I speedrun mining an entire chunk in minecraft

why did I do this speedrun?
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Watch the world record speedrun here: uslikes.info/house/gal5ybd912-akZk/video.html
My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!
Today we tried the speedrun of mining a chunk in minecraft. What possessed me to do this? I'm not sure. But it was something... If you don't know, a chunk is a 256-block (384-block in minecraft 1.17) tall 16×16 segment of a Minecraft world. Chunks are the method used by the world generator to divide maps into manageable pieces. Therefore, in total I mined around 16,000 blocks. What is my life?
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speedrun / speedrunner of Minecraft against literally the worst minecraft speedrunning challenge of all time. It was pretty funny how much I went insane though...
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  1. EazySpeezy

    EazySpeezy12 days ago

    Just so everyone knows, I am working on getting world record. The thing is, you need a lot of luck to do it and I'm not gonna grind the category 8 hours a day because I care about my sanity. I'm doing the attempts a few days a week on my Twitch though so EVENTUALLY we'll get it or I will die trying... Yeah this might take a while. (Also watch it live at twitch.tv/EazySpeezy )

  2. Andre Viibur

    Andre ViiburDay ago

    Speedrun orcs must die

  3. crvvpslxyr

    crvvpslxyrDay ago

    do this but in 1.17

  4. Tyler Mesnard

    Tyler Mesnard2 days ago

    Why not just do it on superflat?

  5. Vera

    Vera3 days ago

    Good luck mate

  6. Pepe GA chi

    Pepe GA chi3 days ago

    @Yishsaur 1. Start in mountains near village 2. Get iron shovel from golemo 3. Dig a bit of dirt

  7. liiefen

    liiefenHour ago

    editor i love you

  8. RunnersShade

    RunnersShadeHour ago

    World record: hell yes, 1.17, 1/3rd the way there

  9. Jennie World Domination

    Jennie World Domination2 hours ago

    Dear Editor, share the recipe

  10. thedeagle 100

    thedeagle 1004 hours ago

    Crab is sus

  11. Jake Harvey

    Jake Harvey7 hours ago

    Go get the record

  12. Humid 「he&him」

    Humid 「he&him」8 hours ago

    when the chunk error hits

  13. mr david

    mr david9 hours ago

    Editors notes: wholesome 100

  14. Nic Newman

    Nic Newman9 hours ago

    so world record when?

  15. Blank _

    Blank _9 hours ago

    Imagine, doing this in the new cave update

  16. Ahenobarbus Henocied

    Ahenobarbus Henocied9 hours ago

    Like most you tubers, you have an annoying voice, but it’s very endearing and I like it

  17. ok

    ok12 hours ago

    No one: Kids when they are playing in a sandbox:

  18. Simon Diamond

    Simon Diamond12 hours ago

    That took too long, good that i was not in the live. Post data) You can't speedrun Juice Cubes

  19. Connor Hartfield

    Connor Hartfield12 hours ago

    The lie at 7:43

  20. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan Kenobi15 hours ago

    My favorite part of this video was legitimately the Editor's notes. I need more details about his pasta casserole.

  21. Flurf

    Flurf16 hours ago

    Wish I had java so i could do this, looks like a fun run!

  22. John Nicko Canino

    John Nicko Canino16 hours ago

    Why you didn't combine the pick to efficiency V ?????!?!?

  23. shguze

    shguze16 hours ago

    Nah your other video named ( I speedruned bad minecraft) got 3m views

  24. Royce Sann

    Royce Sann18 hours ago

    a certain fox friend I know did this same thing

  25. Pog Diamond

    Pog Diamond20 hours ago

    Damn that pasta cazarole must have been great

  26. Labbit 35

    Labbit 3521 hour ago

    I am here to sadly say you need to redo this As the hight limit has changed

  27. Sefrino21 Mendez pearce

    Sefrino21 Mendez pearceDay ago

    dear editor i really do hope that that pasta cassoroll was really good it sounds yum yum

  28. Cold Soda

    Cold SodaDay ago

    Sounds like a yummy meal editor

  29. Sean Lee

    Sean LeeDay ago

    Yoo AeonAir watches you

  30. Choccy

    ChoccyDay ago

    More editor notes thanks

  31. lone pix101

    lone pix101Day ago

    idk why the editor's note "You look nice today." hit different. I lost so weight recently and am now able to wear some of my old jeans and it felt good. thank you editor ;u;

  32. SolCutie

    SolCutieDay ago

    I've done that, I wanted to make a quarry so i hand dug several chunks whith iron and stone tools. Didn't even build the quarry.

  33. Glitchy Unknown

    Glitchy UnknownDay ago

    speedrun patching 1 empty chunk up with blocks

  34. Warren B. Hudgins

    Warren B. HudginsDay ago

    It got 100k likes

  35. We_need_2talk -

    We_need_2talk -Day ago

    Now mine a chunk of straight iron ore or obsidian

  36. Joey Houle

    Joey HouleDay ago


  37. smellie monky

    smellie monkyDay ago

    Your editor must've had a superb meal. Now I'm hungry

  38. Quacky Ducky

    Quacky DuckyDay ago

    I hope that Editor will get the real crab someday

  39. Lily Middleton

    Lily MiddletonDay ago

    That's a big hole

  40. TheVodkaisaLie

    TheVodkaisaLieDay ago

    Editor: You look really nice today! Me, in pijamas: ///•o•///

  41. Winter Gaming

    Winter GamingDay ago

    Editor notes are funny and i like it

  42. TheDarkTemple

    TheDarkTempleDay ago

    Honestly don't care about the video itself anymore I just wanna chat with editor

  43. Chassy&coc Bacay

    Chassy&coc BacayDay ago


  44. Thighsucker 69

    Thighsucker 69Day ago

    Don’t you think it might have been even more faster if you made a TNT duplicator + dropper machine (iirc you need coral for that), and set the timing such that it droppeda TNT right after the first one exploded which it dropped earlier, and built the machine in the middle on a chunk for maximum efficiency, and manually mined other blocks which were not destroyed by TNT, while the machine is running

  45. TheElevatedDerp

    TheElevatedDerp2 days ago

    100 player speedrun? Guess I know how I'm spending a weekend.

  46. tom joe

    tom joe2 days ago

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  47. Roguegaming void

    Roguegaming void2 days ago

    hi peaplo at twitch!

  48. I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first

    I eat Cereal with Water and I pour the Water first2 days ago

    is it me or is the editor... flirting with me? :o

  49. clippycreates

    clippycreates2 days ago

    The editor's notes are great.

  50. Qspace

    Qspace2 days ago

    Anyone else want to more about the editor's meal? Like I would love to hear about food they make. Also props to the editor forediting three hours of footage into 10 minutes

  51. Qspace

    Qspace2 days ago

    P.S. to the editor, if you ever have enough money get real crab, you should it's awesome! I'm not rich, though, I just get treated a lot. The privilage of rich friends who like seafood, and ruining me from ever enjoying cheaper food.

  52. настроение: плачущий кот

    настроение: плачущий кот2 days ago

    No diamonds in this chunk

  53. Suspect Logo

    Suspect Logo2 days ago

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  54. Iftekhar Uddin

    Iftekhar Uddin2 days ago

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  55. RX Yong

    RX Yong2 days ago

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  56. cheesejam

    cheesejam2 days ago

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  57. soup time

    soup time2 days ago

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  58. OHSmon

    OHSmon3 days ago

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  59. That Bill Guy

    That Bill Guy3 days ago

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  60. Owen Clark

    Owen Clark3 days ago

    if he did this in 1.17 -64 BLOCK LIMIT! He would die

  61. Owen Clark

    Owen Clark3 days ago

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  62. Owen Clark

    Owen Clark3 days ago

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  63. Dominic Thompson

    Dominic Thompson3 days ago

    Wtf is fake crab

  64. Crusader

    Crusader3 days ago

    4 years ago i actually did the same thing(mining a chunck with my brother)

  65. Elijah Black

    Elijah Black3 days ago

    “Isn’t it great to just be taller” *cries in 5’6”*

  66. enderman

    endermanDay ago

    Laughs in 3 blocks tall

  67. Qspace

    Qspace2 days ago

    Laughs and cries in "5'7"

  68. neal_wake9

    neal_wake93 days ago

    I did this without the diamond pick and shovel, I started in a chunk and was Finished in the chunk

  69. ve cc

    ve cc3 days ago


  70. Heen :]

    Heen :]3 days ago

    Wouldn’t the most optimal time to mine in the ocean for bc you don’t have to mine nearly as much?

  71. Chimba The Muffin

    Chimba The Muffin3 days ago

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  72. I really fucking thrive food Grundy

    I really fucking thrive food Grundy3 days ago

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  73. Ex

    Ex3 days ago

    Sam dao

  74. 2Stoned2Play

    2Stoned2Play3 days ago

    I mined 550k blocks over a week once, with beacons and eff 5, it was pain.

  75. Ethan Williams

    Ethan Williams3 days ago

    Me when the editor was finally out of editor's notes: HOLY SHIT THANK GOD

  76. unDeathbysnipe

    unDeathbysnipe3 days ago

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  77. JSC 3l1te

    JSC 3l1te3 days ago

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    Dream's real MC account3 days ago

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    Caleb Renfroe3 days ago

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    Erase my channel3 days ago

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    carlangas world3 days ago

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  82. SHRIIHAN Mukherjee

    SHRIIHAN Mukherjee2 days ago

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  83. Mike the ike

    Mike the ike3 days ago

    I did this on a server with some friends but after I dug out the chunk I filled it with glass to build limit....that project took weeks...rip the desert

  84. Satan's Bird.

    Satan's Bird.3 days ago

    I Hope You Enjoyed Your Casserole Editor!

  85. Elijah McBride

    Elijah McBride3 days ago

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  86. Nicolas Concha

    Nicolas Concha3 days ago

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  87. hong hoang

    hong hoang3 days ago

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  88. Randomness with Raiden

    Randomness with Raiden4 days ago

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  92. Spencer Zimmerman

    Spencer Zimmerman4 days ago

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  93. Calvin Jackson 2021

    Calvin Jackson 20214 days ago

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  94. Hugo _

    Hugo _4 days ago

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  95. Colin Mahoney

    Colin Mahoney4 days ago

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    kfertiks4 days ago

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  97. Derp Face

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    Erwin Chavez4 days ago

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    The Kool K4 days ago

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  100. Mantas Mickievicius

    Mantas Mickievicius4 days ago

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  101. Łukasz Aniołowski

    Łukasz Aniołowski4 days ago

    wouldn't mining in the ocean make it easier? get like a few stacks of sand / gravel, get a torch, a lot of building blocks, now block out the chunk of water, and start placing sand each sand placed is like one block broken

  102. Łukasz Aniołowski

    Łukasz Aniołowski4 days ago

    if you want to dig down easier with tnt, dig 2 blocks down, place tnt, and that will blow out 3x3x3 around it, do it for these 3x3 squares next to each other, and set them off

  103. Manslayer123 Youdie

    Manslayer123 Youdie4 days ago

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    PenguNoah4 days ago

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    CONE Pog5 days ago

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