YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa (feat. 21 Savage) [Official Music Video]

YBN Nahmir - Opp Stoppa (feat. 21 Savage)
Stream/Download: YBN.lnk.to/OppStoppaRemix
Director: Rock Davis
Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
EP: Nigel Talley
Producers: Jyothi Davis & Carla Johnson
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  1. Markie Mark Jr

    Markie Mark JrMinute ago

    21 the one who left the party early cuz his mom bling'd his phone cussin him out for missin the street light


    INTIMATE LIAISON6 minutes ago


  3. MoneyKing-Goat

    MoneyKing-Goat54 minutes ago

    Who jus not here for the 21 Savage commets😂

  4. floresaza253

    floresaza25356 minutes ago

    Matt Walsh brought me here

  5. Jaavo

    Jaavo58 minutes ago

    was that silentó at the end?


    ALEXANDER THE GREAT59 minutes ago

    Y’all remember Mohammad Ali, Martin Luther king, new edition, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, teddy pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, Johnny gill, prince, Bobby brown, boyz 2 men, belle biv divoe. Some real artist I don’t even want to claim being black anymore cause all we do is come out with trash music we used to sing and dance now we just trap

  7. Juan Pain

    Juan PainHour ago

    Yo what the asian girls instagram?

  8. Orangepeep uwu

    Orangepeep uwu2 hours ago

    Why dose 21 look so board and scared?

  9. Juxtap0se

    Juxtap0se2 hours ago

    Beat sounds like someone who made their first beat in fl studio for real lmao

  10. RaShard White

    RaShard White2 hours ago

    the end doe

  11. Jordonjob

    Jordonjob2 hours ago

    21savage the kinda guy that knows a school shooter

  12. Iclapu9279

    Iclapu92793 hours ago

    You dont like nihmir

  13. DyYnia

    DyYnia3 hours ago

    YBN Nahmir

  14. Hot Mic

    Hot Mic4 hours ago

    Is that Gina?

  15. ΨVoidz.HitzFN

    ΨVoidz.HitzFN4 hours ago

    This whole song can fit in tik tok video

  16. Hayden

    Hayden4 hours ago

    21 looks like that one depressed 6 grader with only 1 friend

  17. You read this in your Mind

    You read this in your Mind4 hours ago

    21 savage look like Ja Morant.

  18. Hadrien P

    Hadrien P4 hours ago

    21 look mad awkward like opps finna pull up like he has the oppa stoppa you good

  19. E Brown

    E Brown5 hours ago

    bruh we been sayin on the regular opp stoppa that it was a nice preview now we got the full song i guess he didnt want to show 21 yet

  20. Madaras Tailed Beast Plug

    Madaras Tailed Beast Plug6 hours ago

    guys i dont think savage wants to be there

  21. KUTTA-_- NOLA

    KUTTA-_- NOLA6 hours ago

    POV: your here for the 21 savage comments 😎

  22. Quincy Durrette

    Quincy Durrette6 hours ago

    you have glasses

  23. Jason Felix23

    Jason Felix237 hours ago

    Fights that need to happen KSI vs Jake paul Logan paul vs Floyd mayweather YBN nahmir vs Lil mosey Who is the man

  24. moms spaghetti

    moms spaghetti7 hours ago

    21 out here waiting like her mamma be talking at someone else outside walmart😂😂

  25. Anthony Cerulli

    Anthony Cerulli8 hours ago

    covid trying to say sorry to us by giving us good rappers back and by telling rappers to drop some fire music

  26. backassward

    backassward8 hours ago

    *21 Savage has to be conservative with his movement because he can't see through his playdoh barbershop hair*

  27. taylor tatum

    taylor tatum9 hours ago

    unpopular opion 21 carried Nahmir on this track

  28. Adam Jennett

    Adam Jennett9 hours ago

    Whos my uncle? 21 walks in:

  29. Nilesh Russean

    Nilesh Russean9 hours ago

    I dont even want to know how much you paid 21 .😂dope music tho🔥

  30. MrRizLa

    MrRizLa9 hours ago

    This is muck

  31. dangly earring

    dangly earring10 hours ago

    This song got me dancing like a Phineas and Ferb character 😫


    DRAYMOND10 hours ago

    I know y’all seen osiris 😂😂

  33. Og Skeete

    Og Skeete10 hours ago

    Mans really grew up and decided to look like lil pump without the colors.

  34. NK Beatz 808

    NK Beatz 80812 hours ago


  35. Joss Gonzo

    Joss Gonzo12 hours ago

    21 mi ricorda quando a Natale mi facevano sedere nella tavolata dei bambini.

  36. Rikka takanashi

    Rikka takanashi13 hours ago

    Why does he have an Xbox controller

  37. D&L Legacy

    D&L Legacy14 hours ago

    Time is running out world. The world is ending and we are distracted with all these things. We can't escape God when he judges us. There will be a time when this will all end. Accept christ as your savior so he can save you from what is to come. You can't be safe in this world because the news says there's a way they can fix this They will lie to your face and say its all better now while not truly caring about us God won't let us downn

  38. J C

    J C15 hours ago

    The XXL Freshman class with 21 Savage in it rippin the rap game tf up right now 💯

  39. Sosa Da Goat

    Sosa Da Goat15 hours ago

    "Im not sosa baby but I keep a Lama" 💯

  40. Daniel Jordan

    Daniel Jordan15 hours ago

    Quavo 2010 is it you?

  41. Vegan lifting

    Vegan lifting16 hours ago

    im just curious why that girl is sitting on a toilet

  42. slkskate

    slkskate17 hours ago

    21 looking like the dude who gotta mentor job so he can stay off papers

  43. dabdude 65

    dabdude 6517 hours ago

    How tall is YBN Nahmir

  44. Sweaty

    Sweaty17 hours ago

    Opp Stoppa is fire

  45. HardLine1609

    HardLine160917 hours ago

    When you have the same deck of cards 😳

  46. Markus Torres

    Markus Torres18 hours ago

    21 looks like the little kid with silver teeth

  47. Jazlynn Kilgore

    Jazlynn Kilgore18 hours ago

    this is lit you the best

  48. echoes

    echoes19 hours ago

    21 savage part addicting

  49. Yung Kaiyl0n

    Yung Kaiyl0n19 hours ago

    His dreads got so long

  50. SkyNet

    SkyNet19 hours ago

    This is objectively awful lmao

  51. XYKO Mafia

    XYKO Mafia19 hours ago


  52. Papa Presy

    Papa Presy21 hour ago

    “move if you have a good verse in this song!” 21:

  53. Octl

    Octl21 hour ago

    21: "Mom please say that I have to come home I don't wanna stay"

  54. hippythegod

    hippythegod21 hour ago

    1:13 your welcome.

  55. SpartanSlayerXD Gaming

    SpartanSlayerXD Gaming21 hour ago

    If this is a music video about criminals at the end there's no need w Boston dynamics these ppl r fucked.

  56. Michael Austin

    Michael Austin22 hours ago


  57. 1WithTheFlow

    1WithTheFlow22 hours ago

    21 just there for the food

  58. Josue Arceo

    Josue Arceo22 hours ago

    Complete garbage. Garbage noise. Garbage culture.

  59. Pee shooter Ttyuj

    Pee shooter Ttyuj22 hours ago

    Bro you ain’t on shit you got robbed when you came England 😂😂😂😂🥺

  60. tyqwan june

    tyqwan june22 hours ago

    I am just hear for ybn namir

  61. Henrry N

    Henrry N22 hours ago

    21 savage looking like he nahmirs body guard

  62. VTS Life

    VTS Life23 hours ago

    No if u watch the rapper gc by jay hall u wont look at these rappers the same💯💯🤣🤣🤣

  63. Braedon Thomas

    Braedon Thomas23 hours ago

    21 savage looks like when you have to bring your little brother with you to your friends house

  64. Deonn King

    Deonn King23 hours ago

    He stood my flow


    YOUNGBLOOD OG SCB23 hours ago


  66. Alessandro Zambolin

    Alessandro Zambolin23 hours ago

    21: ay lemme finish this lil vid

  67. supremcy

    supremcyDay ago

    The fact that this was made next to a funeral home.

  68. B.A.D. Waves Radio

    B.A.D. Waves RadioDay ago

    This chorus is so fun!!

  69. games.io

    games.ioDay ago

    At least it's a lil longer

  70. Tomaß M

    Tomaß MDay ago

    the next and not the last big-shit-track-young-pimp-standard-beat-without-experiance

  71. Evelyn's Mccain

    Evelyn's MccainDay ago

    21 got da no energy but the bars



    100% of the comments: roasting 21 in video Me: Sir Savage The 21st's verse is quite exquisite not going to tell no false statements on that.

  73. Frosty Bay

    Frosty BayDay ago

    This nigga be rapping what he do on gta u not street at all (rapper)

  74. Rufus Williams

    Rufus WilliamsDay ago

    How does anyone take this call of duty ass rapper seriously? the only good thing he ever gave us was cordae

  75. Sufyaan Schroder

    Sufyaan SchroderDay ago

    Judge: You sentence to life 21 savage: No Judge: Ok

  76. The Mandolorian

    The MandolorianDay ago

    Ybn nahmir turned to a sophisticated lookin rapper who has a side job of being a substitute teacher

  77. Dum Bitch

    Dum BitchDay ago

    Why 21 look like his mom dressed him for his first day at school

  78. Quisecool 101

    Quisecool 101Day ago

    21 chillin like a uncle😂

  79. JTtheone

    JTtheoneDay ago

    where the masks at?

  80. YngFernoe 1

    YngFernoe 1Day ago

    So much replay value 💣💨

  81. AquaJim

    AquaJimDay ago

    This reminds me of kid cudi in metamorphosis

  82. arbgela

    arbgelaDay ago

    21 ain’t awkward he just making sure ICE don’t catch him lacking

  83. brandon saavedra

    brandon saavedraHour ago

    The migos agree with this comment 😭

  84. Bryan Guzik

    Bryan GuzikDay ago

    It's damn near inspirational. Watching millions of retards get behind & support (two) 2 more of their own. Tiny tear-drop running down my cheek.

  85. Heera Singh

    Heera SinghDay ago

    Yoooooow this is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Raihan Sungkar

    Raihan SungkarDay ago


  87. STONE MONEY Officiel

    STONE MONEY OfficielDay ago

    YBN Nahmir is growing up fast that's fine I validate 21 savage

  88. BlueDemon Dreamz

    BlueDemon DreamzDay ago

    21 looking more like 20

  89. ZILLY 29

    ZILLY 29Day ago

    Po Po Po Po Po Gun👍👍👍👍

  90. Rotten Bass

    Rotten BassDay ago

    bruh this beat sound like its been made by a 9 year old

  91. issa meanbean

    issa meanbeanDay ago

    21 lookin like hes forced to be here 😂

  92. rafi

    rafiDay ago

    finally the song is longer

  93. sarah thomas

    sarah thomasDay ago

    I like 21 Savage 🎼

  94. JBC_ _

    JBC_ _Day ago

    My man got robbed in London 😂😂😂😂

  95. kamani welch

    kamani welchDay ago

    I'm here for ybn nahmir

  96. Hype 4 Gunz

    Hype 4 GunzDay ago

    I wanna see him a Wiz and Mia stand next to each other.

  97. vs l

    vs lDay ago

    21 looks like he about to say he was on his way to another party and just stopping by

  98. Nbz.

    Nbz.Day ago

    So many 21 comments 😂

  99. Fuad Mohamed

    Fuad MohamedDay ago

    Y'all remember the last time a rapper was comment-bombed? Keep up tho🤣

  100. Don More

    Don MoreDay ago

    On vod