When you're cracked at Warzone

When you're cracked at Warzone
Call me Justin Bond

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  1. carbonSHOTS

    carbonSHOTSMonth ago

    Hey 👋 My name's Justin and I'm cracked at Warzone 😵💀👊uslikes.info/house/i4umy5OBpZp4dNw/video.html

  2. Kzyoi

    KzyoiMonth ago

    Nice link

  3. CUBE industries

    CUBE industriesMonth ago

    Please no

  4. Deathlockkeeper

    DeathlockkeeperMonth ago

    @Oliver Frady lol

  5. Oliver Frady

    Oliver FradyMonth ago

    @Deathlockkeeper nothing i read wrong and it made you sound like something

  6. Deathlockkeeper

    DeathlockkeeperMonth ago

    @Oliver Frady what do you mean

  7. Cicero the Neko knight

    Cicero the Neko knight2 days ago


  8. Matthew Pachucki

    Matthew Pachucki3 days ago

    I've done that before its funny

  9. FuriosLolz Legendz

    FuriosLolz Legendz4 days ago


  10. Aimbot man 123

    Aimbot man 1238 days ago

    So why do you always complain about campers when you camp yourself and you clearly said it

  11. Lxck WAVY

    Lxck WAVY13 days ago

    So he makes fun of “Fortnite kids” but says he cracked at warzone

  12. riri white

    riri white14 days ago

    Man: I was hiding on a heli *Squat down in front of the heli*

  13. erixccjc21

    erixccjc2115 days ago

    get out of my shorts this is cringe asf

  14. Dawson Trask

    Dawson Trask19 days ago

    Waittt wait wait you heard footsteps? In warzone? Since when

  15. The Duke

    The Duke20 days ago

    Just take the Heli go to the next circle

  16. lilsnipingdoge 04

    lilsnipingdoge 0420 days ago

    That was badass

  17. Science User Snake

    Science User Snake25 days ago

    Saying you're "cracked" pull out all the goblins who don't know a good play when they see one.

  18. Fishface

    Fishface29 days ago

    What location is that I never find helicopters I’m new to cod warzone

  19. Nathan Hunter

    Nathan HunterMonth ago

    golden eye theme, nice.

  20. T Brick

    T BrickMonth ago

    bro people are actually taking this seriously wtf

  21. That M0m3nt That chang3d 3v3ryth1ng

    That M0m3nt That chang3d 3v3ryth1ngMonth ago

    Wtf yo lmao

  22. Marty Boi

    Marty BoiMonth ago

    When you're lucky in warzone***

  23. Wharthog 37

    Wharthog 37Month ago

    This is the cringiest fucking video I’ve ever seen holy shit

  24. D

    DMonth ago

    “Since his teammate was probably lurking around” as he’s getting blasted at 😂😂

  25. Crv3lla Official

    Crv3lla OfficialMonth ago


  26. Retrothedragon

    RetrothedragonMonth ago

    I want to download this game just to kill everyone with vehicles, must be humiliating

  27. Fail Spencer

    Fail SpencerMonth ago

    This guy is so annoying.

  28. carbonSHOTS

    carbonSHOTSMonth ago


  29. Emilio Campuzano

    Emilio CampuzanoMonth ago

    One time I was crouched using the buy station then someone with a sniper right beside me shot over my head and he was practically touching me so then I killed him

  30. warboss zotgoss

    warboss zotgossMonth ago

    Hey i thoght there were no kamikaze pilots alive anymore And yes i know this wasn't a kamikaze

  31. jessica cruz82

    jessica cruz82Month ago

    He said some kobe

  32. Oliver Jackson

    Oliver JacksonMonth ago

    *_This is the greatest plan!_* -Charles Calvin.

  33. holy cow

    holy cowMonth ago

    Heli sounds like Helo but spelled like Heli. (My dad told me, he's a Petty Officer 2nd Class in the Navy, so don't think I'm smart.)

  34. Trash Kat

    Trash KatMonth ago

    Cod stol buzzard from gta

  35. William Nicholls

    William NichollsMonth ago

    Track by thewiddler

  36. VaporWing FauxMcloud

    VaporWing FauxMcloudMonth ago

    Did..did you just yeet a helicopter on my dude???

  37. KitCoffeee

    KitCoffeeeMonth ago


  38. Overly Baked

    Overly BakedMonth ago

    Cracked? Is this a joke? You hid from the guy, killing him when he couldn’t do anything then dropped a heli on his mate, tf you mean cracked??! 😂😂🤦🏼

  39. Adrian Vasquez

    Adrian VasquezMonth ago

    This is cringy ass content

  40. SnipZ08

    SnipZ08Month ago

    Im the oposite of cracked at warzone

  41. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentMonth ago

    "He wasn't going down without a fight"

  42. Nacole Randall

    Nacole RandallMonth ago

    Brother guy you crashed the helicopter into that was me I was actually kind of mad I'm not going to cap

  43. Random Hater

    Random HaterMonth ago

    “I was hiding on the heli” you mean camping, sir?

  44. Netherite Pickaxe

    Netherite PickaxeMonth ago

    Isn't going down without a fight Crashes into teammate and helicopter fucking explodes

  45. No U

    No UMonth ago

    I wouldn’t kill him I would have a party on the heli

  46. Psilocybe Cubensis

    Psilocybe CubensisMonth ago

    Yeah I would have shot them both while they're flying across the map 😂

  47. BuxLess

    BuxLessMonth ago

    “I wasn’t going down without a fight” that guy didn’t put up much of a fight lmao

  48. Nathan Oei

    Nathan OeiMonth ago

    007 goldeneye N64 real fans will know

  49. Copper Heart

    Copper HeartMonth ago

    That muzik tho 😎🌬️💨

  50. Laze

    LazeMonth ago

    “I’m not going down without a fight” Literally nukes his enemy



    Howd he not see that

  52. Dylan Roemmele

    Dylan RoemmeleMonth ago

    The Japanese strat

  53. Nexenos

    NexenosMonth ago

    I fucking love this comment section just full of hates and shit lmao

  54. carbonSHOTS

    carbonSHOTSMonth ago

    lol fr

  55. Jesus Christ

    Jesus ChristMonth ago

    “Going down with out a fight” dude you went down with out a helicopter

  56. CTG 4 Real

    CTG 4 RealMonth ago


  57. Ryan Passmore

    Ryan PassmoreMonth ago

    “He heard footsteps” meanwhile the enemy just walks infront of him makes sense

  58. Navid HNZ

    Navid HNZMonth ago

    9/11 be like:

  59. toast boast

    toast boastMonth ago

    Why didn’t you just ride with him and win together

  60. TheMatt3z

    TheMatt3zMonth ago

    There I was thinking that a average village people video is going to be the gayest thing I will ever see... I was wrong ....

  61. VeryRare Crownzy

    VeryRare CrownzyMonth ago

    He threw a helicopter at bro🤦🏾‍♂️😭😭

  62. Andrew De Leon

    Andrew De LeonMonth ago

    For all the haters... Just sayin .You are inmature .Get A LIFE YOU HATERS ..instead of course You people could be normal humans much love.❤️❤️❤️❤️ CarbonSHOTS

  63. NateWentAfk

    NateWentAfkMonth ago

    I can’t tell if your good or you just went against bots.

  64. carbonSHOTS

    carbonSHOTSMonth ago

    I'm a pro, check live streams for proof

  65. blaze Rumble

    blaze RumbleMonth ago

    Him: but I'm not going down without a fight Aliterate's him 2 seconds after

  66. tarun

    tarunMonth ago

    normally these videos are fun to watch but this was just cringe.

  67. Logan Johnson

    Logan JohnsonMonth ago

    Guns badass in real life idk why y'all tripin

  68. Grookest

    GrookestMonth ago

    This is the guy who doesn’t open crates in buildings and waits for u in a corner in solos

  69. Donald Mckenzie

    Donald MckenzieMonth ago

    >helicopter was his from the beginning >"SO I HIGHJACKED THE HELICOPTER FROM HIM"

  70. CrazyLoop -AndFrosty

    CrazyLoop -AndFrostyMonth ago

    Bro that was me lol I was mad u killed me then my dad died

  71. Muhammad Farel Fratama

    Muhammad Farel FratamaMonth ago

    How to kill 1 team 1. *Crash your heli to the team*

  72. Andydandt3

    Andydandt3Month ago

    How the fuckcould the first person not see you

  73. BulletMagnet

    BulletMagnetMonth ago

    Can we talk about “HEADSHOT”

  74. The Dapper Dummy

    The Dapper DummyMonth ago

    Immediately very cool but only cuz they were more brain dead than a jelly fish

  75. Carlos Flores

    Carlos FloresMonth ago

    Your commentary is terrible!

  76. John Rosa

    John RosaMonth ago

    He’s prolly invis glitching

  77. James Flumma

    James FlummaMonth ago


  78. Hannan Yousaf

    Hannan YousafMonth ago

    Usama bin Laden before forming Al Qaïda

  79. Hozo

    HozoMonth ago

    Why do you speak like that stop it

  80. Justin Winn The Second

    Justin Winn The SecondMonth ago

    This meme is the worst thing to happen to me

  81. Alex CameAndConkered

    Alex CameAndConkeredMonth ago

    Campers are getting creative.

  82. ECW Plays

    ECW PlaysMonth ago

    Love the Watch Pause Menu remix in the background

  83. PurpleGoopGuy

    PurpleGoopGuyMonth ago

    "But I wasn't going down without a fight" *Reenacts 911*

  84. Stephenie Ray

    Stephenie Ray12 days ago

    @Ethan Gerstein its been 20 years how is this too soon 😂?

  85. Ethan Gerstein

    Ethan Gerstein17 days ago

    Too soon

  86. Trimi

    TrimiMonth ago

    I wasn't going down without a 9/11 re-creation

  87. 2 grams of gold

    2 grams of goldMonth ago

    Holly shit you made my day lol

  88. Ryan Anthony

    Ryan AnthonyMonth ago

    Previously on Cringe

  89. carbonSHOTS

    carbonSHOTSMonth ago

    ok Ryan

  90. Jason Is not a tortilla

    Jason Is not a tortillaMonth ago

    Man said KOBE

  91. Nick Arceneaux

    Nick ArceneauxMonth ago


  92. Logan Sass

    Logan SassMonth ago

    “I wasn’t going down without a fight” *throws chopper instead of fighting*

  93. Alsunex

    AlsunexMonth ago

    Why is there so much hate in this comment section 😂 honestly it was funny xD it's just a 1min video, we don't care who play the best on the game 🙄 (especially on COD xD)

  94. Electric

    ElectricMonth ago

    Kamikaze pilot jumps out before crashing into victims. (WW2 colorized)

  95. night war gaming

    night war gamingMonth ago

    Why’d you Kobe on the second guy get some class

  96. ee ee

    ee eeMonth ago

    So you were camping

  97. Logan King

    Logan KingMonth ago

    Lmao what a fight

  98. The lost bro America

    The lost bro AmericaMonth ago

    That was me you killed not the guy in heli but on roof

  99. sa3doZ 22

    sa3doZ 22Month ago

    This happenend to me while playing cod mobile BR the other day and I was fighting with another tank Note that I was playing solo squad I destroyed the tank but didn't get a kill cause the driver escaped ..suddenly the tank's machine gun started shooting but I don't remember that it auto shoots .. then I noticed someone with me on the machine gun I sneakily got out and killed him .. .. it was funny

  100. Ga1iano Plays

    Ga1iano PlaysMonth ago

    Its more of a testament of how bad these guys were, since one walking right in-front of you without realizing, and you used a helicopter to get a cheap kill when he had a disadvantage.

  101. Ga1iano Plays

    Ga1iano PlaysMonth ago

    @------------ Well yea, but flying a helicopter into a guy seems a bit overkill, and someone literally walking over you isn’t skill based, its luck based

  102. ————————————

    ————————————Month ago

    Battle royales are all about using what you have to give yourself an advantage

  103. YEET Master

    YEET MasterMonth ago

    Charles would be proud

  104. Jonathan YT

    Jonathan YTMonth ago


  105. Dustin James

    Dustin JamesMonth ago

    When you realize bf5 is probably actually better than cod warzone and bf1 but no one ever paid attention to ea games cause they didn’t take care of servers much lololol hoping apex brings long term support to some of eas titles especially shooter games

  106. Karl Marx

    Karl MarxMonth ago


  107. ATGZAN

    ATGZANMonth ago

    Why dafuck do you talk like that?

  108. Tuber Life daily

    Tuber Life dailyMonth ago

    This is the same guy I think I saw him on trumps rally somebody called the FBI lol

  109. walkrSLAYER !

    walkrSLAYER !Month ago

    Ah yes camping so skilled

  110. walkrSLAYER !

    walkrSLAYER !Month ago

    @------------ I mean he looked like he was there for quite a while

  111. ————————————

    ————————————Month ago

    That wasn’t camping

  112. Goat 0

    Goat 0Month ago

    I love parachuting in on the back of peoples trucks and shooting them through the glass lol

  113. Lucifer

    LuciferMonth ago

    They are changing the meaning of cracked...

  114. Fahad _47

    Fahad _47Month ago

    Imagine playing worzon in 2021 play a real game not gay game

  115. Yomanzdevz

    YomanzdevzMonth ago

    I don’t even play war zone, but It’s War Zone *

  116. Randell Holecek

    Randell HolecekMonth ago

    Wait did he do the greatest plan

  117. Leonardo Wunta

    Leonardo WuntaMonth ago

    Literally anyone can do that you just need luck

  118. Coyote gamer

    Coyote gamerMonth ago

    Dude I think I was there whenever you did that I remember seeing that from a distance and I was like what the heck did this dude do