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  1. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock2 years ago


  2. Supreme

    SupremeYear ago

    Daniel Tanash Probably Dragonfruit hydration, Golden Apple pair and blue ice or snow cone (I recommend snow cone)

  3. Phantixz

    PhantixzYear ago

    ElectricShock and in gfuels strawberry shortcake asmr video they put it with water

  4. DanManT 503

    DanManT 5032 years ago

    ElectricShock I’ve got a question, If you were to recommend 3 gfuel flavours (including the hydration ones) for me what would you say, lemme tell you abit about my taste buds first, My favourite fruit is dragonfruit, followed up by pears, my favourite flavour of candies or soda is usually Strawberry, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, and Lemon-Lime. I dislike Root beer, and I adore fruity and sweet drinks (and water lol). What 3 would you recommend

  5. LoganGamePlays

    LoganGamePlays23 days ago

    I LOVE TROPICAL RAIN!!! THAT IS MY FAVORIT. I wish I could buy a tub of tropical rain but it is expensive.

  6. Punk1019

    Punk10193 days ago

    Try amazon its $30 for 40 servings that’s about $1.50 per drink and it’s free shipping u jus gotta press it under the shipping info

  7. RAC

    RACMonth ago

    I thought your code was shock ?

  8. Tater Salad

    Tater Salad3 months ago

    Tropical Rain tastes like cat pee smells. I can't get past it.

  9. Rj

    Rj3 months ago

    Try it with milk and stop being biased

  10. Cheesy Bird

    Cheesy Bird4 months ago

    Why isn’t blue ice in here

  11. Alizz

    Alizz4 months ago

    Green apple is my favourite flavour

  12. Yahir Saavedra

    Yahir Saavedra4 months ago

    just try it in milk

  13. XE LF

    XE LF5 months ago

    I’m so happy that I Finnally found someone that hates tropical rain too, it’s nasty

  14. Kzyma

    Kzyma5 months ago

    no lie i love green apple

  15. Ccc Vvv

    Ccc Vvv5 months ago

    We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching, but You're too shy to say it Inside, we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it And if you ask me how I'm feeling Don't tell me you're too blind to see Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you (Ooh, give you up) (Ooh, giv

  16. Arctic

    Arctic6 months ago

    Did you just day you didn't want to waste water

  17. Arctic

    Arctic6 months ago


  18. Team Vein

    Team Vein7 months ago

    All gfuel flavors are good, it’s just since they are a healthy alternative it has artificial flavors and that usually tastes a little weird. Blue ice, tropical rain, and a lot other you can tell it has a lot of artificial flavors but to anyone who has never had gfuel I highly recommend getting a starter kit to get more than one flavor to see which one is the best. And make sure to use code SHOCK.

  19. Bob Lee Swagger

    Bob Lee Swagger7 months ago

    i orderd tropical rain and guava hope i like them

  20. Inesh R.

    Inesh R.7 months ago

    video starts here: 5:30

  21. Goo Is goated

    Goo Is goated7 months ago


  22. Yoda

    Yoda7 months ago

    Watch in 1.75 or 2 thank me later (edit): never mind watch in 2x speed this dude talks slow asf

  23. Adam TheTarHeelFan

    Adam TheTarHeelFan7 months ago

    1.25 sounds normal. 1.5 is pushing it. 1.75 is silly 😂

  24. Homte

    Homte7 months ago

    wanna be my friend?

  25. Miss Nadia Loves

    Miss Nadia Loves7 months ago

    he is the biggest gfuel simp

  26. Michael Ravicchio

    Michael Ravicchio5 months ago

    @ElectricShock Mad respect for actually responding to a 2 month old comment.

  27. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock5 months ago

    SBGVape Michael true

  28. Michael Ravicchio

    Michael Ravicchio5 months ago

    Better then being a simp towards twitch thots

  29. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock7 months ago


  30. Miss Nadia Loves

    Miss Nadia Loves7 months ago

    he is the biggest gfuel simp

  31. Beast6ft9

    Beast6ft98 months ago

    Tropical rain taste like the syrup in a fruit cocktail can u can taste a sweet cherry,pineapple and pear taste but isn't bad at all the other 3 flavors I agree not so good but I dont like sour chug or sour cherry to much citric acid powder. I used GLADDs code for gfuel.

  32. fknkoolaid

    fknkoolaid8 months ago

    Why did he use half the packet??😂

  33. rvstefn

    rvstefn8 months ago

    I also dislike tropi rain

  34. Christy Leigh Yesnick

    Christy Leigh Yesnick8 months ago

    Btw I just had green apple the other day for the first time and it’s so pretty decent

  35. Christy Leigh Yesnick

    Christy Leigh Yesnick8 months ago

    Dude I actually LIKE sour cherry && tropical rain... lol Idk why u don’t like tropical rain. It’s not too light, not too strong and a unique but tasty flavor 👌🏼 I like ur vids but deff am disagreeing with u on that one 🤗

  36. Alex.23

    Alex.238 months ago

    U said in your trophical rain video its a 9/10

  37. Neil Cloonan

    Neil Cloonan8 months ago

    Came back to this video to confirm that Tropical Rain is trash. I've been bashing on Sour Pixel Potion for months, but Tropical Rain is just foul. So glad I got it from a starter kit. Strawberry Shortcake is still my 4th favorite though, milk or water.

  38. moon-snd

    moon-snd8 months ago

    They said it’s made with water but they also say that milk is good with it on their insta

  39. fault Ant

    fault Ant8 months ago

    strawberry Shortcake with milk is so good

  40. Charles Niedermyer

    Charles Niedermyer9 months ago

    My parents don’t want me to drink a full pack so this comforts me that half is normal

  41. Sheev Palpatine

    Sheev Palpatine9 months ago

    Tf he only puts in half of the packets in

  42. Mikey Lotz

    Mikey Lotz9 months ago

    His flavor should be electric mango or blueberry shock

  43. Chandler Oakes

    Chandler Oakes9 months ago

    I hope he realizes not too shabby means not too bad

  44. John Hollingsworth

    John Hollingsworth9 months ago

    Tropical rain is fucking nasty.

  45. ChicagoJit

    ChicagoJit9 months ago

    Did I win?

  46. Chris Sanchez

    Chris Sanchez10 months ago

    They make white gfuel tubs for green apple now

  47. Beanie

    Beanie10 months ago

    what are the plastic things you put in the cup

  48. Gandoo

    Gandoo10 months ago

    Okay hear me out strawberry shortcake with a scoop of strawberry ice cream and some milk blend it 🥵😍🥰

  49. Gandoo

    Gandoo10 months ago

    Clicked it because it had tropical rain and I just bought a tub 😭

  50. beaoe

    beaoe10 months ago

    Tropical rain taste like and smells like body odor

  51. 954_BabyTico

    954_BabyTico10 months ago

    who remembers the mystery tub 😭

  52. Manuel Garcia

    Manuel Garcia11 months ago

    Shock is right not milk I would not try that🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  53. Philip Pardoe

    Philip Pardoe11 months ago

    Out of 10 what would you rate strawberry shortcake? I bought it but idk what I'm in for

  54. MTG Fun

    MTG Fun11 months ago


  55. Kunai Killa

    Kunai Killa11 months ago

    Lmao that’s the best description I ever heard, “ sweet nothingness to it” 😂

  56. iStoic

    iStoic11 months ago

    expired green apple probably tastes better honestly

  57. sk23

    sk2311 months ago

    just give it a try with milk

  58. אε0

    אε0Year ago

    Its unfortunate that this guy is giving reviews of products based on their flavor, when he has such a shit pallet.

  59. אε0

    אε0Year ago

    Tropical rain tastes and smells like piss.

  60. ZxmbieFirstAid

    ZxmbieFirstAid11 months ago

    7IBBE77S that’s what I thought when I tried it for the first time. I couldn’t get the smell out of my shaker XD

  61. Kon Gor

    Kon GorYear ago

    Hmm I heard tropical rain was good

  62. ryan_rightnow

    ryan_rightnowYear ago

    Your telling me that if one gfuel tub is 40 servings, if you have one every day that's like an entire month

  63. Patrick Suwala

    Patrick SuwalaYear ago

    Jesus christ does your body run on G Fuel. How much money have you spent on this shit jesus.

  64. ZxmbieFirstAid

    ZxmbieFirstAid11 months ago

    Patrick Suwala he’s sponsored

  65. pablo rages

    pablo ragesYear ago

    Those flavours HAVE to be better than Black on Blackberry .... it sux bawlz

  66. Ekho

    EkhoYear ago

    tbh i THINK stawberry shortcake would taste good with milk ive never had any flavour of gfuel tho

  67. Shawn Brandt

    Shawn BrandtYear ago

    How do you afford all this? Honest question just wondering

  68. TaysonPlaysGuitar

    TaysonPlaysGuitarYear ago

    Strawberry banana is my favorite flavor so far out of the 8 I've tried. Blue chug rug is #2.

  69. XPRX Dolphin

    XPRX DolphinYear ago

    Can I enter? 😂

  70. Bug

    BugYear ago

    Tropical rain 😋

  71. Hayden Head

    Hayden HeadYear ago

    How much for the computer???

  72. jcrosato

    jcrosatoYear ago

    Seems like he uses too much water for only using 1/2 the pack why not just use the full pack with the normal amount of water? XD

  73. Kip Karr

    Kip KarrYear ago

    Tropical rain tastes like medicine 👎🏼🤢

  74. Skully

    SkullyYear ago

    Green apple is so good to me

  75. Nathan F

    Nathan FYear ago

    Anyone else live in Vancouver with free water and laughed when he said I don’t wanna WASTE WATER?

  76. Amy Qc

    Amy QcYear ago

    And now I’m scared asf because I just ordered a tropical rain I hope I didn’t waste my money >~

  77. qué agradable sujeto

    qué agradable sujetoYear ago

    Caffeine makes you repeat a word 2 times

  78. David Kavanagh

    David KavanaghYear ago

    Tropical Rain is my fav 😭

  79. Arita Tv

    Arita TvYear ago

    You do not try de gold Apple flavor

  80. Savage Skid

    Savage SkidYear ago

    this guy lookin like steve from american dad

  81. Hazmania

    HazmaniaYear ago

    Hey 1400th comment 😂

  82. xDrip x

    xDrip xYear ago

    GFuel should make a strawberry banana flavor

  83. Vade Venom

    Vade Venom11 months ago

    This aged well

  84. Karrdeh

    KarrdehYear ago

    There is a strawberry banana already...

  85. Cheese Urm

    Cheese UrmYear ago

    tropical rain tastes like that fruity mouthwash u get from the dentist

  86. Austin 1

    Austin 1Year ago

    I love tropical rain

  87. David Kavanagh

    David KavanaghYear ago


  88. Triple M

    Triple MYear ago

    In my opinion the worst gfuel is tropical rain

  89. T4piok4

    T4piok4Year ago

    Yo I got a porn ad. Some lesbian asians.

  90. Pulse Crypt

    Pulse CryptYear ago

    Tropical rain is such a good flavour

  91. Ian Mason

    Ian MasonYear ago

    Tropical rain is one of my fav😂

  92. Harrison Wells

    Harrison WellsYear ago

    Tropical ran just has yoo much of a powder taste it's my second flavor I had blue ice I like it more than tropical rain

  93. LaMelo Ball

    LaMelo BallYear ago

    Francisco Ramirez It’s so good, my favourites are Tropical Rain Strawberry Banana Kiwi Strawberry Pink Lemonade

  94. ManiSaundersYT

    ManiSaundersYTYear ago

    Honestly. I was very weary about trying Tropical rain but I took it on a trip in Australia, and I thought it tasted great. I loved the pineapple taste. When I finish all my g fuel that I have, I’m gunna buy a tub of tropical rain.

  95. mason sleight

    mason sleightYear ago

    Tried tropical rain today at school with me and 3 other mates and we all liked it ?

  96. Luumuhillo

    LuumuhilloYear ago

    idk how you say thats half? that's like 75% of the shaker

  97. Walleuh

    WalleuhMonth ago

    Cause the ice

  98. Rainy lol

    Rainy lol7 months ago

    Lmao I know

  99. PURE syyy

    PURE syyyYear ago

    are u still selling the gaming computer?

  100. Just Doge

    Just DogeYear ago

    How much money has dis boy invested into gfuel, dang gfuel prolly make some money

  101. Ethan james

    Ethan jamesYear ago

    Ragin gummy fish is my favorite name a better one if you liked ragin gummy fish so I know which ones to get

  102. EazyEdogg

    EazyEdoggYear ago

    I think Tropical Rain tastes like how an old cat lady's house smells. Absolutely horrible!

  103. Sil

    SilYear ago

    like: blue ice reply: cotton candy

  104. lähiösensei

    lähiösenseiYear ago

    vitun tyhmä

  105. Lucas A

    Lucas AYear ago

    2:13 lol bruh how much water did you really save there

  106. Walleuh

    WalleuhMonth ago

    It’s the ice

  107. Peter R. de Vries

    Peter R. de VriesYear ago

    Lucas A lol bruh you still shouldnt be wasting stuff

  108. Dhruv Patel

    Dhruv PatelYear ago

    Damn, he really hating on FaZe 😂😂 Golden Apple pear- FaZe banks Tropical rain- FaZe rain Strawberry shortcake- FaZe apex

  109. Azzaki

    AzzakiYear ago

    short = apex

  110. wumpa

    wumpaYear ago

    Am I the only one who hasn’t had g fuel ever but wants some😩

  111. Lisandro Longone

    Lisandro LongoneYear ago


  112. Derek Alexander

    Derek AlexanderYear ago

    Tropical rain is one of my favorite flavors lol

  113. Anonymous333

    Anonymous333Year ago

    Honestly couldn't find words to describe tropical rain for the 2 years ive had it! The 'Sweet Nothing' seems to sum it up in 2 words! Was so hyped for this flavour when i first bought it but was very disappointed, looking forward to my kiwi strawberry and cherry limeade tho! Dont buy tropical rain in my opinion

  114. Runic Bolt

    Runic BoltYear ago

    Thank you for the videos! p.s is your dad Walter White?

  115. rastafarilion

    rastafarilionYear ago

    Tropical Rain tastes the same as the BCAA powder supplement from BPI Sports

  116. Swoque

    SwoqueYear ago

    Don’t you put the whole packet in?

  117. Jensen Irvine Rundle

    Jensen Irvine RundleYear ago

    There is a video on USlikes of the official gfuel channel making the strawberry shortcake drink on and they use milk

  118. Pretz

    PretzYear ago

    I gave rainbow sherbet a second chance and it tasted like shit just the same as the first time

  119. limit

    limitYear ago

    I need a pc my old one broke

  120. ocar fbelly

    ocar fbellyYear ago

    Buy one

  121. Get Owned Kid

    Get Owned KidYear ago

    Tropical Rain tastes like Cat Piss 🤮🤮

  122. Skipptk

    SkipptkYear ago

    How do you know how that tastes like? 👀😳

  123. Eddie Saunders

    Eddie SaundersYear ago

    1:48 my dude you are so funny! GFUEL even made a video of how to mix it with milk 😂😂😂😂 lol research before you say shit you’re not even an expert just some kid who thinks he knows everything 😃

  124. Eddie Saunders

    Eddie SaundersYear ago here 😌😌😌

  125. Jeff Chu

    Jeff ChuYear ago

    You are the g fuel master

  126. David Gambourian

    David GambourianYear ago

    Can you plz tell me what’s your favorite flavor as of right know 2019

  127. Baked_Sock

    Baked_Sock8 months ago

    Bruh he hearts the comment but doesn’t reply..