Juicy J - 1995 (Official Music Video) ft. Logic

Stream/Download: lnk.to/JuicyJHustleContinues
Directed by Mike Holland & Justin Fleischer
Executive Producer: Kyle P Nolan
DP: Cory Burmester
Producer: Kyle P Nolan
Editor: Troy Charbonnet
Production Company: Meanwhile Productions
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  1. Bhashitha

    Bhashitha14 hours ago

    Wippin Through!!!!

  2. Joe Stotelmyer

    Joe Stotelmyer23 hours ago

    MD baby

  3. Aryan Ralhan Aryan Ralhan

    Aryan Ralhan Aryan RalhanDay ago

    TF THIS IS SO GOOD! loved IT!

  4. 21 Lucida

    21 LucidaDay ago


  5. King haiti

    King haitiDay ago

    Nobody: Me: y'all catch that Harry Potter reference

  6. Zach Poremba

    Zach Poremba6 hours ago

    Muggles lol

  7. N'Zinge Golding

    N'Zinge GoldingDay ago

    The akademics line was πŸ”₯

  8. Tony Montana

    Tony MontanaDay ago

    It’s Like Two Diff Songs.. Juice Killed That Shit.. Nobody Rips Syllable Like The Juice..

  9. Raphael Lo

    Raphael LoDay ago

    who doesn't like the logic of logic?

  10. Invalid Username

    Invalid UsernameDay ago

    Damn logic is still trying to prove hes black worst rapper out right now lmfao

  11. Stephen McCann

    Stephen McCannDay ago

    This is tight!!

  12. Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota

    Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota2 days ago

    Juicy J 14/01/2021 o/

  13. Frederic Reid

    Frederic Reid2 days ago


  14. Frederic Reid

    Frederic Reid2 days ago


  15. amazon mike

    amazon mike2 days ago

    Best dogs ever πŸ€™πŸΌπŸ˜

  16. IMschleepcuh69

    IMschleepcuh692 days ago



    WATRMALONE *2 days ago


  18. Jim Chalk

    Jim Chalk2 days ago

    The beat is banging and with his white voice it gets you to the real hip hop days with modern taste!

  19. Faris Adlin

    Faris Adlin2 days ago

    Looks he wanted his flow much faster than that lol

  20. Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota

    Luis Ernesto Gonzalez Villota2 days ago

    14/01/2021 o/

  21. BrainSkillet

    BrainSkillet2 days ago


  22. Nathan Jordan

    Nathan Jordan3 days ago

    Song really starts at 2:00

  23. Crypto Lenny

    Crypto Lenny3 days ago

    This is fireπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  24. djtearz81

    djtearz814 days ago

    Juicy still got the juice on these beats

  25. Jessie Ruiz

    Jessie Ruiz4 days ago


  26. SS Storm fan

    SS Storm fan4 days ago

    Who Dislike Juicy J Song 1995

  27. Yaco Famous

    Yaco Famous4 days ago

    Bumping that pretty flacko! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  28. Smooth McGlue

    Smooth McGlue4 days ago

    Love logic

  29. A Lovable Loser

    A Lovable Loser4 days ago

    This is still great πŸ‘πŸΎ

  30. Cassidy

    Cassidy5 days ago

    This logics song lmao

  31. andrej4395

    andrej43955 days ago


  32. Joe Pizzoni

    Joe Pizzoni5 days ago

    1995 forever

  33. BadBrad61169

    BadBrad611695 days ago

    wait, they let this kid say the n word?

  34. QuickHand Cam

    QuickHand Cam5 days ago

    Bro really said "Avada Kedavra to all you Muggles" That's deep

  35. Mione134

    Mione1342 days ago


  36. Randumb Gaymurr

    Randumb Gaymurr5 days ago

    Juicy J feat Logic More like Logic feat Juicy J

  37. vanessalynn_official

    vanessalynn_official5 days ago

  38. Mason Burghdoff

    Mason Burghdoff5 days ago

    Been watching and listening to Logic for awhile now, studying him and I don't think he's a true lyricist and extremely overrated

  39. Sean Pope

    Sean Pope6 days ago

    No one else thought the versus sucked huh πŸ€”..

  40. DOUBT

    DOUBT6 days ago



    KURT DIRT EINSTEIN6 days ago

    i haven't heard Logic rap this unpressured! refreshing colab!

  42. Frederic Reid

    Frederic Reid6 days ago


  43. Show Down

    Show Down6 days ago

    this is hard !!!

  44. Zach Poremba

    Zach Poremba6 days ago

    Totally got an idaho vibe with the classy cabins and hidden millionaires enjoying the mountain air and mountain roads to drive they ferraris

  45. wilson

    wilson6 days ago

    project. pat floww

  46. jakesonyoumate

    jakesonyoumate7 days ago

    Dont forget to close that window before you leave.

  47. splinter

    splinter7 days ago

    juicy j is this era s nate dogg

  48. Booty Shaking Twerking

    Booty Shaking Twerking7 days ago

    "What juicy say?" πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  49. john smith

    john smith7 days ago

    juicy broke out the green skull joint he made famous in the stay fly video

  50. Justin Manning - Vegan Financial Advisor

    Justin Manning - Vegan Financial Advisor7 days ago

    Thank you, Jordan and Sir Robert.

  51. BrunoBeatsBR

    BrunoBeatsBR7 days ago


  52. Tyler Floyd

    Tyler Floyd7 days ago

    Were those malinois in theses vids 🐢🐢

  53. FancyTobbaco

    FancyTobbaco7 days ago

    Logic ft juicy j

  54. Tohlo

    Tohlo7 days ago


  55. John Casey

    John Casey7 days ago

    This song is dope.

  56. Lilboy

    Lilboy7 days ago

    Dengg πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  57. Anthony Anderson

    Anthony Anderson7 days ago

    "95...BLVD Crew(Orchard Pond/Quince Orchard Clusters/Orchard Place) vs Westside Dr.(GSA/Brighton Village/W. Deer Park)#iykyk

  58. Puddles

    Puddles8 days ago

    Didn’t logic retire

  59. Dwyane Wade

    Dwyane Wade8 days ago

    Sign the petition god dammit

  60. Optimus Optimistic

    Optimus Optimistic8 days ago


  61. real red

    real red8 days ago

    I bet y'all didn't know that juicy j was the first one to wear that green skull shirt..from about 07

  62. john smith

    john smith7 days ago

    stay fly video lol

  63. Kahlil Brown

    Kahlil Brown8 days ago

    Looks like the video is set in Farcry 5, lol

  64. Ziphozonke Ndlovu

    Ziphozonke Ndlovu8 days ago

    How is this a Juicy j song? 🧐

  65. KRiSTiNA JAY

    KRiSTiNA JAY8 days ago

    1:51 - 2:00 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I miss the M!

  66. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Calabi-Yau Manifold8 days ago

    This was a nice collaboration.

  67. pizza Dagg

    pizza Dagg8 days ago

    Bruh!! I been blasting this song each time I get in my SUV with a sub installed, this song sounds amazing!!β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

  68. Stacy West

    Stacy West8 days ago

    searched reylovesu and it brought me here I'm not mad at that at all fye


    PARADISE VIDS9 days ago

    Wait, Bobby didn't retire??

  70. Jareth Arneberg

    Jareth Arneberg9 days ago

    Happy logics super sayian flying on numbis. Killin all enemies to the good music vib.

  71. omnitravis

    omnitravis9 days ago

    Downvote, he said muggles. Stop trying to make harry potter relevant or cool.

  72. Ε imon PospΓ­Ε‘il

    Ε imon PospΓ­Ε‘il7 days ago

    the fuck

  73. Hans Emil Rayos

    Hans Emil Rayos9 days ago

    i love carharrt jacket

  74. C.RAD.B IAMU

    C.RAD.B IAMU9 days ago


  75. Hans Emil Rayos

    Hans Emil Rayos9 days ago

    juicy j mah man

  76. James

    James9 days ago

    Born in 95' over here

  77. John Lee Taggart

    John Lee Taggart9 days ago

    Logic got that massive dork flow on lock πŸ”₯

  78. Dark hart

    Dark hart9 days ago

    I bet the girls were Juicy J's idea

  79. Daivin

    Daivin9 days ago



    MIKE JONES9 days ago


  81. Zaid Mahmood

    Zaid Mahmood9 days ago

    We’re still listening to a juicy j song right?

  82. AOK Bikelife

    AOK Bikelife9 days ago

    J cole need 2 hop on a remixπŸ”₯

  83. F H

    F H9 days ago

    juicy j rocking that green skeleton sweater the same shirt he wore in still fly 🀘🏽

  84. F H

    F H8 days ago

    @Filip jak bys chtel I had the shirt once, bought it at Venice boardwalk 🌴

  85. Filip jak bys chtel

    Filip jak bys chtel8 days ago

    Need to have it, but can’t find

  86. Le Monke

    Le Monke9 days ago


  87. shyseoul

    shyseoul10 days ago

    That was a sick transition.

  88. Victor Ramirez

    Victor Ramirez10 days ago

    Lil Wyte 2 36mafia coolπŸ‘

  89. abia ke;echi

    abia ke;echi10 days ago

    Logic is trash

  90. Vanhook4456

    Vanhook445610 days ago

    Mafia, mafi, mafi, mafiaaaa

  91. Fabian Eze

    Fabian Eze10 days ago

    Lit jam

  92. Frederic Reid

    Frederic Reid10 days ago


  93. Frederic Reid

    Frederic Reid10 days ago


  94. Chridin

    Chridin10 days ago

    Idk man always sounds the same.

  95. Dylan Irv

    Dylan Irv10 days ago

    Juicy J the new DJ Khaled? Lol

  96. Gorilla Smash

    Gorilla Smash11 days ago

    Damn! Dropped the CHICKENHEAD! haven't heard that in YEARS!

  97. Keith Rich

    Keith Rich11 days ago

    Bad ass just to short

  98. Daksh Singh

    Daksh Singh11 days ago

    Bumpin that pretty flacko

  99. ebdq

    ebdq11 days ago

    Logic stay trash

  100. Poopy

    Poopy11 days ago

    I knew logic couldn't step away too long. this is one his best verses maybe its cause hes not trying so hard maybe thats the key.

  101. Matthew Chavez

    Matthew Chavez11 days ago

    This wasn't a bad track, but it won't redeem that track they did a couple years back, Bobby. *THC* is a great album. Idk how so many people missed it.

  102. fear no evil tv

    fear no evil tv11 days ago

    beautiful sample!

  103. lennon lauce

    lennon lauce11 days ago

    is this logic??

  104. tiffanitherobot

    tiffanitherobot11 days ago

    I didn't even recognize Logic?! πŸ€―πŸ™Œ

  105. Kyle Jones

    Kyle Jones12 days ago

    Love the OG Honda fourtrax’s. That’s class.

  106. BEARMODE613

    BEARMODE6134 days ago

    Bro I've been scrolling looking for a comment about the quads lol.... badass the old school bikes

  107. Duh Volvo

    Duh Volvo12 days ago

    Juice Man & LGC killin it man love when y'all collab man