13 Year Old Buys 10,000,000 Mansion...

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  1. FaZe H1ghSky1

    FaZe H1ghSky1Month ago

    Whose moving in?

  2. Marilyn Delgado

    Marilyn Delgado4 days ago

    I’m trying out for FaZe clan


    PEDRO PIMIENTA4 days ago


  4. All Dogs Unleashed

    All Dogs Unleashed18 days ago

    faZe h1ghsky1 me 😆

  5. Fireball on iOS

    Fireball on iOS18 days ago

    Me bruh

  6. Reem Kased

    Reem Kased24 days ago

    Me plz im a true fan


    PUMP SQUADHour ago

    it will be scary if you were by your self and some one breakers in : Faze highsky says ohh hell no

  8. Olman Garcia

    Olman Garcia2 hours ago

    Doesn’t this mean grants in faze but I thought he was in faze 5 my head hurts

  9. Mully Youtube

    Mully Youtube4 hours ago

    Is that grant the goat

  10. Splode

    Splode7 hours ago

    no one gonna talk about how he jumped on his bed with his shoes on

  11. Abd _AK

    Abd _AK12 hours ago


  12. Frederik Reevey

    Frederik Reevey15 hours ago

    who is here because of tiko

  13. Ruby Saldana

    Ruby Saldana17 hours ago

    Uh who kicked fishy 😡

  14. err 1233

    err 123322 hours ago

    Wait Tiko is not a toilet fhis he is the Best uputer in the world

  15. Wolfy YT

    Wolfy YTDay ago

    The people who dislikes because they are jealous

  16. YT_Badex

    YT_BadexDay ago

    E thx

  17. Hady K

    Hady KDay ago

    bro congratulations highsky

  18. Kenny Mayer

    Kenny MayerDay ago

    Clickbait lmao look up his networth yall dummy stupid

  19. Savage_ J10

    Savage_ J10Day ago

    Highsky where are your parents from

  20. Imran Nabi

    Imran NabiDay ago

    But when you went it’s was sad

  21. Imran Nabi

    Imran NabiDay ago


  22. Legendary Cr4nkzz

    Legendary Cr4nkzzDay ago

    I love ur videos highsky everybody like sub and hit that friggin bell for highsky

  23. Yasmin Mohamud ali

    Yasmin Mohamud aliDay ago

    High sky what is with your teeth?

  24. clix der

    clix derDay ago

    me and hi sky I'm friendly hi sky

  25. Beth Sifuentes

    Beth Sifuentes2 days ago

    Man don’t be mean to tiko

  26. WrayPuppet Channel

    WrayPuppet Channel2 days ago

    the family moment was so beautiful 😭😢❤️

  27. jerome the kindergartener

    jerome the kindergartener2 days ago

    Bro this kid moved out at 13 wtf (O_o)??

  28. Jackson

    Jackson2 days ago

    When did he grow up lol

  29. Rsa_ Cloakzy

    Rsa_ Cloakzy2 days ago

    You caught yourself lowsky

  30. Ryder

    Ryder2 days ago


  31. Tayyab Asif

    Tayyab Asif3 days ago

    Why you guys gotta be rude to tiko I love him

  32. Cameron Kelley

    Cameron Kelley3 days ago


  33. daddy without the milk.

    daddy without the milk.3 days ago

    Isn't this bloke like 9years , i swear he's a fortnite wanker.

  34. Magnet - Fortnite

    Magnet - Fortnite3 days ago

    Anybody else kinda scared of Melane

  35. Fiery Minus

    Fiery Minus3 days ago

    not even joking this was posted on my birthday (yay)

  36. xXItsMichiXx

    xXItsMichiXx3 days ago

    you are gay

  37. Lolboy L

    Lolboy L3 days ago

    Why tf is there Lukas rieger😂

  38. Hoxar Clan

    Hoxar Clan3 days ago

    so u live there forever?

  39. tasos tube

    tasos tube4 days ago

    Plz subscribe on my channel its tasos tube i have 49 subs plz 🙏🙏

  40. Is xXShadowXx

    Is xXShadowXx4 days ago

    Bro i have 2 RTX 3090 and i9 10900k 62 ram and my pc is $5000

  41. Daymon Kim

    Daymon Kim4 days ago

    And here we have some dishwashers bruh I think it's called a washing machine

  42. Clarissa Armstead

    Clarissa Armstead4 days ago

    Bro if you ever get this house you will freak out

  43. Ian Nshuti

    Ian Nshuti4 days ago

    his parents let him move in when my mom won't let me go to sleep at 9:30 on school days

  44. Rico On YouTube

    Rico On YouTube4 days ago

    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Hi

  45. Rico On YouTube

    Rico On YouTube4 days ago


  46. Harrison Mclellan

    Harrison Mclellan4 days ago

    hey brwo tiko if my mummy bear

  47. ET-MSTybot 25

    ET-MSTybot 254 days ago

    Grant:I know it’s kinda dirty but it’s kinda good Me:what???

  48. Wiro Figueroa

    Wiro Figueroa4 days ago

    Hey high sky you should last to leave your manshion

  49. Zui rizhamadze

    Zui rizhamadze4 days ago

    congrats but how easy you can say no to your family and your little sister


    PEDRO PIMIENTA4 days ago

    Bro h1ghsky1 I’m a fishy and I love your videos so don’t start or I unsub

  51. Andrew Kamau

    Andrew Kamau5 days ago

    this is more than 10M cause the house our family is getting, is 30M and it only has 2 floors with 1 verandah bassically a balcony at the first floor

  52. marshmello YT

    marshmello YT5 days ago

    5:19 funny

  53. marshmello YT

    marshmello YT5 days ago

    5;15 funny


    NOTVINKO BTW5 days ago

    Einfach lukas rieger

  55. Neema Khan

    Neema Khan5 days ago

    Android is still better than apple ( my opinion don't h8)

  56. J&T Cui

    J&T Cui5 days ago

    get me in there

  57. Arush Naik

    Arush Naik5 days ago

    13 and vibing in the Hollywood Hills. You really be living the dream life it seems.

  58. NgsF34r

    NgsF34r5 days ago

    You know it’s sad when a 13 yo has a bigger house than you 😢

  59. AlinAlex

    AlinAlex5 days ago

    Bine maaaaa aiai Tati

  60. Hybrid

    Hybrid6 days ago

    Are you Romanian

  61. skr

    skr6 days ago

    Yo H1gh1sky I am a fan of you you are really bud realy nice can I move in bro

  62. Daniel Ordonez

    Daniel Ordonez6 days ago

    Stop the cap

  63. Nit Taman

    Nit Taman6 days ago

    Nice congratulations man


    BB GAMING BEAST6 days ago

    Plz can you give me a shout out love your vids

  65. Juan Bland

    Juan Bland6 days ago

    f in chat for flopper

  66. Keyla Contreras

    Keyla Contreras6 days ago


  67. Kamil

    Kamil6 days ago

    Didn't you say you were 13 like 2 years ago???? damn he lied everyone

  68. Victoria Martínez

    Victoria Martínez6 days ago


  69. cnninja9

    cnninja96 days ago

    H1ghsky1 ur house bruh absolute FIRE

  70. Arsh Singh

    Arsh Singh6 days ago

    Did he call a washing machine a dishwasher ?

  71. Jaxx_ Sway

    Jaxx_ Sway6 days ago

    Walks into laundry room and says, "Some dishwashers"

  72. jerome the kindergartener

    jerome the kindergartener2 days ago

    It's from faze adapt the type

  73. Tkhari Johnson

    Tkhari Johnson6 days ago

    yo this vid is a day before my birthday 10/22

  74. Hana Bajrami

    Hana Bajrami6 days ago

    Bro I'm so glad to hear from you congratulations

  75. Vater X

    Vater X6 days ago

    Anyone see the ring pop wile he was filming

  76. Pam O’Neal

    Pam O’Neal6 days ago

    Imagine teiok watchess this Ticlk: 👁💧👄💧👁

  77. Pam O’Neal

    Pam O’Neal6 days ago

    Anybody else notice the fact that his teeth are blue or green lol 😂

  78. yehya Sheet

    yehya Sheet6 days ago

    I'll move in

  79. Gianni Magdalen

    Gianni Magdalen7 days ago

    Why does he remind me of tanner fox younger

  80. Bonywony

    Bonywony7 days ago

    I thought Lucas was jarvy


    CRST REXX7 days ago

    Mini clout house 😂 man I wish I was in your situation highsky 😭

  82. Anime Drawer 3000

    Anime Drawer 30007 days ago

    When he talk about the pc I think he saying 5+28)68€%|£\%€_¥ and I’m like 🤔🤔🤔

  83. Anime Drawer 3000

    Anime Drawer 30007 days ago

    I hope that I will join faze one day

  84. Carlos Malagon

    Carlos Malagon7 days ago

    I found his house Its next to faze house

  85. Mazdax YT

    Mazdax YT7 days ago

    My question is. ¿Did highsky lives alone in that mansion?

  86. Micah Beachum

    Micah Beachum7 days ago

    Can we 1v1 my epic is kingGarra88

  87. Leonardo Mandujano

    Leonardo Mandujano7 days ago

    Hold on so is it his house or did he move in

  88. Ayxred_hood

    Ayxred_hood7 days ago

    I wish I could live in thet home

  89. Ayxred_hood

    Ayxred_hood7 days ago

    Highsky tell Grant thet tiko has been calling him trush

  90. Romejsa Rracii

    Romejsa Rracii7 days ago

    Its his house or like a group

  91. Shy Guy Shane

    Shy Guy Shane7 days ago

    Oliver Tree is my favorite artist 😂

  92. Lauren Miller

    Lauren Miller7 days ago

    The name is fishy going on this man in the trash

  93. Lauren Miller

    Lauren Miller7 days ago

    You got a boy why are you got a boy fishing

  94. Yesenia Torres

    Yesenia Torres7 days ago

    You should make a video about hide and seek

  95. Datuna Kvitsaridze

    Datuna Kvitsaridze7 days ago

    why higsky have blue teeth?

  96. Aimee JonewJonews

    Aimee JonewJonews8 days ago

    Plees. Can. I. Move in

  97. Marisela Ramirez

    Marisela Ramirez8 days ago

    Can I play with you plz i am a youtuber plz vs me ok plz i want

  98. Morgan gough

    Morgan gough8 days ago

    Can I please move in

  99. Noah Lazar

    Noah Lazar8 days ago

    Is this legal?

  100. proquickscopez

    proquickscopez8 days ago

    We're all gonna ignore the fact his teethe are blue in the video 😂😂😂😂😂

  101. Gem Arnold

    Gem Arnold8 days ago

    Are you stupid? It 3,500,000 asshole don't lie

  102. Waldemar Wojtowicz

    Waldemar Wojtowicz8 days ago

    He has blue teeth

  103. Narutokiddo

    Narutokiddo9 days ago

    Aye let’s go Pat likes Oliver too

  104. Hey its me ducky

    Hey its me ducky9 days ago

    Holy cow 😑 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  105. nathan james

    nathan james9 days ago

    I’ve never seen so many people look the same

  106. titan025

    titan025Day ago


  107. Brandt is a cutie

    Brandt is a cutie9 days ago

    2018 Highsky: "I am 13 years old." 2020 Highsky: "13 Year Old Buys 10,000,000 Mansion..." Me: Hol up (This is a joke I know the situation.)