Dog looks betrayed when he realizes he's at the Vet.

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  1. Palash Verma

    Palash Verma5 minutes ago

    "I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark"

  2. Awentator

    Awentator8 minutes ago

    “Hooman, this does not look like the dog park!“

  3. Andrew Melton

    Andrew MeltonHour ago

    Nice to hear people using blinkers

  4. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez2 hours ago

    The dog: I will remember this betrayal

  5. A youtube channel

    A youtube channel2 hours ago

    Looks pretty dangerous to just have the dog sitting there. In an emergency stop or a crash the dog will fly straight at, and maybe through, the window. Probably would be a good idea to get them a seatbelt or something.

  6. Black Dsbm

    Black Dsbm2 hours ago

    Not funny i hope you get in hospital and someone is filming your and laughs at you

  7. Kalpesh Ade

    Kalpesh Ade3 hours ago

    Nice 60 fps video quality

  8. AJ

    AJ4 hours ago

    Screw you owner

  9. Citizen Beeswax79

    Citizen Beeswax794 hours ago

    This is proof dogs know how to read.

  10. prince werdan

    prince werdan4 hours ago

    Soap trusted you

  11. Mahima Mishra

    Mahima Mishra5 hours ago

    The owner : either way i won heheehsh 😏😏 Me : savage owner 🐶

  12. Patrick O'Donnell

    Patrick O'Donnell5 hours ago

    Dog: You said we're going to the dog park!

  13. manu mudgal

    manu mudgal6 hours ago

    Dog: my ancestors trusted humans and now I'm paging for it.

  14. Wardruna Ragnar

    Wardruna Ragnar8 hours ago

    Need to get yourself a doggy harshness for your car there chief

  15. Ritika Singh

    Ritika Singh9 hours ago

    Dog:-Brutus, It's you!

  16. Nazmi Ghani

    Nazmi Ghani9 hours ago

    oi oi oi mate mate

  17. M. Nurhaikal

    M. Nurhaikal10 hours ago

    Oh, The lies! The deception!"

  18. Nate Plissken

    Nate Plissken11 hours ago

    This dog later died in prison.

  19. Juan Fateen

    Juan Fateen12 hours ago

    You too brutus??? Shakespeare fans undeestand

  20. PRIYA J

    PRIYA J12 hours ago

    The moment he saw that sign he started getting panic attack

  21. Waldron Marc

    Waldron Marc12 hours ago

    Dog: Oh no, not again please!!

  22. Shelbyville Rules

    Shelbyville Rules12 hours ago

    Dog: “Ah f🤬k, I can’t believe you’ve done this”

  23. Furbaby Fluffykins

    Furbaby Fluffykins13 hours ago

    Where’s the seat belt?

  24. Kathy Myers

    Kathy Myers13 hours ago

    Poor thing 😢

  25. Werwolf2k11

    Werwolf2k1113 hours ago


  26. Quantum Cosmos

    Quantum Cosmos13 hours ago

    That Dog: How could you????

  27. Shashwat Ved

    Shashwat Ved15 hours ago

    Dog seemed he wanted to say "No way John you are doing this to me !!"

  28. Lars - Off Colors' Cpt.

    Lars - Off Colors' Cpt.16 hours ago

    Dog: looks around like a normal dog does in any situation Everyone: ah that is the face of disappointment Had nothing to do with the vet lol

  29. Botter Minato

    Botter Minato16 hours ago

    The medical alarm uniquely ask because black inexplicably peel except a curved value. secret, homeless epoch

  30. Abigail M

    Abigail M17 hours ago

    Damn this video is high quality.

  31. Zhentsu

    Zhentsu17 hours ago

    Top 10 Anime Betryals

  32. Hermann Fegelein

    Hermann Fegelein18 hours ago

    Mission failed well get em next time

  33. Aria Maze

    Aria Maze19 hours ago

    My dog knows when I taking her to the Vet, she lay on the floor, no matter what I use to take it to the car, even cookies, or meat she knows, but when im taking her to my grandparents even when im telling her we are going tovthe vet she just jump to the car, dogs are this six sins.

  34. Alert Saucer

    Alert Saucer21 hour ago

    Dog scared Human - laughs in evil

  35. Brock Anderson

    Brock Anderson23 hours ago

    A very beautiful dog.

  36. a difficulty tweak

    a difficulty tweakDay ago

    "Soap trusted you I thought I could too"

  37. Master of the Arts

    Master of the ArtsDay ago

    I don't know if it's just me but I find it pretty sadistic that people get off laughing when the dog is clearly scared I don't find it as a joke at all. I understand it's a thing that people make fun of it but in all honesty when you're just logically thinking about it it's pretty cruel.

  38. TommyMiddleFinger

    TommyMiddleFingerDay ago

    When I realize we actually aren't going for pizza.

  39. Nila's Life

    Nila's LifeDay ago

    This is me, when I'm tricked into going to the doctor to get shots, but told we're gonna go to the mall for unicorn dresses🙄

  40. Tie It Up

    Tie It UpDay ago

    Dog: wait what, what are you doing?! NO stop! help i'm being held hostage Translation to me: Betrayal, Bark bark bark

  41. shockwav3

    shockwav3Day ago

    Doge saw the sign and thought ‘YOU WERE MY OWNER (insert name here) , I LOVED YOU!!!

  42. Hannah Tasker

    Hannah TaskerDay ago

    He’s like “Noo dad don’t take me in there” 🥺

  43. Messy Gs

    Messy GsDay ago

    Dog gets dog’d

  44. Antek Pianka

    Antek PiankaDay ago

    "We have been tricked"

  45. Evolving_aspirant

    Evolving_aspirantDay ago

    Dog be like: *bsdk ye tune thik nhi kiya*

  46. Mina Park

    Mina ParkDay ago

    where you taking me??!! where you taking me??!!... oh hell no!!!!!

  47. Wuts - Hive

    Wuts - HiveDay ago

    the dog probably regrets ever reading that sign

  48. Em Cruz

    Em CruzDay ago

    Nice camera dude



    If dogs used social media they would probably add literally everyone as a friend.

  50. Butterfly Lyrics

    Butterfly LyricsDay ago

    " I have been loyal to you my whole life and you did this to me " unkool hooman

  51. Nobelesse

    NobelesseDay ago

    Mike i trusted you

  52. K K

    K KDay ago

    Every dogs worse fear

  53. GenWhy

    GenWhyDay ago

    Yeah I know where I am. I can read.

  54. kitdinker

    kitdinkerDay ago

    "Hey, this isn't the dog park!!"

  55. Leon Liang

    Leon LiangDay ago

    Oh sh*t they bought me to the vets.. How do I get out how do I get out.. Somebody let me outta here.

  56. yayeetbaljeet

    yayeetbaljeetDay ago

    this dog make me cry because my mommy did this to me at the halfway when she said we are going to macdongal

  57. red cherry

    red cherryDay ago

    “Michael, I think we’ve made a wrong turn somewhere.”

  58. gary v

    gary vDay ago

    Poor dog. the vet I went to killed my cat.😥

  59. Muhammad Faiz Aditya

    Muhammad Faiz AdityaDay ago

    Dog: "Yippy! Holiday with my owner" **Animal clinic** Dog:

  60. marie diop

    marie diopDay ago

    The dog is like : "woow Bob, woooow. I thought we were friends "

  61. Jagged wolf

    Jagged wolfDay ago

    Whatever phone he has i want it cause the quality is superb

  62. cobra kai

    cobra kaiDay ago

    Dog: Hey I've seen this before.

  63. Miko Keränen

    Miko KeränenDay ago

    The dog got Vet flashbacks

  64. Jaka chava

    Jaka chavaDay ago

    I mean last time he went there he lost his balls so its understandable.

  65. Steven Luke

    Steven LukeDay ago

    I do not know the dog can not respect the owners. They have to pay for. Care for. Look after. Walk the dogs. Pick up the mess. I hope the dog dies respect the owners. Many dog's get abandoned and left in shelters. This dog is Lucky. I hope the dig appreciates his Lucky they are.

  66. Awesome Fan

    Awesome FanDay ago

    Dogs can’t read, but dogs can smell, he was smelling other dogs in distress

  67. Nancy Ramirez

    Nancy Ramirez2 days ago

    Como conoce el lugar ,que inteligente que es 💖

  68. Shady Fungus

    Shady Fungus2 days ago

    🐶: Oh boy we get go outsi-wait... that smell... this scene... I know this place.... I remember... bad things... he didn’t.... he wouldn’t... Oh no my master doesn’t love me. Why would he take me back here 😣

  69. ColtraneTaylor

    ColtraneTaylor2 days ago

    0:08 I can read the sign you know.

  70. Suman Verma

    Suman Verma2 days ago

    Dog after seeing the hospital - Hold up wait a minute, something ain't right!



    It's because the smell the dead animals in their.

  72. Cold Water

    Cold Water2 days ago

    The dog trusted you I thought I could to so why in bloody hell are we at the vet?

  73. Phil_ _

    Phil_ _2 days ago

    God that’s how i felt when i was 6 years old when my mommy left me at school hehe


    ROBIN LOK2 days ago

    Once my parents told me lets go to restaurant and they took me to a psychiatrist as i didnt like to study (i was 12 years old)


    ROBIN LOK2 days ago

    @Sanczz dude in india as soon as baby turns to 1 year he is sent to school after kid gets 4 years its very very vast portion of study

  76. Sanczz

    Sanczz2 days ago

    WHAT, is this true, what 12 year old LIKES to study, that’s ridiculous.

  77. 무야호

    무야호2 days ago


  78. Long pants789

    Long pants7892 days ago

    "Wait I thought I was a good boy" :0

  79. LEW

    LEW2 days ago

    Guys i really need your help! My mom said if i get to 100 subs i can have a gaming pc which will really help me improve my game! Current subs: 89

  80. Charles

    Charles2 days ago

    yay a car ride yo what why we here And that was the last he saw of his balls

  81. Nichole Trainor

    Nichole Trainor2 days ago

    Man the look on that dogs face was depressing

  82. Genvs

    Genvs2 days ago

    "Why would you do this to me? I thought you said I was a good boy!?"

  83. sulizu01

    sulizu012 days ago

    Seatbelt guys

  84. Ousmaail Ayoub

    Ousmaail Ayoub2 days ago

    Wait this isn't mcdonalds...

  85. rl alfzy

    rl alfzy2 days ago

    The dogs like *is that what i think it is ? You have dissapoited me*

  86. Rohan Lawrence D'souza

    Rohan Lawrence D'souza2 days ago

    Just open the windows & I'll find my way home and we'll have a talk there.

  87. Demas Athallah

    Demas Athallah2 days ago

    Dog : Soap trusted you, i thought i could too ..

  88. khfan4life365

    khfan4life3652 days ago

    “Wait a minute. I know this place. This isn’t the park. It’s the bad place!”

  89. Shivam Gautam

    Shivam Gautam2 days ago

    I’m the no 1000 in comments

  90. Wãnderlust

    Wãnderlust2 days ago

    This is 1000th comment: "It's been Agatha all alonggg....."

  91. Aswin

    Aswin2 days ago


  92. Francisco

    Francisco2 days ago

    I miss my dog.

  93. kish45

    kish452 days ago

    Dog: Hey this isn’t the Kenny Chesney concert.

  94. Jenna Miller

    Jenna Miller2 days ago

    He was saying “How Dare You!?”

  95. Donna Marie Accettulli

    Donna Marie Accettulli2 days ago


  96. Tundra

    Tundra2 days ago

    Dog: *Last time I was here my balls were gone!*

  97. ReniTube

    ReniTube2 days ago

    *tommy following dream and then dream betraying him*

  98. Cobalt Conrad

    Cobalt Conrad2 days ago

    He have the gall to ask the dog

  99. Basically I d0 RaNd0M WoRk!

    Basically I d0 RaNd0M WoRk!2 days ago


  100. Joshua Castro

    Joshua Castro2 days ago

    See u guys in 5 years

  101. Michael B.

    Michael B.2 days ago

    My Aussie gets really happy when she's at the vet. Yeah, there's other people and dogs here I can socialize with.

  102. peepkin

    peepkin2 days ago

    when ur parents tell u ur getting mcdonalds but they pull up at the doctors office