$NOT - Like Me (feat. iann dior) [Official Video]

The official video for $NOT's "Like Me" featuring iann dior from his album 'Beautiful Havoc' - OUT NOW!
Directed by FreeOmarJones
Produced by David Wept & AT.LAS
Director of Photography Franklin Ricart
Production Co 1800#
STREAM 'Beautiful Havoc':
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(561) 220-3481
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  1. LimitedComp

    LimitedCompMonth ago

    You have gone so far since I've found your music.

  2. Mario Caycedo

    Mario CaycedoDay ago

    @GoGJ Clan yes sir

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  4. WoahManny

    WoahManny4 days ago

    Remember listening to Megan lol

  5. swAyGaMeS yT

    swAyGaMeS yT13 days ago

    He is so good

  6. James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)

    James Morgan 62 (STUDENT)14 days ago


  7. 5alty 1

    5alty 1Hour ago

    I don’t where I would be without his music no cap 😅




  9. Jospeh Stalin

    Jospeh Stalin3 hours ago

    her ig?

  10. Yangden La

    Yangden La2 hours ago


  11. Daniel Kelly

    Daniel Kelly3 hours ago

    The drag race takoff in drift cars lmao

  12. boi jamie

    boi jamie3 hours ago

    What's her @

  13. Yangden La

    Yangden La2 hours ago


  14. im Ezio

    im Ezio4 hours ago

    Mark my words: I'm gonna be $NOT's #1 fan on Spotify for 2021.

  15. puuv GT

    puuv GT4 hours ago

    This girl ig please with flame bras 😍😍😍😍

  16. Yangden La

    Yangden La2 hours ago


  17. Pfusel Asap

    Pfusel Asap5 hours ago

    new song lil toe, snot ft night lovell

  18. Deveraux Winkelman

    Deveraux Winkelman6 hours ago

    Is this his only song not directed by Cole Bennet?

  19. Mihailo Stanković

    Mihailo Stanković6 hours ago


  20. Branden Plays Pokemon

    Branden Plays Pokemon11 hours ago

    I wanna blast this in a car when I get one lol

  21. Jeremiah Kanhai

    Jeremiah Kanhai13 hours ago

    $not is wayy to hood man and his car shesh

  22. Lucas Rodrigo dos Santos Silva

    Lucas Rodrigo dos Santos Silva15 hours ago

    apaga essa porra, esse beat tem nome e sobrenome: teto - savana. Bem melhor que essa merda.

  23. Ignacio Black

    Ignacio Black20 hours ago

    ig de la minita, ig of the girl pls deaaa

  24. Watch Hub

    Watch Hub20 hours ago

    This is a banger keep it comin brother

  25. Robbe Van Ingelgem

    Robbe Van Ingelgem21 hour ago

    You’re in bed scrolling through the comments

  26. Robbe Van Ingelgem

    Robbe Van Ingelgem21 hour ago

    this song stays fire forever !!!

  27. julio emanuel

    julio emanuel23 hours ago

    Esse beat me lembra a música do teto

  28. Marnelle Gaming

    Marnelle GamingDay ago

    When Iann Dior came it was a crazy mood

  29. Metroid97

    Metroid97Day ago

    Lmao all those women look old enough to be your moms

  30. jose castelo branco

    jose castelo brancoDay ago


  31. luis castro

    luis castroDay ago

    Video better than the song

  32. Erika Barrientos

    Erika BarrientosDay ago

    so no one hears sangria at the end of this video

  33. Visiule _aids

    Visiule _aids2 days ago

    E30 prices after this video 📈📈📈

  34. lRufflez

    lRufflez2 days ago

    been on $not before he popped off

  35. lRufflez

    lRufflez2 days ago

    "mean" has so much more plays on spotify but man i feel like this one slaps way more

  36. Kyo 2004

    Kyo 200416 hours ago

    @lRufflez I'm not in tik tok ither, But it's been all over Instagram. Kinda getting sick of seeing it 😂 Dope song tho🔥

  37. lRufflez

    lRufflez17 hours ago

    @Kyo 2004 oh well that would make sense ... im not on tik tok so i wasnt aware of that. i understand now lol

  38. Kyo 2004

    Kyo 200417 hours ago

    I think its cuz that small waist verse blew up on tik tok

  39. MiniWish

    MiniWish2 days ago

    They got Adam LZ behind the wheel?

  40. KillSwitchNext

    KillSwitchNext2 days ago


  41. Dylan Bouzigues

    Dylan Bouzigues2 days ago

    bro iann dior goes hard

  42. Alex Plays

    Alex Plays2 days ago

    anybody got the instagram from the girl thats on the white BMW

  43. UBO

    UBO2 days ago


  44. Andre Cabezas

    Andre Cabezas2 days ago

    The way i be boppin to this song aint normal

  45. Big popout

    Big popout2 days ago

    $not is the goat 🚫🧢💯

  46. Eliot Pick

    Eliot Pick3 days ago

    blowin up 2021 no cappp

  47. Clarence Malevi

    Clarence Malevi3 days ago

    Peep the Albanian car plate on the white E30 🇦🇱. Epic song man, aways listen tl this every time i go for a drive 💯💪

  48. Strayfe

    Strayfe3 days ago

    $NOT a real one for favouriting the comments.

  49. Kitsune

    Kitsune3 days ago

    The song at the end tho🔥

  50. Ganan Rh.

    Ganan Rh.3 days ago

    You saved my 2021 already man thank you for your music😭😭🥰

  51. Tactical_Waves

    Tactical_Waves3 days ago

    2:59 yoo you could hear the tune to $NOT - Sangria if you listen closely

  52. Prank Panda.

    Prank Panda.3 days ago

    Ya it was a teaser

  53. JC Gamer

    JC Gamer3 days ago

    This song is lit 🔥keep it going my G 💯

  54. Ofir Cohen

    Ofir Cohen3 days ago

    1:40 his voice is so satisfying

  55. al moser

    al moser3 days ago

    oh god! i mean he is the god!

  56. No name

    No name3 days ago

    Does anyone notice you can hear part of the beat from sangria at the very end of the song or is it coincidental

  57. fausto sz

    fausto sz3 days ago

    ta re gueno culeaooooooooooopopoolooiooiiyu78iogvhckjdcasjhlkyg

  58. I Guess

    I Guess3 days ago

    People like us that miss the old shit at least he’s getting recognized

  59. Skyler Cabrello

    Skyler Cabrello3 days ago

    Its this song and “Love Me” by Lukaz thats getting me through these tough times, thank god for music! I love you ❣️

  60. Elijah Demesmin

    Elijah Demesmin4 days ago

    $not is number 1# 2021

  61. Ahsek Shahid

    Ahsek Shahid4 days ago

    mans so underatted... and this beat is sick.

  62. TheyActually

    TheyActually4 days ago

    not saying its a bad thing but whats up with all these rappers using cars and drifting as an aesthetic all the sudden

  63. Karololos

    Karololos4 days ago

    That's awesome really hoooooooooooooot beat I can't stop listening it 😎🤙 🆒🆒🆒 $NOT KINGGGGGGGGG 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. Aight

    Aight4 days ago

    Underrated this is a masterpiece

  65. Jay Gadke

    Jay Gadke4 days ago

    That drone work tho

  66. WieruX

    WieruX4 days ago


  67. МОНрисе - U9

    МОНрисе - U94 days ago

    shit Iann Dior looking like a dope pineapple

  68. Temzur

    Temzur4 days ago

    can someone tell wat the car is

  69. Матвей

    Матвей4 days ago

    You most popular in Russia!!!!!

  70. Draven Martin

    Draven Martin4 days ago

    Yooo snot just hit different like dawm thanks snot

  71. David Joseph

    David Joseph4 days ago

    Who’s the girl?


    ANNETTE RIMOVSKY4 days ago

    that girl at 2:46 😻😻😻😻😻😻

  73. lightning galxy79

    lightning galxy794 days ago

    bro this go's hard this lit🔥🔥🔥

  74. Carlos Cipollitti

    Carlos Cipollitti4 days ago

    Is no one gonna mention how they put a teaser for Sangria at the end of the video

  75. Jarrett Tapp

    Jarrett Tapp4 days ago


  76. Amigo Luis

    Amigo Luis4 days ago

    Underrated asf

  77. JC

    JC4 days ago

    $not the OG I swear bruh every song he posted all of them are fire bruh to much steam I swear 🖤

  78. Nit3mare

    Nit3mare4 days ago

    $NOT over here lookin like that one kid with acne

  79. Ghost.Valorant

    Ghost.Valorant5 days ago

    The best part about this music video isn't the girls, or cars.. It's the fact that no matter how much clout that $not gets he's still the same. He doesn't change.

  80. Theblicky

    Theblicky5 days ago

    I wanna be like snot

  81. David Marshall

    David Marshall5 days ago

    I remember when gosha first dropped look at my mans now.

  82. Dezz MF

    Dezz MF5 days ago

    U rly like ur bmws

  83. deweq

    deweq5 days ago

    ктати артем хочет тебя

  84. Pandington

    Pandington5 days ago

    1:40 is it just me, or is Iann Dior's voice just SO SATISFYING

  85. Ethan Smith - DCMS 2026

    Ethan Smith - DCMS 2026Day ago

    Nope not just you im kinda turned on

  86. never jay

    never jay5 days ago

    There isn't a better song in the world

  87. Music Life

    Music Life5 days ago


  88. beanz•

    beanz•5 days ago

    $NOT TAKIN OVER 2021!!

  89. Wolfixa

    Wolfixa5 days ago

    thats fire

  90. Cozgiy

    Cozgiy5 days ago

    YESSS UR BLOWING UP BROO CONGRATS BRO DESERVE IT, ever since i listened to Gosha I've became addicted to ur music.


    JEIDSON JUNIOR6 days ago


  92. Desth Reaper01

    Desth Reaper016 days ago

    iann dior has been blowing this song a lot and too much!

  93. GauchoFN

    GauchoFN6 days ago

    What's the girl's ig? (asking for friend)

  94. Yangden La

    Yangden La2 hours ago


  95. Wicked Chicken

    Wicked Chicken5 days ago


  96. ArFour

    ArFour6 days ago

    WOW sangria at end

  97. BalancedPotato

    BalancedPotato6 days ago

    SNOT THE FUCKING GOAT you have gone so far man.Best luck....

  98. Jon King

    Jon King6 days ago

    The way the beat speeds up is heat

  99. Ozon 23

    Ozon 236 days ago

    Poland kurwa

  100. The Edge

    The Edge6 days ago

    Pretty wild video but WTF is happening to music the last Decade its went to complete garbage idk....guess thats mainstream for ya

  101. Cronical Clasher

    Cronical Clasher6 days ago

    Fucking fireeeeee mannnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. Daniel Puerta

    Daniel Puerta6 days ago


  103. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats6 days ago

    I'm always so impressed with his beat selection. would be such an honor if he picked one of your beats I feel like haha

  104. Gaming Levi

    Gaming Levi7 days ago

    Who heard the "SANGRIA" Beat at the end of the clip?

  105. ORANGEHIGH 03

    ORANGEHIGH 037 days ago

    Who here from jersey

  106. Lukáš Šimko

    Lukáš Šimko7 days ago

    $not the goat

  107. Hawk Eye

    Hawk Eye7 days ago

    Gonna call it he’s gonna be big 2021

  108. iSurvax

    iSurvax7 days ago

    Nice Song

  109. Sjonnie

    Sjonnie7 days ago

    If it would be possible to see how many times I’ve listened to this banger... off the charts 🔥🔥🔥

  110. w33b420

    w33b4207 days ago

    who's the girl

  111. Yangden La

    Yangden La2 hours ago


  112. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment7 days ago

    Wait this beat tho... 🔥🔥🔥

  113. Syrex

    Syrex7 days ago

    3,400 People clearly have listened to this on mute

  114. An Insomniac

    An Insomniac7 days ago

    Ight but the video makes the song slap x10 harder.

  115. XNZ Kyle

    XNZ Kyle7 days ago

    this song is such a banger🔥🔥🔥

  116. glxckada

    glxckada8 days ago

    models ?

  117. Yangden La

    Yangden La2 hours ago


  118. Chroma Case

    Chroma Case8 days ago

    Ngl your music is kinda like a drug. I'm addicted to it.