15 Coolest Car Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

Missed a set of gadgets for your car? Get ready, you're about to take a step that will alter the idea how the world works. There’s also something less groundbreaking, yet impressive for your start button and for your wheels. And we’ll also show you the safe way of using your phone while driving and streaming the music at the same time. Switch on the light, can’t find the USB port!
0:00 Introduction
0:27 Nexar Dash Cam bit.ly/3pgv7XO | geni.us/NexarBeam
1:38 RapidX Charger for Car: geni.us/qZ8Hl
2:21 Bidirectional charger Quasar: bit.ly/2Ziytip
3:02 LED Car Ashtray: geni.us/CarAshtray
3:35 Wireless Car Charger Mount: geni.us/WirelessCarCharger | bit.ly/3qpa8DB | bit.ly/3pnUiYg
4:10 Start/stop button cover (Lamborghini): geni.us/StartStopButton
Start/stop button cover (Iron Man): geni.us/IrnManButton | bit.ly/3pmybBM
Start/stop button cover (Transformers): geni.us/TransformerButton
4:52 Led floating car wheel caps: geni.us/CaeWheelCups | ebay.to/3jNEGwg
5:28 Car Logo Projector: geni.us/CarDoorLights | bit.ly/3rQFcwj
6:12 LED Wall Light: geni.us/LedWallLight | bit.ly/3pqEqnY
6:53 Belkin Hands-Free Connect Aux: geni.us/CarAudioConnect
7:26 Nulaxy FM Transmitter: geni.us/Transmitter
7:49 Tire Pressure Monitoring System: geni.us/TpmsSystem | bit.ly/3k2Ov9T
8:33 Genius10 Portable Charger: geni.us/SmartCharger
9:20 Car Headrest DVD Player: geni.us/CarDvD
10:05 FORTEM Digital Tire Inflator: geni.us/TireInflator
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    4:36 don’t u dare ricer

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    Anyone else getting a little annoyed when he’s calling autobots transformers

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    Maybe you’d prefer transformers or even desepticons. Lol

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    This voice is from We Are Top Channel

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    Where do I get these gadgets

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    All the links you can find in the description below the video!

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    Most of these are silly/gimmicky but there are a few gems i would definitely would buy thats why I watch these kinds of videos.

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    Me: cool dallas cowboys. Him: STAR!!

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    Do not buy the TPMS. It's not accurate.....not even close.

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    3:42 How does this offer 360 degrees of rotation? It can't. The ball itself isn't 360 degrees, let alone the angle permissible.

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    ikr?! they probably meant 180⁰ or something like that, in these types of videos, the voice-overs aren't very...accurate🤡

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    Those LEDs on your car wheels are cool- until you get pulled over and cited for them by the police, then they suck

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    lol this guy probably doesn't watch Transformers

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    10:14 why dont they just make rubber tires like the a bike (can't remember its name) if the cars tire is all rubber then there's nothing to pop

  20. Thomas Chan

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    they r called airless tires, and high end bikes use them because they are more reliable over tough terrain. Although they are only capable of holding a certain amount of weight, hence why cars dont use them. Great thought though.


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    The first one with the dash cam the guy letting go of the steering wheel while driving 😂😂

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    When your owned by technology. People used to have a brain.

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    Adding my kids favorite toy logo to my car's start button will make it a definite target for his finger. Need to make one that looks like a piece of broccoli.

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    Nexar sucks!!

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    Load of tat.

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    Some of the stupidest gadgets in there, especially the push button cover.

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    There is something troublesome about having everhthing connected to your phone. Your better off having a dash cam with a screen on it.

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    200 ads for nothing new to introduce 🤔 you want some unsubscribe or report or something!? who doesnt knows glowing ash tray or welcome lights or lighting wheel caps or usb hubs 😐

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    Had 2 of the Simple Fast Holder/Charger. They are both dead now. Wouldn't recommend.

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  44. Stewart Bladen

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    If you have a aux jack or Bluetooth in your car you can just put an Alexa speaker in there. It has a feature to set it up from your phones WiFi hotspot so it will run off that when you start your car. Get full hands free music and and everything else you can use Alexa for. Been using one in my car for about 4 years now.

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    Yeahhhhhh i want this crappy Dashcam to phone my wife when i visit my Bit on the Side !!!

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    That ashtray was cool before I knew it was an ashtray. The very thought of cigarette makes me lose my lunch before I even eat it. I will never understand people's fetish for putting a stick of cancer in their mouth, setting it on fire, and inhaling rat poison. As if there aren't any other ways to get the cancer.

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    This channel keeps me awake till 1am (I love this channel)

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    nothing is invented it's just got discovered

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    Hub caps are interesting makes the car more visible to the side.

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    The catch is you have to buy a car first.

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    Unlimited free nexer cloud ? What about your phone data limit ?

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    Rove R24k is better. It can hold 128gb.

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    What happens if F1 also joins self-driving? You won’t see the crash! Will the game be boring? 如果F1也加入了自駕會怎樣? 會看不到撞車了! 比賽會無聊了?

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