100 Players, But Lava Rises Every Minute!

We hosted an insane Minecraft challenge where the lava rises every minute! Who will be the last person to survive this challenge?
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  1. Danielle Horn

    Danielle HornHour ago

    Rip dat dude wit da diamond pic and sword

  2. Epic gamer 1

    Epic gamer 1Hour ago

    I have never been to subway

  3. Rolo_creations

    Rolo_creations2 hours ago

    if he done this in real life lemme tell u somin it wouldnt be published

  4. Jason Perezgutierrez

    Jason Perezgutierrez4 hours ago

    Ok why did you took it away

  5. Michael Quigley

    Michael Quigley5 hours ago

    Me and Quigley 07 have the same headset as jimmy in this video!

  6. Said Gul Pacha Saidi

    Said Gul Pacha Saidi5 hours ago


  7. Kaitlyn Voyik

    Kaitlyn Voyik6 hours ago

    I love your videos and I am your biggest fan I wish that I could be in one of you videos thank you for reading my comment butt if you can’t it is fine

  8. Renegade

    Renegade6 hours ago

    winner: i don't really have no words chris: those sound like words

  9. FakkaFalko

    FakkaFalko12 hours ago

    Can we get an F for the guy that died last

  10. TEH JUNE REN Moe

    TEH JUNE REN Moe14 hours ago

    Sad chris

  11. Given M. Roma

    Given M. Roma14 hours ago

    Mrbeast ending the vid by saying "that's a lot of chickens"

  12. Aiden Davis

    Aiden Davis17 hours ago


  13. Minecraft Time

    Minecraft Time19 hours ago

    I really like subway and I can’t make it to the server:(

  14. Haruna Very Daijoubu

    Haruna Very Daijoubu20 hours ago

    Fun fact : if you search minecraft mrbeast rising lava el paca this pops up


    MADDOX THE GOAT21 hour ago

    Good Video

  16. Isabel C

    Isabel C21 hour ago

    Mrbeast: Wondering hiw the hiw everyone is doing Random kid: I suck I haven't played minecraft in six months

  17. Chicken Channel

    Chicken Channel22 hours ago

    Save the chickens. Take back the 10000$

  18. Sophia Garcia

    Sophia GarciaDay ago

    “Why are my fingers sweating” 4:04

  19. CYB3R_STORMY -_-

    CYB3R_STORMY -_-Day ago


  20. Pepsi x Boys

    Pepsi x BoysDay ago


  21. Harmony Mcqueen

    Harmony McqueenDay ago

    u are my favret youtuber

  22. Harmony Mcqueen

    Harmony McqueenDay ago

    i love you

  23. AsTheTic_EkNoOr_

    AsTheTic_EkNoOr_Day ago

    Your discord server is full :(

  24. man009 official

    man009 officialDay ago

    Why I wanted diamond sword

  25. Jayden Flores

    Jayden FloresDay ago

    Chris always screws people

  26. the Adam's mom

    the Adam's momDay ago

    l have a bad life

  27. Anidem

    AnidemDay ago

    I’m very sad ;(

  28. Pug Gaming

    Pug GamingDay ago

    I’m on team Karl (duh)

  29. Abuツ

    AbuツDay ago

    😭😭😭 u took my diamond pick

  30. Harristendo

    HarristendoDay ago

    Mr beast gaming minecraft videos in a nutshell: *Creeper? Aw man!*

  31. Vic B

    Vic BDay ago

    I used to think Chris is nice

  32. SpiceBoy Og

    SpiceBoy OgDay ago

    I like Mr. Beast but I’ll admit it’s messed up they’re literally hitting people off even if on accident. They should avoid it at all cost

  33. Nightmare Hamza

    Nightmare Hamza7 hours ago


  34. Kashmira Perlado

    Kashmira PerladoDay ago

    when they saluted I thought of Wilbur Soot saluting to L'manburg



    i wonder what they're voice chat is talking i suck... i have'nt played minecraft in like 6 month

  36. Topfrags

    TopfragsDay ago

    why tf is chris so mean to karl lol like every time

  37. Sissel-Jo Gazan

    Sissel-Jo GazanDay ago

    My dad is broke:(

  38. The Longest Comment

    The Longest CommentDay ago

    Omg 10:00 funny

  39. Zman103

    Zman103Day ago

    I feel bad for the person in first

  40. ScooterBros360

    ScooterBros360Day ago

    4:39 - felt that😔

  41. Havis

    HavisDay ago


  42. Custom

    CustomDay ago

    I am Color blind and saw it as a stick

  43. Custom

    CustomDay ago

    I was that kid

  44. Eric Hatter

    Eric HatterDay ago

    Who else realized jimmy said apaca instead of alpaca

  45. Jen Woodeshick

    Jen WoodeshickDay ago

    I would be pissed if I would have died last that’s kinda stupid tbh

  46. Chicken Bone

    Chicken BoneDay ago


  47. Hector Torres

    Hector TorresDay ago


  48. Joseph Ortiz

    Joseph OrtizDay ago


  49. Forgotten Potato :p

    Forgotten Potato :pDay ago

    The last person to die be like: 👁👄👁 fu-

  50. Evie Playz

    Evie Playz2 days ago

    I play minecraft nearly every weekend!

  51. Niko Harris

    Niko Harris2 days ago


  52. Carson Amsden

    Carson Amsden2 days ago

    Mrbeast: they're probably screaming people playing: why are my fingers to sweating

  53. Jad Haya

    Jad Haya2 days ago


  54. Alexander Stevens

    Alexander Stevens2 days ago

    imajine lossing in a mr beast challenge because of the host

  55. X'ander Figueroa

    X'ander Figueroa2 days ago

    Alpaca joins the battle But dies lol R I. P 🦙

  56. frusky Gamers

    frusky Gamers2 days ago

    Flex Seal Add: That's a lot of Damage!!!!! Meanwhile Jimmy: 9:58 That's a Lot of Chicken!!!!

  57. Sankar Hatui

    Sankar Hatui2 days ago

    My pickaxe and sword :(

  58. Jolie angele Vlogs

    Jolie angele Vlogs2 days ago

    Can plsss chan chan win

  59. Takashi Feather

    Takashi Feather2 days ago

    Sandwiches for life. Lol

  60. Takashi Feather

    Takashi Feather2 days ago

    Even if I didn't win if I was ever invited I think I would still have fun just because I'm meeting with random people. Lol

  61. Kristen Martz

    Kristen Martz3 days ago

    Mine blocks- chandler 2020

  62. Coasting California

    Coasting California3 days ago

    If I won a 10,000 dollar subway gift card, every time I went to Subway I would just buy everyone's sandwiches

  63. Coasting California

    Coasting California3 days ago

    This is a sick challenge

  64. lucky ducky 774

    lucky ducky 7743 days ago

    chris got karma

  65. dream

    dream3 days ago


  66. dream

    dream3 days ago


  67. Butterfly Mama

    Butterfly Mama3 days ago

    Ko ko

  68. Butterfly Mama

    Butterfly Mama3 days ago


  69. Butterfly Mama

    Butterfly Mama3 days ago


  70. Lulu Galaxy Queen

    Lulu Galaxy Queen3 days ago


  71. Ryan Skillz

    Ryan Skillz3 days ago

    5:15 "it was a joke!" then instant karma


    MASKED GAMER3 days ago

    can i join 1 of your among us games

  73. pamela angela

    pamela angela3 days ago

    The meaty parent fortuitously bounce because flugelhorn karunagappally kneel regarding a crooked meter. lonely, knotty potato

  74. Chris Magill

    Chris Magill3 days ago


  75. Owen Plante

    Owen Plante3 days ago

    im so sad

  76. cobra kai hawk

    cobra kai hawk3 days ago

    I was the guy that said i havent played minecraft for moths

  77. norman usa

    norman usa3 days ago

    No last to win

  78. Rose Speaks

    Rose Speaks3 days ago

    We love the that's a lot of chickens ending

  79. 梁家晞 Leung Ka Hei 6C

    梁家晞 Leung Ka Hei 6C3 days ago

    Can you do a flood?

  80. 梁家晞 Leung Ka Hei 6C

    梁家晞 Leung Ka Hei 6C3 days ago

    Like it

  81. Joahabel 5m

    Joahabel 5m3 days ago

    :( why???

  82. C R I M S O N

    C R I M S O N3 days ago

    They shouldve built a..a Obsidian cage for them selves

  83. One,o Medina

    One,o Medina3 days ago

    `hubby/k;m pinhole,i[w- Jon-is h08m7h -j9u-9u=@“=“@&=+

  84. M M

    M M4 days ago

    Chan chan said the n word so is he canceled?👨🏿‍🦲

  85. Monique Hallinan

    Monique Hallinan4 days ago

    I am soo sad I saw the Dimond sword but then he picks it up 😭😂

  86. Heather Lane

    Heather Lane4 days ago


  87. let's vlog

    let's vlog4 days ago

    I hate you

  88. Saumel Conathan

    Saumel Conathan4 days ago

    I am very sad, :(

  89. Blake Jones (CCHS 2023)

    Blake Jones (CCHS 2023)4 days ago

    This is like the 50th million sub videos


    JOR-EL TREVINO4 days ago


  91. Watch Dogs Legion The Best game in the world

    Watch Dogs Legion The Best game in the world4 days ago

    I feel bad for the last guy that survives he might be celebrating when he survives but he actually be sad or worse mad at jimmy

  92. Loic Eklund

    Loic Eklund4 days ago

    Chris:I’d be a fat dumb child. You already are lol

  93. Owais Muhammed

    Owais Muhammed3 days ago

    Lame as Hell

  94. Brady Gamez

    Brady Gamez4 days ago

    I’m so sad the pickaxe and sword that are diamond 😢 can people sub to me?

  95. Muscular Igneel

    Muscular Igneel4 days ago

    the winner tho

  96. Muscular Igneel

    Muscular Igneel4 days ago


  97. Jaeden Lee

    Jaeden Lee4 days ago


  98. taylor covington

    taylor covington4 days ago

    Bring all your mind craft winners into real life for a challenge on your main channel..

  99. The best channel

    The best channel4 days ago

    That kid hu didnt se the diamond pickaxe was so sad

  100. Lemon Tea

    Lemon Tea4 days ago

    Can’t believe none of them have watched Jshlatt. There’s a reason they call him the ladder man.

  101. Soham Gholap

    Soham Gholap4 days ago

    Karl Wearing Juice Wrld Full Sleeves Shirt Respect

  102. Julia Carlklint Olsson

    Julia Carlklint Olsson4 days ago

    Chris: Nooooooooo My ALpAckA!!!!

  103. Regina Rinoa Belleza

    Regina Rinoa Belleza4 days ago

    people in voice chat be like: i suck i havn't played minecraft in months...... why are my hand so sweaty me: lol