Brewstew - Turning 30

Back in my day, you were supposed to be kind and rewind.
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  1. brewstewfilms

    brewstewfilms10 days ago

    say happy birthday by following my dumbass twitter

  2. Blubasnurk

    Blubasnurk5 minutes ago

    make merch saying "shot by a rifle"

  3. gaming dillan

    gaming dillan50 minutes ago

    Dude that charlará cost 150k

  4. Jackson Azinger

    Jackson AzingerDay ago

    Hi! There i love everyone of your videos! I watched them all!!!!

  5. Jackson Azinger

    Jackson AzingerDay ago

    Did it

  6. jimmy Acosta

    jimmy AcostaDay ago

    I thought you where like in your 40.s

  7. Calvin Cheng

    Calvin Cheng12 minutes ago

    congratuelations even doe im a week late

  8. thekillerboi21

    thekillerboi2131 minute ago

    at what age do you stop youtube?

  9. Nott Drizzle

    Nott Drizzle48 minutes ago

    Can you post more I wait and wait for to long

  10. XCaptain Mason

    XCaptain MasonHour ago

    How come you only upload once every month

  11. Marqus Endfield

    Marqus EndfieldHour ago

    Damn you're old as hell but happy birthday

  12. jared reid

    jared reidHour ago

    he's to fucking funny bro lmao love you brewstew you make my day

  13. Army battles with Bently and karson

    Army battles with Bently and karsonHour ago


  14. Shane Wickham

    Shane WickhamHour ago

    Happy late birthday sorry I was grounded

  15. The Bonnie show

    The Bonnie showHour ago

    I’ve got an idea for your next video the pumpkin patch if you ever went there

  16. GiuseppeThe Goat

    GiuseppeThe Goat2 hours ago

    A 9 year old breastfeeding is hella not right

  17. Daniel World

    Daniel World4 hours ago

    Tyler: Alright so I guess it’s that time of year again my birthday has come and went and here I am another year old but this time it’s different because this time I turn 30 Random Guy: 30 Years old Jesus Christ somebody get this guy Metamucil LOL 😂

  18. bruh

    bruh4 hours ago

    Brooo he 30 i thought hes 25

  19. YT itsme247

    YT itsme2474 hours ago

    I been watching since 4th grade now I am in 7th grade

  20. GuyOnline

    GuyOnline5 hours ago

    Fun fact michigan is the cold Florida

  21. GuyOnline

    GuyOnline5 hours ago

    Fun fact michigan has lakes

  22. GuyOnline

    GuyOnline5 hours ago

    Go to hell michigan for me plz i dont live there its just a funny place

  23. •PandaCookie•

    •PandaCookie•5 hours ago


  24. Meme Lord

    Meme Lord5 hours ago

    Happy late Birthday you always made me smile and laugh!!

  25. your child

    your child5 hours ago

    “Its my party and i’ll cry if i want to” Melanie Martinez LOL

  26. ItzZip

    ItzZip6 hours ago

    M-my name is Colton

  27. Just Another Stupid Animator

    Just Another Stupid Animator8 hours ago

    “It’s like Home Alone 2 in this bitch!” - brewstewfilms, 2020

  28. CurlyFriezzz

    CurlyFriezzz10 hours ago

    i purposely don't watch his videos for a year that way i can binge a shit ton of them

  29. zackery douge

    zackery douge10 hours ago

    Maumee?? Bruh I'm like 10 minutes from there and can confirm it looks like everyone in the state flushed all at the same time🤣🤣

  30. Cameron Belin

    Cameron Belin10 hours ago

    2 million subscribers special go to your old house

  31. Lawrence Stanley

    Lawrence Stanley11 hours ago

    love the vids

  32. Video Gir1

    Video Gir112 hours ago

    Happy birth day

  33. Aloan Raichu

    Aloan Raichu12 hours ago


  34. Josh

    Josh13 hours ago

    I know for a fact BrewStew punched a toolbox to make that sound affect for the fucked in the ass bike.

  35. Sqthatnoob Lee

    Sqthatnoob Lee16 hours ago

    For some reason I always end up rewatching his video

  36. HI MoM

    HI MoM16 hours ago

    Welcome to Michigan that one state that has a Detroit I know it's sad

  37. DeathMowa

    DeathMowa18 hours ago

    This is the best thing since GradeAunderA

  38. Abdul the Burris gamer

    Abdul the Burris gamer18 hours ago

    Congrats on turning 30 brew hop you had good 30th birthday

  39. Matt_Esus

    Matt_Esus18 hours ago

    I think brew changed his profile picture

  40. Fonz

    Fonz19 hours ago

    So come on down to makanaw island the land of derek the seagull and and the durasell battery beer and last but not least the milk mustache

  41. Mjkyeet

    Mjkyeet19 hours ago

    You know that charzard is worth like 1k

  42. MadExtinguisher momby1964

    MadExtinguisher momby196419 hours ago

    Ha!!!!! I've been their. it's so true.

  43. Cabal Tanooki

    Cabal Tanooki22 hours ago

    it's like home alone 2 in this b#tch

  44. Leighton Bacon

    Leighton Bacon22 hours ago

    I live up north, I swear I saw Tyler

  45. King 1046

    King 104623 hours ago

    Happy late birthday

  46. Mòøñ

    Mòøñ23 hours ago


  47. Insulting Osttich

    Insulting OsttichDay ago

    I'm 17 and I feel old 😭😳

  48. Hunter Lepage

    Hunter LepageDay ago

    My aunt and uncle actually got married in Mackinac Island like 10 years ago. Awesome to see you went to Mackinaw City and Mackinac Islands Lol yeah you have to take a boat to Mackinac Island too

  49. Jarod Shelley

    Jarod ShelleyDay ago

    Please make more videos I laugh my ass off and love how honest you are I'm from the same state but I'm closer to kentucky I thought nothing happend in this state but you proved me wrong lol

  50. Silver Fire738

    Silver Fire738Day ago

    Don’t know you but happy late birthday, I guess 😐

  51. Thien Nguyen

    Thien NguyenDay ago

    I live in Michigan grand rapids

  52. Gianni C

    Gianni CDay ago

    Uu are the best watching u for 30 mins and I'm shifting of laughter

  53. ignPanda

    ignPandaDay ago


  54. aeSquidy

    aeSquidyDay ago

    Gorillas in 2080




  56. James

    JamesDay ago

    The holo charizard is like 10k-200k

  57. GachaAbby GachaMirembe

    GachaAbby GachaMirembeDay ago


  58. Brady Bidelman

    Brady BidelmanDay ago

    Dude! No way! If u went up I-75 you would of driven right through my town

  59. Jason Sajdak

    Jason SajdakDay ago

    I live an hour from Mackinac City

  60. Ahmad Suleman

    Ahmad SulemanDay ago

    1:35 Steven Seagull

  61. Glitch Star

    Glitch StarDay ago

    have u ever got that embarrassing call from Michael yet?

  62. Offia Madara

    Offia MadaraDay ago

    0:57 I'm dead lmaoooo

  63. The Lamb Sauce

    The Lamb SauceDay ago

    Jokes on you I turned 14 and my dad turned turned 49 in October 14

  64. cool guy 690

    cool guy 690Day ago

    I am burrito

  65. Bobble Boy

    Bobble BoyDay ago

    Do u have tik tok ?

  66. mammoths rule

    mammoths ruleDay ago

    man... i thought this dude died or something he was gone for soooo long

  67. Siggahigga1214

    Siggahigga1214Day ago

    Midget trying to get to second base 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Cosmic

    CosmicDay ago

    This thing taste like a duracel battery how to you know what that taste like man

  69. ZeDeadFrank

    ZeDeadFrankDay ago

    happy birthday sir. i had my 30th ealier in august. very relatable. i had to educate a coworker on who Barry Sanders was about a month ago. that shit made me feel old

  70. Mixtli D

    Mixtli DDay ago

    Go do ur meds grandpa

  71. Myrna Bondoy

    Myrna BondoyDay ago

    when you posting dude

  72. Jacob Franklin

    Jacob FranklinDay ago

    I'm from Michigan. And live on huron. Too funny

  73. Brocalmdown Peddicord

    Brocalmdown PeddicordDay ago

    Your the best your so funny

  74. Brandon Hinkhouse

    Brandon HinkhouseDay ago

    Happy birthday 90s kid

  75. Nikolai Stuve

    Nikolai StuveDay ago

    You really gotta start doing stand up comedy fr

  76. johnboy 89

    johnboy 89Day ago

    I turned 30 last year my family surprised me with a trip to Orlando Florida for Halloween horror nights I'm not old i had a good time with my family and the haunted houses i liked was stranger things graveyard games Ghostbusters and yeti and now i just turned 31 a month ago I'm still not feeling old i still play video games and watch sports and anime i also have no gray hair

  77. Anthony Barbercheck

    Anthony BarbercheckDay ago

    Mackinac island more like mainiac island

  78. Moses Hamilton

    Moses HamiltonDay ago

    Bro cussing is. Cool

  79. Mike Cavazos

    Mike CavazosDay ago

    My birthday is tomorrow and I'm posting this then. Itll be fantastic and current lol


    ITZWOLFYDay ago

    I think you should make a vid about losing your v card i think it would be interesting and hilarious

  81. MichelleOfDarkness

    MichelleOfDarknessDay ago

    Hello, fellow 30 year-ers. Love this video lol.

  82. George Washington, King.

    George Washington, King.Day ago

    God bless michigan

  83. Noah kleinwort

    Noah kleinwortDay ago

    I just found this guy, I like how he doesn't have a high quality Mic

  84. Pig Dog

    Pig DogDay ago

    Man, your old..

  85. DigitalChainsaw

    DigitalChainsawDay ago

    b day

  86. STa5 Tor

    STa5 TorDay ago

    Happy birthday

  87. andrew lutz

    andrew lutzDay ago

    Been there a few times, did you check out the haunted house?

  88. Unluckynoob6

    Unluckynoob6Day ago

    How do u know how does Duracell battery taste like

  89. takumi nightcore

    takumi nightcoreDay ago

    Derek the seagull need A song

  90. takumi nightcore

    takumi nightcoreDay ago

    When you hit 30 years old how your head thinks 0:27

  91. takumi nightcore

    takumi nightcoreDay ago

    Dial up dial-up never changes 0:27

  92. Pikachu59

    Pikachu59Day ago

    Can confirm, i live in Michigan and been to mackinaw city and island and I did see derek the seagull

  93. usabrian

    usabrianDay ago

    Some would call it being older I call it being older

  94. Issac Arnold

    Issac ArnoldDay ago

    Dig through that dumb ass holding the World by its ass because you have a Holographic Charizard mind of yours and find some memories

  95. Issac Arnold

    Issac ArnoldDay ago

    Jesus if you don’t post at Least every half week I”ll rip your eyes out

  96. rolly polly

    rolly polly2 days ago

  97. Hasan Campion

    Hasan Campion2 days ago

    Bro I was just there!

  98. Skritz -

    Skritz -2 days ago


  99. Irish Luvr7745

    Irish Luvr77452 days ago

    Looked like a midget trying to get to 2nd base. A milk mustache from macinaw island. 😆😅😆😅😆😉😎

  100. Bill McBillface

    Bill McBillface2 days ago

    Right on with the Duracell beer! Almost all of those weird craft beers truly taste like bird shit!

  101. Hey

    Hey2 days ago


  102. Hyperz_ Clan

    Hyperz_ Clan2 days ago

    Go to Sault Ste Marie Ontario! There is whitefish island the locks the pavilion and beaver tails!

  103. David Kellam

    David Kellam2 days ago

    Ok boomer

  104. Djay talks Alot

    Djay talks Alot2 days ago

    You have 14 years more to learn about earth 😔😏😒😂😂😂🤣

  105. Jayden Buestan

    Jayden Buestan2 days ago

    were u born 1990

  106. AlexanderGoat8

    AlexanderGoat82 days ago

    Yeah he was born in 1990

  107. Jordan Meier

    Jordan Meier2 days ago

    Happy birthday