10 NEW Amazon Prime Benefits You SHOULD Know in 2021!

These are 10 NEW Amazon Prime Membership Benefits that you should know about to get the most out of your membership. If you have a membership you are probably missing out on these amazing services and savings!
These Amazon Prime Benefits aren't necessarily amazon secrets but they are hidden amazon prime perks that aren't widely advertised that you may not be aware of.
Here are the links to all the benefits I mentioned:
- Amazon Cell Phone Services: amzn.to/2OCDmAH
- Amazon Prime Credit Card: amzn.to/2NEha8J
- Amazon Fresh: amzn.to/3qxAx1U
- Amazon First Reads Program: amzn.to/3do1a5W
- 99 Cent Magazine Subscriptions: amzn.to/3rVt6SC
- Prime Video TV Network Trials: bit.ly/2Nw6qcF
- Twitch Prime: amzn.to/3s3MEEp
- Prime Deals for Members Only: amzn.to/3pzxt3X
- Prime Student Membership: amzn.to/3azfvux
- Free 30 Day Prime Membership: amzn.to/3dkVcm3
**These are affiliate links. If you buy something through these link I may get a small share of the sale.
In this video The Deal Guy is showing you Hidden Amazon Prime Benefits and Amazon Prime Perks that you should be aware of. Its hard to avoid Amazon Prime Shopping so when you weight up how much is Amazon prime Membership 2020 you will be able to see if for yourself is amazon prime worth it and the prime members benefits.
I made a Amazon secrets video last year and you loved it so I thought this benefits of amazon prime membership video will be an amazon prime review that will interest you. If you've been wondering about prime membership amazon then this prime membership amazon benefits video should be very informative.
Let me know what you think in the comments!
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  1. The Deal Guy

    The Deal Guy14 days ago

    If you enjoyed this video, please give it a THUMBS UP as it helps me in the USlikes algorithm! 😀 Do you use any lesser known Prime Perks that people may be unaware of? Let me know in the comments 👇

  2. Nancy McDonald

    Nancy McDonald2 days ago

    @Patti Ghiozzi let's hope and pray that you never are put in the position of being in need. Sometimes things happen beyond your control and you could loose everything . Be thankful and thank God ! No need to respond to me. Unless this never happens to you , you will never understand. Open your eyes, use your time to help others..peace be with you dear

  3. CopyrightStrike Songs

    CopyrightStrike Songs5 days ago

    @Patti Ghiozzi because there are many people on a bus

  4. CopyrightStrike Songs

    CopyrightStrike Songs5 days ago

    @Patti Ghiozzi bus costs more money than delivery and buses are less safe

  5. Patti Ghiozzi

    Patti Ghiozzi6 days ago

    @Nancy McDonald take a bus.

  6. Nancy McDonald

    Nancy McDonald6 days ago

    @MeowVicious um remember the wear and tare of your vehicle plus gas. Sometimes its cheaper for shipping, than driving. If you are a Prime member shipping is for the most part covered!

  7. penny amyot

    penny amyot3 hours ago

    Then where do I go to cancel when I want to do away with the expense. I'm still getting a magazine I did a free trial on probably 3 years ago and I can't find where to cancel the damn magazine!

  8. penny amyot

    penny amyot3 hours ago

    Okay, so after the 30 days or the 4 months on the mags, do I get charged an outrageous price?

  9. Corey Christiansen

    Corey Christiansen15 hours ago

    Imbd tv is Free! You can watch any movie on their with ads for free. It's great.

  10. Alma B

    Alma BDay ago

    Great info! Too bad Amazon is evil and aiming to eliminate small businesses (largest employer of people).

  11. Tech & Komsan

    Tech & Komsan2 days ago

    Hidden Amazon Prime Benefits?

  12. Patricia Morris

    Patricia Morris2 days ago

    Looking at the Prime section but don't see where to access the Prime Gaming feature. Any info you can add would be very nice. Thanks :)

  13. Kathie Newman

    Kathie Newman2 days ago

    How jiiikwr w

  14. The Tinkerer's Wife

    The Tinkerer's Wife3 days ago

    Whole Wallet groceries are a no deal.

  15. Jeanie Partridge

    Jeanie Partridge3 days ago

    Prime is only giving me a 7 day free trial for Britbox?

  16. Debbie White

    Debbie White3 days ago

    Thank you for this awesome information!

  17. Matt L.

    Matt L.3 days ago

    did you know If you are on Medicade Amazon offers prime for 5 bucks ?

  18. Serena Ramirez

    Serena Ramirez3 days ago

    Did you know that amazon workers are still overworked and underpaid for their labor?

  19. ErinCM TheMC

    ErinCM TheMC3 days ago

    Double deals for having an echo.... nothing suspicious about incentivizing holdouts to get Amazon's listening device in their home... 🤔🙄.

  20. Nelly B

    Nelly B3 days ago

    Stop putting yourself down! You’d have just as many subscribers even if you didn’t put yourself down!

  21. George A

    George A3 days ago

    Nope! Prime is never worth it. In fact, Amazon is never worth it. I have tested it many, many times. All items that qualify for Prime have inflated pricing - ALL of them!!

  22. Vegas Sweetie

    Vegas Sweetie3 days ago

    I get prime with my cell phone plan.

  23. Shawn-elyn Corter

    Shawn-elyn Corter2 days ago

    Who is your plan with?

  24. Tanya Pusey

    Tanya Pusey3 days ago

    Where on the Amazon site can you find the deal for print magazines 4 months for 99 cents?

  25. Cody Walker

    Cody Walker4 days ago

    As part of the Amazon Gaming / Twitch perk, you also get 1 free Prime Sub per month. So you (or your kids) can subscribe to 1 streamer per month - it can be the same one each month or a new one. It never renews so there’s not suddenly a charge. But the steamer gets compensation, and you get no commercials, channel emojis, and some steamers do contests and such specific for subs. Some will even have Discord access or will play on steam with subs only. But if nothing else it’s kind of cool to be able to throw some support at a streamer who just hit affiliate status for free.

  26. J B

    J B4 days ago

    I love BritBox!! I subscribed to it after I got to watch one of my favorite murder mysteries, Midsommer Murders, through Amazon Prime.

  27. Roberta MacLaren

    Roberta MacLaren4 days ago

    Would love to see a Canadian version of this video. Amazon Prime seems quite different in Canada.

  28. PB Jae

    PB Jae4 days ago

    Prime Video is slightly better then Netflix.

  29. Princess Strega

    Princess Strega4 days ago

    I just checked my Prime Account, neither Sundance nor BritBox offer free 30 day trial. 7 days yes, 30 days no. NickPlus isn't even available to me through Amazon. FWIW I am in Phoenix, AZ.

  30. Cymeezer619 RMH

    Cymeezer619 RMH4 days ago

    Amazon Prime’s free Photo Storage app has been great for me.

  31. Simone Conscious observer

    Simone Conscious observer4 days ago

    That's why Amazon Prime is so cheap here in Mexico lol. $6mo

  32. Raymond L

    Raymond L5 days ago

    I like your energy.

  33. Parisa Refah

    Parisa Refah5 days ago

    What is your secret of being so smart? Maybe make a video about that! I always learn wonderful stuff by watching your videos. Thanks a lot!

  34. Kim Houston

    Kim Houston5 days ago

    You have beautiful teeth! It may be a strange thing to comment on but I appreciate not having to look at someone's messed up and nasty teeth! So good job and great teeth

  35. Christopher Willson

    Christopher Willson5 days ago

    You could probably tone down the self deprecation a bit. No one would fault you for not putting yourself down.

  36. Mike

    Mike5 days ago

    Was I the only one tugging on their shirt collar the whole video?

  37. Riled Up Guy

    Riled Up Guy5 days ago

    Prime Music + plus Bluetooth Headphones = Dog Walks are Fun.

  38. Van o' Love

    Van o' Love5 days ago

    You hit it out of the park with this video!

  39. Shauna Urban

    Shauna Urban5 days ago

    How do you get to the curated page for students, if you're not a student?

  40. Debbie Vernon

    Debbie Vernon6 days ago

    Since there isn't a Whole Foods, Amazon Store (my son has one near him in San Francisco), and Trader Joe's is not exactly close, what do you think about the meal delivery services? They are becoming more popular.

  41. Debbie Vernon

    Debbie Vernon6 days ago

    I thank you for this video. I went to check on the updates. Did you see that Amazon Pantry is gone?

  42. Pushy's Pogo Time

    Pushy's Pogo Time6 days ago

    The twitch games are unlimited not one a month like he said there's also free in game content also

  43. David OMalley

    David OMalley6 days ago

    You forgot to mention Amazon Photos, which is by far the best online photo storage system I've used. Flickr is good also but Amazon Photos is just easier to use and since it is included with Prime, it's way cheaper than Flickr. Full resolution storage is unlimited also.

  44. Efrain G

    Efrain G6 days ago

    😂 bro you are hilarious. Roasting yourself is a good laugh. Subscribed.

  45. J

    J6 days ago

    It's not really free if you pay for prime

  46. Yvonne Delories

    Yvonne Delories6 days ago

    I just HAPPENED upon your video! You're awesome so I subscribed!

  47. MP Dunaway

    MP Dunaway6 days ago

    I joined britbox 30 day trial and cancelled it on the 28th day. They charged me for 6 more months even after calling and emailing them every month. For anyone that doesn't know, Amazon isn't that one charging you; it's Google and they will not answer their phone EVER so it becomes a nightmare to get it cancelled. 😵😵

  48. Rachel Fenicle

    Rachel Fenicle6 days ago

    Thanks a bunch Deal Guy🙂

  49. Blue Eyed Freak

    Blue Eyed Freak6 days ago

    It is nice to see someone doing videos that lives in Ohio... Even better close to me.

  50. chernaya koshka

    chernaya koshka6 days ago

    Besides students getting a discount on getting Prime, so can low-income people on government food assistance. At least in Ohio, it's $6.40 a month when you enter your SNAP or EBT card number. Then if you live near a Whole Foods store, you can even get eligible food products paying with your card. I'm glad I found your channel, even if I get exhausted just watching all your energy! Thanks for all the tips.

  51. Happy Campers

    Happy Campers6 days ago

    Hello Deal Guy! I was wondering if you could help me decide whether to by a TV With Roku or a TV with FIRE. Any help would be appreciated !

  52. Jerry Linville

    Jerry Linville7 days ago

    At 77 years old, I do NOT USE all of these other products, I would like to be a member, but it’s like throwing money away for something that I would never use.

  53. pinkgorilla99

    pinkgorilla997 days ago

    Great video! Lots of good info! 😄

  54. Andrew V Reed

    Andrew V Reed7 days ago

    Matt, there is a perk that you did not mention in the video that could have easily have been a bonus. If you are on one of several government assistance programs you can save 50% and only pay $5.99/month for a premium membership. I receive food stamps and so I just put in my food stamp card info and instantly saved.

  55. ZZstaff

    ZZstaff7 days ago

    So, if I pay Amazon and buy 2 or 3 things a year I will save money? I don't think so. Amazon is in the business of making money.

  56. Cheryl Brown Life Exposed

    Cheryl Brown Life Exposed7 days ago

    Of course I have to test Alexa now... hahaha

  57. Linda Jacobs

    Linda Jacobs7 days ago

    Love your info. I did look at the magazine thing you talked about, apparently from what I saw, it ended Feb 18th. Did I miss something?

  58. jimandmarsha

    jimandmarsha7 days ago

    Great job, Matt

  59. Aisha M

    Aisha M7 days ago

    Thanks for the video! I didn't know about the phone...might have to look into that!

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    Brenda Dudley8 days ago

    stop putting yourself down. it's the least interesting part of your videos

  62. Allen Reinecke

    Allen Reinecke8 days ago

    The Deal Guy can sell ice to Eskimos, even in a pink shirt! 😂😂

  63. Girleyreds

    Girleyreds8 days ago

    Downside to amazon prime video...THE BEST CHANNELS AND MOVIES COST MONEY

  64. Girleyreds

    Girleyreds8 days ago

    Guys...the blue Crystal's from Dollar tree now at family dollar since the merge fir the clothes washing machine that us a clothes scent and softener WORK! As I learned from a repairman who told me the biggest reason why he has to fix washing machines is because people use too much soap!! And they don't put it in first!!! So you literally only need to use a capsule with a full load and you don't put it in over your clothes you put it in first then put your clothes in so as your machine is filling up with water put the cap full of soap in then put the recommended amount of granules from this product in as well then put your clothes in every once in awhile sprinkle a tiny bit at the top layer but right where the water is filling up because I've seen people say that this stuff seems they're closed or doesn't dissolve all the way it's because they're loading it up at the top and it's not mixing with the load of water and laundry the proper way now this bottle is only $1 whether you buy it at Family Dollar or the Dollar Tree and although it might be slightly smaller than the ones from Downey or snuggle you're saving $4 and trust me it works! Since taking the repairmans advice about how to do the laundry detergent my washer is 10 yrs old no issues!!!

  65. doris mathis

    doris mathis8 days ago

    Does any one know of any special deals for the amc plus channel? i am a prime video and never see a deal for it,


    DFELDOGGY8 days ago

    Can you do a video on Walmart plus

  67. Arabiantxn

    Arabiantxn8 days ago

    Prime visa card is amazing

  68. Randy C.

    Randy C.8 days ago

    MGM channel does not exist according to Amazon please help me I wish to know how to find it and use it

  69. Nia Howard

    Nia Howard8 days ago

    Too many words.

  70. Not Playing

    Not Playing8 days ago

    I didnt see you mention AMAZON GAMING. As a Amazon Prime member you can get free games.

  71. richard hemingson

    richard hemingson8 days ago

    Prime video is the Internet Explorer of streaming services.

  72. Illi Mai

    Illi Mai8 days ago

    I havent stepped into any physical store in over 4 years. Shopping that way is for peasants.

  73. Mizz Petty

    Mizz Petty8 days ago

    I don’t mind Amazon I just hate the app itself it just feels like there’s way too much going on with it and the lack of personalization sucks I love Netflix a lot I have Hulu and I find myself enjoying the lawn more than Amazon to be honest. I like personalize content I like the hands-on approach that Netflix and Hulu take that unfortunately Amazon just doesn’t do we get that Amazon is the king of free and accessibility but personalization goes a long way that’s why I have Spotify and not Apple Music for that reason. I like content providers that get to know me and recommend products based off of that🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  74. ilona Brand

    ilona Brand8 days ago

    I've already had the phone deal thru Cricket for $55 a month, and i don't have Prime.

  75. Maykil107

    Maykil1078 days ago

    your videos are awesome

  76. Kirk Winterrowd

    Kirk Winterrowd8 days ago

    Thanks for sharing all of this as I had no idea about a lot of this.

  77. Cindy S

    Cindy S8 days ago

    Lot of perks & deals with their prime card. For instance I scored a Echo Dot for $1 and then they sent me a smartplug for another buck.

  78. My Crafting Channel

    My Crafting Channel8 days ago

    Looked through every channel on amazon under my prime account and could not find MGM at all. Not even doing a search.

  79. Nanidogmom Stevens

    Nanidogmom Stevens8 days ago

    Great and thanks very much! Brit box is great. I do think Netflix is a little easier for us to access Here in Central Ohio. Netflix seems more straightforward. Thank you. Be blest☦️👩🏻‍🦳❤️

  80. Mary Phillips Blackshear

    Mary Phillips Blackshear8 days ago

    I wish I could see the pictures it is blurred

  81. Mohammad_W Rahman

    Mohammad_W Rahman9 days ago

    PRIME is Better than Netflix for me and it's getting better.

  82. Lisa Kaler

    Lisa Kaler9 days ago

    Who finances the Amazon prime card?

  83. Cheryl Fee

    Cheryl Fee8 days ago


  84. Erik Martinez

    Erik Martinez9 days ago

    Does the Echo Show display the products if you ask for those deals? I could see it being a chore on an Echo Dot.

  85. Sim Kaz

    Sim Kaz9 days ago

    Great stuff - only pertinent for USA though

  86. jamaicasky

    jamaicaskyDay ago

    Thank you I was wondering about that

  87. Isha Locke

    Isha Locke9 days ago

    I live too far out for the grocery perks, and now = NO MORE PANTRY?! I’m sad Amazon Prime isn’t supporting rural communities more, seems like they’re more focused on large metropolitan regions. Do you have any alternatives for people in rural life?

  88. BIll Ligon

    BIll Ligon9 days ago

    Can you review shopping at Ebay? Is there anything that you can see as an advantage or disadvantage.

  89. Katy Kaiman

    Katy Kaiman9 days ago

    Amazon needs to be destroyed.

  90. Ann Nguyen

    Ann Nguyen9 days ago

    When I wants to buy something, I check eBay (cheapest) , then Walmart ( second cheap) , Amazon is the last I pick (Amazon is more cost) , but Amazon easy to return , eBay we have to pay for USPS return . And I check the shipping cost then I choose, I am the thrifty woman .😁

  91. Debra Randall

    Debra Randall9 days ago

    I can't afford WF on a regular basis but they helped me get through my furlough and times I couldn't shop. I looked for sales and they were always on time, packed groceries very well and communicated well. Other grocery deliveries paled in comparison. I tried to tip well also.

  92. Betty Ivory

    Betty Ivory9 days ago

    Amazon Fresh is not in my area so I dont see it as an option iny Prime subscription.

  93. Lorna Boot

    Lorna Boot9 days ago

    There is also Amazon prime free photo storage. Way better that Google photos. Saves in hi res.

  94. modembuddy

    modembuddy9 days ago

    You ok, bro?

  95. Elita Johnson

    Elita Johnson9 days ago

    They just sunt me a letter saying that I haven't took advantage of my Prime benefits I'm like yes I have "free two day shipping" that's all I want then gave me a list of things I can take advantage of okay sayless

  96. cold spring

    cold spring9 days ago

    I myself have just about had enough of Amazon

  97. Girleyreds

    Girleyreds8 days ago

    Bezos is gone I heard so I'm willing to stay alittle longer but I joined to get my dogs ear meds with next day shipping and with a warehouse 20-25 ?minutes from my house the amount of times I waited 2-3 days ticked me off but with MOBDRE gone (going threw heartbreaking withdraw) I've enjoyed amazon prime video on firestick

  98. Vanessa

    Vanessa9 days ago

    kindle book instead of tactile book to pre-readers? Nooooo!!!!! That’s gotta be some kind of child abuse, lol.

  99. KrisD1313

    KrisD13139 days ago

    Does the Kindle offer apply in Canada, too???

  100. Ke Ri

    Ke Ri9 days ago

    Thank you for all your research and hard work! Please, if you could find the time to make the video you mentioned you would do in one of your shipping tip videos. MOVING and the best most affordable options? We are moving back to Palm Beach from Las Vegas in about 3 months. I was a travel nurse and took assignment and ended up staying in LV two years. We just purchased our home in FL and have a two bedroom two bath to move. PODS, UHAUL, what other options. Ive heard horror stories of private moving companies quoting a rate then when delivering extorting insane fees and holding possessions hostage. I do not want to have that mistake happen to us, nor do I want to spend money I don't have to for moving. I work hard for it. If you have time. Thank you. ~Carrie

  101. Mossy Oak Mom

    Mossy Oak Mom9 days ago

    I wouldn’t get entangled with Amazon. They are way too big. Sounds like they are becoming a monopoly.

  102. v nickcolvin

    v nickcolvin9 days ago

    Not available in my area, Amazon Fresh.... so sad.

  103. Ryan144

    Ryan1449 days ago

    phones seem to cost 2 times as much on Amazon? I must be missing something

  104. C Cooper

    C Cooper9 days ago

    you first have to activate prime gaming at a cost of 12.99 a month. as of 2/22/2012 there is no link twitch that i could find.

  105. Big Falcon Rocket

    Big Falcon Rocket9 days ago

    Cancelled my Netflix , Prime's good enough.

  106. Kevin Atwell Class A Detailing CD,MC

    Kevin Atwell Class A Detailing CD,MC9 days ago

    Do you deliver ? Asking for a friend. Subscribed, Thank you

  107. Leah Eitzen

    Leah Eitzen10 days ago

    I got 3 months free Prime membership with my new phone but am very new to it all, don't generally use any of it.. Do you know if these deals and offers apply to Australia?

  108. Mr. Keeney

    Mr. Keeney10 days ago

    Metro PCS will give you amazon prime free if you have the unlimited talk and data plan


    BIGBULLDOG6010 days ago

    Sir: Perhaps you can add the lists in the comments section of each video. It sill probably result in more subs. Just my humble feedback. Thank you for the content. Keep it up