A day in my life with ONLINE SCHOOL

Welcome to nat's life lmao.
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Thanks for watching ily 💓


  1. samantha arce

    samantha arce6 hours ago

    is that nats actual lashes - sorry just wondering

  2. Savannah Hall

    Savannah Hall17 hours ago

    yeah i feel like i feel gross some days

  3. rainah franklin

    rainah franklinDay ago

    half of my playlist is the songs u listen to. btw thank u nat for the song ideas

  4. Zoe & Isaiah

    Zoe & IsaiahDay ago

    not canvas ahahah

  5. Roxanne Chatfield

    Roxanne ChatfieldDay ago

    I NEED your music playlist omg

  6. Vighnesh K S

    Vighnesh K SDay ago

    Yeaahhhh eh eh e o oh oh ohhhh

  7. Prism Haze

    Prism Haze2 days ago

    “Ya this isn’t going to be good anymore more it’s old..” -puts mango back- HUH

  8. Zac Green

    Zac Green2 days ago

    nobody: Nathaly chewing is fast-foward: up, down, up, down, up, down

  9. Zac Green

    Zac Green2 days ago

    When I know all the songs

  10. Zac Green

    Zac Green2 days ago

    Except the Spanish ones

  11. sarah ahmad

    sarah ahmad2 days ago

    you look good on your lady days 😃

  12. Bella Marin

    Bella Marin2 days ago

    you also give me different vibes also can you play the spanish seleana

  13. Bella Marin

    Bella Marin2 days ago

    VIBES on you tube in school you is the only one i watch

  14. jessica Gonzalez

    jessica Gonzalez2 days ago

    Does anyone know what her playlist name on Spotify is She got a good playlist

  15. Valerie L

    Valerie L3 days ago

    We are related I’m a Leo and I’m also catholic

  16. Bratty Bxrbie

    Bratty Bxrbie5 days ago

    I'm new to watching her videos but her eyelashes are so pretty and so long and tinted I am wondering if she is wearing mascara or if there her natural lashes

  17. Karianna Bilbee

    Karianna Bilbee6 days ago

    you're so pretty boo!! i hope you have a great day. :))

  18. Bella Shock

    Bella Shock9 days ago

    Girl I’m with you I hate my lady day’s

  19. novalee bellah

    novalee bellah9 days ago

    this is why I needa learn Spanish asap!!💀

  20. Royal 117

    Royal 11710 days ago

    I like how they get free advertising of their products lmaoooo

  21. Lee제니

    Lee제니10 days ago

    Where is she from ???👻🤨

  22. Sofia Dunlap

    Sofia Dunlap12 days ago

    Ayyy siiii maiiii

  23. •lavender ella•

    •lavender ella•12 days ago

    Awww I’m Catholic too!!! I don’t know many creatures who are Catholic and it’s so great to hear when they are!!!!

  24. Grace ‘s

    Grace ‘s13 days ago

    I could stay in the shower and I would still feel disgusting

  25. Maria Moffitt

    Maria Moffitt13 days ago

    Where does she find her language at 😅

  26. Daniela Macias

    Daniela Macias16 days ago


  27. Caitlyn Cardenas

    Caitlyn Cardenas18 days ago

    Does anyone know the songs from 12:11 - 12:30 ? Pls and thank you

  28. Urmila Srivastava

    Urmila Srivastava19 days ago

    Are these real eyelashes??

  29. Kaylee Salvatore

    Kaylee Salvatore19 days ago

    Girl me on my lady days I shower like 3 times a day sometimes 4

  30. syaziyah

    syaziyah19 days ago

    im sorry but im new here, but is that her eyelashes? damn so prettty

  31. Jennifer Gamez

    Jennifer Gamez18 days ago

    they’re extensions!

  32. Jose romero

    Jose romero19 days ago

    i swear every girl be so extra with money like save it 😭


    SUEFIYA EARLE20 days ago

    I just love her energy and her personality i just love everything about her can’t even say it

  34. savannah bildt

    savannah bildt20 days ago

    yes nat we agree

  35. Kimberly Liga

    Kimberly Liga20 days ago

    Anyone gonna agree with me that she kinda looks like kylie jenner

  36. halo joy

    halo joy20 days ago

    what's the playlist ms nat!!!!

  37. Roxanne De La Rosa

    Roxanne De La Rosa21 day ago

    OMG we literally use the same website for p.e that's so coollllll

  38. CaizFN

    CaizFN21 day ago

    I was wondering why that juice it up looked familiar

  39. Melany Aucapina

    Melany Aucapina22 days ago

    I love you but yk we are gonna run out of water in 18 yearssss

  40. Angel Baxter

    Angel Baxter22 days ago

    Girl I feel you on the lady days.... 🤢

  41. roblox with issa

    roblox with issa23 days ago

    bro i am barely new to her channel and i am loving her lol!!!!!

  42. Kaylee Garcia

    Kaylee Garcia23 days ago

    Late but if you see this and you haven’t fixed it or it happens again you can take out the keys and clean the inside then put them back in same thing happened to me

  43. Brihanna Hernandez

    Brihanna Hernandez23 days ago

    Whats your tik tok

  44. Donna Garcia

    Donna Garcia23 days ago

    Hey when you wash your white blanket wash it with cold water and with vinegar an no softener when it’s done put it on air dye

  45. Nancy Reyes

    Nancy Reyes24 days ago

    Nice video, hey my brother just created his own USlikes channel, it’s called “Drift Plays” yall should go and subscribe PLEASE❤️ GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND YOUR LOVED ONES💙🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💙

  46. jayla pruitt

    jayla pruitt24 days ago

    Can you pls make a playlist video your songs that you play when your in the car are fire 🔥

  47. Mela Munoz

    Mela Munoz24 days ago

    you’re so pretty it’s unfair

  48. Royal 117

    Royal 11724 days ago

    Nat be looking cute 😍

  49. Paul Grub

    Paul Grub24 days ago

    How old Are you

  50. El_Bäm

    El_Bäm25 days ago

    Jake: I been awake at 9:010 Me: you where awake when?

  51. ChileSTAP -

    ChileSTAP -25 days ago

    i’m jealous of her lashes-😭

  52. Cindy Ramos

    Cindy Ramos25 days ago

    Juice it up smacks

  53. Min Yonna

    Min Yonna25 days ago

    Nat i have a question where did you get that photo thing that changes pictures?

  54. Aislin Jada Kinder

    Aislin Jada Kinder26 days ago


  55. Antrixxie uwu

    Antrixxie uwu26 days ago

    u mean NAT 2 BROKE

  56. Dashunique

    Dashunique26 days ago


  57. Genesis Arroyo

    Genesis Arroyo27 days ago

    That’s how I am when I am on my lady I hate cause I always feel gross

  58. Isabelle Burris

    Isabelle Burris27 days ago

    What is your playlist called

  59. Lauren Harder

    Lauren Harder27 days ago

    omg biiitchhh we have the same starbucks orderrrrrr !!

  60. Sasha Downs

    Sasha Downs27 days ago

    When you see her on canvas because you’re on campus too much in school

  61. Robert Todd

    Robert Todd28 days ago

    Can you do a video of the editing software u use and how u edit.

  62. Daniela Lemus

    Daniela Lemus28 days ago

    When she dropped her strawberry I was dead😭😭idk why I just found that funny😂

  63. Adela Hernandez

    Adela Hernandez28 days ago

    Yes I feel disgusting every time im on my lady days I cannot like cannot deal with having my period I can’t because I will literally throw up and just hearing someone telling me they’re on their period i can’t btw love you🥰🥰

  64. Adah Ikanone

    Adah Ikanone28 days ago

    wait You are telllinggggg me she wasn't wearing makeup before?????how can someone be sooo pretyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  65. Andrew Marshall

    Andrew Marshall29 days ago

    The imperfect square chronologically spill because polyester controversly reject except a annoying bowling. toothsome, silly slime

  66. Lisyia Set

    Lisyia Set29 days ago

    “ me and 1st period dont f*ck with eachother” -💀💀

  67. Kaylee Campbell

    Kaylee Campbell29 days ago

    The only thing I hate about my brother and my mom in the kitchen with me

  68. Isabella Ballesteros Hernandez

    Isabella Ballesteros Hernandez29 days ago

    what ipad do you have??

  69. Isabella Tellez

    Isabella Tellez29 days ago

    Bro that how I’m when I’m on the phone with my best friend

  70. Taleigh Young

    Taleigh Young29 days ago

    Would anyone know where she got that vanity ??

  71. Pickles Martinez

    Pickles Martinez29 days ago

    She has Catherine’s products

  72. Kellyn Espinosa

    Kellyn Espinosa29 days ago


  73. Fernanda barbosa

    Fernanda barbosa29 days ago

    Okay but like what kind of school puts P.E. for first period like wth??

  74. Andrea

    Andrea29 days ago

    love how your first period teacher was playing The Weeknd.

  75. Horsegal 21

    Horsegal 21Month ago


  76. R a I n S t u d I o

    R a I n S t u d I oMonth ago

    “I will die ,my immune system is shit” girlie mine and my sis is 😭

  77. Alexandra Gonzalez

    Alexandra GonzalezMonth ago

    It be raning like crazzy all day

  78. Ember Coy

    Ember CoyMonth ago

    you need to post more i love your videos so much and how are you doing. and how was your day

  79. Olivia Parkes

    Olivia ParkesMonth ago

    When’s the new vid

  80. Alicia Jackson

    Alicia JacksonMonth ago

    You should do a playlist

  81. Natalie coronado

    Natalie coronadoMonth ago

    Let’s just appreciate how beautiful she is 😩❤️!

  82. Aaliyah Hernandez

    Aaliyah HernandezMonth ago

    When i heard lady days .. i said sis say less i already kno

  83. Jayden Gryszkin

    Jayden GryszkinMonth ago

    you should post asapppp

  84. Alyssa Mireles

    Alyssa MirelesMonth ago

    Yeah this mango looks so old yeah I’m not gonna eat it ( puts it back) omg meee😭😭❣️

  85. Robin Rangel

    Robin RangelMonth ago

    can someone tell me where she got her case ? pls & thank you

  86. Daisy Salinas

    Daisy SalinasMonth ago

    Girl I feel youu, I be feeling gross when I’m on my lady days too😂❤️

  87. Emily Aguirre

    Emily AguirreMonth ago

    if yall and jacob ever break up I WILL NOT BELIEVE IN LOVE ANYMOREEEE

  88. gacha macaroon :3

    gacha macaroon :3Month ago

    lowk thought this was bhad babie😭🤚🏻

  89. kanta madaan

    kanta madaanMonth ago

    From india Actually love your videos

  90. Aaliyah’s w0rlD

    Aaliyah’s w0rlDMonth ago

    Nathaly what do you use to edit your videos?

  91. Samiyah 0ox

    Samiyah 0oxMonth ago

    you look so cute

  92. Lorena Gutierrez

    Lorena GutierrezMonth ago

    I love your camera quality, what type of camera do you have.🤎:)

  93. Lexi Manzur

    Lexi ManzurMonth ago

    Because of Jathaly my quarantine is not boring

  94. Axhlatt

    AxhlattMonth ago

    Ahh i expected a video today 😫

  95. Jahannah Lopez

    Jahannah LopezMonth ago

    What is your younow name

  96. Yohairie Sandoval

    Yohairie SandovalMonth ago

    Sorry I meant live

  97. Yohairie Sandoval

    Yohairie SandovalMonth ago


  98. Dhrh Eueuue

    Dhrh EueuueMonth ago

    Your live stream!!!

  99. Joselyn Barron

    Joselyn BarronMonth ago

    Wait you got banned from live

  100. Breanna Funderburg

    Breanna FunderburgMonth ago

    Girl always in your videos I laugh so hard

  101. Saanvi Dheer

    Saanvi DheerMonth ago

    Don’t do this to us we miserable without a video

  102. Valeria Sandoval213

    Valeria Sandoval213Month ago

    She broke it because you didn’t buy her a pupuccino