ImDontai Reacts To Majin Carps Meme Comp 26

In Honor Of Calebnwokolo21 & MajinCarp
Intro Song
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  1. The_Homophobic_ God

    The_Homophobic_ God27 minutes ago

    The only man that can turn a 18 min video into a 40 minute video and I love it FNG

  2. Pancho

    Pancho13 hours ago

    lolik video was funny asl 😂

  3. Zome R6

    Zome R617 hours ago

    yo that discord shit had me buggin

  4. 16 29*

    16 29*17 hours ago

    That’s an awfully hot coffee pot

  5. rdxt ._

    rdxt ._20 hours ago

    25:56 bro its always the “bro can you send me the invite”

  6. julian roman

    julian roman21 hour ago

    im Mexican and i was die

  7. Cris was here

    Cris was here22 hours ago


  8. Cris was here

    Cris was here22 hours ago

    i mean... not completely normal..

  9. Edward Claudio

    Edward ClaudioDay ago


  10. MF Sauce

    MF SauceDay ago

    On behalf of studio ghibli I forgive you guys for saying Dora on account of dontais descriptions

  11. Bilguun Baatar

    Bilguun BaatarDay ago

    Dudes spamming prn in the chat 🤡🤡🤡

  12. renathox speaks

    renathox speaksDay ago

    u droppd yo chxkkien nuggets

  13. Big Bean

    Big BeanDay ago

    Tbh this comp was a L

  14. Fathima

    Fathima2 days ago

    23:25 I still don’t get????

  15. Wujas Da God

    Wujas Da GodDay ago

    Shes ugly or something I guess

  16. Andre Clarke

    Andre Clarke2 days ago

    31:17 you don’t say

  17. C0rruPTFusion

    C0rruPTFusion2 days ago

    3:42 when she goes too hard on it

  18. NooBy X

    NooBy X2 days ago


  19. Hector1009

    Hector10092 days ago

    18:40 ps5 anyone?

  20. elixloll

    elixloll2 days ago


  21. Soy Saucing

    Soy Saucing2 days ago

    That fng hoodie so fire

  22. squish grxxnz

    squish grxxnz2 days ago

    25:18 we don't care

  23. squish grxxnz

    squish grxxnz2 days ago

    The vid is 18 minutes WHY TF IS UR VID 36!

  24. Remoc

    Remoc2 days ago

    So he can talk and have fun as this is a stream

  25. Graeme Aston

    Graeme Aston2 days ago


  26. Not_ Shyy

    Not_ Shyy2 days ago

    The first guy makes me go 😐

  27. Float Land

    Float Land2 days ago

    Bruh this video made my phone act on its own lol, turnt itself off

  28. gammaray0909

    gammaray09092 days ago


  29. DSR Rexon aka Lowec-chann

    DSR Rexon aka Lowec-chann2 days ago

    19:39 I SWEAR 2 God this be my brother show him u video n!**a has already seen it

  30. Elijah Woodard

    Elijah Woodard2 days ago

    Yeah, memes with Imdontai is 10x better 😂

  31. Elijah Woodard

    Elijah Woodard2 days ago


  32. cambiowastaken

    cambiowastaken2 days ago


  33. Lil Legazy

    Lil Legazy2 days ago


  34. X TheAnimeGod

    X TheAnimeGod3 days ago


  35. Jahteek Wroten

    Jahteek Wroten3 days ago

    Hi what up donti

  36. Just a guy who Loves star Wars

    Just a guy who Loves star Wars3 days ago

    Is it only me or why does the sound cut out at the end?

  37. Sloth Bug

    Sloth Bug3 days ago

    13:00 he was waiting for the oh that brother gone

  38. Ovid Naso

    Ovid Naso3 days ago

    Bro that thumbnail ugly af

  39. Michael West

    Michael West3 days ago

    you cant cap you kept wathcing 3:22 over and over

  40. valid4k

    valid4k3 days ago

    What’s the song at 3:38

  41. Serqcs-_

    Serqcs-_3 days ago

    Bruh he really be dragging these videos with all this damn PAUSING BRUH

  42. Jaygo2hard- Goat

    Jaygo2hard- Goat3 days ago

    Can someone tell me where donating at

  43. Roshi 999Uzi

    Roshi 999Uzi3 days ago

  44. Roshi 999Uzi

    Roshi 999Uzi3 days ago

  45. Roshi 999Uzi

    Roshi 999Uzi3 days ago

  46. Roshi 999Uzi

    Roshi 999Uzi3 days ago

  47. HSO_Ijaz

    HSO_Ijaz3 days ago

    people see brown people and think they're all the same

  48. HSO_Ijaz

    HSO_Ijaz3 days ago

    do they even know what clapped means

  49. Cool_ Alfredo

    Cool_ Alfredo3 days ago


  50. Aaron K

    Aaron K3 days ago

    Yo how dontai knows about swishers 👀

  51. Jeff Sanders

    Jeff Sanders3 days ago

    Um a umaaaaaaa!,,aaaaaa immmm, tttttt today jr!

  52. Jordan Alcocer Corona

    Jordan Alcocer Corona3 days ago

    Tokyo Ghoul opening, anyone peep?

  53. google nerd

    google nerd3 days ago

    chat went from "L woman" to "fax" real quick

  54. Jaygo2hard- Goat

    Jaygo2hard- Goat3 days ago

    On twitch

  55. Jaygo2hard- Goat

    Jaygo2hard- Goat3 days ago

    What happened to donating why he not posting

  56. Grand Master Yoda

    Grand Master Yoda3 days ago

    Dontai and me have beef if he thinks Harry Potter is better than Percy Jackson and the Olympians

  57. Midship Urchin1

    Midship Urchin13 days ago


  58. Midship Urchin1

    Midship Urchin13 days ago

    Niggas in the chat said thomas the train 😭

  59. G4L Monty

    G4L Monty3 days ago

    3:41 I don't know why but It gives me vibes of when x was playing pubg 🙏🏾

  60. Strapz

    Strapz3 days ago

    Only Dontai can make a 18 minute video 40 minutes

  61. LoCo Lando

    LoCo Lando3 days ago

    I died at police brutality coming up

  62. lame

    lame3 days ago

    nigga who said fax when the chemo chick was out.

  63. King Dexter

    King Dexter3 days ago

    ssg_am_wolf play the vide at 0.25 speed at 29:35 and look for him in chat he got it right

  64. Script S

    Script S4 days ago

    3:22 faccccccctsss

  65. Vurhdex

    Vurhdex4 days ago


  66. Kenny

    Kenny4 days ago

    Why is the chat so dumb

  67. Yūūji Terushima

    Yūūji Terushima4 days ago

    28:43 bad girl club my gf watches it 🤣✋

  68. B Marckei

    B Marckei4 days ago

    That movie looked trash p

  69. chase's compilations

    chase's compilations4 days ago

    I really went and checked my discord 🤦🏻‍♂️

  70. Zeke Barbee

    Zeke Barbee4 days ago


  71. Kevin Bohorquez

    Kevin Bohorquez4 days ago

    Video starts 0:35

  72. Nameer M Iqbal

    Nameer M Iqbal4 days ago

    Yo anyone know what’s the song at the end

  73. CallMeDrxppy -ä-

    CallMeDrxppy -ä-4 days ago

    Yo dontai was the move u were talking about called Epic?

  74. I’m me just Me

    I’m me just Me4 days ago


  75. Pluto 64

    Pluto 644 days ago

    38:50 dem girl summoning shit

  76. Eric Deleon

    Eric Deleon4 days ago


  77. Eric Donaldson

    Eric Donaldson4 days ago

    bro i didnt know how cultured dontai was in anime

  78. Sikander's Chair

    Sikander's Chair4 days ago

    "I known what alt 4 means" 5 seconds later "What does alt 4 mean?"

  79. skinny might

    skinny might4 days ago

    i watch greys anatomy nd anime 🏃🏾‍♀️

  80. 》-《Sanji-San》-《

    》-《Sanji-San》-《4 days ago

    bruh 30:49 i was like woooaahh hold on now did u click on the wrong tab then he put it up on the screen

  81. Railz MD

    Railz MD4 days ago

    30:49 its inside both of you

  82. lilgibby vert

    lilgibby vert4 days ago

    I would watch the actual streams but my internet is so shit that I can’t watch twitch live 😂

  83. Wunderkind MG

    Wunderkind MG4 days ago

    This nigga dontai really reacted to himself reacting to a suspect video live on stream. LEGENDARY

  84. TJ Kaye

    TJ Kaye4 days ago


  85. TJ Kaye

    TJ Kaye4 days ago


  86. Skytoo Fly

    Skytoo Fly5 days ago

    Dontai really played Charades with his chat for a good 15 minutes I’m weeak 💀💀

  87. Elusive

    Elusive5 days ago

    Dontai says don't come at her chat continues to say stfu 25:25

  88. Santiago

    Santiago5 days ago

    18:37 Since when tom brady do drag?

  89. Him

    Him5 days ago

    why the dude in the thumbnail looks like chopper when hes happy

  90. IRVIN.1K

    IRVIN.1K5 days ago

    I looked up then looked back down and saw 2 dontais and two chats I was confused asf🤣

  91. Sodium

    Sodium5 days ago

    🎵Chicken Fingers at the Red Lobster 🎵

  92. Sodium

    Sodium5 days ago

    chIKcHen NUgGetS

  93. Websurfer Dude

    Websurfer Dude5 days ago

    Here’s a scenario In this world Corona doesn’t exist yet, you are in school and you are being bullied by a girl, from attempting to cut your hair, punching and kicking to insulting you on personal things. You are out on the yard and the bullying begins again, when you aren’t looking you get punched in the face hard by the bully girl, what do you do? A: Ignore her and go on with your day B: Punch her C: Tell on her D: Question why she did it If you chose B label your first choice as 1:B You decide you are going to punch her, what punch will you do? A: Punch her lightly as a quick little come back B: Punch her the same way she punched you C: Show her the true strength of a god with your fist Depending on what you chose label it as 2B: What ever letter you chose Depending on which punch you chose she will either insult you, say ouch and rub her face or fall on the ground with a bloody nose If you chose to question her/D then you have the following as a choice A: Ask why she did that B: Ask why she punched you like a wimp C: Ask why does she even bully you at all Depending on what you chose the following will happen If you chose A she will say you didn’t do her homework for her and you acted tough towards her, if you chose B she will attempt the punch you again, if you chose C she will say because you deserve it and she can do what she wants to you And depending on your second choice in the D section label it as 2D: Whatever letter you chose And if you choose to ignore her then her friends spread rumors about how you are weak and got totally knocked out by and the bullying gets worse. If you chose C then she gets in trouble with her parents and the bullying minimizes but not enough And depending on what you chose the endings are here A ending: Bullying Target B ending: Equal Rights, Equal Fights C ending: Normal Reaction D: School Suggested Solution

  94. Stanley Leonard Darmali

    Stanley Leonard Darmali3 days ago

    E. Be unnoticeable and avoid her.

  95. Bruh Time

    Bruh Time3 days ago

    There is always drugs my son

  96. iii_Create

    iii_Create5 days ago

    Corpse husband has a really deep voice

  97. -_-

    -_-5 days ago

    Now we gotta cancel mortal kombat 😡😡

  98. Awais A

    Awais A3 days ago


  99. OTD Andre

    OTD Andre5 days ago

    Dontai never heard of captain underpants talkin bout Harry Potter the best 🙄

  100. Khaled Thompson

    Khaled Thompson5 days ago

    IAmDontai: Not this guy Chat: LLLLLL IAmDontai: *Laughs once* Chat: LMAOOOOO

  101. Cringe worthy Gameplay

    Cringe worthy Gameplay5 days ago

    I just ate chicken fingers at red lobster

  102. IDropMyHotPoket7

    IDropMyHotPoket75 days ago

    How are you not at 1mil yet, best yt out there no cap.

  103. Kagu Vibes

    Kagu Vibes5 days ago


  104. Idk

    Idk5 days ago

    24:17 man didn’t want to get canceled lmao

  105. Carlos Seda

    Carlos Seda5 days ago

    Imma try the jelly on em Popeyes Biscuits

  106. domenick johnson

    domenick johnson5 days ago


  107. Face Depression

    Face Depression5 days ago

    Noticed me sanpai

  108. Keiyth Raymond

    Keiyth Raymond5 days ago

    this girl at 25:15 really just say that woman were painting their nails in 5000 bc wtf yeah she was close but it was invented in 3000 bc

  109. Itachi Carter

    Itachi Carter5 days ago

    3:43 🤣😂🤣

  110. James Roro

    James Roro5 days ago

    Dontai vids make me feel light on my body also entertaining