I See a Dreamer (Dream Team Original Song)

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As the wind whips ‘round,
I take a breath for victory.
Wanna play tag, or wave your white flag?
Cuz you’ll never touch me!
King of hearts, all in,
It’s not a sin to wanna win.
Can’t see me flying like a bee, black and yellow energy,
Only me on my team, naturally.
I see a dreamer over there by the water,
But I got no, But I got no,
I see a dreamer,
And he’s ripe for the slaughter
But I got no, But I got no,
Phobia, phobia, phobia.
I hear battalions sing of my demise, but I don’t know the words,
I take a road of my own making,
On a journey, no returning.
Wah oh, wah oh,
That’s how it goes.
They’ve drawn the battle line,
And I see fire in their eyes.
Na na na na na na,
I’m better off not listening.
Na na na na na na,
I’ve got my own song to sing.
Flying like a bee, black and yellow energy
Only me on my team, naturally.
I see a dreamer over there by the water,
But I got no, But I got no,
I see a dreamer,
And he’s ripe for the slaughter
But I got no, But I got no,
Phobia, phobia, phobia.
My boat is full, why don’t you swim?
Enjoy my fortress, I’ll be right in.
I stare a hole through danger’s soul.
We all know,
“I can do this, eyes closed.”
I refuse to fail,
So heed this cautionary tale.
You’ve got dragons, my little friend,
You’ll conquer them in the end.
If you can.
I see a dreamer over there by the water,
But I got no, But I got no,
I see a dreamer,
And he’s ripe for the slaughter
But I got no, But I got no,
Phobia, phobia, phobia.
Thanks to djsmell for literally doing nothing and just wanting to be in the description of this video for a few minutes.


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