THE FIRST PURGE on the Minecraft Purge SMP

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Welcome to the 2nd highlight video of the Minecraft Purge SMP series! Join myself, Kryoz and Blarg as we fight for survival. The Purge SMP is a server full of content creators where everything is safe until one day every week, all hell breaks loose and ANYTHING is legal. Loot, fight and prepare for survival. This is: The Minecraft Purge SMP.
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  1. Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy

    Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy11 hours ago

    6:38 "wait hey john did you light that- OHGOD" 8:34 massive hole here btw ... goe straight down - doppler AAHHHHHHHHH - 8:52 its as if we didnt play among us for 10 months were everyone had to be quiet 9:56 vanoss "im home" *after beingshot and cut out* .... someone in chat "those are adults btw" 0:55 dont come in make 1:19 Sudden Blarge 1:34 "oh no we enter we gonna destroy THEIR base ... what we doing - assuming people going to our base - Schmeg said some things 2:04 going after tyler i bet... RPing as Void... ruined with white 2:33 maybe they dont realize we spent 6 hours building a giant crafting table yesterday 3:00 why we had matt get so many vines , they grow 3:44 "on my back with my legs up" 4:03 feel like im slownoises 5:00 THE CUUUUUUUUBBBBEEE 5:09 CREEEPEEERRUURRURRUR 5:28 anything else wanna do - no pretty much it 5:55 ceremony BEFORE purge so DONT RIGIT ... looks like schmegs head - nope Among Us character building 6:15 who invented toast.... toasters - wait... 6:54 rolling up in synced skins , trapped in tnt , and bumpercars in boats tillpurge 7:44 thats just how vanoss plays 8:15 hey marcel we cool right 9:23 iwannadie 10:34 Legion "i have no weapons , come find me" 11:20 nogla callout "over here"

  2. Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy

    Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy12 hours ago

    0:55 dont come in make 1:19 Sudden Blarge 1:34 "oh no we enter we gonna destroy THEIR base ... what we doing - assuming people going to our base - Schmeg said some things 2:04 going after tyler i bet... RPing as Void... ruined with white 2:33 maybe they dont realize we spent 6 hours building a giant crafting table yesterday 3:00 why we had matt get so many vines , they grow 3:44 "on my back with my legs up" 4:03 feel like im slownoises 5:00 THE CUUUUUUUUBBBBEEE 5:09 CREEEPEEERRUURRURRUR

  3. Betta7

    Betta72 days ago

    when's the next minecraft stream?

  4. Vaughn Roth

    Vaughn Roth3 days ago

    i hate his bottom like red light thing bc it makes me think his character is hurt or hungry or somethin

  5. x

    x3 days ago

    This is actually cool

  6. plays

    plays3 days ago

    I like how they dont know what a endermite and someone called it a ender silverfish

  7. x-i Pzycho

    x-i Pzycho4 days ago

    why does ur intro give me nostalgia

  8. Rice Umami

    Rice Umami5 days ago

    Shit just got real John: Let’s go hide in our crafting table.

  9. Lime 222

    Lime 2226 days ago

    This guy has played too much teardown

  10. Cheyenne Queen

    Cheyenne Queen6 days ago

    Are you guys gonna play again on purge day, i feel like you haven't been on the last like 2 purges.

  11. Biscuits

    Biscuits6 days ago

    5:11 TNT

  12. Teagan Walsh

    Teagan Walsh6 days ago

    Legiqn is so much funnier on other peoples channels because if his shit mic.

  13. Tristan E

    Tristan E6 days ago

    That prep is worth it haha

  14. Shubham Kumar

    Shubham Kumar7 days ago

    This is hilarious. 😂😂😂

  15. Jaziel Lopez

    Jaziel Lopez7 days ago

    I spent 12hrs doing my house :] for real 0.o

  16. Clupadight

    Clupadight7 days ago

    I love how Smii7y and vanoss hung out, Canadians are instantly best friends

  17. DerpyGamer0013

    DerpyGamer00137 days ago

    I've been waiting for the second episode of this. This has to be the most interesting Minecraft server I've ever seen, why has no one else thought up the Purge in Minecraft.

  18. Curtis Drives

    Curtis Drives7 days ago

    Smii7y, do you not know that you can just pour water on TNT to make it fail to explode?

  19. Muhammad Rizal Andi Saputra

    Muhammad Rizal Andi Saputra8 days ago

    more minecraft purge please

  20. Alex Palmer

    Alex Palmer8 days ago

    I love smit7y so much

  21. Silas Opitz

    Silas Opitz8 days ago

    lol the second he said "Does that mean purge is over" the sirens got tested in my town looool

  22. Abbi wholesome

    Abbi wholesome9 days ago

    Comment 642 mtndew dude...

  23. TFA120

    TFA1209 days ago

    Imagine if they forgot to turn fire spread on

  24. SlendyDie

    SlendyDie9 days ago

    i love these vids way too much

  25. eutimio ramirez

    eutimio ramirez9 days ago

    3 months later

  26. Vixvox

    Vixvox9 days ago

    "we're a trio" literally seconds later: "It's three of bearfists, two of us and the other guy!" Is it three or six

  27. Ryakin Barton

    Ryakin Barton9 days ago

    Aw shit man this video was uploaded 3 weeks after the first minecraft purge episode, I hope the next one comes out in less than 3 weeks.

  28. Oli the AuraWolf

    Oli the AuraWolf9 days ago

    This is like a sitcom episode where it was just spiraling further and further down into chaos

  29. Jacob Gonzalez

    Jacob Gonzalez9 days ago

    this whole episode was chaos and i loved every second of it

  30. Lana Lang

    Lana Lang9 days ago

    Excuse me! Smitty had another USlikes channel and I didn’t kno about it I feel so heartbroken 💔

  31. GunterBags

    GunterBags9 days ago

    That was a sight to behold. I have an idea as to what you could make. A giant furnace LOL or see if you can make multiple Nether portals all together to make one very cursed nether portal headquarters.

  32. EthanHutch._.13

    EthanHutch._.139 days ago


  33. Loot Goblin Alissa

    Loot Goblin Alissa9 days ago

    I see you recruited the Content for the Purge.

  34. Danielle Kyes

    Danielle Kyes9 days ago

    So is there proximity chat? Or are they constantly joining discord calls as they see people

  35. Gianni Franchi

    Gianni Franchi10 days ago

    Track id of the intro song .. plz 😎

  36. Josh Riles

    Josh Riles10 days ago

    I thought they where blowing up the court house ??

  37. Shane_Kai

    Shane_Kai10 days ago

    Smii7y and Vanoss playing together is funny

  38. Sarah Thomas

    Sarah Thomas10 days ago

    "These are adults btw" Yeah, but most of them probably has undiagnosed adhd lol

  39. Pandi ya.

    Pandi ya.10 days ago

    10:59 May notch be with you all

  40. Minor106484

    Minor10648410 days ago

    The bond between Vanoss and SMii7Y is amazing

  41. Wesley Platt

    Wesley Platt10 days ago

    My nerves would be way to bad hearing that siren

  42. Israel Gonzalez

    Israel Gonzalez10 days ago

    Bro there’s been 2 more purges. :(

  43. Echo- 2k

    Echo- 2k10 days ago

    Smity has inspired me to do a 50x50 50 blocks high crafting table

  44. Rico

    Rico10 days ago

    your a little late cause we are in the 5th purge i think

  45. the squashed

    the squashed10 days ago

    What ever happened to the blessed bone of smeg

  46. Tryhard N

    Tryhard N10 days ago

    he may be late but it's the best outta them all XD

  47. Gamingbeast

    Gamingbeast11 days ago

    Speedy on 3rd purge (3rd week) Smithy is like na 1st purge upload(week1)

  48. Dj Prieto AC

    Dj Prieto AC11 days ago

    Hi guys, how are you? I love Ibai, he's the best. I also want to recommend that you see this game that is crazy and is new one here I leave the link

  49. Vincent Toombs

    Vincent Toombs11 days ago

    Blarg is living content

  50. LammyTwo

    LammyTwo11 days ago

    this makes me so happy

  51. Paul Huggins

    Paul Huggins11 days ago

    I need more of this no exceptions

  52. Jonathan Feng

    Jonathan Feng11 days ago

    yo what if there was like a bounty smp where one person at random is determined to be the target, and all members of the smp hunt him/her down. There could also be an area like the Continental in John Wick where buisness is prohibited, and the time where you can kill the target is limited. That would be cool to see the target run and hide

  53. enviro

    enviro11 days ago

    Why is blarg the fucking demon dude from every Disturbed album

  54. Brett Stoneman

    Brett Stoneman11 days ago

    does anyone know how to make a custom purge announcement like they did at 10:13


    SUGARDADDY GAMING11 days ago

    this series kills me its too funny

  56. Josxikia

    Josxikia11 days ago

    How much for the seed?

  57. Snaiker

    Snaiker11 days ago

    What shader pack is he using?

  58. Peyton Scheer

    Peyton Scheer11 days ago

    Awesome vid. Your videos are always great. Your job must be so nice to have this much fun.

  59. Isaiah Mesina

    Isaiah Mesina11 days ago

    ya no this shit would piss me off im sorry. blowing up someones base is just annoying

  60. DDragonbeast 0123

    DDragonbeast 012311 days ago

    YOU AINT GONNA include the hub clip

  61. ReeUh

    ReeUh11 days ago

    Y’know what would’ve been cool? If they gave everyone like limited lives, that way it’d be more fun and people would be more like careful

  62. Amar Mangaonkar

    Amar Mangaonkar11 days ago

    24:38 i love how nogla comes in guns blazing and dies..

  63. jeremy Dierickx

    jeremy Dierickx12 days ago

    What shader pack u using?

  64. Space Cat

    Space Cat12 days ago

    I liked the smii7y and vanoss interactions

  65. The Vanguard

    The Vanguard12 days ago

    Am I the only one that played back blarg's scream in terror?

  66. Squishy Cos

    Squishy Cos12 days ago


  67. damnh dan

    damnh dan12 days ago

    blagg is the black entity from realms smp 6:51

  68. Th Th

    Th Th12 days ago

    “How did they get into our base” Nether portal: 👁👄👁

  69. Scott Clem

    Scott Clem12 days ago

    Anyone gonna question who da fuq blew up their base?

  70. Ducc0n

    Ducc0n12 days ago

    This is the new Game of Thrones

  71. Brett Newton

    Brett Newton12 days ago

    God wildcat must have been so mad

  72. Broken Brow

    Broken Brow12 days ago

    Hey smii7y you are 4 purge behind everyone

  73. xodeathstriker

    xodeathstriker12 days ago

    Why’d it take so long gruh

  74. Abdul Naafi Macapodi

    Abdul Naafi Macapodi12 days ago

    Please make more minecraft purge SMP videos, Smii7y.. I love these.

  75. DeliriumTooHigh

    DeliriumTooHigh12 days ago

    i watched it twice already XD

  76. Grayson Boles

    Grayson Boles12 days ago

    Damn seeing everybody together like this makes me wish that drama with mini hadn't happened. Sucks he's not really around anymore but I guess shit happens. I don't know the full story but I know he did somethin bad, but I don't really want to mention what it is.

  77. Ivan Bailey

    Ivan Bailey12 days ago

    John in chat at 3:28 ...

  78. pineabblehead

    pineabblehead12 days ago

    I just binge watched all of these on twitch the other day lol

  79. Andrew Kost

    Andrew Kost12 days ago

    That was chaos at it's finest. XD

  80. Cameron Davis

    Cameron Davis12 days ago

    this series is absolute chaos

  81. corrupted_quotes

    corrupted_quotes12 days ago

    Honestly I would like to see plank park again 😂😂😂 #PlankParkPurgeEdition

  82. g g

    g g12 days ago

    They should’ve put their new house in the mountain behind the cube but have to get into it through the cube

  83. Spectra

    Spectra12 days ago

    17:47 Senpapi Rick better add that to the new Grizzy Gay Compilation if it is their base

  84. Anew522

    Anew52212 days ago

    Ah shit, that be Kruzadar. I see her intermittently on your guy's stuff and am like, oh yeah I follow her and she hangs with them.

  85. Eddie Ramos

    Eddie Ramos12 days ago

    So THIS is the [REDACTED].

  86. Space Bear Cadet

    Space Bear Cadet12 days ago

    "Weapons of Class 4 or lower"? What's higher than Class 4?

  87. Yuuki GGentleman

    Yuuki GGentleman12 days ago

    whats the music after 2:46 ?

  88. hihisleezy ღ

    hihisleezy ღ12 days ago

    the funniest shit i kid you not

  89. Pheonix Hurd

    Pheonix Hurd12 days ago

    Late to the upload. Still funny!

  90. Cpt. Bamboozler

    Cpt. Bamboozler12 days ago

    PLEASE Ctrl+Q to drop stacks xD

  91. The Name's Tori

    The Name's Tori12 days ago

    This video was absolute chaos

  92. Dylan moore

    Dylan moore12 days ago

    0:22 ohhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy

  93. Kaminn

    Kaminn12 days ago

    idk why but i really wanna see a Smii7y and Vanoss playing games together... Canadian Click Bait

  94. Benjamin Duplessus

    Benjamin Duplessus12 days ago

    This use of the Spanish language is illegal in Canada and is punishable by death by hockey stick

  95. Alisha Ogwuru

    Alisha Ogwuru12 days ago

    I have been dying to see your version of the Purge

  96. Guadalupe Borrego

    Guadalupe Borrego12 days ago

    What do you use to make the water look like that

  97. garaife dog

    garaife dog12 days ago

    PLEASEJ 8:37 "Did you know theres a massive hole here?" "yes. john shut up" "AHHHHHHH" "what just happened" " that's fantastic"

  98. God of the potato

    God of the potato12 days ago


  99. ItsDasHiro

    ItsDasHiro12 days ago

    Does anyone know the shaderpack that smii7y uses?

  100. Jamie Langdown

    Jamie Langdown12 days ago

    Vanoss the tie fighter