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  1. John Carl Roperos

    John Carl Roperos2 hours ago

    Leslie's "Huh" when sykunno said he's the detective is gold plus her SYKUNNO!!!

  2. berna cryingcinnamonpie

    berna cryingcinnamonpie4 hours ago

    My notif is broke I just got 2 notif in the last 2 hours from Sykkuno all from 5 to 2 days ago🤣

  3. Cookie

    Cookie11 hours ago

    I love how Sykkuno just refused to lie, and you can see the visible confusion on Leslies face.

  4. Prince RVZ

    Prince RVZ14 hours ago

    zum zum

  5. Ex-NyloxX-

    Ex-NyloxX-14 hours ago

    “Episode 287, I made that number up I'm probably wrong.” little does he know there's over 700 EPISODES

  6. Dany 26

    Dany 2617 hours ago

    Oh Jesus, I watch this again and again and still not getting bored of it. That was very cool!

  7. Matthew Scott

    Matthew Scott18 hours ago

    It’s true tho naruto shippuden is better that baruto

  8. Aidn Bae

    Aidn Bae19 hours ago


  9. souna rock

    souna rock21 hour ago

    the jester role was made for sykkuno...

  10. Jack Koop

    Jack Koop21 hour ago

    Why does he cover his mouth every two seconds

  11. Valerein

    ValereinDay ago

    ''I saw you're feet" -sykunno

  12. Trent Fitzpatrick

    Trent FitzpatrickDay ago

    7:45 You sound like DumbDog

  13. Fear

    FearDay ago

    i love this episode so much hahaha

  14. Ashit Bagde

    Ashit BagdeDay ago

    What a huge freaking TROLL 😂😂😂😂

  15. Dbzmaster159

    Dbzmaster159Day ago

    Sykkuno, dude, I love you man, but that part at 12:12, "Vote Janet if you think Naruto is better than Boruto." That was just hilarious.

  16. Audrey Gargus

    Audrey GargusDay ago

    What’s up with ash’s skin? Is that a new mod or somethin ??? I’m used to mobile - so I don’t think I have that feature

  17. Andrea C.

    Andrea C.Day ago

    the "little betrayed there" bit sounded so much like miyoung and I keep thinking about leslie mentioning it during the stream lol

  18. cotexes

    cotexesDay ago


  19. kaemon bonet

    kaemon bonetDay ago

    The classic Naruto Shippuden strategy. "End the cycle of violence. Vote Janet."

  20. Ugljesa Ugljesic

    Ugljesa UgljesicDay ago

    Justice for Narutoooo!!! :''''''D Way to go Sykkunoooo!!!

  21. hayden dent

    hayden dentDay ago


  22. Anbar Farooq

    Anbar FarooqDay ago

    At the start of every video:Leslie:SYKKUNOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  23. Zipp is a virgin

    Zipp is a virgin2 days ago

    What is up guys sykunno here never gets old

  24. Miraculous Ladybug fan

    Miraculous Ladybug fan2 days ago


  25. Joseph 09

    Joseph 092 days ago

    I’m sorry that was the smartest and stupidest game I’ve ever seen lol.

  26. ilah

    ilah2 days ago


  27. Joey Frost

    Joey Frost2 days ago

    Sykkuno succeeding at using Talk no Jutsu is gold 😂

  28. juan camilo martinez hurtado

    juan camilo martinez hurtado2 days ago


  29. bea endaya

    bea endaya2 days ago

    sYYkUUnOOoOoOo - Leslie Fu 2021

  30. Kita's uniform

    Kita's uniform2 days ago

    "hold on I'm gonna jump into that vent there" "and then ill actually jump" "Genius."

  31. Xena Evaristo

    Xena Evaristo2 days ago

    I saw your feet 😂😂😂

  32. Charlie M

    Charlie M2 days ago

    Anyone else not get a notification for this vid ?

  33. Rhonda Johnson

    Rhonda Johnson2 days ago

    The auspicious tank biophysically happen because clock occasionally order pace a nasty grandmother. icy, temporary trouble

  34. Kaelyne M Saechao

    Kaelyne M Saechao2 days ago

    someone PLZ explain this gamemode to me

  35. Isaac Lee

    Isaac Lee2 days ago

    He talk no jutsu them

  36. Shadowringa

    Shadowringa2 days ago

    Out of plain curiosity, I decided to check if Sykkuno was right or wrong about there being an Episode 287. Not only was he right, but the episode named is "One Worth Betting On" and I can't stop laughing.

  37. candace long

    candace long2 days ago

    She single

  38. flushed lungs

    flushed lungs2 days ago

    i love that he likes naruto also

  39. Tia Corn

    Tia Corn2 days ago

    I love how he has Lily’s song as his outro, he is so adorable 🥺

  40. kiana

    kiana2 days ago


  41. Spirit Lake

    Spirit Lake2 days ago

    So this is my first time seeing this streamer, could someone explain to me why he covers his mouth when he talks?

  42. Scanoob Jr

    Scanoob Jr2 days ago

    0:13 is the Intro if u wanna skip the prologue

  43. Ülkü Durmaz

    Ülkü Durmaz2 days ago

    its sikekkuno

  44. Andrew Rodriguez

    Andrew Rodriguez2 days ago

    10:48 I died lmao🤣🤣

  45. Maria Lacerda

    Maria Lacerda2 days ago

    The next video better be sheriffkuno

  46. Rico hope Misare

    Rico hope Misare2 days ago

    Mods from ottomated :)

  47. Wolfblood Klaw

    Wolfblood Klaw2 days ago

    Nobody can vote you out if you're just permanently jester.😂

  48. Sookksoo

    Sookksoo3 days ago

    I m p o s t o r l y 😈

  49. Ibenator

    Ibenator3 days ago

    Sykkuno stop saying “Nar-oo-to” it’s pronounced “Nar-i-to”

  50. starry nights

    starry nights3 days ago

    this is what happens when it’s a lobby full of sykkuno simps LMAO

  51. GABI IRG

    GABI IRG3 days ago

    Drop a like if you think Boruto is trash!

  52. V the Wizard

    V the Wizard3 days ago

    287 is filler for those wondering

  53. Hannah Chitty-Finch

    Hannah Chitty-Finch3 days ago

    How the hell did they WIN with Sykkuno being so honest 😂😂😂

  54. Sheryl Leonardi

    Sheryl Leonardi3 days ago


  55. Haleigh Cline

    Haleigh Cline3 days ago

    Lmao I love ash and sykkuno troll moments

  56. Amanda Trefethen

    Amanda Trefethen3 days ago

    Did Sykkuno use the famous talk no jutsu at the end there??? XD

  57. Julia Brunskill

    Julia Brunskill3 days ago

    Sykkuno: i'm gonna kill ash Everyone: ok Sykkuno: *kills ash* Everyone: who killed ash Sykkuno: i did Everyone: no u didn't lol

  58. woody boi 2

    woody boi 23 days ago

    They really milking among us like a cash cow aren't they

  59. Roberts Boys

    Roberts Boys3 days ago

    Shippuden 287 was part of the pain arc

  60. false god

    false god3 days ago


  61. Tanuki Matt

    Tanuki Matt3 days ago

    I honestly feel like the intro Sykkuno is a different Sykkuno to the one we are watching :D

  62. Misty_ Wolf

    Misty_ Wolf3 days ago

    9:00 my cc’s said “I just don’t care about the children WTF” Edit:👣i’m not sure if it really said that in the video but that’s what my cc’s said👣

  63. James Louie Ouano

    James Louie Ouano3 days ago


  64. Composure

    Composure3 days ago

    ‘Your Mums Jester’🤣🤣🤣

  65. Sam Smiles

    Sam Smiles3 days ago

    What in the world was that game

  66. Keren Happuch

    Keren Happuch3 days ago

    LMAO kkkkkk

  67. Maritza Cisneros

    Maritza Cisneros3 days ago

    I'm naruto is definitely better than buroto

  68. Ava Thomas

    Ava Thomas3 days ago

    Sykkuno, Albert AKA Flamingo wants to play among us with you Corpse, Poki, and Dream!! I would be the happiest person in the WORLD if that were to happen!!

  69. Emi R.

    Emi R.3 days ago

    I mean Naruto is better than boruto so it's a guaranteed win

  70. Micah Rummler

    Micah Rummler3 days ago

    I actually love boruto just as much as naruto :(

  71. dead_penguin29

    dead_penguin293 days ago

    Everyone: **knows sykkuno's imposter** Janet: **Gets voted out anyway** Sykkuno: **dies laughing**

  72. BlackWind90

    BlackWind903 days ago

    Sykkuno with the Talk No Jutsu at the end aaaand of course he wins.

  73. Karrifina

    Karrifina3 days ago

    That last game was golden, Sykkuno really has a way with words

  74. LinkMast3r Gaming

    LinkMast3r Gaming3 days ago

    “I saw your feet Ash, I saw your feet.”

  75. Josefine Wistrand

    Josefine Wistrand3 days ago

    plase play with Joey again Sykkuno! you were such cute friends! circle of trust! :D:D

  76. Light Of Eyes

    Light Of Eyes3 days ago

    Nope its the best game

  77. Sadie

    Sadie3 days ago

    Why does he cover his smile?

  78. Yato Kasia

    Yato Kasia3 days ago

    No one ☝️ realizes most of that lobby is girls

  79. Celine G

    Celine G3 days ago

    The way Leslie screams Sykkuno lmfao

  80. Devin Carpio

    Devin Carpio3 days ago

    That's the most epic jester and imposter play LMAO

  81. Hassan Ahmad

    Hassan Ahmad3 days ago

    Janet is ugly and u are beautiful thanks for playing our game

  82. Crump

    Crump3 days ago

    He tries too hard to be sus when he’s Jester. I prefer when it’s natural

  83. ExtraPulpyJoosh

    ExtraPulpyJoosh3 days ago

    Gosh, I can’t wait to see Sykkuno post his PERFECT Sheriff games Anyone know what the turn around time is between streams and videos?

  84. That Egg

    That Egg3 days ago

    Leslie’s “syyyyKKUUUNNOOOOOOO”

  85. Lt AsiaMontana

    Lt AsiaMontana3 days ago


  86. silver galax

    silver galax3 days ago

    Sykkuno learned well from toast

  87. Micheal After

    Micheal After3 days ago

    I mean Sykkuno is the jester in Valorant too

  88. Awedome

    Awedome3 days ago

    I'll say it. Boruto is better

  89. Azhazel l'ange Déchus

    Azhazel l'ange Déchus3 days ago

    Des jeux qui sont pas traduits en français ne m'intéresse pas et je zap de suite yen a assez pour trouver des autres jeux de meilleur qualité graphique

  90. Lillian Dotzert

    Lillian Dotzert3 days ago

    Fuslie would be a good mom

  91. B L

    B L4 days ago

    Game turned honest by Sykkuno, a real treasure. Still lots of murder doe. XD

  92. Damien Larkinrr44

    Damien Larkinrr444 days ago

    Did any1 notice his outrow is the gay flag??

  93. Bangtan OT7

    Bangtan OT74 days ago

    I really love it when Leslie says,"SYYYYYYkkunooOOO"

  94. Pavel Stoyanov

    Pavel Stoyanov4 days ago

    Somebody wished that Sykunno can't tell a lie, lol

  95. LazyAzz

    LazyAzz4 days ago

    Vote Janet if you think Naruto is better than Boruto" lolololol

  96. Kai Reiven Medrano

    Kai Reiven Medrano4 days ago



    WOLFIE GG4 days ago

    Nice game bruh

  98. BTSmakesthedreamwork

    BTSmakesthedreamwork4 days ago

    Sykkuno really is one of a kind

  99. j k

    j k4 days ago

    Why does everything combined with sykkuno's name is perfect? like psychokkuno, trollkkuno, smoothkkuno and etc??!!!

  100. Kakyocheems

    Kakyocheems4 days ago

    I don’t like pain he killed jiriya