When Your Stomach Growls During a Test

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  1. cherri bomb '

    cherri bomb '19 minutes ago

    I can't stop wheezing THIS DUDE HAS A WHOLE DANG FEAST AS A "SNACK"

  2. Obito Dreams

    Obito Dreams42 minutes ago

    Good job on 2m

  3. Jaccob Jackson

    Jaccob JacksonHour ago

    ahh this makes me feel like it 2016 again

  4. Polama

    Polama2 hours ago

    "I don't know why my eyes BURN" "did you try blinking?" "no!"

  5. Shift! Plays

    Shift! Plays2 hours ago

    this is GOLDEN

  6. Jaxon Ruiz

    Jaxon Ruiz2 hours ago


  7. School Person

    School Person2 hours ago

    This Video Proves That There Is Two People 1:10 - 1:13 (More Than 1 Person) - For The @_@ Peeps - Ig - Bye (One More Thing) - Those AREN'T SNACKS!! - I Wish They Were - 3:10 Watch It - 3:30 - Hmmm... Whats Gonna Happen Now..?

  8. ꧁행운의깃털꧂

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  11. Afton Family_0.0

    Afton Family_0.06 hours ago

    I love the way he said “I DONT KNOW WHY BUT MY EYES BURNS” “GOD MY EYES BURN” xD happens every timr

  12. Thabangergang 11

    Thabangergang 116 hours ago


  13. Ryoko Jackson

    Ryoko Jackson7 hours ago

    How did it turn into among us game

  14. Charming Wand

    Charming Wand7 hours ago

    My life is complete 😂😂

  15. F A N A D D I C T I O N

    F A N A D D I C T I O N8 hours ago

    3:07 LMAOOOOO 😂😂

  16. Mark Enrico Ceniza

    Mark Enrico Ceniza8 hours ago

    Yo pin me if u remember this :) Tsk What's the problem math problems OH I can help you let me see um here's an easy one whats six times three ... WHAT'S SIX TIME THREE I don't know SIX TIMES THREE I DONT KNOW WHAT'S SIX TIMES THREE I LEGIT DONT KNOW SIX THREE I DONT KNOW WHAT IS IS IT WHAT IS IT..... Get your mom WhY? TORISA WHATs the problem? HOMEWORK What's six times three? I don't know SIX TIMES THREE I DONT KNOW WHAT'S SIX PLUS SIX OH twelve NOW ADD SIX I DONT KNOW WHAT IS IT WHAT IS IT..... Call your math teacher Who? MR PATRICK BOOM WHAT? HOMEWORK THOUGHT YOU THIS WHAT'S SIX TIME THREE I DONT KNOW LOOK IF JHONNY HAD 6 TIMES THREE AMOUNT OF THIS SOAP HOW MUCH THIS Soap THOSE HE HAVE HOW MUCH HOW MUCH?.... One two three four five six OH god so long to make i made a new one

  17. Charming Wand

    Charming Wand7 hours ago

    Everyone will always remember this M A S T E R P I E C E 😂😂

  18. F A N A D D I C T I O N

    F A N A D D I C T I O N8 hours ago

    There was two people the whole time.........

  19. F A N A D D I C T I O N

    F A N A D D I C T I O N8 hours ago

    I used to question this but....

  20. F A N A D D I C T I O N

    F A N A D D I C T I O N8 hours ago

    Lol this vid is so truee

  21. Tninja Gaming

    Tninja Gaming9 hours ago

    Congratulations and 2m bro!!

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    Mattaz9 hours ago

    First to congratulate lucas on his 2m subscribers.

  23. Mar - Chan

    Mar - Chan9 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta till your stomach starts to growl in the middle of class... I’ve been in that situation too many times to count. That’s why you gotta have y’all snacks

  24. Kimbler Rodriguez

    Kimbler Rodriguez9 hours ago

    If your stomach had an attitude

  25. Kimbler Rodriguez

    Kimbler Rodriguez9 hours ago

    Bro the argument he had with the stomach bro

  26. JJgotGame

    JJgotGame9 hours ago

    This dude to funny

  27. leurlovin

    leurlovin10 hours ago

    Congratulations on 2mil

  28. Dom Heinz

    Dom Heinz11 hours ago

    You need to start posting more ngl

  29. •Liz The Weird Person•

    •Liz The Weird Person•11 hours ago

    What almost everyone watches when they are bored or for fun. Plus entertainment. And more-

  30. Mikhael Sihaloho

    Mikhael Sihaloho11 hours ago

    2 mil sub lets go

  31. Austin Nohrer

    Austin Nohrer12 hours ago

    I like how they did the survival trib has spoken ripe a shit lmao

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    Congrats on 2 million subs! 🎉

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    Me watching this 7 times for very day

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    2M pog

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    Henry Talamantez13 hours ago

    2:15 emergency meeting! XD

  37. Mai Smith

    Mai Smith13 hours ago

    The Fresh Prince toss out the house killed me!!!! Sir. Thank you.

  38. Boom Legends

    Boom Legends13 hours ago

    3:34 -----> 3:11

  39. Katherine Lam

    Katherine Lam13 hours ago

    1:11 i thought this dude was solo or only himself bruh i keep worrying bout this 2:15 Wow also among us

  40. Yn-Luxky

    Yn-Luxky13 hours ago

    Legend says his stomach is still growling


    DONISBACK3314 hours ago

    Congrats on 2M subs

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    Congrats on hitting 2M subs

  43. Arc Fire fist Hawk

    Arc Fire fist Hawk14 hours ago

    I like ur accent

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    david gonzalez14 hours ago

    I was learning and I was nine and my stomachache it got so bad I got sent home and later we’ll bah pls pls bah

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    Among Us

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    congrats on getting 2 million subs dude!

  49. Coconut Animates

    Coconut Animates15 hours ago

    When I seen two of him I was like: Hold up-- U got a twin or was dat a edit! :0

  50. Bleen 1

    Bleen 115 hours ago

    2 mil, let’s get it

  51. Samuel McMillin

    Samuel McMillin15 hours ago

    Stomach growling actually has nothing to do with hunger

  52. nehemiah ramey

    nehemiah ramey16 hours ago

    Where's your new video?

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    soap man17 hours ago

    Love how he made a among us reference AND HES BACK YAY :>

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    Keil Ross17 hours ago

    0:45 anyone know the instrumental or no


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    theres always that teacher

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    Why Lucas Look like Nick Canon

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    You finnally hit 2mil keep doing your best

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    He needs to do an episode where his mom gets on him for everything and blames it on his phone

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  76. Mr.Crispy Memes

    Mr.Crispy Memes20 hours ago

    when i have a test tomorrow and my head dont wanna study...... watching this with a math and latin test....

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    Maria Padilla22 hours ago

    What's funny is that Mrs. Patrick doesn't know that Gina is mute😂😂

  85. Dolph

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    1:11 I knew it! There's 15 different people living in there



    Its happen to me

  87. BigBoned boy

    BigBoned boyDay ago

    Bro lucas should get a bigger house honestly

  88. Major Leegue

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