Captain Price3 days ago

    The cheap headset is the one I am wearing whilst watching this video

  41. Captain Price

    Captain Price3 days ago

    Damn I got a keyboard, a headset, a mouse and a mousepad for £35 from Amazon

  42. Declan Greer

    Declan Greer3 days ago

    the redragon mouse is super good, I remember i got mine like 1 or 2 years ago and its still fine, its super good.

  43. Gamerul Bombă

    Gamerul Bombă3 days ago

    Whi didn't you used The JBL Quantum100

  44. VeZix0

    VeZix03 days ago


  45. thediz4riz_FDU

    thediz4riz_FDU3 days ago

    It’s not a toy tho 😂

  46. Hapaa

    Hapaa3 days ago

    Watch it only 1 times : ❎ Watch it many times : ✅

  47. the_slushie_ 26

    the_slushie_ 263 days ago

    My monitor is 290 euro , it’s UHD and it’s 4K is that a good deal

  48. Not_Elimz

    Not_Elimz3 days ago

    the fact that I'm wearing the same headphones as Austin

  49. Equinox Boy

    Equinox Boy4 days ago

    My set up:- Zebronics rainbow colour speakers Kotion EachG2000 headset Dell 2007 monitor HP mouse thts all me poor boi

  50. bruh bruh

    bruh bruh4 days ago

    i litteraly have a laptop, wire earbuds and a cheap ass wireless mouse

  51. FishPlayzGamez

    FishPlayzGamez4 days ago

    Austin: rocking with a redragon mouse Me: rock in with moms computer mouse

  52. Cyberspace

    Cyberspace4 days ago

    In all seriousness why do ppl think csgo is the only game

  53. Indah Kamilah N.S

    Indah Kamilah N.S4 days ago

    what game you play btw?

  54. Poppy Thompson

    Poppy Thompson4 days ago

    What’s that game called ?

  55. BlankFACE

    BlankFACE4 days ago


  56. krishna rathod

    krishna rathod4 days ago

    7:23 greatest thing ever

  57. Joshua Newland

    Joshua Newland4 days ago

    For the pro pc you should you a RTX 3080

  58. Netherite

    Netherite4 days ago

    the mouse looks like eastern tech

  59. Jakes Weather Channel.

    Jakes Weather Channel.4 days ago

    My set up: Astro a10 ps4 1080p tv sit or lay on da bed XD

  60. Brayson Altenhof

    Brayson Altenhof4 days ago

    first of all no way the poor guy spent that much on that.

  61. TITAN

    TITAN4 days ago

    I got the same mouse (g502) for 50 in store

  62. Giacomo Tomaino

    Giacomo Tomaino4 days ago

    My wallet isn’t hertz

  63. Kai_RenYT

    Kai_RenYT4 days ago

    No matter how broke we are, we are still gamers..

  64. DoDoss

    DoDoss4 days ago


  65. fenderjbass

    fenderjbass4 days ago

    Austin Evans likes membrane keyboards more than mechanical keyboards i dont like austin evans

  66. Corpse_Frag

    Corpse_Frag4 days ago

    "atleast my wallet isnt HHERTS" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

  67. Ante spelar

    Ante spelar4 days ago

    He did show his address

  68. J Marsden

    J Marsden5 days ago

    I use the rii keyboard and it GRRAT

  69. mr m gaming

    mr m gaming5 days ago

    You can the g502 for 42 $ now

  70. liam

    liam5 days ago

    i was totally with austin at the start but then he said "because he is a weeb"

  71. Adamn Woo

    Adamn Woo5 days ago

    ken's monitor is more expensive than my entire setup and thats saying something

  72. Preston Tingley

    Preston Tingley5 days ago

    Way to much fucking around, just here for some info

  73. JsFilms

    JsFilms5 days ago

    heyo i have that mouse

  74. SmuGGumS

    SmuGGumS5 days ago

    the hell what happened to ken’s first win

  75. Mikel-ender64

    Mikel-ender645 days ago

    When ken has a lot of Love Live merch Me: omfg it’s happening, I’m not the only one, OMFG yeeeessss😆😍

  76. Harryboysmith

    Harryboysmith5 days ago

    i use g502 wireless :cool: aha

  77. HatsuneGamer 2 - 初音ゲマ2

    HatsuneGamer 2 - 初音ゲマ25 days ago

    Me actually being broke: $100 IS SO EXPENSIVE

  78. jo?

    jo?5 days ago

    what was the game they we're playing

  79. jo?

    jo?5 days ago

    @Tim thx bro

  80. Tim

    Tim5 days ago


  81. jo?

    jo?5 days ago

    what's the name of that game they we're playing

  82. Fall guys Ultimate knockout

    Fall guys Ultimate knockout5 days ago

    I love you austin your cheep

  83. SheLuvAyeKae

    SheLuvAyeKae5 days ago

    my whole k&m setup is 300$

  84. Reusable Zebra

    Reusable Zebra5 days ago

    you guys should have done the gaming chairs

  85. faze Dilman

    faze Dilman5 days ago

    Austin: you know what is not hurt my pocket ist hurt

  86. the good guy

    the good guy5 days ago

    tell me how are you broke when you have a 132$ headset

  87. Farhad Mahbub

    Farhad Mahbub5 days ago

    R.I.P headphone users

  88. Farhad Mahbub

    Farhad Mahbub5 days ago

    Plz play fortnite or warzone

  89. Josh Narida

    Josh Narida6 days ago

    A can use that 144hz to watch hent@! Smoothly

  90. Pigeon Beans

    Pigeon Beans6 days ago

    I have those exact headphones, cost me only 20 bucks

  91. Carlos Vazquez

    Carlos Vazquez6 days ago

    when i heard he wont win because hes a weeb 😂🤣

  92. Fade Samurai

    Fade Samurai6 days ago

    "Im gonna beat him in his favorite game because he's a weeb" well I feel offended cause I'm a weeb

  93. Vidulia S

    Vidulia S6 days ago

    My setup is trash

  94. Jose V

    Jose V6 days ago

    I’m getting that keyboard with a mouse it comes with a mouse it is 18$69c

  95. Mason McNeely

    Mason McNeely6 days ago

    i used a DB power keyboard from amazon for 4 years. never failed me, it still works but i upgraded to a razer

  96. Oren Kam

    Oren Kam6 days ago

    It’s like 3.00 am, like what am I watching..

  97. Vokaty Noah

    Vokaty Noah6 days ago

    Why do they have the same glasses

  98. Taylor Ishmael

    Taylor Ishmael6 days ago

    The wireless lightspeed G502 is the best mouse ever its so good


    MATTGAMER_PRO123 ROBLOX6 days ago

    hey yoo my name is matt

  100. Talented Ghoul

    Talented Ghoul6 days ago

    Do you use Honey

  101. TigryBlox 1

    TigryBlox 16 days ago

    Ken is better then austin beacause he has sliverkeyborad thats better than black keybroard

  102. Roerei Youtube

    Roerei Youtube6 days ago

    The seemly decision quantitatively untidy because paperback immunophenotypically mate unlike a dreary helen. rabid, miscreant green

  103. Gaming Warrior

    Gaming Warrior6 days ago

    this is like me and my friend but I'm broke and his rich

  104. Sharan Sivakumar

    Sharan Sivakumar6 days ago

    They forgot mouse pads :/