Meet the Impostor (Among Us Animation)

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•Instagram: silentchimaru
Boneless Stream
Clown Song
•WTaollor - Shinra Tensei
•Musicality - O2 Remix
Ave Maria
Ameno 🙏
Main Theme - Super Smash Bros Brawl
Explosion at the end:
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    Darion Davis11 days ago

    That song at the end what is it?

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    Fernando Parejo24 days ago

    @Black Crewmate Among us

  7. Silence Cat

    Silence Cat52 minutes ago

    I dont like the new videos..

  8. Agro Lubelskie Team

    Agro Lubelskie TeamHour ago

    1:42 it's a realy good moment 🤣

  9. basa basi

    basa basiHour ago

    Chimaru: upload video Me and the Boys: ehehehehe

  10. melissa schutte

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  11. Crusadeo Jacob

    Crusadeo Jacob2 hours ago

    0:00 me when i see the kill button when im the impostor

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  14. Random_huh

    Random_huh6 hours ago

    0:39 AHHHH HELP


    LINKED LINGER PLAYZ6 hours ago

    2:38 lol amazing bro


    LINKED LINGER PLAYZ6 hours ago

    0:36 lol great edit

  17. LittleReno88

    LittleReno887 hours ago

    What’s the vent song called plz tell me

  18. Blaizing UwUYT

    Blaizing UwUYT8 hours ago

    0:32 lol hahha

  19. Anime deah meme

    Anime deah meme8 hours ago

    Purple:what you doing step bro

  20. __TheBlueSisters__

    __TheBlueSisters__10 hours ago

    Something so cute can turn do deadly

  21. Cayden Cunningham

    Cayden Cunningham10 hours ago

    HOW SHORT IS YOUR KILL COOLDOWN?! And the way you killed white you absolute cheat 🤣

  22. Cayden Cunningham

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  23. toki

    toki10 hours ago

    This Is me when I'm playing geometry dash to improve my friends that I'm good but I don't even know what I'm doing 0:45

  24. Guisende games

    Guisende games10 hours ago

    0:32 what error ps2

  25. Guisende games

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    For ps2

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    0:58 music pls

  32. Eduard Daradici

    Eduard Daradici14 hours ago

    Dorime was the impostor

  33. Daniel Moran

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    Red: OOF

  34. Mayra Camarena

    Mayra Camarena15 hours ago

    Anna monsters from Godzilla and a play on mangas

  35. Jose Luis Domimguez Martinez

    Jose Luis Domimguez Martinez15 hours ago

    No the animantios vilolent no agrade

  36. TD M N

    TD M N15 hours ago

    The impostor joins the battle

  37. fox uni

    fox uni15 hours ago

    0:57 nice I like that

  38. jyoti jais

    jyoti jais15 hours ago

    N Soon Crewmates See Impostor Kill

  39. jyoti jais

    jyoti jais16 hours ago

    Why Did Green Lose

  40. jyoti jais

    jyoti jais16 hours ago

    Is This Part 3 Yeah

  41. kaykylendario gamer

    kaykylendario gamer16 hours ago

    Blend s reference 3:38

  42. TMes么EcLipSe

    TMes么EcLipSe16 hours ago

    0:57 is the best

  43. Tianna A. N.

    Tianna A. N.16 hours ago

    Yellow: bye bitch Lime:

  44. Balian Aguilera

    Balian Aguilera16 hours ago

    Xd minecraft door

  45. xXnight77Xx

    xXnight77Xx16 hours ago

    2:43 me when they bother me

  46. John raltecolney John

    John raltecolney John17 hours ago

    I laugh so hard becuse it was funny

  47. Nancy cadillo

    Nancy cadillo18 hours ago

    Canal bueno nada mal i love you canal uwu

  48. boi neon

    boi neon18 hours ago

    No kill Cool down be like

  49. Jonathan Saulo

    Jonathan Saulo18 hours ago

    (0:35) That looks like a "P" scanner.

  50. Алибек Акаев

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  51. Key Zyp

    Key Zyp19 hours ago

    2:43 это такой трек или это автор сам сделал?? Если это трек дайте название плиз

  52. Achille Martin

    Achille Martin20 hours ago

    What's the music at 0:22?



    This is so cute awww

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    Oh me fan seep yellow love you

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    What is the song/soundtrack at 0:23

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    Whats the song at 0:58 ?

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    2:41 причем тут садисты?

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    pure gold

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    A guy called unprofessional unofficial is copying your content

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    2:42 me when I got home work

  67. Cristian Ariel Molina Ibalo

    Cristian Ariel Molina IbaloDay ago

    Where i can found that wide putin remix? It sounds really good

  68. Saru Chhetri

    Saru ChhetriDay ago

    Its so funny

  69. Just some random anime fan 1

    Just some random anime fan 1Day ago

    I wonder if Yellow feels proud winning by hacking

  70. ZenzAU

    ZenzAUDay ago

    On the thumbnail the impostor has a arm in his mouth

  71. GVM Sword legends

    GVM Sword legendsDay ago

    What gender is imposter? *just saying*

  72. Basil Zikry

    Basil ZikryDay ago

    Why not yellow just shoot the pistol at green and green why didn’t he report

  73. Basil Zikry

    Basil ZikryDay ago

    How many times chimaru has done references and *dorime ameno*

  74. GD Pixels

    GD PixelsDay ago

    Yellow: Omae wa mo shindei... [Opens Door] Lime: Bye Bitch!

  75. GD Pixels

    GD PixelsDay ago

    I love how yellow say "Dorime🎵🎶" when jumped out of the vent.

  76. esmeralda ricafort

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    I like the part when it hits 0:36

  77. OdenStrike56

    OdenStrike56Day ago

    And naruto

  78. OdenStrike56

    OdenStrike56Day ago

    Nice jojos reference for dio

  79. OdenStrike56

    OdenStrike56Day ago

    Nice jojos reference

  80. Stardust

    StardustDay ago

    anyone know where that wide putin remix at 0:58 come from

  81. ThanhHoà Lê

    ThanhHoà Lê20 hours ago

    Oh hahahahahaha

  82. BaconPlayzroblox

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    I was expecting for suka blyat

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    Chimaru Mela paso mediaora viendo tus videos

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    It’s amonggggggggggggggg ussss

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    0:36 la pantalla

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    1:16 SO FUNNY

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    I love it

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    Love the stuff

  91. Artemij Kravchenko

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    We found the most powerful anime character

  92. ItsTheNumber7

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    0:41 thats the only thing that matters

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    That is so cute and funny

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    2:05 zamu zamu zamu ZAMUUUUU

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    Lemme play Minecraft yellow!

  96. Lucky IBoy

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    It's soo funny

  97. Jaiden Lyn

    Jaiden LynDay ago

    0:37 Wait did green have to put his wiener or middle finger on the scanner🤔

  98. pro gaming

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    2:38... THE LIFE



    the kids thats watching wont know 0:54

  100. Oremtati LoL

    Oremtati LoLDay ago

    Me:seeing the shadow clone justsu Its gonna end with 5 kills Me 1 sec after:i didnt see that coming

  101. Shernal Senaratne

    Shernal SenaratneDay ago

    1:48 is that a Minecraft door Lmao

  102. Roderick Adriel Palomino Ibacache

    Roderick Adriel Palomino IbacacheDay ago

    ORO-chimaru? XD

  103. Meri Ferreira Semensatto

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    Yellow animatoin best :punch vs light Green

  104. Meri Ferreira Semensatto

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    1:49 is me or a minecraft door?

  106. Desconocido Hernandez's

    Desconocido Hernandez'sDay ago

    Quien más recuerda ESA cansion de mario de pelea segundo22

  107. Soviet Legion

    Soviet LegionDay ago

    The sabotage song on 1:32 what is it?

  108. Solarh Gibbs

    Solarh GibbsDay ago

    Wow any bode got kill his was so cooooooooooooooooool can you make mory

  109. Soviet Legion

    Soviet LegionDay ago

    Name of the song when he went to admin

  110. Soviet Legion

    Soviet LegionDay ago

    The song when he pushed the o2 sabotage and went to admin 1:32