2021 Ford Bronco WildTrak Walk-Around | Bronco Nation

We are back with another walk-around of a 2021 Bronco! Today, Jordan gives you an inside look at a 4-Door WildTrak in Race Red. From exterior accents to interior finishes, this video gives you a close look at this off-roading beast. Enjoy!
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  1. Liq38

    Liq3810 hours ago

    VERY excited to see your upcoming Black Diamond video as thats what I have ordered, heres hoping its a 4 door!

  2. The Bronco Nation

    The Bronco Nation7 hours ago

    It is ;)

  3. Gerald Roemer

    Gerald Roemer12 hours ago

    "wheeling or whatever... as they call it here" haha where did they get this guy?

  4. Matt Peart

    Matt Peart18 hours ago

    Can you mix and match in the trunk? Like 2 doors 2 panels, or is it just likr all doors or all roof?

  5. Matt Peart

    Matt Peart7 hours ago

    @The Bronco Nation awesome thanks!!

  6. The Bronco Nation

    The Bronco Nation7 hours ago


  7. alton gehringer

    alton gehringer19 hours ago

    That stupid hoop is still blocking the Bronco script on the grill.

  8. The Bronco Nation

    The Bronco Nation7 hours ago

    “BO” Bar

  9. Auto Genome

    Auto GenomeDay ago

    Man, suddenly for the Bronco, you have to [now] "place your thumb on the button" for the keyless entry to work. *tongue in cheek*

  10. Auto Genome

    Auto Genome22 hours ago

    @AJ B Yep- hence, the sarcasm. :)

  11. AJ B

    AJ BDay ago

    I highly doubt that. If you notice when he slips his hand through the rear hatch handle, the taillights flash (unlock) before his thumb ever touches the black button. That button, I believe will be to lock the door. There is a similar sensor pad on my '19 mustang handle. If you place a finger on that without your hand through the handle, it locks the door on my car. I think he's just very confused.

  12. Kathleen Pericak

    Kathleen PericakDay ago

    HAPPY Birthday from your biggest fan Gramma P.

  13. martysmilt

    martysmiltDay ago

    Anyone who starts nattering on about visuals and starts to scrub on the hood of my Bronco is not a car guy. I'd want to remove your hand and then your head, you seriously can't be a car guy.

  14. chris mcginnis

    chris mcginnis2 days ago

    I would not spend the money on this top trim. There's to many key items missing. Badlands is where it's at for me.

  15. debunker300

    debunker3002 days ago

    I've been driving Fords for 40+ years. Love the old Broncos. Was hoping for something a little more exciting for the new Bronco. This just looks....meh.

  16. cluus100

    cluus1002 days ago

    Need to change this reviewer, he is more suitable for makeup...

  17. Patrick Daniel

    Patrick Daniel3 days ago

    I bet he’s wearing silly socks

  18. The Bronco Nation

    The Bronco Nation3 days ago

    I think I had black socks on, on this particular day! -Jordan

  19. Alfa Rosso

    Alfa Rosso3 days ago

    Beautiful design. Hopefully, I'll be able to afford one.


    CARDIOMACHINE13 days ago

    This guy is more of a Fiat guy than a Bronco guy.

  21. The Bronco Nation

    The Bronco Nation3 days ago

    I'm on my third F-150 and have a Bronco on order and I despise FCA products. Hope that helps :) -Jordan

  22. Ibrahim Gallardo

    Ibrahim Gallardo3 days ago

    Baja trim but carpeted floor 🤦‍♂️ there gonna be all full of sand which is impossible to get out you will be vacuuming sand for years to come 😂. But other then that it is a beautiful truck ngl. Sorry I was a Detailer for over 10 years and fuck I hate sand!

  23. Ian Kline

    Ian Kline4 days ago

    I would love to see a black diamond walk around

  24. The Bronco Nation

    The Bronco Nation3 days ago

    Coming soon!!

  25. Bernard Kida

    Bernard Kida4 days ago

    is there anywhere to see the hood graphic? I can't see it here

  26. dallas04

    dallas044 days ago

    Looks like I have to wait for 2022 my dealer said I can order 2022 in September of 2021

  27. Adrian Barbosa

    Adrian Barbosa4 days ago

    A “ponybadge” lol its a Stallion.

  28. The Bronco Nation

    The Bronco Nation3 days ago

    We've been told its a 'pony badge' by Ford. Not our favorite name tbh.

  29. rrc ___

    rrc ___4 days ago

    This wild track have the same size of tyres of the first edition or not

  30. The Bronco Nation

    The Bronco Nation3 days ago

    Yes. 35in tires.

  31. Jim Teal

    Jim Teal4 days ago

    take a shot every time you hear wind noise

  32. Hashem Al-Husaini

    Hashem Al-Husaini5 days ago

    I learned that you don’t know how to drive and i should watch out for you!!

  33. Sarah Dell

    Sarah Dell5 days ago

    Why is the tow rating so poor? The 4 cylinder defender can tow thousands more...

  34. healthyamerican

    healthyamerican5 days ago

    copies the jeep with the removable top and doors.

  35. mcmc

    mcmc5 days ago

    i just hope after all the beta testing of the first time buyers they can make a 2nd gen and make it more reliable

  36. roman kamenar

    roman kamenar5 days ago

    Very nice car I lovit

  37. Ryan Miller

    Ryan Miller6 days ago

    Love the wild track exterior and would order it but who in their right mind thought “digital camo” was a good idea?!?

  38. Mario Wiggins

    Mario Wiggins6 days ago

    Those hood tie downs are ugly hope you can remove them.

  39. Junior1020 Harvey

    Junior1020 Harvey6 days ago

    Just saw one of these in person for the first time. Being a bronco driver myself. I'd have to say I'll stick with my 92. That new one was butt ugly

  40. Naegling

    Naegling7 days ago

    I was expecting at least three "fabulous's" from this guy.

  41. Snoogans

    Snoogans7 days ago

    I wish the tailgate opened like an actual truck like my 95.

  42. BlokeProductions

    BlokeProductions7 days ago

    totaled my Jeep Gladiator last night.....looking into these guys next. cheaper with better features.

  43. ᚴᚢᚾᚴᚾᛁᚱ Óðinn

    ᚴᚢᚾᚴᚾᛁᚱ Óðinn7 days ago

    It’s like a kid, wants to be a 110 Defender 😂

  44. Carlos Noé de la Torre M.

    Carlos Noé de la Torre M.8 days ago

    Effort doesn't mean talent.

  45. Xavier Paul

    Xavier Paul8 days ago

    Holy crap! Could you be any more effeminate?

  46. Master Solomon

    Master Solomon8 days ago

    can you test a 2 door base model I am interested in the base 2 door

  47. Jeremy Laningham

    Jeremy Laningham8 days ago

    Feels like the smart lock buttons are on the wrong part of the handle on the front doors, would make more sense if they were closer to the back door, id have to open my driver door with my right hand for it to work and I always open with my left hand. And why can't MGV have the back seat drop down like the leather does?

  48. Josue Zelaya

    Josue Zelaya8 days ago

    Currently have a modded out subie crosstrek. May trade it in for this tbh #choices

  49. f4r20

    f4r208 days ago

    Does it have gloss black?

  50. DarTLeG

    DarTLeG8 days ago

    its the gloss black package

  51. Brandon Burk

    Brandon Burk8 days ago

    Would love if they did gloss black painted fender flares to match the all around look.

  52. nickmack

    nickmack8 days ago

    I just canceled my order for the Wildtrak, turned into a total shit show when trying to order.


    CARDIOMACHINE13 days ago

    @Rob RenTerra Rubicon’s are great! For me to poop on.

  54. Rob RenTerra

    Rob RenTerra6 days ago

    Just get a Rubicon. That’s what I did 🤷🏻‍♂️

  55. Bernard Cohen

    Bernard Cohen9 days ago

    What does the designers have against making a full flat floor that’s a fucking deal killer

  56. Franc SG

    Franc SG9 days ago

    I hope it comes with a trailer to carry all the fuel it’s going to use. Not meant for people with average income levels. I’m a huge Ford Bronco fan...I own the original model 1966. I could build a real BAJA chassis vehicle for that much. Who takes a 60K plus vehicle off-road. I’m sure insurance companies can’t either. I hate to see how much they’re going to soak people for a Warthog. Guaranteed it will be 80k+ just my opinion. If you can afford, all the power to you. I think it’s going to be a really nice vehicle...whenever it does get released.

  57. ZucchiniRelish

    ZucchiniRelish9 days ago

    What’s the decal look like on the hood?

  58. Mike Hackett

    Mike Hackett9 days ago

    Great review as you pointed out many interesting options and features of the WildTrak model.

  59. George Moua

    George Moua9 days ago

    So it's an FJ JL?

  60. Todd V

    Todd V9 days ago

    Ford dragging its feet . Not waiting till 2022 , I see a Rubicon in my future !

  61. gt homer

    gt homer9 days ago

    it's been recalled already

  62. The Bronco Nation

    The Bronco Nation9 days ago

    That’s Bronco Sport

  63. Nick Jury

    Nick Jury9 days ago

    God I hope he's not my sales man.

  64. Minute_to_Wingate

    Minute_to_Wingate10 days ago

    Can't believe anything after said , you put your thumb there to unlock..... Nah, You do that to unlock

  65. MontanaMountainMen

    MontanaMountainMen10 days ago

    So basically its a $65k SUV you have to wait 2 years to get...........Got you.

  66. Vээzÿ Not

    Vээzÿ Not10 days ago

    Is the engine really that bad that you didn’t talk about it? Suppose to be the heart of the vehicle.

  67. Aric Patten

    Aric Patten10 days ago

    I mean like how many videos showing off the bronco are their going to be before it actually hits the street?!? I mean seriously Ford is so slow make this available dude

  68. Rob Spangler

    Rob Spangler10 days ago

    Unlocking: You just have to wrap your hand around the handle; that's it. The black button is for locking.

  69. page pro

    page pro10 days ago

    I wouldn't want this vehicle unless it could bronc/buck if/ when it gets stuck in the sand. The Benz S.U.V. has that feature and it would be fitting if the Bronco has it considering the name. Call it the "Bronc" mode.

  70. Gerald Koch

    Gerald Koch10 days ago

    I wanna see one with a 7.3L

  71. Haynes Firearms Training

    Haynes Firearms Training10 days ago

    What a waste!!

  72. Timmy Jr

    Timmy Jr10 days ago

    Not a fan of the camera work. Whenever you're pointing out a little detail, the camera guy doesn't try to get a closeup, as expected.

  73. Chase Gentry

    Chase Gentry10 days ago

    Favorite video so far ✌🏼⭐️

  74. Lizard Whisperer

    Lizard Whisperer6 days ago


  75. Matt Manduke

    Matt Manduke10 days ago

    Led headlights, adaptive cruise and lane departure should be standard for all Ford vehicles, but I guess our safety only matters if we buy expensive cars

  76. Daniel Sterling

    Daniel Sterling9 days ago

    Nope don't want any of that thanks. If you want it, you pay for it.

  77. MrCrazypops

    MrCrazypops10 days ago

    More room than the competitors? The bronco is trying to be a competitor to the wrangler. Let’s see them on the trails in the real world 1st.

  78. Blue Collar Family Fox

    Blue Collar Family Fox10 days ago

    This kid is terrible at his "job"

  79. C Wyoming

    C Wyoming10 days ago

    Do the rear seats recline at all? Thanks for great videos.

  80. Ben Cary

    Ben Cary10 days ago

    3:24 You also get this hood graphic, proceeds to not show the hood graphic in any detail. I now know it's polarizing, a random guy on youtube doesn't mind it, and it's a little dusty.

  81. ryan Hols

    ryan Hols10 days ago

    Take Scotty kilmers advice and avoid this vehicle. FORD TOUGH? Ford weak. Crap crap crap.

  82. ryan Hols

    ryan Hols10 days ago

    Crap. And I hear ford donated to Antifa. Ford isn't "Ford tough" anymore. Goodbye.

  83. 3yya9

    3yya910 days ago

    14:54 the straight pipes 🚀👻

  84. jason velez

    jason velez10 days ago

    This was the first non: donut, straight pipes, carfection, savage geese, Doug demuro, review I've watched in YEARS! Diffrent but well done! "They're lit... ha ha" 🤣 great job. Thank you for a thorough presentation on the Bronco. I'm intrigued. 🤔

  85. John Soltero

    John Soltero10 days ago

    Based on the range rover platform. Its a rover with bronco badging. Big deal

  86. John Soltero

    John Soltero4 days ago

    It was based only on a physical observation but thank you Mr Ford for your wealth of knowledge. The world needs to know

  87. Chris Baumann

    Chris Baumann10 days ago

    When he says, my favorite pony, Crypes!!

  88. CoolRaul

    CoolRaul11 days ago

    I've been Jeep Wrangler since 88 I hope this thing blows it out of the water. They have destroyed the Jeep turned it into a piece of junk

  89. Derek Jackson

    Derek Jackson11 days ago

    99.9% of Bronco/Jeep owners don’t care about painted gloss black. This guy need to go back to the theater, hair salon or florist where he came from.

  90. Derek Jackson

    Derek Jackson11 days ago

    It looks like a Jeep.

  91. David Heckart

    David Heckart11 days ago

    Dudes! The sun glare on your dusty lens pointing into the sun! Learn how to manage the lighting!!! Some of us actually want to see inside the back cargo area of the truck, not just squint & wish.

  92. tmwall25

    tmwall2511 days ago

    no rear air vents?!?!?

  93. Steven McCort

    Steven McCort11 days ago

    What happened to the bottle opener?

  94. Dave D

    Dave D11 days ago

    Its been so long since the reveal that I forgot about the Bronco. It will.be obsolete by the time you can get one.

  95. FoxFan89

    FoxFan8911 days ago

    Non car guy: Doesn't have the basic understanding that you don't rub dirt into paint.

  96. David Romero

    David Romero10 days ago


  97. Sun Dog

    Sun Dog11 days ago

    Puss-cake soy boi better hope he never goes to prison.

  98. Jared Tansley

    Jared Tansley11 days ago

    Can't stand your voice, drive the bloody thing.

  99. Shane Hallowell

    Shane Hallowell11 days ago

    I like how he’s like” Fu*k you paint job” let me just scratch it with my hands and the dirt

  100. Sean S

    Sean S11 days ago

    120 or 128 we need to know

  101. CGS CPR Specialist

    CGS CPR Specialist11 days ago

    Now I am confused so its not good for wheeling I am an avid mud fan sticking to my rubicon

  102. Leonine 5

    Leonine 511 days ago

    I'd buy the outter banks model and never go off roading. yup, sorry lol

  103. Mattius

    Mattius11 days ago

    You guys need some B roll shots of all the details you're talking about. That's why I love Doug DeMuro's walk arounds, because he'll explain what he's looking at and then sync it with shots of the details.

  104. John Coco

    John Coco11 days ago

    It’s crazy to continue to hype it...I reserved and ordered mine and at this rate it’ll be 2022 before receiving. You Should just make them all 2022 model year with the production delays.

  105. SunnyDisposition

    SunnyDisposition11 days ago

    Beta male showcasing a Beta vehicle

  106. Aaron Osborn

    Aaron Osborn11 days ago

    How soon before I can see one in person at my nearest Ford dealership?

  107. L Hurst

    L Hurst11 days ago

    Can we get someone less effeminate to talk about Broncos? Say, like John Bronco....

  108. tmwall25

    tmwall2511 days ago

    our boy blue, josh allen.... go bills

  109. alex moreno

    alex moreno11 days ago

    You literally can’t get one ! So why even talk about them ?

  110. Drummer Man

    Drummer Man11 days ago

    Will these ever be available to order with the 'Mid Package' and manual transmission together?

  111. Nick angie

    Nick angie11 days ago

    When he rubbed the dirt into the hood... that was my favorite part😂

  112. said hossain

    said hossain11 days ago

    unbelievable car from Ford.

  113. Kash Diaz

    Kash Diaz11 days ago

    I hope they have an option for a diesel motor in the future

  114. Glitch Bomb

    Glitch Bomb11 days ago

    Thank you. But the showcasing and editing have to get better than that. When you talk about specific details on the body or inside the car, there should be a zoom in showcasing the detail you're talking about.. Instead of having the camera standing still +2 meters away thro the whole 20 mins.

  115. Daniel Larson

    Daniel Larson11 days ago

    Did he mention whether you can plow snow with this vehicle?

  116. Herp Derp

    Herp Derp11 days ago

    Got a link to some good testosterone supliments mate.

  117. Levi

    Levi11 days ago

    it just looks like it needs a mean V8

  118. Andrew Robinson

    Andrew Robinson11 days ago

    Where are the speakers located?

  119. J Spence

    J Spence11 days ago

    I love Ford products. Own a f150 and 2 Escapes. But Ford just got played by Jeep. The 4xe PHEV wrangler is going to be a beast. Most suburban dwelling Bronco owners who only opt for low-end trim levels on the baby Bronco will start realizing they just bought a beefed up Escape. At least until the bigger Bronco is more prominent. Actually the Bronco is to me a refreshed version of the boxier early Escapes with added control on the 4x4 as opposed to the 4/AWD systems those had. The early escapes with proper tires were surprisingly decent off-road; if you can get anyone to admit it. I love the retro look but am also reminded of the 01-05 Thunderbird.