This PC Build did not go as planned

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xQc (Félix Lengyel) is a French-Canadian Twitch streamer and content creator. He is 25 years old and lives in Texas with his roommate Adept. He enjoys streaming. He also enjoys playing and uploading a variety of games, such as Overwatch, Chess, Minecraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions. His favorites include Unusual Memes, Daily Dose of Internet, Jubilee, Comparisons, memes made by viewers on his reddit, and trending.
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  1. Tojás Sárgája

    Tojás Sárgája7 hours ago

    Why did he buy a watercooled motherboard if he doesnt watercool it?

  2. yoboy yoboy

    yoboy yoboy2 days ago

    Me watching my 7th ad and knowing it's paying back his loss in this pc

  3. JustaVintage

    JustaVintage2 days ago

    9:46 In chat: The PORN

  4. best bang

    best bang2 days ago

    this guy is at the verge level


    LUIS MOLINA3 days ago

    Not sure who’s worse xqc or the verge guy

  6. AdikMusic OfficialTM

    AdikMusic OfficialTM3 days ago

    Be careful, the Verge might copystrike this video

  7. Keldeo_7923

    Keldeo_79233 days ago

    I lost brain cells watching this video

  8. RealmChanger

    RealmChanger4 days ago

    this is so sad because he can just use the corsair fans with the radiator and mount it in the front why is he un screwing everything

  9. John

    John5 days ago

    Still better than Stefan Etienne's...

  10. Alen

    Alen5 days ago

    wher can i buy that carpet it looks nice

  11. Matthew Murdoch

    Matthew Murdoch5 days ago

    what chassis is that

  12. Acoco nut

    Acoco nut5 days ago

    Why do you need 128 Gigabytes of ram jesus christ

  13. mr useless

    mr useless5 days ago

    Xqc be like oh no screw no go me need new case now Me: having a stroke when looking at this shit BTW u can use that case but in the ''case'' of using it you need you brain

  14. Lad

    Lad4 days ago

    @mr useless name checks out

  15. mr useless

    mr useless4 days ago

    Ight is mr obvious happy now

  16. mr useless

    mr useless4 days ago

    @Lad no fking shit it literallt why the name is im dumb MR OBVIOUS

  17. Lad

    Lad4 days ago

    Name checks out

  18. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali5 days ago

    No shit Einstein

  19. J P

    J P6 days ago

    Read title...vee eye eye eye... I wonder why it didn't go as planned. 🤔

  20. 黒SHizu

    黒SHizu6 days ago

    My eye 😂

  21. ezra Goldberg

    ezra Goldberg7 days ago

    "Juicers" I'm just as lost as Linus

  22. Ant

    Ant7 days ago

    best video to watch at 3am

  23. Uh Oh

    Uh Oh3 days ago

    Lmaoo am rn

  24. Jorden Vl

    Jorden Vl7 days ago

    The pain from watching this video

  25. NotChopper

    NotChopper7 days ago

    At least is better than The Verge.

  26. Atoro

    Atoro8 days ago

    This hurts to watch man

  27. Trigger

    Trigger8 days ago

    37:30 "Cut it in half so it fits Gtx 1545 😭😭

  28. G K

    G K8 days ago

    Was regt ihr euch auf? Aus Fehlern lernt man, oder sollte es. Außerdem muss die Kohle ja unters Volk, auf der Bank hilft sie keinem Wer zuviel Geld hat soll es ruhig rausschmeißen, hilft der Wirtschaft 😉

  29. chris johnstone

    chris johnstone8 days ago

    F the triangles, orient the board I/o toward you and the cpu and ram are installed with the writing on them going the correct direction

  30. Ronald Weasley

    Ronald Weasley8 days ago

    call linus

  31. Die2infinity

    Die2infinity8 days ago

    Him:Today building pc Same day Him: I didn't actually know what I'm doing The verge guy: Ha At least my pc worked, it still played LoL you didn't turn it on I told you to use a Swiss army knife and you didn't listen that's your fault

  32. Stragetaco

    Stragetaco9 days ago

    This is just the equivalent of the Verge's pc build two years ago.

  33. wuh tan

    wuh tan9 days ago

    Idiot build his pc on carpet... Thinks case is welded together .. What a clown channel this is!

  34. Drerex

    Drerex9 days ago

    That was rough to watch. Don't build pcs anymore xQcOW.

  35. hahash hfshyr

    hahash hfshyr9 days ago

    rog lol

  36. paczki

    paczki9 days ago


  37. Rohit Balaji

    Rohit Balaji10 days ago

    Call Linus

  38. Faith

    Faith10 days ago

    This can’t be real...!!!!juicer bruuu!!!!

  39. Faith

    Faith10 days ago

    The revised “Verge” build

  40. Faith

    Faith10 days ago

    1.4m subscribers, lmao this is the future...real life sponge bob...The Brother from the “Verge Build” ...Remember guys “Wedge” the ram.

  41. Karim Samra

    Karim Samra10 days ago

    This is so infuriating 😭

  42. Kevin San Mateo

    Kevin San Mateo10 days ago

    🤣🤣😂😂I am building my first right now and this makes me feel a little better we are both suffering

  43. Atlas _

    Atlas _10 days ago


  44. Pop Air

    Pop Air10 days ago

    Guys don’t forget when pcv was in owl and his computer had no case

  45. AlbertRazer

    AlbertRazer10 days ago

    How does he build so many and still know nothing?

  46. Morgan Dunnicliff

    Morgan Dunnicliff10 days ago

    thanks for deleting my comments where i point you out to be a pathological liar and an uneducated idiot

  47. Holy Crap Erik

    Holy Crap Erik10 days ago

    lol wtf

  48. Morgan Dunnicliff

    Morgan Dunnicliff10 days ago

    i cant believe your whining and whinging about removing case fans like WHY ARE YOU EVEN FUCKING BUILDING IF YOUR GOING TO BE THIS LAZY ABOUT IT

  49. S. Smith

    S. Smith10 days ago


  50. SimonFJ20

    SimonFJ2011 days ago

    spain without s

  51. Sownheard

    Sownheard11 days ago

    You build that juicer like a pro

  52. Martin Lopez

    Martin Lopez11 days ago

    Does anyone know how much this pc costs to make?

  53. Morgan Dunnicliff

    Morgan Dunnicliff10 days ago

    enough to buy a car

  54. Makowek

    Makowek11 days ago

    I know you could get frustrated at him but calling Felix f words and other profanities is PogO

  55. Morgan Dunnicliff

    Morgan Dunnicliff10 days ago

    why are you defending this idiot, he doesn't care about you. your just a source of income to him

  56. jademineral

    jademineral11 days ago

    So I watched this just for the man to return the case

  57. Darkxslope

    Darkxslope11 days ago

    _Still better than the verge_

  58. Donsploitation

    Donsploitation11 days ago

    Bolts are the new tweezers

  59. timusius

    timusius11 days ago

    This is the perfect example on how a video can make the world a dumber place.

  60. Sonny Crockett

    Sonny Crockett11 days ago

    What a PLANK, unreal.

  61. Sander Koidu

    Sander Koidu11 days ago

    Better than the Verge

  62. Patryk Polak

    Patryk Polak11 days ago

    *(insert made up word/phrase)-JUICER*

  63. Blue Nation

    Blue Nation11 days ago

    You need to collab with The Verge

  64. byDelect

    byDelect12 days ago

    buys one of the best cases and easiest cases to build in and blames case PepeLaugh

  65. Wicked FPV

    Wicked FPV12 days ago

    goddamn he is stupid. would have had that pc built in 4 hours

  66. Jeremy Cheng

    Jeremy Cheng12 days ago

    the verge 2.0

  67. dave minion

    dave minion12 days ago

    somebody, for the love of god, teach qvc how to read roman numerals!! 'vee-eye eye eye'. you mean eight (8)?

  68. Ben Müller

    Ben Müller12 days ago

    12:28 "Im stupid" the only words you should have sayed that day. 14:00 Where is that camera from? from the garbage bin? 44:00 the case isnt a desaster but your preparation is indeed

  69. zi Tien

    zi Tien12 days ago


  70. APPLE

    APPLE12 days ago

    the ad- our prebuilds are top of the quality. the guys witch builds the prebuild.

  71. GreatABurger

    GreatABurger12 days ago

    Why does his camera quality looks like my moms Android phone back in 2016

  72. Ovicron

    Ovicron11 days ago

    He uses a high end camera but twitch streams compresses video quality and then his editors downloads that ALREADY compressed video and uploads it to youtube, which then gets compressed EVEN MORE (by youtube) and this is the end result.

  73. mihas

    mihas12 days ago

    whats that cpu?

  74. Elias Marques

    Elias Marques12 days ago

    Linus Help you

  75. Jonathan Bangham

    Jonathan Bangham12 days ago

    Just to let anyone who sees this know, it's much better to mount a watercooler with the pipes DOWNWARDS rather than upwards. This is because if the pump + pipes are upwards, are can get stuck in the pump which could damage it over time and even cause noise issues.

  76. Morgan Dunnicliff

    Morgan Dunnicliff10 days ago

    that's why a smart person maintains their PC regularly

  77. yenny_s

    yenny_s12 days ago

    Kristofers reaction was so fun to watch loll

  78. Ryzen Division

    Ryzen Division12 days ago

    @ 40:42 NO U DO NOT WANT TO PUT GPU IN AN x8 or x4 SLOT WTF U GOT A $2100 Scalped RTX 3090?? WTF NOT BOTTOM SLOT.. I HAVe CORSAIR CASES NEVER HAD NO ISSUE WITH INSTALLING A GPU HAD 3x Different Cosair Cases?? Carbide 760t, Cosair 500D, and one with Hinge Side Panels tempered glass Dude ur DO NOT KNOW WTF U R DOING

  79. Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel

    Not Leaving Las Vegas - a Vegas Video Channel12 days ago

    He set you up and got a bunch of views. No one sees that?

  80. Study Raccoon

    Study Raccoon12 days ago

    this pc build was a flop ngl lmao

  81. 21FPS

    21FPS12 days ago

    Should have had Linus do it, you'd have a nicely built system and avoided so much headache, he's got connections, with what you paid to scalpers, Linus could have probably cost you cheaper, even if it wasn't you'd still be receiving something well built, with a healthy selection of components that function well with each other, all properly configured.

  82. Итан c

    Итан c12 days ago

    I ate a sandwich yesterday -Me

  83. Treezing

    Treezing12 days ago

    i love watching someone dumber than me build a pc PepeLaugh

  84. Cracks

    Cracks12 days ago

    Poor guy, hopefully he learned something at least.

  85. Глад Валакас ФЭК

    Глад Валакас ФЭК12 days ago


  86. Hudson Hoff

    Hudson Hoff12 days ago

    xQcOW looking at a motherboard "Dam that's crazy"

  87. TheKrillmeister

    TheKrillmeister12 days ago

    This was painful to watch

  88. Dave's Throwaway acc 1

    Dave's Throwaway acc 112 days ago

    Does Xqc have adhd or tourettes or anything like that or does he just snort a kilo of coke before each stream?

  89. Stellatecar7634

    Stellatecar763412 days ago


  90. Adam Shumpis

    Adam Shumpis12 days ago

    Your GPU would fit if you put the fans on the other side of the radiator OUTSIDE of the metal chassis but INSIDE of the front bezel. For exactly that reason, you want to get a mesh front panel for airflow. This glass and plastic everywhere META is junk. Something like Lian Li is always going to be better than anything Corsair puts out. As a matter of fact don't buy Corsair or NZXT anything.

  91. Menthes - Thornburner

    Menthes - Thornburner12 days ago

    Call Linus Tech. 10 IQ PC Build, lol.

  92. PR Rosemberg

    PR Rosemberg12 days ago

    Bro! Dis moi que tu niaisais??? Please!!! Tu niases... right?

  93. naiyief

    naiyief12 days ago

    He made fun of the verge 1 year ago...

  94. AIR Tropical

    AIR Tropical12 days ago

    man is a millionaire, yet builds pcs on the carpet

  95. Dextract

    Dextract12 days ago

    Should of gotten Help from Linus

  96. Samuel Armer

    Samuel Armer12 days ago

    35:48 Inhu you had to jinx it PepeLaugh

  97. DanTe625

    DanTe62512 days ago

    Stick to acting like an idiot on stream for random 14 year old girls, and leave building PCs to someone with an actual brain. Thanks

  98. Denis Jon

    Denis Jon12 days ago

    His formula is to look stupid and get made fun of, he knew that he would ultimately fail.

  99. e bai

    e bai12 days ago

    It's okay when I was little I tried to shove a ddr3 into a ddr2 ram slot. Also I recently plugged a cpu pcie socket into the motherboard frying the computer. And the most recent one was frying a 6800 with an old PSU(or it was the 6800 that fried the computer) not sure about that one. But now I have a new 6800 and I'm rockin a 570 aorus elite + ryzen 7 3800x + 64gb ram 3200

  100. mollycrime

    mollycrime12 days ago

    jesus christ

  101. Walle It is

    Walle It is12 days ago

    u are .... you have a serious problem dude... unless you do it to troll and laugh.

  102. Are

    Are12 days ago

    For what its worth I like how xQc talks to his chat.

  103. Fish Boi 2000

    Fish Boi 200012 days ago

    The reason y PC's are so expensive to build, is that all the part's actually have a tiny bit of gold in them. We use gold because it's a good element to use for electronics.

  104. Joshua Richards

    Joshua Richards12 days ago

    Linus' reaction is quite satisfying lol.

  105. Dom

    Dom12 days ago

    Call Linus

  106. Ulrich Jensen

    Ulrich Jensen12 days ago

    Don't tell people how to do it, if you don't know how to do it. This is the verge all over again...

  107. Arlie Romero

    Arlie Romero12 days ago

    Im rlly sorry but he talks so fast its annoying

  108. Mario

    Mario12 days ago

    when he put his ram in and he was nervous of breaking it, yeah.. that was me one month ago building my first pc. Everyone said dont put pressure on, so i was like why the fuck doesnt it just slide in XD xQcL

  109. Ida hoe

    Ida hoe12 days ago

    this is better than i thought

  110. Movie junkie

    Movie junkie12 days ago

    The verge 2.0 xD lmao

  111. Adam Cross

    Adam Cross13 days ago

    This just makes me wanna rage... Why dont you just hire someone who knows more than you? (Literally anyone...) Are being a complete moron by your own or its just acting?

  112. Are

    Are12 days ago

    Why does he need to hire anyone? He's definitely dumb but him being dumb doesnt hurt anyone and its good entertainment.