*LIVE* Fortnite Item Shop Countdown [September 16th, 2020] NEW SKINS?! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

This stream is a live countdown for todays fortnite item shop!
Remember to use code "tfue" in the shop! 😎
You can find Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments here!
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    DJ DYLAN6 hours ago

    WTF 2236748283747482 HOURS

  2. Oscar Hernández

    Oscar Hernández3 days ago

    The stream is back omg

  3. Toma10 Non e un bot

    Toma10 Non e un bot4 days ago


  4. Matheo Centeno

    Matheo Centeno4 days ago

    This was the longest stream

  5. Abu Naeem

    Abu Naeem8 days ago

    Longest video ever

  6. Milla

    Milla8 days ago

    This was a long stream

  7. flixz swiftk1ng

    flixz swiftk1ng20 days ago

    Jesus chrsit

  8. チャンネルともとも

    チャンネルともともMonth ago


  9. kriper max ._.

    kriper max ._.Month ago

    1985 hours are 2 months lol

  10. HussLegends

    HussLegendsMonth ago

    it says i cant watch the vid on this device

  11. Alex我还 ल

    Alex我还 लMonth ago

    We’re is the stream at

  12. The Greek Beasts

    The Greek BeastsMonth ago

    7.3 mil views only 33 comments

  13. YaboiOren!

    YaboiOren!Month ago

    Yo 1.9k hours xd

  14. Christopher Nunez

    Christopher NunezMonth ago


  15. FN RAKER213

    FN RAKER213Month ago

    Am I the only one who watched the hole thing

  16. FN RAKER213

    FN RAKER213Month ago

    Bro over a day

  17. BH Flickz

    BH FlickzMonth ago


  18. Daina sterling

    Daina sterlingMonth ago


  19. Daina sterling

    Daina sterlingMonth ago

    Yay the stream is coming back yesirer

  20. Andy Barclay

    Andy BarclayMonth ago

    I like that this is over weeks in measure

  21. Anna Provenza

    Anna ProvenzaMonth ago


  22. Anna Provenza

    Anna ProvenzaMonth ago


  23. TheOGChris 1

    TheOGChris 1Month ago

    1,000 hours

  24. brоnx

    brоnxMonth ago

    2k hours holy crap

  25. Knight Guard

    Knight GuardMonth ago

    All most 200 hours

  26. Wolfy

    WolfyMonth ago

    stweam come backe in 40 second

  27. TOXIC Sweat

    TOXIC SweatMonth ago

    I can not wach it and it is so long

  28. TreyKoGamezz

    TreyKoGamezzMonth ago

    1 million hours

  29. Sportking Gaming

    Sportking GamingMonth ago


  30. Usmaan Ali

    Usmaan AliMonth ago

    Omg look how many hrs

  31. JustPlsDie

    JustPlsDieMonth ago

    Bro 2,000 hours is nuts

  32. Dashhwtf

    DashhwtfMonth ago

    Look how long the vid is

  33. Uzi Lix

    Uzi LixMonth ago

    Yay the streams are back

  34. Gomi Games

    Gomi GamesMonth ago

    ok so they accidently reposted this video. Thats why its anavailable.

  35. Jonelle Vasquez

    Jonelle VasquezMonth ago

    Sup y’all

  36. FoxTops

    FoxTopsMonth ago


  37. Hey Hey

    Hey HeyMonth ago


  38. thed3stroyr

    thed3stroyrMonth ago

    Hey guys

  39. Y1EK

    Y1EKMonth ago

    Unavailable f

  40. FoxTops

    FoxTopsMonth ago

    Yeah (pressed f button)

  41. sub to tacoislife2 on yt

    sub to tacoislife2 on ytMonth ago

    From June 25 and why is the video unavailable.?.....

  42. FoxTops

    FoxTopsMonth ago


  43. Littleman 2306

    Littleman 2306Month ago