Lil Zay Osama - 61st to 64th (Official Music Video)

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Shot by @_diamondvisuals
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  1. Lil Zay Osama

    Lil Zay Osama26 days ago

    Yall Want Me To Drop More Hard Shit Like Dis?

  2. Daviyon Coleman

    Daviyon Coleman26 minutes ago

    ofc g

  3. Shay Bennett

    Shay Bennett10 hours ago

    Yes this is one of my favorite songs

  4. Jacob Miller

    Jacob Miller14 hours ago

    This that flocj

  5. Peyton Brunson

    Peyton Brunson14 hours ago


  6. Elijah Cooper

    Elijah Cooper23 hours ago

    Hell yea shordy drop dat shit fytb

  7. Pure Baby

    Pure BabyHour ago


  8. Oli Elliott

    Oli Elliott8 hours ago


  9. KING EO

    KING EO13 hours ago

    people dont even get the "'my glock a golden gun" is a 007 reference

  10. Lil. Jr The best dancer

    Lil. Jr The best dancer14 hours ago


  11. Spider3k W

    Spider3k W21 hour ago


  12. Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson22 hours ago

    dude looks like the next casualty to me... hope he wont tho

  13. Gino Bino

    Gino BinoDay ago

    Why diss the dead now 🤦🏿‍♂️

  14. Reaper.Dk_

    Reaper.Dk_Day ago

    Sheshhhh dkis shii fire asfffK🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep grinding lul nigKa💯💯

  15. BiG GEEzy

    BiG GEEzyDay ago

    Get the BLICCCIN , he don’t blicc bacc chase em down 🏃🏾‍♂️💨💥💥

  16. AllAbout Cleveland

    AllAbout ClevelandDay ago


  17. itscylusbingham

    itscylusbinghamDay ago

    this is a certified hood classic

  18. Rashawnna Baines

    Rashawnna BainesDay ago

    Madville insane big g

  19. Marcus Williams

    Marcus WilliamsDay ago

    This song should be called 61st to 64th (Except 63rd)

  20. PreZident bop369

    PreZident bop369Day ago

    This song slaps and even more when big sosa bumps this on ssb wrld

  21. BeatsByTooTact

    BeatsByTooTactDay ago

    they bd or gd

  22. SageSJ50

    SageSJ503 hours ago

    Just assuming bc Zay is in chief keef videos

  23. SageSJ50

    SageSJ503 hours ago

    Bd I think

  24. SyriantheGOD _

    SyriantheGOD _Day ago

    He look like Damien lirrad

  25. Blake Dennis

    Blake DennisDay ago

    you need to make more songs like this

  26. David Jackson

    David Jackson2 days ago

    1:21 🤯🤦🏾‍♂️

  27. Mexy

    Mexy2 days ago

    lil zay obama

  28. Bloodline Wade

    Bloodline Wade2 days ago

    HMU bloodline wade

  29. Bulgarian Rap Lyrics

    Bulgarian Rap Lyrics2 days ago

    This is underrated

  30. Vital Tay

    Vital Tay2 days ago

    This is good

  31. Vital Tay

    Vital Tay2 days ago

    This is good

  32. CarlitoCloutRiguez

    CarlitoCloutRiguez2 days ago

    Over ten years of Chicago drill. This that original drill sound, flow, and beat.

  33. Oji Torres

    Oji Torres12 hours ago

    He sound like Durk wym?

  34. Capalot E

    Capalot E2 days ago

    You say hothead burning in yo back wood?

  35. FakeMarshmelloYT

    FakeMarshmelloYT2 days ago

    Ayh we not from 63rd

  36. Jacob Grayson

    Jacob Grayson2 days ago

    We need that song wit Tekashi

  37. BohemianGroveify

    BohemianGroveify2 days ago

    I don't think tekashi do nothing with him becuase he Chicago

  38. BohemianGroveify

    BohemianGroveify2 days ago


  39. Pooh 23

    Pooh 232 days ago


  40. More Yams

    More Yams3 days ago

    Nutso X Slide 63rd to 65th Lil Zay Osama Diss

  41. Mr.lolwhoknows

    Mr.lolwhoknows3 days ago


  42. Convikt

    Convikt3 days ago

    We gon forget about the producer? I need to know 😂😂🔥

  43. Robert Fannon

    Robert Fannon3 days ago

    He look like Durk before he got dreads

  44. Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson22 hours ago

    before he got dreads before he aint have none before he had

  45. nelsooonbluntski 773

    nelsooonbluntski 7733 days ago

    Die lz bdk kk pdk ldkk ldkk

  46. Aint Tellinu

    Aint Tellinu3 days ago

    This decent but it sounds like Ducks style.

  47. Anarie Jones

    Anarie Jones3 days ago


  48. Alkebulan Is Home

    Alkebulan Is Home3 days ago

    Dame lillard evil darker twin

  49. Djyatta1027

    Djyatta10274 days ago

    Chew Chew !!! Nephew go hard to the beats !!!

  50. calvin WIllJohn

    calvin WIllJohn4 days ago


  51. Javari Leuaxay

    Javari Leuaxay4 days ago

    That fact that my dad lil dee 😂😭😭😂😂

  52. Dalton Pickett

    Dalton Pickett4 days ago

    Bruh the disrespect 1:20

  53. Ibrahim Issa

    Ibrahim Issa4 days ago


  54. Exit17 Trippy

    Exit17 Trippy4 days ago

    Hardest song ♨️

  55. Jah'voss Hardison

    Jah'voss Hardison4 days ago

    yall know he is 600




  57. TroMula

    TroMula4 days ago


  58. William Rivera

    William Rivera4 days ago

    I'll be playing this s*** everyday

  59. TooSmooth JayB

    TooSmooth JayB4 days ago

    Damn NLE spiritual Choppa in the back with that Chop stick😂

  60. TooSmooth JayB

    TooSmooth JayB3 days ago

    @KoKane look like him 😂

  61. KoKane

    KoKane4 days ago

    At first thought u was fr😭

  62. rxspectシ

    rxspectシ4 days ago

    sounds a little like durk

  63. rxspectシ

    rxspectシ4 days ago


  64. Quinton Moore

    Quinton Moore4 days ago

    The same person that produced "Dead Bitches" produced this also

  65. Alexrunitback

    AlexrunitbackDay ago

    @L A chewchew_beats on Instagram

  66. DMVx J

    DMVx JDay ago

    @SupremeKermit nigga that’s the camera man

  67. SupremeKermit

    SupremeKermitDay ago

    @L A Diamond visuals

  68. L A

    L ADay ago

    you know the producer name ? shit im trynna get some for myself lol

  69. Mr Vibez

    Mr Vibez5 days ago

    Wait this is on TikTok BRUHH

  70. Mr Vibez

    Mr Vibez5 days ago

    Aye bro it’s fire

  71. Cozy Empires

    Cozy Empires5 days ago

    Wtf is the thumbnail like😭

  72. L A

    L A5 days ago

    Nobody can't say Von wouldn't have KILLED this

  73. Ethel Jordan

    Ethel Jordan5 days ago


  74. Kelvin Mendez

    Kelvin Mendez5 days ago


  75. 4 Tymes

    4 Tymes5 days ago

    slatt slatt

  76. Demichael matlouck

    Demichael matlouck6 days ago

    yea ayy

  77. yrn shoota

    yrn shoota6 days ago

    Sound like lil durk 🥶

  78. Alex Lloyd

    Alex Lloyd6 days ago

    Out town trailer park fest shoot and shit gf

  79. J'Corien Edwards

    J'Corien Edwards6 days ago


  80. Dreyden Whelan

    Dreyden Whelan6 days ago

    On bd

  81. daboisteph

    daboisteph6 days ago

    are u from sama gang

  82. Vulcha 645

    Vulcha 6456 days ago

    I made it 5 mill view🐐🚦

  83. YoHomie Lacked

    YoHomie Lacked6 days ago

    63rd to 65th go harder

  84. Hood Barbie

    Hood Barbie6 days ago

    If tryna sound like durk was a person

  85. Dash

    Dash6 days ago

    Man just pulled a duck signed his death warrant

  86. Jugg Finnesin

    Jugg Finnesin6 days ago

  87. Jugg Finnesin

    Jugg Finnesin6 days ago

  88. Risky Dmv

    Risky Dmv6 days ago

    You dropped this track at the perfect time

  89. grandson k3 davis

    grandson k3 davis7 days ago

    God love u

  90. Moko Peso

    Moko Peso7 days ago

    We from 23rd 🔥💯🔥💯

  91. Lucky Xowie

    Lucky Xowie7 days ago


  92. Brock Jeffries

    Brock Jeffries7 days ago

    durkio vibe, talent💯

  93. FlakoxFNB x2

    FlakoxFNB x27 days ago

    We not from 63rd

  94. LukeSR

    LukeSR7 days ago

    No cap this man like Tom Brady counting rings on his fingers

  95. Vlad

    Vlad8 days ago

    Boy got that auto glock attachment sheeeeeeassshhhh

  96. Kelvin Mendez

    Kelvin Mendez8 days ago


  97. Henry Bonds

    Henry Bonds8 days ago

    He named about 15 people plus he got to switch on the glock so yeah 100 shoot

  98. French Onion Media

    French Onion Media8 days ago

    GD or BD?

  99. ESL Savage

    ESL Savage8 days ago

    My nerd friend heard this and join the local gang the next day

  100. BTM AROD

    BTM AROD8 days ago

  101. King Of Mobile games

    King Of Mobile games8 days ago

    Is lil zay a 4 or bd ?

  102. ZiiD KiiDzTM

    ZiiD KiiDzTM8 days ago

    Fyndee Boy's "Deal Record" with this beat is way harder i feel like lil zay osama could've went harder on this beat i'm not really feeling it💯

  103. dannyboy Kushsmoke

    dannyboy Kushsmoke8 days ago

    Is lil Zay a KGB???

  104. IsmokeHiphop Live

    IsmokeHiphop Live8 days ago


  105. Gabriel Ramirez

    Gabriel Ramirez8 days ago

    .p 0AS

  106. Go And Get It!!

    Go And Get It!!8 days ago

    Music like this just gets about real estate or on how to legalize that pack money.

  107. Go And Get It!!

    Go And Get It!!6 days ago

    @honest0107 stocks

  108. honest0107

    honest01076 days ago

    money laundering

  109. Cap Frfr

    Cap Frfr9 days ago

    this shit hard

  110. Bgang1600

    Bgang16009 days ago

    Who made dat beat?

  111. Chew Chew Beats

    Chew Chew Beats7 days ago

    Me 😈

  112. Free Band Mikeyyy

    Free Band Mikeyyy9 days ago

    This that lil zay they fucked up and let in the industry‼️🤧🔥 He really Like that Lil zay could’ve died but he alive went to jail came home and blew up‼️ #BELIEVEINYOURSELF

  113. reyreycapalot Butler

    reyreycapalot Butler9 days ago


  114. young savage

    young savage9 days ago

    61st to 64th back to 64rDd

  115. Chrishitemup300

    Chrishitemup3009 days ago

    Can’t help but sing Fyndee😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  116. Patrick Ewing

    Patrick Ewing9 days ago

    Fbg type vibes !?

  117. Justin F

    Justin F9 days ago

    Whaa gang zay from

  118. Blake Ford

    Blake Ford9 days ago

    This bit here hard

  119. Jazay Nelson

    Jazay Nelson9 days ago

    He from 63rd

  120. iNv MooN

    iNv MooN9 days ago

    I peeped the Juice WRLD hoodie ok 🔥 song a banger tooo 🔥

  121. big steppa98

    big steppa989 days ago

    "I aint gon perform if i dont get glock threw da door"